How To Make a McFlurry

Today I show you how to make McDonald's famous McFlurry! The McFlurry recipe has been kept a secret ever since it was first created, but thanks to my seductive side I managed to seduce McDonald's CEO and get all the juicy details out of him. This video will show you how you can make a delicious McFlurry that is identical to the ones you can buy from McDonald's. Enjoy the taste & savings!

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Author Blitz Gaming ( ago)
1:42 reported for sexual content

Author Victoria and Alan ( ago)
at 0:52, WHAT DID YOU PUT IN THERE.. you put a condom in. ;-;

Author Princess Chrishanei Badua ( ago)
0:51 was that a condom ewwwww

Author Zee Chris ( ago)

Author Soda62 stunt ( ago)
Avec le chien ça le fait

Author chancy1254 ( ago)
I love dog part

Author Salmiah Mohamad ( ago)
You just waste the ice cream.

Author Allen Romero ( ago)
Every time he keeps peeing on the food

Author Oey Mag ( ago)
Why are chickens always being violated😂😂

Author Patricia Fernandez ( ago)
wtf díd i Just watch

Author Derek Flores ( ago)
wtf is this

Author eunice klaus ( ago)

Author Paul Kot ( ago)
The peanut butter went from foot to thy, wonder what's next?

Author APTheAwesome Roblox ( ago)
I wonder what the Dog thinks 😂😂 🤔🤔🤔

Author bomber frog ( ago)
this is my swamp

Author Nashly Naranjo-153005204 ( ago)
HE'S PEEING ON FOOD?!?!?!?! IN EVERY SINGLE VIDEO?!?!?!?!?! this guy is crazy.....that mean I'll dislike and never subscribe!!!

Author Isak Gustafsson ( ago)
Thanks for the tips :)

Author Melody Kuan ( ago)
Oh, He shits Coke.

Author Daniel Wilson ( ago)

Author SarahM Gaming ( ago)
why always the EVIL EGG

Author Ece Tolga ( ago)
this is fucking art.

Author squelette fainéants ( ago)
Hey now you're a rockstar

Author Dorothy CHAN ( ago)
Why the dog ate butter?

Author Phantom 3 Standard Flights ( ago)
Poor, dog....

Author Janet Polite ( ago)
No more mcflurrys

Author megadethfan bob ( ago)
im starting to question the sanity of this person

Author Evanite ( ago)
Love how he faps to Shrek

Author Maira Meirelles ( ago)

Author Romauroi Habeeb ( ago)
I died at 1:03

Author dydygames games ( ago)
your video is degulace

Author Giovanni Casa ( ago)
fucked up with the dog

Author Gema Velazco ( ago)
he pee pee

Author DimensionShifter II ( ago)
This is more like how to make a Shamrock Shake. Still really funny! 😂

Author Kyla Heaton ( ago)
Poor dog

Author Jesse ( ago)

Author sapphire crystle ( ago)
I would merry this man but only if he doesn't stuff me like he did that chicken and lay eggs inside me😏

Author Wyatt Wilson ( ago)
I wonder how bad his house stinks (unless he has a studio he does this in or he super cleans it the fuck up

Author Charlie Garcia ( ago)
how can he clean this

Author DeathRay Games ( ago)
Is it bad if I tried this and it worked?

Author N3V3R GAMER ( ago)

Author SistersAreDoingIt ForThemselves ( ago)
Waste of food smh

Author Crafted TV ( ago)
#AnimalAbusing 😕😕😕

Author Eliezer Masita ( ago)
Dog abuse

Author Luiz Felipe ( ago)

Author Bill Bilk ( ago)
he should be in police department he's so good in torturing living things

Author The Swede ( ago)
I wonder if the dog thinks this is normal human behaviour... hmm

Author molakster lord ( ago)
I will sub inyperson subs me

Author MobileGamer101 D ( ago)
This guy is so disrespectful to animals

Author Jude Emmanuel Cabero ( ago)
ay dot tingeck hee can clin dis mess

Author Cody Winkleman ( ago)
no chill!!!!

