Homemade Air powered Sniper Rifle

Update: Thanks guys for the 2,500,000+ views and 700+ comments!!

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Author Andrew McAndrew ( ago)
Damn this sniper is so sexy

Author sam Buechel ( ago)
maybe if u actually made it accurate with a firing method that did not
require you to use your second hand that is meant to steady the barrel.
like a pull line with a finger on your hand or some other method. still
nice start and now that version 1.0 is made its time to move to 4.3 =D

Author LiberMortis ( ago)
if it was more solid between the pump and the barrel, that probable
wouldn't be much of a problem xD

Author L1ng * ( ago)

Author DemonKing153 ( ago)
1 word "tutorial"

Author Diego Hernandez ( ago)
How did u make it

Author HK Adler ( ago)
Not a bad idea, too bad when it turns tap it distorts the shot !

Author King Of POP ( ago)
just thought this too :D 

Author Wings lonigan ( ago)
Airrett 50. cal 

Author incognitoninja89 ( ago)
awesome sniper

Author Kaeda ( ago)
If you replace the valve that you are using with a sprinkler valve (I think
that is what it is) and make it electronically operated you could hugely
increase your power and range- That's what I did on an air cannon of mine
and it made it awesome. Nice build!

Author Mahdz Abdlk ( ago)
How u make it??

Author zip0v ( ago)
Heh, pretty sweet, points for ingenuity. Here's a tip: have a look at
manually operated air valves on any pneumatic website. There are some that
would fit this setup better. 

Author jake ballard ( ago)
that would fu¢k someone up

Author thinh nguyen ( ago)
this rifle could certainly hit a zombie from a far and silence enough for
the zombie not noitice but, assume that you have a good location to
hide....however, there must be a test to see whether the nail can penetrate
the zombie skull, and how fast can you reload compare to a bow or a
crossbow....btw, great work of art man. Do you have a video on how to make

Author DandaNgsan ( ago)
that is badass

Author nick epskamp ( ago)
if you pump more will it go faster?

Author bahaa elmessary ( ago)
ok ur ready for a zombie invasion >:D 

Author Mike Vaneck ( ago)
crap trigger system, cool gun though ! 

Author Conor Robbins ( ago)
And I'm just sitting here watching surfing the internet

Author nikolai hansen ( ago)
It is always smart to film down range when something is shooting nails out
of a PVC nail gun

Author josh yang ( ago)
Now i thought it be more stronger, but enough to get in skin 

Author Millie Prower ( ago)
I saw this and though looks like a cool BB gun *sees the nails in the
target* Holy shit who needs a hunting rifle just shoot nails at the target

Author Weeaboo Hunter ( ago)
We are Anonymous. Expect us

Author nathaniel lee-chen ( ago)
nao add a trigger mechanism 

Author KillerWARproducts ( ago)

Author Snickersmaan ( ago)
wish granted X950

Author Rippyboy121 ( ago)
lol 2:13 flight time

Author FlemishBloke ( ago)
you should thread it

Author Destri Anugerah ( ago)
thank's for that's video. I can make it (y)

Author derek norman ( ago)
I am your 5, 700th like for this video

Author Batman Mclawdog ( ago)
really neat design!

Author P. M. ( ago)

Author Jakub Landor ( ago)
He looks like Mclovin 

Author EiferBrennan ( ago)
It is actually pretty impressive. 

Author LOLeruleXe ( ago)
Mommy, can I... NO!

Author Cody Ennis ( ago)

Author Hermit VI ( ago)
tutorial please...!! :)

Author romeil jones ( ago)
That guy looks like mclovin lol.

Author ozzybwild ( ago)
At least I doubt it would kill you if you got shot in your

Author Captain Obvious ( ago)
I'd like to buy one of these.

Author AdventuresOfTrev ( ago)
I just cringed in fear man D:

Author FiveMadNess ( ago)
can it kill a squirrel 

Author Caleb Cajudo ( ago)
Cool now how do u make it

Author CodyVlogs ( ago)

Author Vũ Văn Tiến ( ago)

Author EvilHotDog328 ( ago)
I guess it would kill you if you got shot in the eye, head, mouth face,

Author Justin means ( ago)
It would be a good zombie killing technice

Author G.T. Jones ( ago)
Before you make corrections to someone's video, make sure you know how to
spell "rifling" properly. Everyone knows that this isn't an actual rifle.
He was making a point when he called it a rifle. 

Author Freddy Krouger ( ago)
468 assasins liked your comment.

Author Djuan Reed ( ago)
i made one by just looking at it, it is amazing plus it is simple to make 

Author Jeff harper ( ago)
is it accurate? 

Author thezachattack014 ( ago)

Author Mx Gamer ( ago)

Author Rellatama Ikool ( ago)
Very nice. Another assassins dream come true. Don't worry I am not an
assassin ;)

Author XLokutusX ( ago) fucking win.

