True History of Lourdes & St Bernadette Excerpt 3.

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Author Roni Little ( ago)
I have always loved Saint Bernadette, even as a child I remember loving
her! Saint Bernadette, please pray for me…

Author Jade Shannon ( ago)
You don't have to be catholic to love Saint Bernadette.I love her and she
is in every prayer i pray.Please pray for me and my life when I am in any
crisis and Dear Saint Bernadette please pray for the world as it is

Author krakusdomm ( ago)
Interesting. After visiting Nevers and seeing Bernadette I realized the
message for me too! There was only two other people in the Church, a Priest
cleaning in the far back and a woman praying on the other side of the
church (of course I did not know who Bernadette was). As I stood there
looking at her, as allergic to flowers as I am I could smell them strongly.
She looked only as though she was sleeping. But all that did not strike me
as special as much as I how all that brought me there to see her! For my
trip had never intended to see her, information that came to me about her I
never thought I would obtain and the sheer miraculousness of the event
gives me Hope. As for the rest of so many rationalist here I would advise
deeper thought on this path you walk and where it leads you!

Author Orv Pibbs ( ago)
Hope now you are at peace, sweet Saint Bernadette....

Author selvaroumougame ( ago)
Gloire à Sainte Bernadette.

Author Alex Grabowiecki ( ago)
St. Bernadette pray for us. 

Author Jaycee Lagula (674 years ago)
What's the title of the song sung by a choir on the background? Thank you
and God bless you all!

Author Mady Guindin ( ago)
I love bernadette but remember no saints can get you into heaven only
christ can do that

Author st jude (spRead THE BOOK OF TRUTH) ( ago)
Please Kindly see thewarningsecondcoming dotcom "My sorrow at this time is
great as all that was foretold by me during the apparitions at La Salette
and Fatima are now unfolding before you all, but many of you are blind.
Those of you who dedicated hours before me at my most holy shrines must
come and ask me, your Mother, to open your eyes to the Truth. You must ask
me to consecrate your hearts and souls to my Son, otherwise you too will
deny Him. Your beloved Mother Mother of Salvation "

Author krakusdomm ( ago)
As a true catholic I believe in the Prophesy of La Salette, France in 1846.
St. Bernadette said little but the people did this site originally out of
Love for the Blessed Holy Mother and Queen and the arrangements thereof.
This was proofs of the Saints, they EXERCISED their Faith! Vatican II
changes all that, Why? Not and exercise of faith of the Saints. Consider
this for it is not in the realm of loyality or devotion but of the
spragrace of our Lord and God. 

Author paris wood ( ago)
r.i.p bernadette

Author rachel hutchinson ( ago)
Its not only those of the Catholic faith who have seen the Blessed Virgin.
A jewish man saw her in Rome and having previously been very anti Catholic,
after seeing Our Lady, he became a Ctholic priest heehee. You can find out
more about this story at the marypages. com

Author rachel hutchinson ( ago)
God will protect us. Islam will not win. I sometimes worry about this
problem too, but then I remember that the Catholic Church is God's ship and
He has guided her through more dangerous waters before now and He will
never let her sink! As for our Saints, they're in Heaven praying for us.
They will never be destroyed. And you're right, you can still repent dear
friend. Its never too late to come on home. Lots of love xxx

Author nhendrych ( ago)
Amen- Peace be with you 

Author jrlomy2k ( ago)
Muslims have been trying to destroy the Catholic Church for centuries. The
Battle of Lepanto is just one battle in history where Catholics in small
numbers defeated large fleets of Muslims in Turkey with the assistance of
our Blessed Mother and the power of the Most Holy Rosary. Read the life of
Queen Isabella and King Phillip II

Author FRANK1FM ( ago)
I'm Catholic and from the USA.It is fair to say of myself that I am also a
fallen Catholic.This was very eye opening.I wasn't aware that her liver was
still soft,this can not be explained by science.I'm 62 now,I guess God
hasn't taken me yet so I can still repent.However,Islam is taking
over.Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world.Look at Europe.In
the not to distant future,Christians will be prisoners in their own
countries.They will destroy our Saints and beliefs.Who will protect us

Author TheVilladereve ( ago)
I was at in Lourdes, in 2004, a pretty town, very spiritual environment;
(tomorrow is Feast-day, Our Lady of Lourdes;) this a very nice and
comprehensive video, wondering about the wonderful music, I know one part
is « Agnus Dei » but in classical-music style (Verdi maybe?) 

