Homemade Steam Engine

Homemade Steam Engine

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Author joevannie amador (12 hours)
how does it work

Author VideoVegetable (8 months)
hot water driver since it slows down?

Author eros cavallaro (1 year)
bello! propongo uno sterzo r/c! ;))

Author MostConscious (1 year)
you have insurance for that..let me see some proof. 500 dollars otherwise.
slow down

Author Ryan Barrera (2 years)
i'ts cool..make a tutorial on how to do it.

Author xPowerofwillx (3 years)

Author Susil Kumar (2 years)
Kindly post the procedure so that we will make a similar model.

Author superfunnyman123 (2 years)
you have inspired me to make a steam powered car! been working for a few
hrs tonight and completed the cylinder, piston, and crankshaft for the
engine (1/2" bore and stroke) all from brass and alu. tubings.

Author Bat0saii (2 years)
@rujajbb yes. i know you were also thought it might be a fake promise.
Listen to this, i really got shocked when when my friend bought his car
from this site with a damn cheap price. you can also get it from here :

Author Toni Gallardo (2 years)
OOOH! its so cool!

Author Sachin Soni (2 years)

Author poordoggles (2 years)
Built one of these because I got on trouble for running my diesel model in
the house lol

Author accountroll1 (3 years)
Nice i like it. Is there steering?

Author Gydoko (2 years)
Whew, nice! can you make longer vids, please?

Author vallossa (2 years)
please, make a tutorial!!! its soooo cool

Author Ade Prasetya (2 years)
tak egoooodddd,,,,,,

Author mirrorman1025 (2 years)
can you make a tutorial please

Author Baldur's Gate 2 (1 year)

Author silverballer1911................................................................ (1 year)
steam powered door ram

Author Eddie Palchinski (2 years)
do you have a set of plans or a source that i could get the designs from?

Author nietro98 (2 years)
To party!

Author reppep296 (2 years)

Author Андрей Алексеев (1 year)

Author wizardcraft (1 year)
Fuck the police

Author somasundharam Sridharan (10 months)
idea is to make this?

Author chang chen (2 years)
oh my god, it's works

Author FrontRUSSlAN (2 years)
that is how STEAM works

Author Tricksandgadgets (2 years)
can u make a tut on how to create one it looks AWESOME

Author Rohith Srivathsav (2 years)
18 vids and none of dem show how u made it

Author Syler channel (2 years)
Please share your drawings of the engine. I really понравмлся. I want to
make a copy.

Author Ashley Cavan (1 year)

Author scienceaddict77 (1 year)
Love the *thunk* it makes. Should add a toggling reverse gear.

Author CoolHatMan100 (3 years)
You should put rc steering on it!

Author Pan Minish (1 year)
I saw this car in F1 race...

Author 1982jmurray (2 years)
how did you make that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author randox16000 (1 year)

Author Apexninja007 (2 years)
how to we make it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author fuckingwhiteman1 (2 years)
Sick! ! !

Author George Stojanov (3 years)
a steering wheel, but it is not installed

Author the Demon Haunted Planet (2 years)
Die door, die!

Author acevedo123ful (10 months)
Do you have plans for this engine

Author chazchazfbi (2 years)
Can you fix one to my Sex Doll .... Please ... All she dose is sits there .

Author lawn Gnome (2 years)
you got to fight for your right to party

Author Andres B. (2 years)
could you help me? I need to make a steam engine for me in college, do you
have plans for the machine? please help

Author alper ozan (1 year)
what do you need to make this i have to make it for school

Author James Duffy (2 years)

Author Йордан Цанов (2 years)
Make tutorial pleas it's will be cool

Author bamfan2044 (2 years)

Author nathan Wassihun (2 years)
These people are the few who survive the zombie apocalypse

Author Angelodaman47 (10 months)

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