Sia - Elastic Heart feat. Shia LaBeouf & Maddie Ziegler (Official Video)

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  • karakristeen
    karakristeen 1 hour ago

    father/daughter/lover schmother. This song/visual interpretation is amazing & Shia is sexy

  • Leza Semum
    Leza Semum 1 hour ago

    1:38 when he climbed the top of the cage, i was like damn you crazy but strong boy

  • juliette glasenapp
    juliette glasenapp 2 hours ago

    I love laddie but this is NOT ok for her she's like 12 here absolutely not wtf was her mother think there are boundaries you know

  • Dakota Walborn
    Dakota Walborn 2 hours ago

    People think that this song is about Sia's depression when it's actually about nothing. Maddie is supposed to be portrayed as a wolf who is stuck in a cage along with a grown man, Shia. In this video he's a grown man and in real life he's a grown man. People think he's supposed to be a father figure when it's just a man and a wolf trapped in a cage!!! GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEAD!!!

  • nouvosnou
    nouvosnou 2 hours ago


  • Tracy Connor
    Tracy Connor 5 hours ago

    you can say whatever you want about Shia LaBeouf's personality. But stuff like this does show he does have a wide array to his talent

  • Dustin Maxwell
    Dustin Maxwell 6 hours ago

    i dont se what is so wrong this vid is like a bond between a father and daugther

    • Dustin Maxwell
      Dustin Maxwell 6 hours ago

      and at the end its like the daugther got tooken by cps and he gets her back

  • Kendra Palles
    Kendra Palles 7 hours ago

    at 0:30 it sounds like fight this war without my buns XD

  • Cara Ellsworth
    Cara Ellsworth 7 hours ago

    I simply don't under stand anything in that video

  • Asda Bleach
    Asda Bleach 8 hours ago

    I'm so confuse

  • Certified Zinc
    Certified Zinc 8 hours ago

    I feel fear

  • Leyda Guadalupe Hernandez

    wow sia

  • jackercol
    jackercol 9 hours ago

    oh god thats the dude who says just do it

    JUNIOR ALENCAR 9 hours ago

    que briga é essa?

  • Irama Danceandmusic
    Irama Danceandmusic 9 hours ago

    Gives me chills every time I watch it. So moving.

  • Maverick Moroder
    Maverick Moroder 10 hours ago

    06/23/2017 2am in France,
    I should sleep... but I listen to this song thinking about this girl I miss...

  • Maverick Moroder
    Maverick Moroder 10 hours ago

    La plus belle chanson de ces 20 dernières années.

  • Kelly Rivera
    Kelly Rivera 10 hours ago

    Still think this is some pedophile shit

  • Ikhouvan MANDJES
    Ikhouvan MANDJES 11 hours ago

    don't that guy look like shia labeouf??

  • eoN
    eoN 12 hours ago

    love this song <3

  • Aymáne Ôkh
    Aymáne Ôkh 13 hours ago

    Am i the only one who does'nt watch sia's videos next to anyone

  • Indie Style
    Indie Style 13 hours ago

    Too many drugs LaBeouf... Too many..

  • E-Team
    E-Team 13 hours ago

    This must have been really awkward for the both of them to film

  • Irene Pires
    Irene Pires 14 hours ago

    I see a Queen reference! "Another one bites the dust" lmao

  • Themiddlechild89
    Themiddlechild89 14 hours ago

    To me this video represents a lost daughter and a struggling father

  • Shahanna Nimblette
    Shahanna Nimblette 14 hours ago

    love dis song

  • Name BR
    Name BR 14 hours ago

    sia Cool

  • LpsPaws Pro
    LpsPaws Pro 15 hours ago

    Wtf is this

  • Miriams Channel
    Miriams Channel 15 hours ago

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  • Josiah Hernandez
    Josiah Hernandez 17 hours ago

    how the hell you go from being in transformers to being in a oddly weird music video wearing dirty ass shorts

  • Raquel Yatiqué
    Raquel Yatiqué 17 hours ago

    no me gusta, me encanta!!!

