The Most Powerful Abundance Prayer I've Come Across

I stumbled upon this prayer online by accident. The minute I started reading through the first few lines, I had goosebumps all over my body; and to me that was a very good sign - I've finally found the perfect abundance prayer that complements my mind movies and affirmations. This prayer is by far the most powerful abundance prayer I've ever used. It has kept me focused and in tune at all times. Hope this abundance prayer will have the same effect on all of you who ever use it.

Use this prayer daily for a fast manifestation of your goals and desires. This has already brought so much blessings to all of those who use it, including me. This is a powerful tool in applying the Law of Attraction in your life.

Try it. You got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Credits go to Simona Rich for posting this prayer on her website, to Maureen Moss who improved the prayer, and to the original author who unfortunately is unknown. Thank you very much for your kind hearts and souls.

The track is called N-019 by Relaxdaily which I purchased from Credit goes to the German composer named Michael.

This video uses the audio track and the pictures under FAIR USE. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT is intended.

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Author AChDEnt. ( ago)
This is an awesome prayer. quiet your mind then use it. free your mind and
the rest will follow....

Author soneelita ( ago)

Author Nadia Berry ( ago)
I watched this for the first time earlier and a few hours later I received
money from my grandpa in another state. abundance is all around us just
have faith and be open to what is already here for you. stay happy and
believe you will receive :)

Author Lois Iyen ( ago)
Beautiful. Thank you for the video

Author BEVERLY COATES ( ago)

Author Derek Spencer ( ago)
This prayer doesn't work.

Author ACe Atkins ( ago)
#peace and abundant blessings to all!!!!! $$$$$♡♡♡♡♡♡☆☆☆☆

Author Ілья Тесвітянин ( ago)
Only Lord Jesus and God is our helper. Catholics and Orthodox watch this
video and repent. Mat. 1:20 - 23."Here the Lord appeared to Joseph in a
dream by an angel, saying, Joseph, thou son of David, fear not to take Mary
your wife, for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit is
from" (not mentioned It is incarnated God-Son or God-Word)." Behold, a
virgin shall conceive, and bear a son" (not mentioned God-Word, or God-man,
or God-Son)... John 1: 1 - "In the beginning... the Word was God." John 1:14
- And the Word became flesh(no born) and dwelt among us, full of grace and
the truth," (This passage indicates that God's Word incarnated in baby
Jesus after his birth, not at conception Mary). Conclusion: God by the
power of the Holy Spirit begat child into womb of the Virgin Mary. After
baby was born, the Word of God incarnated in him, and dwelt in the son of
God. When Jesus grew up, Word of God proclaimed Good News through him, made
Jesus the mediator between Him and people, and Jesus by the Holy Spirit has
healed every disease. 1 Timothy 2:5 "For God is one; and there is but one
Mediator between God and humanity, Yeshua the Messiah, himself human, who
gave himself as a ransom on behalf of all." After Jesus' resurrection, the
Father God gave to Him "all authority in heaven and on earth"He is the
healer but not Mary. (Matthew 28:18). Because of that, Catholic and
Orthodoxy Churches , please, delete blasphemous statements such, as Mary is
the Mother of God, or Mary is Theotocos (these names you cannot find in
Bible) they all you must remove from all Christianity books and liturgical

Author Nuwan Dananjaya ( ago)
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with it.

Author Wanda St. Hilaire ( ago)
Thank you. Beautiful.

Author Milan Goranovic ( ago)
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Author aiponka ( ago)
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the Max Miracle Method (just google it) without a doubt the most incredible
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Author Df Jansen ( ago)
GOD,JEZUS CHRIST AND THE HOLY SPIRIT bless us and bless the people in
Belgium Europe, and please archangel Michael and Gabriel protected us from
evil and dark forces! Amen

Author yoseph jimmy ( ago)
Amen.Thank you so much. God bless you

Author Yogesh Gupta ( ago)
Thank Ypu

Author Hiperx Savage ( ago)
I've been researching into attraction after which we found a fantastic
website at Max Miracle Method (check it out on google)

Author Michael Ball ( ago)
I would be deeply touched to those of you reading this who would include me
in their prayers so that I may receive the miracles which I need in order
to overcome being gay.

