Free Hugs Scotland

We take the Free Hugs campaign all around Scotland.

After discovering a version of the Free Hugs video that some people did in my local city, I thought it might be fun to take it all over Scotland. I filmed the guys in Aberdeen and we went on a long day trip to Edinburgh, Glasgow and Perth.

We witnessed exactly what Juan Mann experienced, the police asked us to leave but the public stood there and defended us.

The music was written especially for the video by me, James Provan (GiR2007). Filmed and edited by me also.

The main guy in the video is John -

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Author Nashwa K.Busaidi ( ago)
:) i felt the hugs . 

Author Nashwa K.Busaidi ( ago)
:) i felt the hugs . 

Author Josh Bigornia ( ago)
Hugs :)

Author TexasRose50 ( ago)
I'm going to do this at a festival we have here in the fall! Can't wait!
This is an awesome video that made me cry. But they were good tears. Thanks
for posting this.

Author Nobody ( ago)

Author Maugurke ( ago)
It makes it feels more " formal" or " friendly". 

Author Maugurke ( ago)
I don't know who you are, but i will find you and I will hug you. 

Author Methuss87 ( ago)
The ending was priceless 

Author fireboy0308 ( ago)

Author fireboy0308 ( ago)

Author christine howarth ( ago)
im a scot in aus ..makes me homesick it ..we are an affectionate lot
...missing all those hugs n places..och aye..heres lookin up your

Author taylor mcgregor ( ago)
In the back ground of Glasgow I saw my mum!

Author Alexandra Q ( ago)
Its just funny how almost each one of them clap their hand on the person's
back (: 

Author Darknezzz ( ago)
Respect for this Couple :)

Author Nicnic Antonio ( ago)

Author Sean ( ago)
i'm on a free hug video watching session now! soo good! xD i think i might
do it. :P Faith in humanity restored.

Author MRUMP1990 ( ago)
me to :( 

Author CruiseControlOne ( ago)
such a BASIC necessity of LIFE!!! I just got an urge to listen to COLDPLAY.

Author t4705mb6 ( ago)
When we gave out free hugs like this I noticed no one would partake until
they saw OTHERS willing to be hugged. Our "governments" and "schools" along
with Hollywood have been VERY successful in turning us into lemmings. I
guess people are terrified that huggers may have HIV or be wearing shoe

Author john connor ( ago)
really nice campain :) i`ve watched this video 4 years ago for the first

Author mihai1991 ( ago)

Author Taira Nicole ( ago)
That one gut for all the hugs

Author FreeToBee16 ( ago)
I love how everyone pats the backs I've never had someone pat my back while
we hugged lol

Author Billy Clark ( ago)
yay --fantastic-- just save the world with free hugs -- so much nicer than
all that fighting wars malarkey -- online hugs to everybody-- Im a fan

Author LongaVasile1 ( ago)
Awesome work :'')

Author Alexis Macrae ( ago)
the sheep were just like 'fuck off'

Author Alexis Macrae ( ago)
hugs put smiles to everyones faces though, even the moody ones! :)

Author Hilde Ringelé ( ago)
WOW, beautiful, prachtig, wonderful, I'm deeply touched, mooi, we zouden
hier allemaal een voorbeeld aan moeten nemen, ik wens iedereen in de hele
wereld een gezellige Kerst, I wish everybody in the world a lovely
christmas, à tous un Joyeux et surtout un chaleureux Noël, Big Hug to
everybody, dikke knuffel aan iedereen, Gros bissous à tous.

Author tomtom1919100 ( ago)

Author Squelch133 ( ago)
They're all smiling :)

Author wantulja ( ago)

Author Liene G. ( ago)
I watch this with smile. So positive video :))

Author Ewan Gowans ( ago)
This has inspired me to hug everyone in Dundee somehow...

Author barbwireboy2 ( ago)
These videos give me the best feeling ever :)

Author 41MSTAR ( ago)
警官が排除しようとしたが市民が守ってくれたっていい話だね。 あとyou tube のTシャツきるのはチョット反則だと思うんだ。 でも素適な国だね

Author zobielamouche1 ( ago)
greetings to these beautiful islands

Author florinablue ( ago)
i find it funny that there seem to be more men hugging then women lol but
you can beat a hug especially hen you need one 

Author Tom Muhonen ( ago)
9:38.. suprise buttsex

Author Morelkoowa ( ago)
I hugged that boy!

Author Jessie Essie (EssielOve) ( ago)
This was beautiful <3 im gonna try this where i live :) 

Author Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya Dela Rosa Ramirez ( ago)
i read "free hugs" in a scottish accent

Author Stefano Caraffa ( ago)
Great job, one of the best video (and gooood music). Scotland is wonderful!
hugs from Italy

Author Gentleman ( ago)
11:16 \: ..I also want to 

Author dennis4679 ( ago)
Why on God's green earth would the police try to stop this? What was their

Author volcan centurion ( ago)
Hugs from Galapagos Islands!!!

Author mh605 ( ago)
This is beautiful. Thanks! And I loved the part with the sheep! :-)

Author callum ford ( ago)
We need a national free hug day

Author PatFit ( ago)
One word, awesome!

Author IamNicky ( ago)
This is so nice <3

Author Tom J ( ago)
You're a sorry excuse for an irishman. I can think of no greater insult.