  • Axel Lee Gómez
    Axel Lee Gómez 17 hours ago

    drama of the feature in the dance is so amazing represent

  • Asyiq M
    Asyiq M 18 hours ago

    And another one bites the dust
    But why can I not conquer love?
    And I might've got to be with one
    Why not fight this war without weapons?
    And I want it and I wanted it bad
    But there were so many red flags
    Now another one bites the dust
    And let's be clear, I trust no one

    You did not break me
    I'm still fighting for peace

    Well I've got thick skin and an elastic heart
    But your blade it might be too sharp
    I'm like a rubber band until you pull too hard
    But I may snap when I move close
    But you won't see me move no more
    Cause I've got an elastic heart
    I've got an elastic heart
    Yeah, I've got an elastic heart

    And I will stay up through the night
    Let's be clear, I won't close my eyes
    And I know that I can survive
    I walked through fire to save my life
    And I want it, I want my life so bad
    And I'm doing everything I can
    Then another one bites the dust
    It's hard to lose a chosen one

    You did not break me (You did not break me, no, no)
    I'm still fighting for peace

    Well I've got thick skin and an elastic heart
    But your blade it might be too sharp
    I'm like a rubber band until you pull too hard
    But I may snap when I move close
    But you won't see me move no more
    Cause I've got an elastic heart

    Well I've got thick skin and an elastic heart
    But your blade it might be too sharp
    I'm like a rubber band until you pull too hard
    But I may snap when I move close
    But you won't see me move no more
    Cause I've got an elastic heart

    Well I've got thick skin and an elastic heart
    But your blade it might be too sharp
    I'm like a rubber band until you pull too hard
    But I may snap when I move close
    But you won't see me move no more
    Cause I've got an elastic heart

  • claemijudo
    claemijudo 18 hours ago

    Anyone, any other artistic videos like this??

  • yeahSOwhat
    yeahSOwhat 18 hours ago

    hello, my name is Jimmy Saville and I love this video....just next time the girl should be younger please

  • Lily Garjim
    Lily Garjim 19 hours ago

    bcnsjjsnzjznsjsmxnsh hdh

  • santiago RoDriguezCruz

    its the power .

  • Tiffany1 Wiley
    Tiffany1 Wiley 19 hours ago

    Who is this lil girl she is so pretty she in a lot of her video

  • Tt anoya
    Tt anoya 19 hours ago

    Shia is hot......

  • Brianna Ruiz
    Brianna Ruiz 19 hours ago

    Maddy Ziegler represents Sia, it's not pedophilia

  • Hiba Abbaas
    Hiba Abbaas 20 hours ago

    She's crazy girl 👩👩👩👩👩👩

  • Socram omota
    Socram omota 20 hours ago

    i wake up

  • Fabiana Siqueira
    Fabiana Siqueira 20 hours ago

    Cada um consegue ver aquilo que sua maturidade, vivência e mente tem como filtro para realidade. Existem milhões de filtros. Poderia ser que perdemos nosso coração de criança quando nós tornamos adultos com a pele grossa de tanto sofrer... RazaoxEmocao também se encaixam... E chega uma parte de nossas vidas que nossa criança interior cansa de nos livrar.... Enfim existem inúmeros pontos pessoais de vista.

  • jaye stothers
    jaye stothers 21 hour ago

    i love the internal struggle portrayed in this video. great story.

  • Eirini Arapkoule
    Eirini Arapkoule 1 day ago

    those dancers.... I almost cried to how perfect they are.

  • Mason Pines
    Mason Pines 1 day ago

    2:52....The fuck?

  • Cartman san
    Cartman san 1 day ago

    Maybe the music video is about a father and his daughter. His wife/her mother is absent. The cage is the resultant relationship. They are both angry. He doesn't know how to deal with her alone, but he loves her. She resents her father's control, but she loves him. She can leave the cage anytime, but he'll be left alone, devastated. So she stays for as long as they can care for and amuse each other, in their cage, as she grows into a woman and he grows old and senile without his wife. Soon she'll be leaving too.

