Paris jackson beautiful singing JUNE 2017!!! ♥

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    SONG: Nahko Bear–Love Letters To God

  • Jose Flores
    Jose Flores 21 hour ago

    wow good perfect beautiful voice sounds same Michael Jackson give you body spirit join future stage music

  • liz sipp
    liz sipp 22 hours ago

    Beautiful voice , very emotional and edgy

  • Jessica Colquhoun


  • Yesenia Jackson
    Yesenia Jackson 1 day ago

    cantas muy bonito paris Jackson♡♡♡

  • Tina Spence
    Tina Spence 1 day ago

    She's honestly not much of a singer but it doesn't matter because she's not perusing it and she's just having fun! She seems to be much happier recently and I love to see that she's using her platform for activism. Beautiful and strong girl.

  • Paul Schramm
    Paul Schramm 1 day ago

    Paris i love you tattos and will the Text of the song and you can so great sing

  • Milena Michelis
    Milena Michelis 1 day ago

    love you paris💋💋💋💋

  • Marilena Kolountzaki

    paris sings great but she needs a little more training...

  • Shannon DeVaux
    Shannon DeVaux 2 days ago

    goose bumps...heal the 🌎

  • Edrance Emmanuel
    Edrance Emmanuel 2 days ago

    she can't really sing

  • Leslie Saenz
    Leslie Saenz 2 days ago


  • cinzia tropeano
    cinzia tropeano 2 days ago

    i love you Paris i love your Father forever 😘😘😘❤❤

  • elzbieta duda
    elzbieta duda 2 days ago

    🇵🇱 Paris you beautiful in and out !!! Regards from POLAND !🇵🇱 Paris pozdrowienia z POLSKI !!!

  • Diana Spilman
    Diana Spilman 3 days ago

    What a very beautifully written and sung vocal work of art.Thank you.

  • Maria Njeira
    Maria Njeira 3 days ago

    aawwww!!! perfect

  • Hennessey Barajas
    Hennessey Barajas 3 days ago

    I don't think so

  • MT Music
    MT Music 3 days ago

    The apple doesn't fall far from the tree - Truly beautiful : )

  • Kotek Kotowy
    Kotek Kotowy 3 days ago

    Beautiful Voice

  • liloboy911808
    liloboy911808 4 days ago

    Beautiful. Just like your dad

  • Joann Sosa
    Joann Sosa 4 days ago

    love her voice!!!

  • Paula4Beauty
    Paula4Beauty 4 days ago


  • Karis Josiah
    Karis Josiah 4 days ago

    this child can sing!!!💯😍😍🔥🔥🔥

  • Nirmala Joseph
    Nirmala Joseph 4 days ago

    Beauty with brains...she knows exactly what she's doing.. will make her dad proud

  • Demy Santorious
    Demy Santorious 4 days ago

    I love Paris❗💚

  • Shelly Nichols
    Shelly Nichols 4 days ago

    beautiful job Paris!

  • Gill Hills
    Gill Hills 5 days ago

    You have a beautiful voice Paris just like your dad:>)

  • Isabela Asensio
    Isabela Asensio 5 days ago

    She's as good as her dad ✌️

  • Lilian Espinoza
    Lilian Espinoza 5 days ago

    paris we love you! stay strong and be happy.

  • Candra
    Candra 5 days ago


  • francescaxox ox
    francescaxox ox 5 days ago

    i overplay this video and it makes me smile and I joy i love you Paris! 💜💜💜

  • Sienna Bridges
    Sienna Bridges 5 days ago

    who dares to dislike this video of the princess? !😡 love you paris❤

  • Sienna Bridges
    Sienna Bridges 5 days ago

    almost made me cry keep going girl 😢❤

  • Louis Brasil
    Louis Brasil 5 days ago

    Paris seems so happy while singing.
    Cheers!! :-)

  • Giada Lazzasi
    Giada Lazzasi 5 days ago

    okay, she's so beautiful, but she can't sing lol

    • Giada Lazzasi
      Giada Lazzasi 5 days ago

      PARISJACKSONWORLD Fan Club her voice is not too bad, but she's definitely better as a model.

