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The king of DIY aquarium projects, tutorials, how to's.

Join me each Thursday for an aquarium topic of the week.
Sunday's we focus on a DIY aquarium project, tutorial or an aquarium build series.

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Author The king of DIY ( ago)
ABSOLUTELY excited about this new aquarium gallery!!

ONLY 3 days left to get your DIY shirt here ►

Author Alex George ( ago)
Anand is butt

Author Rosie Cole ( ago)
so excited cannot wait to see this!

Author João Gonçalves ( ago)
Good luck with that project. Looking amazing

Author Tony Emantsal ( ago)
Curious about how the new tank for your fancy goldfish will be in there 😃

Author SeAn HeLpSiE ( ago)
Awesome video's Joey! Cant wait to see the gallery done, sounds amazing. love every video and have learned so much, thank you!

Author Killer Entertainment ( ago)
Hey man good to see you are following your dreams! I am looking forward to follow you on your adventure.

Author MeredithPlease ( ago)
Joey! You really are an inspiration! Can't wait to see the gallery! Please use LED track lighting in the space - GU10s stunning sparkling light - like a real art gallery! Why not heat the entire floor - or are you thinking about temperate aquascapes?

Author Sparky Minor ( ago)
fish keeping goals.

Author Paulus Galvao ( ago)
Can i give you a suggestion? make a large water-box with small fish, that you can control nutrition and water quality. then use the tiny fish to feed the predators! big carnivore fish get so happy when they can hunt a little!

Author Engine Lou ( ago)

Author Shaibal Chakraborty ( ago)
BRO IMPRESED and very help full your vids are just wanted to request if you can show us to make really cheap aquarium and filters for low income country in Asia and some beginner fish to get into hobby

Author JW Collect ( ago)
Hi Joey,

I have a problem and need help. All of a sudden my well water has high nitrates and therefore my tanks have high nitrates. Any idea what I should do? RO/DI then add buffers? Seachem denitrate? Biopelllet reactor? Fluidized bed? Any recommendations would be appreciated.
Thank you

Author Heather Renouf ( ago)
Hey really enjoy your videos your very knowledgeable and informative keep up the videos please I myself am from the east coast northern N.B.

Author satizh j ( ago)
i ordered a 50l x 25w x 20h ( 75 to 110 gallon ) fish tank and going to set up a fresh water aquarium with following list

10 neon tetras
10 cardinal tetras
10 lemon tetras
6 half beaks
6 molly
6 guppies ( 2 male , 4 female )
6 shrimps(4ghost,2red)
6 red tail platys
2 betta ( m1,f1)
i know most of this can go along well but i not sure if i can have my bettas in it too. since the tank is large there wont be any problem? advise needed

Author Blah ( ago)
does anyone know what air pump he is using?

Author Ryan Peh ( ago)
Seriously Joey, what do you do for a living??? How're you so skilled with building???

Author Eleazar Contreras ( ago)
bro aquarium, gallery best idea ever!!! cant wait

Author B. Graham ( ago)
Can you say obsessive compulsive disorder?!

Author Jeanpierre Giraldo ( ago)
has putting a saltwater tank that's why he needs a filtration room

Author andy hill ( ago)
I have been into tropical fish for years now and watching you I have finally decide to go an buy a tropical tank thankyou !

Author Hillary for President ( ago)
What is the town you live in Canada ? I would like to visit your aquarium house.

Author RoadKillFrog ( ago)
You should put some ripsaw catfish into the large tank

Author Melvin Scottborgh ( ago)
Good luck with everything. Can't wait to see the out come. Sounds like its going be great!

Author Mitch Castellano ( ago)
Hey joey, HVAC tech here and thought i should chime in. Noticed you plan
on heating the structure with an air source heat pump. Now i do know
you said that the heat pump can run up to -30c, but from my experience
most of them will only operate to between -15c and -25c (-25 being the
coldest operating one i have ever seen before shutting down for cold
weather protection). The other major issue with a heat pump as primary
heating source is that the heat output it directly dependent on the
exterior temperature. The colder it is outside, the lower btu output of
the heat pump. The capacity of the heat pump at lets say -20c will be
60-75% lower than what the heat pump is generally rated for. Especially
if you plan on using the HRV/ERV to ventilate the structure in the winter,
then this will also add extra heating load as well. Hopefully you plan
on getting some sort of backup or auxiliary heating system installed
with the heat pump. One option that you could possibly do is a separate
infloor heating zone for the rest of the building where the big tank
isnt, or a heatpump that has backup electric heating built in. You could
also look into a through wall self contained electric heat cool unit.
Hope this helps and you planned around this since your going with a heat
pump. Id hate to see you spend all that money for something that is not
adequate for your needs. Goodluck with the build!

Author Cichlid Boy ( ago)
where are u going to put the fancy goldfish?