  • Socram omota
    Socram omota 1 day ago

    need sleep

  • Michael Tallant
    Michael Tallant 1 day ago

    I have no freaking idea what's going on but it's obviously poetic

  • CoondoNumbaNine
    CoondoNumbaNine 1 day ago

    From the music to the music video, can someone tell me PLEASE!!! What in the fuck is this???

  • Molly Chaney
    Molly Chaney 1 day ago

    What is it me or is the girl look really young

  • Robin Wayne - RW
    Robin Wayne - RW 1 day ago

    Kinda looks like Stockholm syndrome tbh

  • Uzzix Har
    Uzzix Har 1 day ago

    wat de hel de seterago lik dat.

  • Gaurav Sharma
    Gaurav Sharma 1 day ago

    The girl represents the present and the man the past. The past had so much pain and miseries in it that it still hurts and aches to let it exist.
    The present is guarded up, not vulnerable and wants to somehow get rid of the past. The past somehow tried to remind the present that I'm still a part of you: when the present tries to sniff the past and finds it daunting, keeps continuing to push it away. The past tried to come out of the cage it's been locked in for long. The present is in huge confusion and stupor and tries to kill the past and then tries to bring it out. But it's been so tighly locked in there it won't come out.
    Evidently a man personating past shows us about the struggles and hardships and pains in the past. For a lady it's always tough to choose between choices and so does the present. It's nice when it's trying to sniff and pull him out and savage when tries to bite him off. This could be somewhat judgmental though :p

  • Sadie Ohara
    Sadie Ohara 1 day ago


  • eternal bliss
    eternal bliss 1 day ago

    I know the little girl is brilliant but Shia's performance here was awesome.

  • Andre Poe
    Andre Poe 1 day ago

    Absolutely love sia ! ❤️

    DIEGO CANDELA 1 day ago


  • Tati Jenkins
    Tati Jenkins 1 day ago

    Sia and shia are both professional so I don't know why people where saying this was inappropriate

  • Deadpool
    Deadpool 1 day ago

    *The Fuck*

  • Daniel Callahan
    Daniel Callahan 1 day ago

    Jewish media really want to normalize older men fucking young children, huh? Zionists really are destroying the West.

  • Ximena Ortiz Ramirez

    she sings good but she has the stupidest videos tbh smfh

  • Lara Cardoso
    Lara Cardoso 1 day ago

    I don't see any pedophilia here. I see my relationship with my dad
    It is basically that , everytime i see, i feel sad

  • Prisonisinourminds80


  • Manu
    Manu 1 day ago

    Quem é a menina do vídeo?

  • Elise Mccart
    Elise Mccart 1 day ago

    3:50 why?

  • Elise Mccart
    Elise Mccart 1 day ago

    wait thats shai?

  • Alx. gaatooo
    Alx. gaatooo 1 day ago

    I relate to Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot).

  • MarK Downing
    MarK Downing 1 day ago

    WOW!!...What a powerful song and equally powerful video!!...Sia, as far as I'm concerned, this is one of the best videos that's ever appeared on YouTube!!....An absolute classic!!!.....Every time I play your cd that this song is on, I play this song over and over again a good ten times or more!!....This song will (or, at least should), go down in music history as one of the all time best pieces of music that has ever been recorded!!...My hat is off to you for recording one of the best recordings there's ever been!........Listen, I'm a world music collector, and I don't know if anyone would be interested or not, but, there is an eleven/twelve year old girl out of Kolkata, India that has a great music video out!....Her name is Ranita Banerjee, and she absolutely has the smoothest and sweetest voice I've ever heard!...If your interested, go here on YouTube and type in: Ranita Banerjee "Natun Alor Shurey" (New Tune Of Light").....It is sung in Bengali, but, even with the language difference, it's still a true joy to the ears!....THANKS!!...Love, peace and respect from Oklahoma, USA!!

