Homemade Air powered Sniper Rifle

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Author Andrew McAndrew (1 year)
Damn this sniper is so sexy

Author 龍飛施 (1 year)

Author Bill Sherrard (1 year)

Author BDG Customs (1 year)

Author Pat R (1 year)

Author Tyr Cai (1 year)

Author Enes KABAK (1 year)

Author ياسر السحولي (1 year)

Author nick epskamp (1 year)
if you pump more will it go faster?

Author FlemishBloke (1 year)
you should thread it

Author Live Rave Repeat (1 year)
We are Anonymous. Expect us

Author dee jay (2 years)
man i would shoot that beauty all day long

Author stevie nix (2 years)
I'm going to try to make this out of metal pipes. A lot heavier, but it
won't be flimsy. Or at least make the barrel the pipe

Author TheXpert23 (2 years)
i need the tutorial so bad

Author babaaj (2 years)
Trigger operation is not good.

Author Chad22Deuce (2 years)
How did you make the Stability Cone for the back of the nail and what did
you make it out of?????

Author pestleman1951 (2 years)
Hey Buddy, this is too cool for words !!! Have you made a How To vidya on

Author Barnacules Nerdgasm (1 year)
That is epic man, you should integrate a spring and a sprinkler valve motor
so you don't have to turn the knob, that is what a guy on my airsoft team
did with our nerf football launcher and it worked great.

Author Voxized (2 years)
Needs a trigger, making have a string and/or elastic connected to it that
pulls the valve open

Author JDMdriftculture (2 years)
The guy who is shooting kinda looks like mclovin'

Author Fick Dich (1 year)

Author Rellatama Ikool (1 year)
Very nice. Another assassins dream come true. Don't worry I am not an
assassin ;)

Author johnnynosc0pe (2 years)
Mclovin you are so clever!

Author Stefano Ling (1 year)

Author Kaitlyn Jensen (2 years)
you need to use an electric water sprinkler valve for a trigger- runs off
twelve-eighteen volts- that's what I use on my tater canon- just push a
button- much more accurate than your manual valve

Author KillerWARproducts (1 year)

Author DandaNgsan (1 year)
that is badass

Author ADKwarriors (2 years)
You should have used an electric sprinkler valve instead of a manual valve.

Author StealthYoutubr101 (1 year)
360 quick scope pls! :D

Author johnny deep (2 years)
it looks like a cork :D

Author jakevader2 (2 years)
@Darkk Apprentices I was thinking the same thing, but only I Canada or
another place where guns are illegal for the most part.

Author Daniel Hof (2 years)
well just incase i need a tutorial on how to shoot darts at kids playing in
a playground i know here to go

Author jhon dave (2 years)
powerful! that good

Author Destri Anugerah (1 year)
thank's for that's video. I can make it (y)

Author achraf frioui (2 years)
u nned a better trigger, good job

Author Efstathius Placidas (2 years)
I was talking about a similar concept with my uncle the other day. Using
high pressure metal of some kind and compressed gas, I wonder if you could
achieve super sonic speeds.

Author Luiz F. (1 year)
but its really works

Author Captain Obvious (1 year)
I'd like to buy one of these.

Author LOLeruleXe (1 year)
Mommy, can I... NO!

Author turtle79070 (1 year)
gave me an idea, going to modify my blowgun

Author kmayberry5263 (2 years)
silent and deadly:)

Author YogiDuhBurr (1 year)
can it kill a squirrel

Author Brian A (2 years)
nice, now you just need a better valve.

Author romeil jones (1 year)
That guy looks like mclovin lol.

Author CharlesOlson711 (2 years)
Ironically, when the cops take you down, they'll use their homemade air
powered pistols. I like it though, with a few tweaks it could be a
legitimate weapon. I'm gonna go with poison darts.

Author jono3952 (2 years)
It's a very interesting concept, but it lacks stablility. I would, if I
were you, get some air compressor parts, most significantly the trigger
mechanisms, and use those. Also you could get alot more accuracy and
hitting power with smaller caliber, longer, and front heavy projectiles.
Think of scaling down an arrow. So don't get discouraged by these
naysayers, you're on the right track, just keep going.

Author jerome96114 (2 years)

Author Don P (2 years)
Replace the valve with an electric solenoid valve - then you can get some

Author Lorcan O'Shanahan (2 years)

Author Todd Marker (2 years)
haha! this is awesome. good job!

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