Author Matt Schneider ( ago)
Joey, quit the salt water tank. I can tell your just not into it

Author Eldridge Henry, II ( ago)
congrats on the Aquarium Gallery

Author Bruno_p ( ago)
I wonder what he does for a living?..

Author Sondra Nicely ( ago)
are you bringing back your goldfish?

Author cayden parker ( ago)
are all your fish fresh water fish?

Author Devin Flickinger ( ago)
I'd love to see the 375g become a reef tank!

Author Margaret Tran ( ago)
What if the heating under the cement for the large tank is faulty and overheats the tank! Can that happen and hurt the fish inside??

Author Reefmom ( ago)
great video Joey. You're doing a great job.

Author Muhammed Saber ( ago)
Man, I see you're really happy and so excited about your new fish house, That pushed me to finally comment on your work.

it's really nice job what you're doing and I watched most of your videos from the start and man you made me fall in love with such an adorable hobby.

Author 3D Editor ( ago)
What do you do for work to be able to afford all that?

Author Tyler Stephens ( ago)
You are an inspiration to me! I'm truly excited to come along with you on your journey with you new fish house. I can't wait to see what is to come! I fell into a rut where I lost interest with my tank. I got bored with it and couldn't figure out how to get inspired. You are the one who reignited my passion to the hobby. Thank you so much!

Author graham easton ( ago)
I enjoyed this but I would recommend that when you put the underfloor heating you put in back up thermostat s I used sell this product and that is a must

Author Dandi Diputra ( ago)
I'm living in tropical climate and love to having lots of windows. Why its only have only two? Just wondering a good explaination

Author Javier Duenas ( ago)
Wow... Your aquarium gallery idea is REALLY cool! You must be the King of Time Management too though. I can't imagine how hard it must be to keep up ONE video a week, not to mention TWO... and soon THREE?!? I guess your loss (of sanity) is our gain! Thank you!

Author David P ( ago)
why not level up to salt water and set up some frag tanks to learn about Corals!

Author eva2k0 ( ago)
Nothing better than watching someone fulfill their dreams! Congrats Joey!

Author Bobby Dawson ( ago)
why don't you have a pond

Author Andrew H ( ago)
hi The king of diy i love your videos but if you have a tank with cichlids then put in a red top zebra

Author Emanuel Davidson ( ago)
hi Joey I started watching your vids bout a week ago I'm 15and am just starting to really get in the hobby u know to keep .e out of trouble and I'm really enjoying it and your vids just make it even better the is so much but if you ever have a spare tank I could use one but honestly thanks for your vids they truly inspire me

Author Sethdarkus ( ago)
How big of a fluidized filter do you need for that 10,000+ gallons? taking a educated guess based on galley room size and how much space per section of wall per 100gal tank and assuming you may have a center of the room.

Author lizzyanthus1 ( ago)
So excited to see the new fish building!  I can see you are a little bit excited too.  LOL.  The plan sounds great and I am really looking forward to following the progression of it's creation.  Thanks for the update!

Author John J ( ago)
Hey wonderful video! Super excited about this build. Quick question I have is your thoughts on which platform or website you will be setting your live streams on. I think that is a wonderful idea, and if you are undecided, may I recommend They have a creative section and would be able to net more income from subscriptions and such. (even if money isnt the main focus). Looking forward to watching this ambient background live in the future!

Author Agnar Áskelsson ( ago)
The door to your pump room is in the wrong location. It cuts the wall in two and there for eliminates your possibility to place a proper tank up to it. You know that one day you are gonna need more wall space hehe :)

Author flexico Flex ( ago)
Skip to 22 mins

Author lego master ( ago)
What are good sites to buy fish on

Author LILAT Cali ( ago)
I am so excited to see where you go with your aquarium gallery! Keep up the awesome work!

Author pastieboi69 ( ago)
Hi Joey, just a quick note to say thank you for the inspiration you gave when I started out in the hobby, at the time I was over ambitious with what I could afford so what did I do to save money?... Followed the King Of DIY and got the tank started on a budget, over time replacing with more long term items. Just purchased one of your T-shirts to show a bit of support and gratitude for your dedication. Looking forward to seeing the end result of the Aquarium Gallery and hope one day to be able to convince the wife to allow my own private building for the sole purpose of fish lol.

Author Anthony Bell ( ago)
Ordered my shirt today!!!!

Author John Rogers ( ago)
You should do a DIY passive solar water heater and solar panels to run things.

Author Aquatic Life ( ago)
Goals. I need that house for all my tanks good luck. Happy fish keeping

Author william wulffleff ( ago)
do a reef room divider

Author MiniMatt317 ( ago)
Wow, I look forward to this new adventure!!!

Author josh bandy ( ago)
Are the African shell dwellers you have freshwater or salt water?

Author John Owen ( ago)
Been waiting for this video for a while! It is so good to see you keeping it real, keeping it Youtube, educational, DIY, and most of all keeping it you.