      PARISJACKSONWORLD Fan Club 5 days ago

      she's not going to be a singer and i don't think her singing is that bad. i love listening to her singing, it makes me feel comfy idk why.. hahah

  • Michael Eusebio
    Michael Eusebio 5 days ago


  • Moon Walker
    Moon Walker 6 days ago

    what a beautiful voice Paris

  • Silvana Castilho
    Silvana Castilho 6 days ago

    Peris, you rememberMichael

  • Yashika Mj lover
    Yashika Mj lover 6 days ago

    Nice voice 👍🏻u should be a singer🤔

  • Michael Jackson Fan

    You sing beautiful Paris just like your Father Michael!!!!

  • synthrave1
    synthrave1 7 days ago

    Awesome Paris! Beautiful energy.

  • Tristan tainatongo
    Tristan tainatongo 7 days ago

    your voice is beautiful

  • Curly Peter Pan
    Curly Peter Pan 7 days ago

    she should be a singer

  • Curly Peter Pan
    Curly Peter Pan 7 days ago

    High notes tho

  • Anicka Anicka
    Anicka Anicka 7 days ago


  • Anicka Anicka
    Anicka Anicka 7 days ago

    Paris your voice is beautiful.You'll be a singer like a daddy.

  • Cheren Aprissa
    Cheren Aprissa 7 days ago

    1:3 it's soo fantastic..😍😍😘

  • Gladeez Sheed
    Gladeez Sheed 8 days ago

    Is this paris song she's talented ? I like her very cool with a lot of tattoos and blonde bitch colour hair ,she should release her album in the future can't wait 😍

  • Nikolett Együd
    Nikolett Együd 8 days ago

    You have a nice voice.

  • Marnie M
    Marnie M 8 days ago

    She's singing the Hamilton soundtrack I'm pretty sure

  • Brian Gomez
    Brian Gomez 8 days ago

    I love your voice Paris its amazing keep it up Paris :)

  • Evilly ranny
    Evilly ranny 8 days ago

    Love Paris Jackson linda 😘😘😘😁😄

  • Its Zai
    Its Zai 8 days ago

    The song is "Nahko and medicine for the people - Love Letters to God "

  • Guldenhörningens stall

    WOW 😃😄😃

  • Petra Kopecká
    Petra Kopecká 9 days ago

    Paris I love your singing, your singing is so so BEAUTIFUL :)

  • Selene Becerril
    Selene Becerril 9 days ago

    wow! she's amazing

  • Maria A Miller
    Maria A Miller 9 days ago


  • Moonwalker MJ
    Moonwalker MJ 9 days ago

    I'll download this like lullaby😍😍😍😍I luv u my lil 🌻

  • Aziz Albeyahi
    Aziz Albeyahi 9 days ago


  • Gurl on the internet

    Thank you I've been looking for this everywhere 😀😘

  • Naomi Moonwalker
    Naomi Moonwalker 9 days ago


  • francescaxox ox
    francescaxox ox 9 days ago

    love you Paris believe in yourself forget the haters remember the likers ❤❤

  • TheMichaelJacksonBlogDE

    she really needs to make a record !!!

  • TheMichaelJacksonBlogDE


  • Moonwalker
    Moonwalker 9 days ago

    0:45 Slayyy

  • Diana Jackson
    Diana Jackson 9 days ago

    nagyon szépen énekel Paris!❤❤❤

  • Веснушка Веснушка

    здесь ты похожа на отца

  • Daniela Marrero
    Daniela Marrero 10 days ago

    and your dad😉😙😙😙

  • Daniela Marrero
    Daniela Marrero 10 days ago

    love u 😙😙😙

  • neeta salian
    neeta salian 10 days ago

    you sing beautiful y don't you u be as a professional singer like wise your father you sing like him practice more love u pirncess tske care

  • ilj274
    ilj274 10 days ago

    Sing girl! She can actually sing. When you sing from the heart it automatically comes natural. Listen to her hold and extend her voice 0:20, 0:24. I want her to sing more, and put out a record, seriously, I love it <3.