  • Cheryl Honore
    Cheryl Honore 1 day ago

    I think that's her father

  • Russ Cappellino Jr

    Too MUCH Monarch MKUltra Imagery being used that is PERVERTING Society - Especially showing Children in Cages which is what has been exposed during the #PizzaGate #PedoGate and #VampireGate Public Investigation into what the ELITE are doing to these children - turning them into #ManchurianCandidates

  • Rainbow Puppies
    Rainbow Puppies 1 day ago


  • Isak Abdusamatov
    Isak Abdusamatov 1 day ago

    вообще то можно смотрет

  • amiguitos D y D
    amiguitos D y D 1 day ago

    Parecen locos

  • John S.
    John S. 1 day ago

    This is about her relationship with her father.

  • Mina Ainsleigh
    Mina Ainsleigh 1 day ago

    wow never new that sia is like this🙄

  • Izzy's World
    Izzy's World 1 day ago

    Can someone tell me the story behind this it looks like Maddie beating up a older man

  • TravelingSiren
    TravelingSiren 1 day ago

    This song and video represent to me the struggles in the mind of someone who lives with Bipolar disorder. I know what it feels like to have two people (like those in the video) fighting inside your head (which is what the cage seems to be). Very beautifully haunting music video.

  • Kelby Lefsrud
    Kelby Lefsrud 1 day ago

    So weird but so cool

  • Lunna Felix
    Lunna Felix 1 day ago


  • cute asf
    cute asf 1 day ago

    The cage represents cancer the girl is sia and the man is her father and she was able to get away from cancer but her father wasn't strong either to get better at the end she tried to help him but it didn't work

  • dani dl
    dani dl 1 day ago

    Sia looks like Maddie Ziegler.

  • Umutlu Mandalina
    Umutlu Mandalina 1 day ago

    kız sapik vallaa

  • Umutlu Mandalina
    Umutlu Mandalina 1 day ago

    la bune seksi seksi şeyler yapiyoo

  • G&G Bros
    G&G Bros 1 day ago

    so... i guess i just dont know enough , but what is Shia LaBeouf doing there lol ?

  • Katie !
    Katie ! 1 day ago

    way to be a creep Shia.

  • Güliii Demir
    Güliii Demir 1 day ago

    It looks like a pedophille😂

  • La Reice Monaie
    La Reice Monaie 1 day ago

    I did not know this was Maddie, Im so late. Shoot me

  • Tywon Pena
    Tywon Pena 1 day ago

    she is weird in her songs

  • nick alo
    nick alo 1 day ago

    q verga paso?

  • Lidiane Lidi
    Lidiane Lidi 1 day ago


  • Beth Pustavrh
    Beth Pustavrh 1 day ago

    Peadophilia in its purest form. Young girl near naked and a man near naked in a cage. DISGUSTING AND SO VERY WRONG. Sia should have known better unless she likes that sort of thing.

  • ILuv Puppies
    ILuv Puppies 1 day ago

    This is dumb

  • 張庭恩庭恩
    張庭恩庭恩 1 day ago

    okok fuilit wey ckntass navrtyuiop

  • Darla Taglia
    Darla Taglia 2 days ago

    their friends and are forced to fight in this cage and there both trying to get each other out but they can't

  • Freedom Lover
    Freedom Lover 2 days ago

    I love this video! It feels like it symbolizes the struggle between the child in you and the adult. It's so powerful and beautiful. Sia should never had to apologize for this video! There was nothing even close to pedophilia in it! It's sad that that's the first thing to come to people's minds.

  • Kamran Siddique
    Kamran Siddique 2 days ago

    may be this vedio was shoot in mental hospital .....

  • Brooke A
    Brooke A 2 days ago

    Literally i have not seen one comment about pedophilia stfu

  • Wyatt Gary
    Wyatt Gary 2 days ago

    I feel like a sex offender now

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