Just A Dream Remix/Cover [Lyrics] - Joseph Vincent & Jason Chen

Perfection, Lyrics on screen. Another asian remix very well done.

Song : Just A Dream (Cover/Remix)
Artist : Joseph Vincent & Jason Chen

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Runtime: 3:11
Comments: 35

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Author Ian edumisys Sabas ( ago)
i love this song

Author 87alsjth ( ago)
@jeff5kyb Nelly.

Author zawwai chit ( ago)
Really ! It better than original song . I love it

Author Kassie-Lynn Dee ( ago)
Every time I listen to the original, this one plays in my head. xD

Author Ainura Yerimbet ( ago)
ahaha I love opened eyes O_O

Author Xvietskater ( ago)
14 nelly lovers dislike this cuzz it's better then orig lmao

Author Kenneth Jara ( ago)
nelly disliked it, cause its better than the original!, haha!

Author Tanchomi Limbu ( ago)
This is much better than the original one

Author HighLiteOfTheNight ( ago)
Asians who made a cover for this song are really hitting millions. Such as
Joseph Vincent, Jason Chen, Sam Tsui, & more that aren't discovered. I find
this & the Sam Tsui one SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better than the original.

Author Tam Vu ( ago)
@jeff5kyb asian haters. or deaf people

Author wildemark ( ago)
nice one dude!

Author Samantha Mazzola ( ago)
13 people had nightmares

Author Minimhynie kun ( ago)
damn.. this is the greatest remix i heared so far..

Author thanhpluv ( ago)
Open my eyes O_O

Author omega2314 ( ago)
the hiccup makes this not work :(

Author xkEvln ( ago)
@princebaber after listening to this for a long time got bored of it,
original is now better for me.

Author Baber Ehsan ( ago)
f...k orignal is better.this not very nice but ok

Author phamjay309 ( ago)
this song is the best

Author Don Worry ( ago)
7 people dont have ears...

Author lifeisforlivingxx ( ago)
if you ever loved this song click the thumbs up (Y) ! awesome jobbb ♥

Author azndragon335 ( ago)
luv this sooooooooonnnnnngggggg >.<

Author DarkFanox ( ago)

Author Nanna Flasnes ( ago)
So much better than the original. (-:

Author bittersweet012345 ( ago)
@yojamaj me too !!!!!!

Author emjoy aganon ( ago)
yeahh i love this song!!! better than the original!!!

Author Tony Luong ( ago)
neeeds more oomph >>

Author Miuuna TRAN ( ago)
soo goood

Author jeff5kyb ( ago)
who the f disliked this?

Author Jared Jackie ( ago)
Yes really really better thenthe original :)

Author trishaj73240 ( ago)
waayyyyyy better!

Author Marissa Voravong ( ago)

Author zooyorks1 ( ago)
this is good !!! keep it up

Author lei16coy ( ago)
best song so far...!!!

Author Billy Lee ( ago)

Author Michelle Cho ( ago)
why did you cap. the names of other songs? xD

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