Author Ubaid Shakir ( ago)
Hey joey i just wants to say if someone want inspiration in this hobby is only you great man joey

Author Keith Canivet ( ago)
How do you handle the excess humidity in your house/fishhouse in the winter?? Dont your windows get full of condensation and nasty?

Author colin ford ( ago)
absolutely sick can't wait to see finish product

Author J Mack 24/7 ( ago)
awesome are you gonna get some Gouramis?

Author yukiosaro ( ago)
I always wanted an aquarium gallery myself but due to space and monetary constraints I will just live my dream through you. Super excited about your project and very happy for you for making your vision come true. Awesome.

Author Morne Becker ( ago)
really happy and excited for you! cant wait to see how it turns out

Author Luucky13 ( ago)
Looking great. Can't wait to see the progress.

P.S. You reeaaallllly need to buy a mic. Your volume as all over the place.

Author Greenemann ( ago)
white wood framing and drywall in a fishroom?

Author MrMarbledude ( ago)
I know it's not a 100K fish house but you did inspired me to do my 180g. I wouldn't have tried to build my own 70G sump if I didn't watch all your videos. One year later and it's still running great. Thanks for everything you do for the Hobby. PS. I want to buy your old tank when you make the big move. Cheers

Author philip wolters ( ago)
you should put your book on audio book

Author sharon jraj ( ago)
super excited to see the new fish room....n very much proud of you, doing this much just for inspiration......

Author kevin villa ( ago)
Joey made a tank bigger than my apartment for his fish that's damn awesome GOALS

Author Mark Mathew Cuarentas ( ago)
Really can't wait to see how beautiful this fish room will be. Goodluck Sir Joey!

Author Kyle Orrock ( ago)
A big reef tank would be realy cool

Author Mike Bernard ( ago)
Awesome Joey! Careful the wife might hear you 😂.

Author R Yuveraj ( ago)
I really follow Ur instructions allot , Ur doing a osm work !
I hv a question
can i keep Oscar and arowan in the same tank

Author leann lewis ( ago)

Author rashmi baral ( ago)
now you can add an arapaima, goonch catfish, piraiba catfish and a goliath tiger

Author georgyorgy2 ( ago)
Next make an aquarium planet

... oh, wait

Author Sou Yang ( ago)
you must have been freezing out there.. watching your ears, fingers and nose turn red.. thanks for your dedication to the fans and aquarium hobbyist

Author A. Townsend ( ago)
You gotta be Deuce Bigalows little brother.

Author WellsQue22 ( ago)
yall gotta listen to that song "Indigo Misfit-Fly" with J.cole

Author Dino Vagenas ( ago)
Can't wait to see this grow into an awesome room!! Can't wait to see ur vision come true Joey !!

Author jagmxloco0908 ( ago)
We appreciate your sacrifices joey!:)

Author seedorfj ( ago)
Still planning 30% every three days?

Author Tristan Beligan ( ago)
Are you walking with a limp?

Author BraydensBettas ( ago)
Anyone know if I can keep a green terror in a 55 with 2 angelfish. Or would a jack Dempsey be a better choice? Still with the 2 Angels

Author Atharva s Canion ( ago)
38 on trending

Author unholyorders ( ago)
Your idea sound really cool and can't wait to see what you do!

Author Khoa Tran ( ago)
The King of DIY on YouTube Trending! Awesome :)

Author Aaron Stuckey ( ago)
You need to put a tank along your biggest wall we will like you do better and hold surprise her with good stuff and big long take against that wall will be better you could have more tanks in your room think about it keep doing your show love it

Author Leo F. ( ago)

Author Cole Longó ( ago)
can't believe you're trending, been watching you since way back in the day

Author BearIvory ( ago)
Best wishes Joey! Looking forward to seeing those tanks.

Author Evelyn Nichel ( ago)
I'm gonna Love this!!! Especially sharing Your Aquarium on-thx!!
Maybe a $5-10 monthly Membership gift contributions as Virtual tours to finance the Venture! the model for others who want to own one.
Maybe it will be the next new hobby for Us whom aren't able to venture out to Enjoi them.
We' d be inspired to build our own or perfectly content as a online voyager!
Good Work/Good Luck.

Author Juan Morales ( ago)
Good luck Joey and i hope you have great success for many years to come. I have learned a lot from this channel and i will support you for a long time coming.

Author oakland002 ( ago)
Why not have a DOUBLE door , might be easier to move stuffs or tanks

Author PainPaintball ( ago)
take your time and do it right.. love it

Author Morten Månsson ( ago)
you should get $ 1 of all your fans, then you would have enough money for your new cool fish house. I'd love to give 10 dollars to your new house. Keep up the good work 👍👍 Big fan from Denmark 🇩🇰

Author Hamad Muslat ( ago)
Hi joy, have you moved your fish from your house to the new bulding

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