CS 1.6 Zombie server in pakistan

in this server you can plase Laser mines and Throw knifes and you can also use machine gun.plz rate this video and comments thanks. ip is []

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Author In2tion ( ago) vip free!!

Author Dimitrije Milosevic ( ago)
najaci si

Author Aymen Gamer ( ago)
It (not "he" ) dont work! RIP English

Author Binarzz XTR ( ago)
recorded with potato

Author Мурад Макашарипов ( ago)
Заходите на зомби сервер кс много видов зомби и оружия
сервер для тех кто любит насилие. заходите и наслаждайтесь игрой!!!

Author колян крутой ( ago)

Author Khabir Hatem ( ago)
he dont work this server ??

Author Alex Mihai ( ago)
connect biozm . servegame . com e mult mai tare

Author Andrei-Florin Costescu ( ago)
Cum se pun laserele alea

Author Klimax lt Channel ( ago) MOD : Zombie Plague 4.3 Fix Servername: [ZOMBIE PLAGUE]

Author LORD RIDDLE ( ago) (ZOMBIE) 2.На сервере лазерные мины (не убивают с 1
секунды) 3.На сервере очень темно (покупайте свето гранаты -1аммо пак-)
4.На сервере нету бесконечных патронов или подобного зладеяния 5.Без босов
лиш тока ЗОМБИ 6.Если народу не будет не бойтесь , я присоеденюсь пока
народ не прибежит 7.Нету ВИП все равны 8.Если сервер офф (что слишком редко
бывает .значет прафилактика.) 9.На сервере 22 слота (2 для админов) 10.Есть
банк аммо (если сервер выключался всё онулится)

Author kill you ( ago)
heey peoplee this is 3 years after this video was uploaded im leaving this
commentt im just trying to get people into this server i found please try it ^_^ thanks

Author Hamad Faheem ( ago)
coool you're pakistani too well me too

Author zeeshan raza ( ago)
pakistan zindabad

Author zeeshan raza ( ago)
too lag

Author 7juanmax ( ago)

Author Alejo Herrero ( ago)
el ip es no les anda por que pone 15 i es 17

Author DownraneEIGHT8 ( ago)
cs 1.6 is a very good game XD cs 1.6 is not stinky 1608Faust you are stinky

Author 1608Faust ( ago)
stinky cs 1.6

Author Hi How are You ( ago)

Author shahidkarim12 ( ago)
Nyc one mai prO hon NxB |[Cl@n}{$i[)]xD HerE

Author 997LiLi997 ( ago)

Author 997LiLi997 ( ago)
New ip is : []

Author TheLegendGame100 ( ago)
New ip

Author Kill81550 ( ago)
zoombie mod for the cs its one copy of the combat arms

Author MultiUSD ( ago)
loool nice srv,nice skins,bad frames :D

Author Shanam Naqvi ( ago)
i remember this server when i was in pakistan

Author CristianDarkLoquendo ( ago)
mi servidor nuevo

Author Vegeta2050 ( ago)
this is 1.6 u fuking all idiots :S and its the CS SOURCE skinS :@

Author xxhunterxx2 ( ago)
Damm dude ur Lagging like shit

Author cLozze1996 ( ago)
got computers in pakistan?

Author Kenny Nham ( ago)
that 1.8

Author Mustafa1229 ( ago)
@JhonyBrav0 no that is cs 1.6 with source mods !!!!

Author Awraa Yousuke Jai ( ago)
@MrRockOnGuitar fuck u this is cs 1.6 -.- just its skin like source-.- u
fucking n00bs

Author Nick Lacey ( ago)
@MrRockOnGuitar yes this is cs 1.6

Author wenor9 ( ago)
works 102%

Author wenor9 ( ago)
works 102% thx

Author Myles Feliciano ( ago)
ip dosent work

Author TheKarolis850 ( ago)
extreme cs 1,6 here not source

Author TheUltimateATOO ( ago)
@JhonyBrav0 btw you don't need to buy lasers... right?

Author JhonyBrav0 ( ago)
@julle123julleq ip is [ ]

Author TheUltimateATOO ( ago)
@JhonyBrav0 ip?

Author TheJahanzaib71 ( ago)
@Mustq2009 hey,Tell me why it kicked me in zia server.

Author Kytonite ( ago)
Hey Guys, Risenchaos is a new community and we'd like for you guys to check
us out. This is our Zombie Plague, 20 Slots, We need
people to populate it. Our website is Risenchaos[dot]com. Thank you.

Author Krzychol93 ( ago)
~ Zapraszamy na server ZombieMOD „BiohazarD” ~ IP: ~
Rekrutacja Adminów Otwarta!!! ~ Zapraszamy na forum

Author Milicful ( ago)
Banja Luka Zombie

Author JhonyBrav0 ( ago)
@blackasad As far as i know this message usually appears when computer take
to much time to download files from the server , internet connection speed
or computer firewall settings.

