sounds of big rain thunderstorm lighting at night - relaxing

a big nighttime thunderstorm in nevada county california in june 2009 - a very unusual occurrence

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Enjoy it:-)


Author Kelpiehorsegirl95 (3 years)
This is super cool!!!!

Author LuvsTstormTapes (4 years)
Real cool in-depth sounds of good thunder with rain.,..and excellent it was
all editing, timelapsing or dubbing in music...awesome video you
got and uploaded......the very very videos I'd love to see...maybe you'd
like to see some of my own Tstorm videos..I got lotsa great
lightning/thunder footage... my 7/28/89-Tstorm video's got some awesome
loud thunderclaps...

Author Amanda Bearto (1 year)
Agreed with person below.

Author cgray6306 (5 years)
I watched this in Grass Valley. VERY BEAUTIFUL WENT ON ALL NIGHT.

Author Dokgoth (3 years)

Author Thomanyque Williams (2 years)
@INSANEBOUNCER I love to Dance in the rain. Skip, jump, leap, and everything

Author DownGrand1967 (3 years)
Superb ! Excellent sound. But now I need to go to the bathroom !!

Author Michael Jones (2 years)
The sound quality of this is just the best. I'm going back to sleep.

Author g abrams (5 years)
oh my, what a storm and you really got the powerful quality of it. I keep
thinking of the Lord of the Rings while listening and watching it...

Author 54spiritedwill54 (4 years)
Simply awesome! I love the sound of rain and thunder. It's really soothing.

Author StupineZnamoSe (2 years)
i love thunderstorms

Author skerdi cekani (2 years)
I love to sleep when it rains outside I feel so warm and peaceful in my bed

Author diddybear123 (2 years)
i love how lighting brights up the sky anybody else agree

Author RAZORREVOLUTION1 (2 years)
Nature can look and sound so beautiful. Human beings are like a cancer,
destroying this beautiful planet that we call home.

Author Debs, Jones (3 years)
How can anyone say it's relaxing? It excites me! I used go skating in this
sort of weather loved the rain on my skin, the loud thunder roaring ubove
me, the lighting wow! The neighbours thought I was nuts!!! :)))

Author Dokgoth (5 years)
yeah, it was

Author commanderflex (3 years)
I love falling at sleep to hear the rain

Author Louis Lozano (3 years)
Man....what time was it when the storm began? It's pitch-black then: *Bang!
Everything lights up for a split second.

Author Karussellpferd (5 years)
love it, and the sounds of the rain are great too

Author zefrenchgirl (2 years)
I wish I could be with Bobby on his tiny balcony in SC..he would make me a
cup of hot cocoa and we would enjoy the thunderstorm together..but Bobby is
gone forever and may be from now on, when there is a's
him...saying hi to me...

Author TheGrandGamer (11 months)
I was expecting something to go like...

Author mainmedic (2 years)
@INSANEBOUNCER I know what you mean I used to love being out during a
thunderstorm/ rain storm. Unfortunately, now a days what with Fukushima you
need to limit your time that you're out in the rain.

Author WisdomQuoteofTheDay (5 years)
What a night! Thank you

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