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Author Guardmn 7315 ( ago)
I'm not sure myself,but I recognize the Officer in charge.Actor Steven
Berkoff,He always play good bad guys.

Author PersonalityDeficit87 ( ago)
What a bootleg swastika armband. lol

Author pinehorse ( ago)
jennymanydo: Your comment must be a joke. Americans had no way of waging
war on the eastern front, the Soviets had to do it once Hitler turned on
them. Vodka anyone?

Author David Currie ( ago)
Steven Berkoff at his nastiest!!

Author Krister Andersson ( ago)
Lets see, the flaws here, they are waffen SS according to the uniforms,
they did not interogate civilians and they did not wear the armband, even
the Algemeine SS did not have that armband.

Author Ondrus21 ( ago)
It is from Sins (1986). The actor is Steven Berkoff.

Author Allyson Young ( ago)
can someone explain this to me in the least bloody and deathly way 

Author J ( ago)
you believing this jewish propaganda just proves how stupid you are. 

Author J ( ago)
Your country fucked up europe by allieing with UK TWICE. You cared
absolutely zero about the smaller countries that depended on Germany to
protect them from Soviets. Your leaders are not worth the dirt in these
german men's shoes. 

Author lawmoses777 ( ago)
My once beloved God-fearing United States of America is gradually going the
way in the shoes of Pre-WWII Germany to a National Socialist State. From
democracy to a godless dictatorship step by step..seems like the Americans
can't see what lies before them. It is quiet, subtle and invisible until it
is too late. Hitler was too fast. His mistake will not repeat again by the
shadow govt. 

Author lawmoses777 ( ago)
A lot of evidence has been shown to the world of the horrors and shame of
SS activities and interrogation. Soon someday this will repeat itself again
and when I am arrested for being "enemy of the state",.a
christian...refusing the implant,..just give me a quick death in the
guillotine by the modern "SS"Homeland Security. It's more economical that

Author TheBluetoob ( ago)
That incorrect uniform the SS officers is wearing, is played by the actor
who was Victor Meatland from Beverly Hills Cop.

Author ronan o domhnaill ( ago)
this movie is full of mistakes. they made a mess of the uniform for a

Author SassyHershsey SassyHershey ( ago)
NKVD? What about them? Oh yes, the makers of this film are members

Author BlakesLiberator ( ago)
Steven Berkoff played Hitler in War and Rememberance mini-series 1988.

Author gotcha7 ( ago)
Where is the Naziland? All this talk about mysterious nazi people is german
propaganda trying to hide the fact that Germany supported by almost all
german people was behind all this cruelty. 

Author Joe Barnes ( ago)
I said dont fuck with the SS

Author eagleclaw68 ( ago)
fuck them Nutsie "asswipes losers1"

Author Gerardo Martín Cerda Ortíz ( ago)
did she died? 

Author Joe Barnes ( ago)
dont fuck with the SS

Author sirpico123 (1984 years ago)
i would bash a french tart in her gut any day

Author ComeSweetDeath ( ago)
Hahaha what kind of pussy interrogatory is this, mexican police has more
effective torture methods!!!!

Author Alistair Bird ( ago)
I used to collect military uniforms and part of my collection was Third
Reich period items.

Author spyrmac ( ago)
have you studied nazism ? why do you know all that stuff ? 

Author B Sars ( ago)
there isn't anything wrong with knowing your history, now go away.

Author serratop ( ago)
@TRUMPER007 You forgot to say that the SS officers did speak german, not

Author pg ( ago)
Is this guy David Robert Jones from Fringe??

Author VUBlood ( ago)
@Desvena Not really, only people interested in WW2, Nazis would say they
should kill the Bitch and search whole house and burn it to the fucking
ground while leaving a sign saying Jews Beware, its your turn next

Author Alistair Bird ( ago)
@Rudolf555 - Get a life you arsehole!

Author Rudolf ( ago)
@TRUMPER007 What a pitiful reply you're the one crying about wrong
uniforms! Moron..

Author Alistair Bird ( ago)
@Rudolf555 -Theres no need to tell the whole world what a Nerd you are - we
already know!

Author Rudolf ( ago)

Author ppspsd ( ago)
Obamas new health care abortion plan BUY IT OR ELSE !

Author scrumsie ( ago)
hahaha "what is ze joke"? 

Author Alistair Bird ( ago)
@stoph2 You should'nt put yourself down in such a way!

Author Alistair Bird ( ago)
@kurtstallings - You are right!

Author Joe S Hill ( ago)
The actor playing the SS heavy is Steven Berkoff,who is actually
British,,but i could be wrong about that. Berkoff has played in
"OCTOPUSSY",,but is best remembered as the Russian interogator who worked
on John Rambo in 1985's "RAMBO,FIRST BLOOD II" and also played the heavy in
"BEVERLY HILLS COP" in 1984. great actor!

Author michaelterry1000 ( ago)
@TRUMPER007 Hollywood getting these things wrong is not trivial.
Unfortunatly it opens the door for deniers. 

Author scrumsie ( ago)
"What is ze joke"?

Author Alistair Bird ( ago)
@Desvena - but of course, Herr GeneralOberst.

Author Desvena f ( ago)
@TRUMPER007 Lol, only a true fan of Nazi Germany would notice those.. lol I

Author Jim Alexander ( ago)
@decovamp are you male or female? or both. i met berkoff once, he is a

Author Alistair Bird ( ago)
As usual they get the German uniform wrong - SS officers did'nt wear
armbands on the grey uniforms - only black. His belt is Wehrmacht - not SS.
He is referred to as Major yet he wears SS-Haupsturmfuhrer's collar rank
patches (Captain) and Major's shoulder boards. Steven Berkoff always plays
the real 'baddie'!

Author martinsommer88 ( ago)
The clip is from "sins" a 1986 tv mini-series starring joan collins. The
whole thing is available on you tube (29 parts) the nazi stuff is all
towards the begining.

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