Can Oobleck Protect an iPhone 7 from 9 mm Handgun? (Ruger SR9C)

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  • Jumplight99
    Jumplight99 3 days ago

    What the fuck did you expect, dipshit

  • Episode Enny
    Episode Enny 4 days ago

    RIP iPhone

  • Kassie Adams
    Kassie Adams 5 days ago

    the only reason why the most percentage of people pick the correct answer for the will the iPhone survive is, because they are cheating

  • iEclipzie
    iEclipzie 7 days ago

    Memory foam vs bullet

  • Harmony Brown
    Harmony Brown 8 days ago

    children are watching this remember

  • shwan k.1
    shwan k.1 9 days ago

    I love you

  • Jonas Morkūnas
    Jonas Morkūnas 10 days ago

    soot a fidget spinnerbspinin werry fast

  • DaleJrFan_62
    DaleJrFan_62 14 days ago

    Can air protect a live nuclear bomb from a .000000000...1 inch drop?

  • Zachary Dinubilo
    Zachary Dinubilo 14 days ago

    Who else got a phone protected ad before the vid started

  • robotbobbyguy
    robotbobbyguy 16 days ago

    He rocks

  • APat _Penguin
    APat _Penguin 17 days ago

    2:25 your welcome

    OTAKU 17 days ago

    Wouldn't it have made more sense to but the phone in the bag

  • Help Me Get 10k Subs With No Videos

    this is why guns should be illegal

  • Daejah Lavariel
    Daejah Lavariel 17 days ago

    can you do LG phones drop test

  • pika gaming
    pika gaming 18 days ago

    hey u look amazing and i told all my freinds about u and they all suscribed to ur channle and thanks for being the best youtuber thanks

  • Deyna Jacobo
    Deyna Jacobo 18 days ago

    did the Police come to see about the gun shot😮👮
    if I heard that I would of thought someone die 😅

  • Shadow Jokergp
    Shadow Jokergp 19 days ago

    if you would've put maybe 2 or 3 more bags in front of the phone, it might have a chance to survive

  • KingMili
    KingMili 19 days ago

    When the other guys in the locker room laugh at your 9cm but they haven't seen your 9mm

  • Damien McCue
    Damien McCue 21 day ago

    Tim Cook approves

  • Do stuff Man
    Do stuff Man 21 day ago

    I have that very same hand gun

  • Jansen  Alvarez
    Jansen Alvarez 22 days ago

    it needs to be in contact with the oobleck not inside a ziplock bag

  • Aubrey Awalk3
    Aubrey Awalk3 23 days ago

    Please I need it I need a give away I never got one

  • 2In A Cupcake
    2In A Cupcake 24 days ago

    yes I think

    maybe not ,:(

  • Jimena Trujillo
    Jimena Trujillo 25 days ago

    1:36 lmao bubble butt

  • Lol Idk
    Lol Idk 25 days ago

    It was loud because you didn't wear ear protection...

  • John Egan
    John Egan 25 days ago


  • killer clown101-_-
    killer clown101-_- 25 days ago

    Pause at 1:37 and you can see a butt in the oblek

  • WereTheDoggsAt ?
    WereTheDoggsAt ? 26 days ago

    turn on captions at 0:18

  • 마카롱미니
    마카롱미니 26 days ago

    What was the liquid he mixed with the cornstarch?

  • Cslip9
    Cslip9 27 days ago

    Can a phone save a phone

  • Kiersten Justice
    Kiersten Justice 28 days ago

    i love these videos!

  • Rainbow Fandom
    Rainbow Fandom 28 days ago

    That's A Fake IPhone

  • Johnnaye Ellis
    Johnnaye Ellis 29 days ago

    You can make that with baby powder

  • Egg12345Egg12345
    Egg12345Egg12345 29 days ago

    where you get all da moneyyyyyyyy

  • Umbreon Gamer24
    Umbreon Gamer24 1 month ago

    Can I have subs for no reason pls,plssssssss

  • Alexandria Grice
    Alexandria Grice 1 month ago

    why not put the phone in the bag of oobleck? Maybe that might have worked better?

  • the Anonymus
    the Anonymus 1 month ago

    No shows that you own the gun? eh whatever but you rlly should have did that :))))))

  • Ids
    Ids 1 month ago

    it is possible it survives


    shooting wrong

  • Bristly Cobb
    Bristly Cobb 1 month ago

    I'm pretty sure it won't survive

  • Sunit Shah
    Sunit Shah 1 month ago

    like watching your videos

    BLAKE LANDRY 1 month ago

    You make my day. I was even watching this with strep throat!

  • Leart Dedushi
    Leart Dedushi 1 month ago

    Maybe it wasn't the best idea to put the oobleck in a Ziplock bag...

  • Innocent Guy
    Innocent Guy 1 month ago

    Dude you have MSI? That's trash

  • Jaya Bhattacharya
    Jaya Bhattacharya 1 month ago

    the backyard scientist proved that when he shot oobleck through a BB gun, it is not strong enough to hold up. it exploded!!!

  • k kee bear
    k kee bear 1 month ago

    You should drop an iphone into oobleck from 100 ft

  • Connor Pierson
    Connor Pierson 1 month ago

    Erm... At 3 feet, a 9mm will go through anything that isn't military grade body armor because shell veolicty+physics+shell type.

  • Coolgamer05117
    Coolgamer05117 1 month ago

    Anything including ooblek can be bulletoroof

  • Jay Jester King
    Jay Jester King 1 month ago

    For 1.1 million views you should have re shot this!

