Car Crash) very Shock dash camera 2017 NEW By Top Speed Motor HD (858) HD

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  • Gy Bx
    Gy Bx 15 hours ago

    Russians need rubber cars.

  • Lucas Lopez
    Lucas Lopez 2 days ago

    1.02 supra in the cut

  • Warren Bennett
    Warren Bennett 4 days ago

    Don't need nukes, these dicks will exterminate each other in about - say - six months. JCA.

  • Ed Fagan
    Ed Fagan 5 days ago

    shit vedio

  • Atta Witt
    Atta Witt 9 days ago

    2:40, SLOW DOWN. YES, he turned in front of you, but you had over a 100ft. of warning. Being in tje right doesn't undo the accident.

  • Loca 4 Nailz
    Loca 4 Nailz 11 days ago

    0:22 wtf is that!!?.. a HORN?!!? lmfao

  • Steve Abner
    Steve Abner 11 days ago

    7:34 - I blame the pedestrian for this. He gave not a care about whether it was safe and crossed without looking for traffic. I would NEVER do that.

  • oldfartatplay1320
    oldfartatplay1320 11 days ago


  • LMSTactical
    LMSTactical 14 days ago

    The most dangerous thing on earth to be.......a Russian Front Bumper

  • henrik knudsen
    henrik knudsen 17 days ago

    Why these fake thumbnails. It´s only clikbait. Drop it, please.

  • SlevinCCX
    SlevinCCX 1 month ago

    Why are we watching 30 second clips when the accident itself is 5 seconds?

    • SlevinCCX
      SlevinCCX 11 days ago

      My arms are clearly white you retarded fucknut...

    • Steve Abner
      Steve Abner 11 days ago

      You're a black man, ain't you?

    • SlevinCCX
      SlevinCCX 11 days ago

      You shut the fuck up.

    • Steve Abner
      Steve Abner 11 days ago

      Shut up, I think most are too short. I want to see the people too.

  • Robert Rothgery
    Robert Rothgery 2 months ago

    sloppy cutting.

  • greggschariot
    greggschariot 2 months ago

    not very shock. very bore. not very grammar.

    • Michael Metzger
      Michael Metzger 4 days ago

      Yep!!! I always know which ones to not watch because of this awesomely obnoxious grammar used to "very shock" me into not

  • Edward Carson Wilkey
    Edward Carson Wilkey 3 months ago

    why is this only russia

    • p scholl
      p scholl 1 month ago

      Because they don't know how to drive. better go back to horse and buggy.

  • Kenneth Busler
    Kenneth Busler 3 months ago

    the intros and outros to the video are way too long. Maybe five or ten seconds before and then after the accident.

  • Mafoo B
    Mafoo B 3 months ago


  • Car Crashes Daily
    Car Crashes Daily 3 months ago

    *1 like for a new car*
    *1 sub for a new house*

    • tom carr
      tom carr 1 month ago

      chepethethird mmm

    • Ricardo Espinoza
      Ricardo Espinoza 3 months ago

      So you don.t do the same mistakes, you can learn from them

    • chepethethird
      chepethethird 3 months ago

      why you doing this just stop plz

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