Free Hugs Scotland

We take the Free Hugs campaign all around Scotland.

After discovering a version of the Free Hugs video that some people did in my local city, I thought it might be fun to take it all over Scotland. I filmed the guys in Aberdeen and we went on a long day trip to Edinburgh, Glasgow and Perth.

We witnessed exactly what Juan Mann experienced, the police asked us to leave but the public stood there and defended us.

The music was written especially for the video by me, James Provan (GiR2007). Filmed and edited by me also.

The main guy in the video is John -

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Author Humanly Possible (9 months)
:) i felt the hugs . 

Author Humanly Possible (9 months)
:) i felt the hugs . 

Author Ainagul Bekezhanova (1 year)

Author IamNicky (1 year)
This is so nice <3

Author 4godliv (3 years)
Go you Scottish beauties! Free hugs is an awesome idea.

Author tomtom1919100 (1 year)

Author EvilKorbinDallas (3 years)
Dont worry, Irish and Scots will be extinct by the end of the century and
Muslims will take over your lands soon enough. Shove your Kilts and your
bagpipes up both your arses and prepare to read the Quran.

Author petteralex809 (2 years)

Author Nicnic Antonio (1 year)

Author Connor Burke (2 years)
This is beautiful guys, you could make someone's day just by a simple hug,
good job!

Author edrian sinto (2 years)
that's a good one.

Author Darknezzz (1 year)
Respect for this Couple :)

Author FreeToBee16 (1 year)
I love how everyone pats the backs I've never had someone pat my back while
we hugged lol

Author 4godliv (3 years)
People standing in line for hugs! That is a beautiful thing.

Author Maugurke (1 year)
I don't know who you are, but i will find you and I will hug you.

Author LudieKristyxj412 (3 years)
hrm Made of secrets

Author teebssd (2 years)
You have made hundreds of thousands of peoples days by doing this!

Author LongaVasile1 (1 year)
Awesome work :'')

Author fireboy0308 (1 year)

Author TheBrownViper (2 years)
Humans and their emotions. They use them to better their species and to
harbor hatred and fear of their kind. Fascinating creatures.

Author TexasRose50 (1 year)
I'm going to do this at a festival we have here in the fall! Can't wait!
This is an awesome video that made me cry. But they were good tears. Thanks
for posting this.

Author TheZOOZ3 (3 years)
I waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant :(

Author SmileyStar8 (2 years)
It's such a great idea. I'm crying from happiness now(:

Author indieRPF (2 years)
i love watching these videos makes me just a little bit happier with the
world =] <3

Author MADDY OO (2 years)

Author Anas Zh (2 years)
need hug

Author 41MSTAR (1 year)
警官が排除しようとしたが市民が守ってくれたっていい話だね。 あとyou tube のTシャツきるのはチョット反則だと思うんだ。 でも素適な国だね

Author kazamatsuriSHOkazaka (1 year)
seriously dude!? ~.~

Author Gil Bar-On (2 years)
Great Job! This is always so touching to see! Lots of Love & a Big Big Warm
hug to You! Gil :-)

Author Mert Atmaca (2 years)
smells like teen spirit :)

Author balu raju (1 year)
HUgs from india :D <3

Author DistrictAKat (1 year)
me and my friends are doing this next year for my birthday! WELL
EXCITED!!!!!!! :D <3 xxxxxx

Author callum ford (1 year)
We need a national free hug day

Author kessenmei (2 years)
This vid make me smile :3

Author TheWildmeanfairlyhip (2 years)
I really need to book a hug with you guys ^^

Author RilanaWandir (2 years)
Loved the end, too! :D "Aw, it's just a hug!" *sheep fleeing*

Author kelldar45 (1 year)
Improve the world one hug at a time!

Author Methuss87 (1 year)
The ending was priceless

Author vernonlean (2 years)
Hugs are gay

Author Johnny Blue (2 years)
Why was Hugs in prison and has he/she been released yet?

Author holmsatlarge (2 years)
Who is Hugs,and what was his/her`s crime?

Author bigun402 (1 year)
One word, awesome!

Author Morelkoowa (1 year)
I hugged that boy!

Author Dennis D (3 years)
You can't just say no to that groundbreaking offer :D \o/

Author sunewow (3 years)
i smiled during this whole movie

Author Torn Turbelence (2 years)
I was born in edinburgh makes Me miss it :(

Author Tom Muhonen (2 years)
fuck the police who want u to leave :((

Author mh605 (1 year)
This is beautiful. Thanks! And I loved the part with the sheep! :-)

Author myawkwardproductions (1 year)

Author Alexis Macrae (1 year)
hugs put smiles to everyones faces though, even the moody ones! :)

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