Author Alex Hollon ( ago)
if it is more compact and easy to use and make well..... dear santa the
army needs you

Author Minecrack Nooby ( ago)
What kind of pump should I use?

Author GrimHD ( ago)
Tutorial Please!

Author MrLeonidas0001 Tactical Adventures ( ago)
Way too cool! Diane Feinstein will want you to have a license for this
ASAP. What is the fletching on the darts made out of?

Author Pim Doeswijk ( ago)
Wow, you can kill somebody with this thing, amazing! Tutorials please!

Author Dalmatian ( ago)
So epic! make tutorial pls!

Author Barnacules Nerdgasm ( ago)
That is epic man, you should integrate a spring and a sprinkler valve motor
so you don't have to turn the knob, that is what a guy on my airsoft team
did with our nerf football launcher and it worked great.

Author Luiz F. ( ago)
but its really works 

Author turtle79070 ( ago)
gave me an idea, going to modify my blowgun

Author Marius Andrè Iversen ( ago)

Author Justin Clonts ( ago)
cut a circle out of paper, then cut a slit into the middle. roll into cone.
secure however you like. me and my friend used to make them out of all
kinds of paper materials

Author stevie nix ( ago)
I'm going to try to make this out of metal pipes. A lot heavier, but it
won't be flimsy. Or at least make the barrel the pipe

Author johnny deep ( ago)
it looks like a cork :D

Author Chad22Deuce ( ago)
How did you make the Stability Cone for the back of the nail and what did
you make it out of?????

Author Eric Rice ( ago)

Author HaGoonie ( ago)
i can't make anything :( i'm not creative *cries*

Author babaaj ( ago)
Trigger operation is not good. 

Author Crimson_347 ( ago)
that's beyond Epic!!

Author ADKwarriors ( ago)
You should have used an electric sprinkler valve instead of a manual valve.

Author Voxized ( ago)
Needs a trigger, making have a string and/or elastic connected to it that
pulls the valve open

Author CrimsonSkyz ( ago)
OKAY I GET IT, It's quite simply accually all it is, is a bunch of PVC
pipe's bent around to make it look like a sniper. The tube and air pump is
for the dart preasure. The Bipod is for show/detail/A bipid. The scope is
PVC with black tape on it with PVC holding it up the darts a nail with
paper? Or something on the end to catch the air. The red hinge thing it
twists is probally a valve and when he turns it, it pushes air into the
dart! Hope this helped in any way to all who want this!!!!

Author nate952 ( ago)
yeah rights australia sucks plus where on the same so dude. we fund the
best army to ever walk this earth.wheres australia? some peace of shit
island on the southern hemisphere! full of no talk no walk assholes who
think there all that when there all a peace of shit!

Author ausfoxhunter ( ago)
Yep, and you're about as creditable as a twelve dollar bill. Take your
sisters photo off your login dick-head ! I wear a uniform to ...... mine
says Australian Post, and we run the most awesome, fearsome, belligerent
mail delivery system in the world. FEAR US !

Author TheRebellion2014 ( ago)
actually fuck face, it is pretty cool. dont put people down unless you wish
the same. you dumb wanna be waste of life. look at the uniform in my pic,
fuck with me? nope

Author dee jay ( ago)
man i would shoot that beauty all day long

Author kyrielle azuri ( ago)
Its actually a bow gun

Author Shaft Feq ( ago)

Author Eustathios “Big-Eddie” Vanight ( ago)
I was talking about a similar concept with my uncle the other day. Using
high pressure metal of some kind and compressed gas, I wonder if you could
achieve super sonic speeds.

Author jhon dave ( ago)
powerful! that good 

Author Aeryc Fong ( ago)
Give me

Author oxo o ( ago)
great job guy ,,, I will to buy one,, good job

Author thispagenamemustinludeletters ( ago)
about how many times do you have to pump that up? 

Author jono3952 ( ago)
It's a very interesting concept, but it lacks stablility. I would, if I
were you, get some air compressor parts, most significantly the trigger
mechanisms, and use those. Also you could get alot more accuracy and
hitting power with smaller caliber, longer, and front heavy projectiles.
Think of scaling down an arrow. So don't get discouraged by these
naysayers, you're on the right track, just keep going.

Author DaScorpi0n ( ago)
Very interesting nail gun you have there

Author Christian Pieper ( ago)
i would be mad if there wasnt :,(

Author Azri'el Collier ( ago)
I good lever valve so you have better aim control and pump it up more and
you got a good sniper weapon! 

Author Fernando Pinto ( ago)
this could kill someone! ...I LIKE IT!!! 

Author Rougekill Kasster ( ago)
there better be 

Author elszilard ( ago)

Author AsxAxSin ( ago)
there will be no zombie apocalypse .

Author Scott Walton ( ago)
Come check out my cannon I just got started on you tube.

Author The Educated Redneck ( ago)
I have to say, I thought this would be pretty stupid, but no, this was
actually pretty cool. Nice job 

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