Homemade Steam Engine

Homemade Steam Engine

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Author ZzCaZpEr ( ago)
Please show toturial how to make this.. i admire ur project and i would
like to this project to my final year project.

Author Het Patel ( ago)
Replay fast

Author Het Patel ( ago)
How to build this

Author kesh ronald ( ago)
Wow that's awesome can you please make tutorial video on how to make this
awsome engine I will ask my friends to subscribe your videos

Author abu_7md_s s ( ago)
How make 

Author ct92404 ( ago)
That is really cool! You did a great job building it. I love seeing
people build small homemade engines like this and watching them work. We
need more creative people like you.

Author Ben Tuck ( ago)
can you make a tutorial on this???? i love the steampunk engine theme, more
eco friendly and reliable than fossil fuel

Author Alwin W ( ago)
Very nice made.

Author rc awesome ( ago)
how do i build one

Author alejandro moreno ( ago)
Totally amazing .. who ever gave you thumbs down is obviously upset they
didn't come up with your idea first 

Author Angelodaman47 ( ago)

Author joel richie ( ago)

Author acevedo123ful ( ago)
Do you have plans for this engine

Author somasundharam Sridharan ( ago)
idea is to make this?

Author Ashley Cavan ( ago)

Author scienceaddict77 ( ago)
Love the *thunk* it makes. Should add a toggling reverse gear.

Author eros cavallaro ( ago)
bello! propongo uno sterzo r/c! ;))

Author silverballer1911................................................................ ( ago)
steam powered door ram

Author alper ozan ( ago)
what do you need to make this i have to make it for school

Author Pan Minish ( ago)
I saw this car in F1 race...

Author Baldur's Gate 2 ( ago)

Author adam myślewicz ( ago)
fajny taran

Author Patrick98 ( ago)

Author randox16000 ( ago)

Author wizardcraft ( ago)
Fuck the police

Author Андрей Алексеев ( ago)

Author MostConscious (1853 years ago)
you have insurance for that..let me see some proof. 500 dollars otherwise.
slow down

Author DoNotPushHere ( ago)
Beautiful, but did it run for just that short?

Author Tricksandgadgets ( ago)
can u make a tut on how to create one it looks AWESOME

Author Sachin Soni ( ago)

Author Bat0saii ( ago)
@rujajbb yes. i know you were also thought it might be a fake promise.
Listen to this, i really got shocked when when my friend bought his car
from this site with a damn cheap price. you can also get it from here :

Author NATE WASSI ( ago)
These people are the few who survive the zombie apocalypse

Author Al Amin ( ago)
4 wheel drive...awesome

Author JJAstley ( ago)
I want one of those! XD

Author poordoggles ( ago)
Built one of these because I got on trouble for running my diesel model in
the house lol

Author Ade Prasetya ( ago)
tak egoooodddd,,,,,,

Author FrontRUSSlAN ( ago)
that is how STEAM works

Author D.D. ATM ( ago)
You should called it steam car

Author chazchazfbi ( ago)
Can you fix one to my Sex Doll .... Please ... All she dose is sits there .

Author App Koji ( ago)
Use torque converter so the engine wont stop

Author Syler channel (2007 years ago)
Please share your drawings of the engine. I really понравмлся. I want to
make a copy.

Author Ryan Barrera ( ago)
i'ts cool..make a tutorial on how to do it.

Author the Demon Haunted Planet ( ago)
Die door, die!

Author Susil Kumar ( ago)
Kindly post the procedure so that we will make a similar model.

Author vallossa ( ago)
please, make a tutorial!!! its soooo cool

Author Йордан Цанов ( ago)
Make tutorial pleas it's will be cool

Author icouldntmakeupaname2 ( ago)
Please show how to make it! At least describe what to do

Author Rohith Srivathsav ( ago)
18 vids and none of dem show how u made it

Author 1982jmurray ( ago)
how did you make that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author reppep296 ( ago)

Author fuckingwhiteman1 ( ago)
Sick! ! !

Author Bamfan2044 ( ago)

Author nietro98 ( ago)
To party!

Author Jacob T. Shaffer ( ago)
can you make a tutorial please

Author lawn Gnome ( ago)
you got to fight for your right to party

Author James Duffy ( ago)

Author chang chen ( ago)
oh my god, it's works

Author Apexninja007 ( ago)
how to we make it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author superfunnyman123 ( ago)
you have inspired me to make a steam powered car! been working for a few
hrs tonight and completed the cylinder, piston, and crankshaft for the
engine (1/2" bore and stroke) all from brass and alu. tubings.

Author Andres B. ( ago)
could you help me? I need to make a steam engine for me in college, do you
have plans for the machine? please help

Author Gydoko ( ago)
Whew, nice! can you make longer vids, please?

Author Toni Gallardo ( ago)
OOOH! its so cool!

Author Eddie Palchinski ( ago)
do you have a set of plans or a source that i could get the designs from?

Author Vekta ( ago)

Author CoolHatMan100 ( ago)
You should put rc steering on it!

Author George Stojanov ( ago)
a steering wheel, but it is not installed

Author accountroll1 ( ago)
Nice i like it. Is there steering?

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