Author Sriram Vijay ( ago)
on my goodness he is wasting food

Author Mythical__ Paw ( ago)
This channel used to be nice tutorials but now

it's hilarious😂

Author Jessie Garcia ( ago)
He wastes so much !!
Like is you agree

Author DannitaKaty3200 ( ago)
The dog must be like:
"Oh you fool human, Why you can't just be normal"

Author Jennifer Potato :3 ( ago)
i dont think i like ice cream any more.......

Author pusheencat da bomb ( ago)
R.I.P crabs little john and little timmy

Author LloydDoctorz // Fin ( ago)
thank you for the vid, the mcflurry tasted brilliant

Author sundown gamez ( ago)
I watch a lot of his videos and after this video I'm just confused in life

Author Alex Neagoe ( ago)
This Is Not Making A McFlurry
You Added Crabs

Author Thư Phan Thị Anh ( ago)

Author Go Away ( ago)
Call me crazy but i don't think this is right.

Author Victoria Ponce ( ago)
I will never eat icecream AGIAN..... *looks at the ice cream in my hand and throws it*

Author Jarrett Steinmetz ( ago)
did howtobasic really pee in the a thing

Author Logan Khang ( ago)
how does he clean this lol?!?!??!??!?!!?

Author Some One ( ago)
Your parents must be very proud

Author lol. laugh out loud ( ago)

Author Haileeisan Equestrian ( ago)
I'm so confused

Author Seda Neptun ( ago)
Ya o nimet ya

Author Sirkittycat772 ( ago)
Imagine how long it took to clean this up 😐

Author Furrmeows :3 ( ago)
..... I wonder how hard it is to clean all of this.

Author Alex Iudin ( ago)
So he buys a new house after makeing a new video

Author Gaming Richi ( ago)
animal ):

Author joshua cah gali ( ago)
how you clean your room dude ???

Author Dymko leyn ( ago)
сколько ему лет?

Author yhouie Mortel ( ago)
lol bat your fail

Author Caitlin LaCross ( ago)

Author Maya Cat ( ago)
Oh my

Author Nicholas Kelly ( ago)
To be honest this is probably how they really make it!

Author Alex Jimenez ( ago)
sub to my channel please u don't have to

Author TechnoLeopard ( ago)
this quickly escalated from "how to make a mcflurry" to "how to make a crab make it wish it was never born"

Author the doctor 700 ( ago)
in his other videos he makes weird noises and they sound like hes trying to poop 😄

Author the doctor 700 ( ago)
in his other videos he makes weird noises and they sound like hes trying to poop 😄

Author Suicide Snowman ( ago)
htb is great at... fisting

Author Unicorn Fox ( ago)

Author Unicorn Fox ( ago)

Author Dark Knight ( ago)
How many ingredients did you use for the McFlurry ?

Author gamecat421 gamer ( ago)
Animal abuse

Author Adam Blade ( ago)
this is the best channel of youtube

Author Phoenix DaBoss ( ago)
dont do that
dont do that dont do that dont do that

dont do that
dont do that dont do that dont do that

Author Ariya Canada ( ago)

Author Adam Wallen ( ago)
He rlly had a kondom 😂😂

Author Wolfocki ( ago)
behen ke lode why are you harming dogs i like them more than the world fuck off and you have a very disturbing content *FUCK OFF*

Author Mar Franco Amigo ( ago)
i hate you

Author Lyldeo Unturned, TF2 and more ( ago)
How to prank people this days....
Read more

Author Ghost Joker76 ( ago)
This guy hates eggs, But he loves chickens ass

Author james burton ( ago)
Amazing,,,, he has some human resemblance in him!

Author văn thanh kiều ( ago)
what the fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

Author PekoGerm ( ago)
r.i.p your clean house

Author Pokey ( ago)
Is this how you install Minecraft mods?

Author SANS MLGNESS ( ago)

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