  • xxWintersLullabyxx
    xxWintersLullabyxx 10 days ago

    whoever disliked this is deaf.

  • Klara Mendelson
    Klara Mendelson 10 days ago

    Does anyone know what song she sing???? 😄👌👏👏👏😘🙈🙈🙈

  • Klara Mendelson
    Klara Mendelson 10 days ago

    she sing beautiful 😍😍😍😍👏👏👏👏👏👏 just like Mike

  • Klara Mendelson
    Klara Mendelson 10 days ago

    I love the song..... what she sing by the way 😄😄❤❤❤

    • King of Pop
      King of Pop 4 days ago

      Klara Mendelson love letters to god

  • Kevin King
    Kevin King 10 days ago

    Who's song is she singing?

  • Kevin King
    Kevin King 10 days ago

    Very cool!!!

  • TinaLovesJesus
    TinaLovesJesus 10 days ago

    she has a beautiful voice,she should take it up like her dad

  • MJ Fan Queen Högerl

    This young Lady has a magnificent voice !!! No wonder - she is the daughter of our Angel Michael !!!

  • larry turner
    larry turner 10 days ago


  • lee stevens
    lee stevens 10 days ago

    Cool, Paris can actually sing. Not only that but she remembered all the lyrics, and sang them pretty fast. Of course the guy's pretty cool too whoever he is I don't know.

  • Elyan Bautista
    Elyan Bautista 10 days ago


  • Gabriela Xavier Moura

    what's the name of the music??

  • starbright starlight

    Hugs to this pretty young girl!!! Let her live her life !!!!! Go Paris !!!!!!!!

  • Yuriko uchiha senju
    Yuriko uchiha senju 10 days ago

    cool x3

  • Denise Alves
    Denise Alves 10 days ago

    You have talent, sweet girl!

  • ShadyImagination
    ShadyImagination 10 days ago


  • Priscilla Borrego Martinez

    Beautiful Voice

  • MisterBassBoost
    MisterBassBoost 10 days ago

    Good video! Keep it up!

  • Michael Jackson Lover

    Paris you are very talented and have and amazing voice keep it up

  • 12345 HAHRA
    12345 HAHRA 10 days ago

    tu as une belle voix Paris .bravo👏👏🌻🌻

  • Claudia Viera Gomes Schneider

    Love you Paris 👏👏👏💓💕✌

  • Kayden Hernandez
    Kayden Hernandez 10 days ago

    She's like his fhader.

  • Andreia Luízas
    Andreia Luízas 10 days ago

    ooOHH PARIS ! AOWWWWWWWWWWWW! Really beautiful♥

  • stephanie jackson
    stephanie jackson 10 days ago

    Is wonderful has such a sweet michael voice wherever this should be listening to her and so proud of her princess

  • Jean \ Daylif Vlogs / always smile

    paris you have the same talent as your dad forever mj

    • Ella Jones
      Ella Jones 4 days ago

      Listen to her father sing in the movie Oliver

    • larry ship
      larry ship 5 days ago

      alankadair btw she is mixed girls are super pretty .

    • larry ship
      larry ship 5 days ago

      Jean \ Daylif Vlogs / always smile she's just like her father .

    • alankadair
      alankadair 6 days ago

      maham john why does it matter whether or not she is his biological daughter? She truly believes in her heart, he is her father. And father is not always biological. it is the love that was shared between MJ and the three children. Leave it alone

    • maham john
      maham john 7 days ago

      Jean \ Daylif Vlogs / always smile she is not biological daughter of MJ

  • Jen Lynn
    Jen Lynn 10 days ago

    omg! Paris sings perfect

  • Sophia Della
    Sophia Della 10 days ago

    Thank you 4 uploading! She is such a sweet soul ❤️❤️

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