Author Lord Sani ( ago)
HUgs from india :D <3

Author Primative_Creator ( ago)
injured sheep at 13:00 :(

Author kazamatsuriSHOkazaka ( ago)
seriously dude!? ~.~

Author holmsatlarge ( ago)
Who is Hugs,and what was his/her`s crime?

Author Nobody ( ago)
I want a free hug :(

Author Mert Atmaca ( ago)
smells like teen spirit :)

Author Richard Gauthier ( ago)
then start something like that, freehugscampaign(dot)org should be helpful

Author Richard Gauthier ( ago)
yes we are, what species are you?

Author Olivia B. ( ago)
Big Hugs from France :D <3

Author xoxoxify ( ago)
great soundtrack!

Author TheBrownViper ( ago)
Humans and their emotions. They use them to better their species and to
harbor hatred and fear of their kind. Fascinating creatures.

Author imavulgarfish ( ago)
We need something like this in Singapore!

Author lukas baniak wągrodny ( ago)
Big Hugs From Poland

Author Yo Momma Smell Like Hot Dog Water ( ago)
Then I walk up with a "Free Thugs" sign, and shit gets crazy.

Author MADDY OO ( ago)

Author Torn Turbelence ( ago)
I was born in edinburgh makes Me miss it :(

Author RilanaWandir ( ago)
Loved the end, too! :D "Aw, it's just a hug!" *sheep fleeing*

Author robbiesmile3 ( ago)

Author ddmichimichi (1497 years ago)
i already started here in Dominican Republic :)

Author Marshall Mathers ( ago)
05:39 Charliz Throne ?

Author davemarshall2963 ( ago)
OK relax the world will be alright! love from England

Author RonnieSayers ( ago)
I love the video and the music....Everyone needs a Hug every now and then. 

Author Steven Carmichael ( ago)
aw i wish i seen them!

Author mihai1991 ( ago)
The world has been silenced for 13 minutes :)

Author mihai1991 ( ago)
Beautiful! :) Never stop this campaign! :) 

Author macalauresmuse ( ago)
Will you hug me if I sign up? :)

Author glasgow1234 ( ago)
In May 2012, the YES campaign for an independent Scotland was launched and
a declaration was made and is calling for at least one million Scots to
sign showing their support. If you live in Scotland and support
independence for your country then please visit yesscotland . net /
declaration to sign. If you are not in Scotland, don't worry, you can still
sign the declaration but will not be counted into the one million. Give
this a thumbs up if you have signed and say YES to Scottish Independence

Author TorkGirl8 ( ago) can't beat a cuddle!

Author Hayley Reid ( ago)
Most unrealistic interpretation of how friendly Scots, some of the world's
heaviest drinkers are...

Author teebssd ( ago)
You have made hundreds of thousands of peoples days by doing this!

Author Gil Bar-On ( ago)
Great Job! This is always so touching to see! Lots of Love & a Big Big Warm
hug to You! Gil :-)

Author Connor Burke ( ago)
This is beautiful guys, you could make someone's day just by a simple hug,
good job! 

Author SnorkyO ( ago)
What's the first song?

Author mnzino ( ago)

Author Mayna00 ( ago)
No one is <3

Author Alba Mellon ( ago)
Go Glasgow set an example in this mad World !SCOTLAAANNDDDD ! 

Author daydayhyphy ( ago)

Author dario gonzalez ( ago)
as in the UK there is no right to self-determination of peoples?? cameron
is a Nazi like bush .. is time that people are free ""

Author dario gonzalez ( ago)
No more arrogance, arrogance, imperialism and colonialism .. people must be
free "" "free scotland, iralanda, malvinas, and all countries that are
illegally occupied by United States and England ...

Author dario gonzalez ( ago)
I guess it's a joke I of England .. "Self-determination of peoples" ".. the
Scottish, Irish do not think so just in case" "is not a right that they may
have according to cameron ... and what happened to the inhabitants of the
island of Diego Garcia ... they do not had the right to self-determination
.. wanted to be British and were expelled this fall .. with the lie of
self-determination was leased to British .. United States for 50 years ...

Author Sterlinggirl1968 ( ago)
Not only were free hugs handed out but everyone was given a huge smile! You
can't help but smile all the way through this video. :D

Author MrScottiBhoy ( ago)
what about a free shag? il take a free shag anyday.... aslong as its a
woman obviously! lmfaoo 

Author Johnny Blue ( ago)
Why was Hugs in prison and has he/she been released yet? 

Author Aj Hill ( ago)
i have never ever in all my life paid for a hug.

Author Rebecca Russell ( ago)
Edinburgh ftw!

Author indieRPF ( ago)
i love watching these videos makes me just a little bit happier with the
world =] <3

Author Maggie ( ago)
It's such a great idea. I'm crying from happiness now(:

Author yodaistheone ( ago)
What I love the most about the "free hugs" videos is that everyone smiles
when getting a hug. Whatever country it is in the people always smile.
Isn't that what the world needs right now with all the doom and gloom going
around? All it takes is some contact with a stranger and it all seem
better. Thanks for making these videos made me smile as well.
Thanks from South Africa.

Author arakai007 (112 years ago)
definetely the best hugs video !!!

Author hugthebeannie ( ago)
I need to do this!!!! :O xD 

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