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Author katinaanimator (4 years)
I don't think she's a bitch. You HAVE to be tough and in control when
you're a New York judge, and she saw so much shit as a family courts judge
I'm sure it soured her. Anne Coulter - now THERE'S a bitch! I wish Anne
Coulter would go on her show: "You have a smart mouth, young lady!"

Author psycho6145 (5 years)
i love judge judy she is the shit

Author galofOs (5 years)
Not shocking....funny.....but not shocking!

Author Tonetare (2 years)
You can tell this was back when Judge Judy didn't use hairdye. The color
looks more natural here than it does today

Author ivvio (5 years)
If Judge Judy was still a sitting judge, we would have as much crime in the
world as we do now (lol).

Author Kimberly Sterling (1 year)
Crap! I can't even share this on my Judge Judy Fans 4 Life fan page!!! :(

Author JCStrickland (2 years)
judy n marie talk bout a bonding moment over donny.does anyone have that
clip of what they're talking bout?

Author glcfordco (5 years)
Tell ya though Donny can call ME "Baby" any time He likes....or Donny can
just can me...full stop! LOL xxx

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