Author sesy1 ( ago)

Author sesy1 ( ago)

Author Nicola Kanaan ( ago)
Pray for us Mother Mary....we want to come to you and your son when we

Author Jesus Saves ( ago)
"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God." Matthew [5:8]NIV

Author Donnie Mrkacek ( ago)
i in no way mean to be disrespectful, still the voice of the monorator
seems familiar, and very much like joan sutherland

Author Alma S ( ago)
I wanna go one day to France just to visit her, I already visited the
Basilica of Guadalupe and want to make it my mission to go to France just
to give thanks to her for the blessings and how she helped my faith in
God<3 grow stronger

Author TwentyFourSeven HipHopRadio ( ago)
I AM VERY MUCH A BELIEVER OF God and i love the story of the beautiful
women ..i would like to know why are the Catholic faith only seeing the
blessed virgin .? 

Author Donnie Mrkacek ( ago)
there is a place for everyone in the eyes of god its always been that way
and always will be

Author Manoj Tigga (1225 years ago)
Mother please bring back my wife again to me . Amen

Author Manoj Tigga (1389 years ago)
St.lourdes . Mother do pray for r family needs. Amen

Author artiefun ( ago)
That was such a beautiful story that you told. I truly believe that it was
St. Bernadette,who cured your illness. God bless you.

Author alocohc ( ago)
saint Bernadette pray for us.

Author mufc99ok ( ago)

Author ZUZANNA MUSIAL ( ago)
I know the entire story of St. Bernadette..God Bless Chris thank you for

Author Jackie5992 ( ago)
St. Bernadetter, can you ask Our Mother to help cure my eyes and teeth. Ask
her if I can return in peace to my home in the beautiful country to live,
where my dad, whom I know she knows, built our family home. I will bring a
blessed chapel area with me, with holy water, and display in the living
room, hopefully to bring my family back to Jesus Christ and the Church. 

Author emajawjaw ( ago)
Protestants and lots of non-Catholics are very mad to the mother of
Jesus.If in the ten commandments, God said, "Honor your father and your
mother", it follows that Jesus perfectly honors not only his father in
Heaven but also his mother. If we consider Jesus as our brother, friend,
and our God, why can we not also consider his mother as our mother too. The
mother of Jesus is as human as we are but she deserves to be loved,
respected, and appreciated for being chosen as the mother of Jesus

Author Lisa Pacheco ( ago)
Saint Bernadette, please help my mother to get rid of her pain and let her
have peace a joy in her heart and all of those people that are hungry and
even the animals also please help my grandchildren they need peace and
happiness in there heart my daughter that need all to happines in this
world she need so respect me and come to u for forgiveness for everything
shes done to me and her children. help all of my enimes that betray me i

Author anursewhocares ( ago)
so love this movie This movie is so inspiring and brings tears to my eyes
every time I watch it. Alot of times, things happen to us and we dont
understand, why me?. I have ask myself many times in the past, but no
longer. I was hit by a car at 5 years old and in 3 different acct. caused
by the other drivers. I was lucky. Some 6 years ago I had a dream of an
Angel, to make a long story short, when the Angel hugged me, the feeling of
love was so over whelming, its hard to described. God Bless all

Author Jane Stewart ( ago)
Thank you, I enjoy learning about St Bernadette and Lourdes. Love and
Blessings xo

Author 6digit ( ago)
she looks so very serious women

Author Tibly ( ago)
lol st. Bernadette. the older she is, the much more pretty she becomes.

Author Anthony Murphy ( ago)
Thank you for your kindness God bless you and all who belong to you St.
Bernadette pray for you

Author Anthony Murphy ( ago)
I would love to know where you get the music that comes with this beautiful
message God bless all who hate me Saint Bernadette pray for them and for us
all Amen

Author swanningaround ( ago)
My father was taught by a nun who knew Bernadette very well. They worked

Author Sonife Parpa ( ago)
St. Bernadette, please pray for us!

Author marshey123 (1456 years ago)
copy and paste St. Bernadette Pray for Us -AMEN-.

Author Cadu Castro ( ago)
Our Lady of Lourdes pray for us! Gives us Peace and humility!

Author mrcori ( ago)

Author jimcarrey2 ( ago)
St Bernadette pray for us

Author Eileen Jalet ( ago)
Beautiful video! I read Franz Werfel's novel many years ago and took the
name of St Bernadette as my confirmation name. This is the first time that
I have ever seen the real face of Soeur Bernadette. Thank you!

Author Soroush Hematian ( ago)
i love youuu

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