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The Qemists - Stompbox (Spor Remix)


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Added: 3 years
Runtime: 4:41
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Author StephenPPP (2 years)
Anyone that condones this catfishery should be shot. Completely removed
from the gene pool.

Author PetrolHead441 (3 years)
@1stfox then why do u watch this videos if all u do is critisise them and
call ppl gay...dont watch them and dont complain

Author Grave Digger (3 years)
why what is the point other than to piss a few people off

Author DieRachedesWalters (2 years)

Author 1stfox (3 years)
All this trouble just to spoil other peoples fun... yeey... go play
teletubbies online if you can't handle a FPS...

Author nECr0mANceD (3 years)
@PetrolHead441 Because the ppl who post and do this shit are worthless
pieces of trash and ppl like you who defend them are no better. Get a life.
Gets skills or don't play the big boy games.

Author RH0wnage (3 years)
@GotDiabetus Vegas Pro 9.0 for editting After effects for the intro

Author TheDirtDragon (2 years)
Where are the challange by playing with cheats? A real gamer try to play as
good as he can...People pay money for games to have fun but playing against
a cheater is annoying and boring. They destroy a great multiplayer just
because they don't want to lose and to deceive oneself...This is not was a
man with balls a would do!

Author Marius (2 years)
Hackers are noobs who can't play...

Author masterdragunov (3 years)
get a life and go play lego or dora please fuck of and get a life its for
noobs and poor people to have hacks and you are a french faggot

Author reflex0r (2 years)
Wow bro, obvious skill is obvious.. Pro Gamer right there bro. Your the
reason games like this exist. I hope you fucking die in a car fire you

Author 32Echo23 (3 years)
Props to the video editor, Hacks look amazing, Video looks Sick. Great

Author zeb1094 (3 years)
Hacks are for wimps and cheaters.

Author David Gates (2 years)
gj j1gsaw

Author ZOLLiNO69 (2 years)
im here for the music with bfbc2 theme I FUCK all cheaters but I rescpet
MUSIC mixers

Author PetrolHead441 (3 years)
@nECr0mANceD then dont look it up and dont complain. If u dont like it suck
it up princess and go somewhere else, no1 wants u here mate if ur just
going 2 complain

Author Martin Cimbálek (3 years)
Really heroes ppl who use it. Just poor noobs. If you cant play normaly, so
go train playing lego idiots..

Author Anatolij St (3 years)
i SUpport hacking and ill hack you F noobs you can cry hacker aimbotter I
dont fucking care die noobs muhahahaha ahahahahahah

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