  • Tiffany Sherman
    Tiffany Sherman 1 month ago

    so cool

  • Wallace McDonut
    Wallace McDonut 1 month ago

    You and a 9mm pistol is a frightening combination.

  • pearce
    pearce 1 month ago

    You gotta do this same experiment with jello, jello stops the bullet.

  • Lillian Grace
    Lillian Grace 1 month ago

    0:02 - 0:07 who eles sees that paper? ONLY SLENDERMAN COULD TEACH THAT BOIIII!!!!! well enless it was someone on a😂

  • Felix
    Felix 1 month ago

    Umm.. yeah it didn't. Before you even made that video, you should've studied something called "Momentum and Collisions" in Physics. Obviously it's not going to protect it if the velocity of the bullet and the momentum of it overcomes the momentum of the oobleck.

  • Pedriguin
    Pedriguin 1 month ago


  • Layla Davis
    Layla Davis 1 month ago

    Life needs Ziplock

  • Avendciara Vlogs
    Avendciara Vlogs 1 month ago

    wtf u mean first half didnt save ...... so do it again the whole point of the slo mo is to see the bullet go into the oobleck

  • Azalee Philpott
    Azalee Philpott 1 month ago

    That's so amazing. Thanks for your experiment

  • dallas
    dallas 1 month ago

    I'm so glad you called it obleck. I haven't heard it called that in years!

  • Jesse Slootweg
    Jesse Slootweg 1 month ago

    I have made it

  • Dipsy Games
    Dipsy Games 1 month ago

    "Wow! That was loud!"

    *Probably because you didnt wear any FUCKING ear protection*

  • Alyssa Leon
    Alyssa Leon 1 month ago

    Who is watching in 2017

  • Mr. Mate
    Mr. Mate 1 month ago

    iphone 7 fake as fuck

  • Peter Frost
    Peter Frost 1 month ago


  • Cloudy Gaming123
    Cloudy Gaming123 1 month ago

    how about can hot glue guns glue protect an iphone?

  • Jessica Bearden
    Jessica Bearden 1 month ago

    I've made about before

  • Hope Lynn
    Hope Lynn 1 month ago


  • Paradise boys games
    Paradise boys games 1 month ago

    see is rubber can protect a phone

  • Arjan Kasapi
    Arjan Kasapi 2 months ago

    lol how could he miss from THAT distance??? like, he shot the thinnest weakest part of the bag. What a fucking faliure!!!

  • Adriel Rodriguez
    Adriel Rodriguez 2 months ago

    Find it😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😃😀😀😀😀😀

  • SenpaiKiseki
    SenpaiKiseki 2 months ago

    i want an i phone :(

  • Anthony Hurley
    Anthony Hurley 2 months ago

    Lol sad but true

  • Sans
    Sans 2 months ago

    Its as though you just shot your iPhone. The oobleck was just there for cool fx

  • Sans
    Sans 2 months ago

    why are you testing this on an iPhone.

  • Lane strass
    Lane strass 2 months ago


  • Vicki Vande Zande
    Vicki Vande Zande 2 months ago


  • Owen Pratama
    Owen Pratama 2 months ago

    I wonder can we make armor out of strong stuff and oobleck

  • Lejondary Super Sayain

    your supsote to wear ear muffs dummy

  • Lejondary Super Sayain

    your supsote to wear ear muffs

  • Roshni Urwin
    Roshni Urwin 2 months ago

    Question is ;WHY DO YOU EVEN HAVE A GUN!!!!!!(like if you agree)😱

  • Pokegamer 125
    Pokegamer 125 2 months ago


  • Ruby Harper
    Ruby Harper 2 months ago

    I did this in science class

  • renato basurto
    renato basurto 2 months ago

    he has 2mil subs and wears walmart stuff huh gayyyyyyyy

  • Nicholas Faerman
    Nicholas Faerman 2 months ago

    Did his parents ever say don't play with guns

  • McKenna Spannagel
    McKenna Spannagel 2 months ago

    if you never play with Oobleck you can't say lived

  • Trey Shipman
    Trey Shipman 2 months ago

    I got an Urban Carry as before this vid. How topical!

  • Michael Sperry
    Michael Sperry 2 months ago

    you should use a stretch arm stronge

  • CreepersTKOED
    CreepersTKOED 2 months ago

    you should have used a bigger bag

  • Bradi Oliphant
    Bradi Oliphant 2 months ago

    Does anyone see that he is wasting money to buy an iPhone to destroy it

  • Nikolaus
    Nikolaus 2 months ago

    2:25 is when he shoots it

  • Pharaoh Barnes
    Pharaoh Barnes 2 months ago

    Remember I'm not exactly sure because I discovered it when my science class did a project on it

  • Pharaoh Barnes
    Pharaoh Barnes 2 months ago

    Oblec can take in anything under around 30-20 pounds

  • GraveRobr Gaming
    GraveRobr Gaming 2 months ago

    Its because the oobleck has a certain reaction time to react to a force. An the bullet is moving too fast to let the oobleck react against it.

  • Tom Reed
    Tom Reed 2 months ago

    Starts at 2:40

  • Mr. YouTube
    Mr. YouTube 2 months ago


  • Flameklr Gaming
    Flameklr Gaming 2 months ago

    why is it when i find a vid where people do shoot oobleck it's at point blank range lol

  • can't be beat currie
    can't be beat currie 2 months ago

    that was a awesome explosions

  • bendy's real channel
    bendy's real channel 2 months ago

    bruh its a M9

  • Mykal Simpson
    Mykal Simpson 2 months ago

    Shoot oobleck with a 22

  • Jon Dalrymple
    Jon Dalrymple 2 months ago

    make oobleck paintballs

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