Author JayKay788 . ( ago)
i like this server very funny =) thanks for the IP! =)

Author Mustq2009 ( ago)
ty this ip really ty very much Jhony

Author Gurmeher Anand ( ago)
from where can i get this shit?

Author MrRockOnGuitar ( ago)
@legosandrobloxrox thats true ...

Author legosandrobloxrox ( ago)
@MrRockOnGuitar Source? Source is more realistic lol

Author Gurmeher Anand ( ago)
hey can any1 tell me that how do u get that laser gun???

Author CS2D2011 ( ago)
There is a new PRO SERVER.iN THİS SERVER there many zombie model and many
plugins.İt is zombie server!!! +Lasermine +parachute +Ultimete ammo +Extra
item menu (For Humans and Zombies) +more 7/24 full İp=
just write console ''connect'' and FUN with ZOMBİEEE!!

Author mert blaalb ( ago)

Author Salman Khan ( ago)
yaar per abi ZIA server ye sab plugin nhi hai

Author MrRockOnGuitar ( ago)
@JhonyBrav0 I never heard of CS 1.8 before, lol. Not really good sold
game,. mh? ^^

Author JhonyBrav0 ( ago)
@MrRockOnGuitar This is CS 1.8 you can play this server on CS 1.6 as well.

Author MrRockOnGuitar ( ago)
this is Source, not 1.6 -.-

Author aeroaa ( ago)
i plasy the zombie addicted bg server its the best

Author wordname159 ( ago)
lol very nice i love cs zombie :p

Author ahmed ᅚᅚ khaledᅚᅚ ( ago)
lagggggggggggg noob

Author Stylo_432 ( ago)
@nedimkamis it says that i have a protocol 48 andi need protocol

Author JhonyBrav0 ( ago)
@nedimkamis WHY?

Author Stylo_432 ( ago)
i cant play on this aserver help

Author SuperDarkwaver ( ago)
nice bllod xD

Author TheKiller274112 ( ago)
IP is : so dont ask anymore >.> #LOL

Author TheKiller274112 ( ago)
@TheSweetHonny bind z +setlaser in console then z

Author TheKiller274112 ( ago)
check my vid laser bug :D

Author Endrit Musaj ( ago)
to plant the laser you must open the console write buy_lasermine , then you
must be near a wall and with y you plant it sorry for my bad english

Author JhonyBrav0 ( ago)

Author emrewow12 ( ago)
hai this is the other server right?

Author sham0087 ( ago)
@emrewow12 hey i can give u bedder server end this and u can do in console
bind x +hook and click on x so u can bind ! and u can get jetpack and laser
mines!! its the best!"""

Author sham0087 ( ago)

Author sham0087 ( ago)
@chuo153 go to ip it bedder ! ip is

Author sham0087 ( ago)
@emrewow12 i can give u bedder server end this u can buy jetpack and laser
and do in console bind x +hook and u can get pack my name is on cs 1.6
(shamil-12-years-old) it me!

Author sham0087 ( ago)
i game zm u can do in console bind x +hook!! and jetpack and laser mines it
best server i never have played!! relly

Author emrewow12 ( ago)
server ip ????

Author JhonyBrav0 ( ago)
@TheSweetHonny Press E

Author TheSweetHonny ( ago)
pleaseeee pm me how to make the lasers?!!?!! what button????

Author chuo153 ( ago)

Author JhonyBrav0 ( ago)
@tkgirlroxx88 No i was playing in Counter Strike 1.8 but you can play this
server on CS 1.6 as well.

Author Tehreem Khan ( ago)
is it 1.6

Author Umair Ahmed ( ago)
@Arkonov Arkonov, i guess you will always find someone there playing !

Author JhonyBrav0 ( ago)
@Amnesion The name of the song is Jilawatan by call Band.

Author JhonyBrav0 ( ago)
@amsadna ip is

Author amsadna ( ago)
your ip adrass

Author Amnesion ( ago)
What's the name of this song in background ???

Author GeneralJamesLaser ( ago)

Author Arkonov ( ago)
Zia Dude I Think I Am Gonna Start Playing CS Again Just For Your server But
No one Is Ever Online On the Zombie Server no more :-(

Author JhonyBrav0 ( ago)
@rack6127 you can,t place 2 mines you can buy and place only one
mine.Becauce the admin change the settings.But yes in the past we allow to
buy and place 2 mines.

Author uNcl55 ( ago)
3 fps?

Author JhonyBrav0 ( ago)
@ThePunisher19925 zia will answer your question because he is the owner of
this server.

Author JhonyBrav0 ( ago)
@maawi95 i think zia will answer your question because he is the owner of
this server.

Author Asymawi Sahar ( ago)
dude how to install Laser mines in cs 1.6 and how to install minigun in cs

Author hghgtrtr ( ago)
thanx dude great video and great server!! its the best one ive played!

Author Armen Graca ( ago)
this serwer have a big lag

Author ThePunisher19925 ( ago)
Wow... Where can I get this minigun skin?

Author JhonyBrav0 ( ago)
@rack6127 Yes....

Author Armen Graca ( ago)

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