Just A Dream Remix/Cover [Lyrics] - Joseph Vincent & Jason Chen

Perfection, Lyrics on screen. Another asian remix very well done.

Song : Just A Dream (Cover/Remix)
Artist : Joseph Vincent & Jason Chen

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Added: 3 years
Runtime: 3:11
Comments: 45

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Author phamjay309 (3 years)
this song is the best

Author lei16coy (3 years)
best song so far...!!!

Author Rasher103 (3 years)
Cover songs are much better than the original! beat it dislikers! Cover
songs RULE!!!

Author tashie2825 (3 years)
this song it totaly my new favorit song way way better then nellys :)

Author sephianlieukhany (3 years)
i love this song!

Author Tanchomi Limbu (3 years)
This is much better than the original one

Author Don Worry (3 years)
7 people dont have ears...

Author Kassie-Lynn Dee (3 years)
Every time I listen to the original, this one plays in my head. xD

Author emjoy aganon (3 years)
yeahh i love this song!!! better than the original!!!

Author azndragon335 (3 years)
luv this sooooooooonnnnnngggggg >.<

Author jeff5kyb (3 years)
who the f disliked this?

Author Marissa Voravong (3 years)

Author PandaRand24 (3 years)
This is amazing awesome. Just sayin.

Author xkEvln (3 years)
@princebaber after listening to this for a long time got bored of it,
original is now better for me.

Author Mark Ernest Mandap (3 years)
Best part of the lyrics: O_____O

Author 87alsjth (3 years)
@jeff5kyb Nelly.

Author bittersweet012345 (3 years)
@yojamaj me too !!!!!!

Author lifeisforlivingxx (3 years)
if you ever loved this song click the thumbs up (Y) ! awesome jobbb ♥

Author Kenneth Jara (3 years)
nelly disliked it, cause its better than the original!, haha!

Author Xvietskater (3 years)
14 nelly lovers dislike this cuzz it's better then orig lmao

Author r6bananaman (3 years)
lyrics are und scheisse dont flow properly but the vocals are good

Author thanhpluv (3 years)
Open my eyes O_O

Author Khanh8D (3 years)
This is beyond music..

Author HighLiteOfTheNight (3 years)
Asians who made a cover for this song are really hitting millions. Such as
Joseph Vincent, Jason Chen, Sam Tsui, & more that aren't discovered. I find
this & the Sam Tsui one SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better than the original.

Author omega2314 (3 years)
the hiccup makes this not work :(

Author Billy Lee (3 years)

Author 0611kae (3 years)

Author Nanna Flasnes (3 years)
So much better than the original. (-:

Author zooyorks1 (3 years)
this is good !!! keep it up

Author Baber Ehsan (3 years)
f...k orignal is better.this not very nice but ok

Author Michelle Cho (3 years)
why did you cap. the names of other songs? xD

Author Bernard Obciana (3 years)
damn.. this is the greatest remix i heared so far..

Author trishaj73240 (3 years)
waayyyyyy better!

Author TheBrowningBoys (3 years)
@Jed1217 i accidently disliked you D:

Author zawwai chit (3 years)
Really ! It better than original song . I love it

Author Jared Jackie (3 years)
Yes really really better thenthe original :)

Author Tony Luong (3 years)
neeeds more oomph >>

Author Ainura Yerimbet (3 years)
ahaha I love opened eyes O_O

Author Miuuna TRAN (3 years)
soo goood

Author Tam Vu (3 years)
@jeff5kyb asian haters. or deaf people

Author Ian edumisys Sabas (2 years)
i love this song

Author Samantha Mazzola (3 years)
13 people had nightmares

Author zuiljin2 (3 years)
@LovexMixForever The uploader probably copied and pasted the lyrics from
the cover/remix video, they put up the lyrics.

Author DarkFanox (3 years)

Author wildemark (3 years)
nice one dude!

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