13 years ago I moved into my own apartment for the first time and, feeling
lonely, I set out into the world with a genuine and sincere desire to find
a wife. I never questioned why I had previously sought to make a man the
centre of my world but then desired a wife - my desire to find a female
companion was so strong that I simply went out to fulfil it. Those first 6
months in my new apartment remain the only time in my adult life when I
have felt truly contented and fulfilled.

At present I live with a gay man as his lodger and the majority of my
sexual desires involve other men. I have no moral objection to myself or
others being gay and I really must emphasise that point nor do I wish to
make anyone feel guilty or inadequate in my attempts to overcome being gay.
Quite simply being gay does not provide me with the contentment and
fulfilment I desire in life, instead it offers me pain and despondency.

My prayer is a simple one - for the power of God to guide me to a situation
where I feel able to live alone and find a wife to share my home with and I
would be deeply touched if those who empathise with my plight wish me well
in my quest would include me in their prayers.

God bless each and every one of you in your efforts to find contentment in

Author Sharon Campbell ( ago)
Robbie Knight
I used this prayer about a year ago and similar thing happened to me. I
began to recieve letters that i owe money, completley opposite to what the
prayer should deliver. I immediately stopped reciting it and will never use
this prayer again

Author Gabriela Petrea ( ago)
Thank you and many blessings to all.

Author noo yapa ( ago)
I have spent months researching into the laws of attraction and found a
fantastic resource at Max Miracle Method (check it out on google)

Author Abigail True ( ago)
It would be nice if you had spoken this throughout the video. nonetheless
it was very nice.

Author Amela Alic ( ago)
Thanks, nice video

Author Gasan Abo Shakraמחבש‎ ( ago)

Author Rich Allen ( ago)
truly great blessings to all

Author Dennis Fossey ( ago)
Very nice video, nice..

Author Yair Lion ( ago)
It's rare that Ive been surprized but this video certainly would make
anyone think
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Author Robbie Knight ( ago)
Hey, i came across this prayer, and 4 weeks everyday i used this prayer.
Since then, my disability money has been STOPPED! scratchcards, ive LOST
everytime. Im now close to being money LESS! :( the prayer did not work for
me. im in worse position ever. i wished this could of worked or god could
of heard me. Im very disheartened by this :(

Author Tommie Green ( ago)
It would be better if the prayer were spoken aloud so I can focus on prayer
and not reading.. Wtf

Author Izabel Adelina Ribeiro ( ago)
Wonderful, Marvelous,I Belived!

Author Suzana Moreno ( ago)
beautiful and powerful ☺thank you for charing such a great prayer, God must
stay God Blesss us all forever,

Author May Aug ( ago)
Amen! Thank you so much 😀

Author Coca Cola ( ago)
I am happy, I am that
I am love, I am that

Author Eddie Rice ( ago)
Thanks for this beautiful Prayer, I have said this prayer so many times and
God delivers on time with my finical needs. The prayer helps calm me and
helps keep me focused on God The living Spirit.

Author Chacko Mathew773 ( ago)
Amen Amen

Author cosmicroyal77 ( ago)
This prayer is amazing, makes me feel good just buy reading it, and to all
those who say they are not into prayer because they aren't religious:
neither am I. However, I have a belief in a higher power and also the
belief/faith that prayer works, and that is more than enough.

Author Fabiana de Paula ( ago)

Author Olivia Greene ( ago)

Author maria soledinia de vera ( ago)
Thank you. Amen.

Author Marko Kocovic ( ago)
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Loctavan Amazing Mind Strategy (Have a quick look on google cant remember
the place now ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my
brother in law got excellent results with it.

Author Lin Peter ( ago)
thanks for this vedeo god's prayer is the most effective than others..the
god is a powerful and I believe him..

Author April Luevano ( ago)
Urgent! Please pray for my son Roberto Valdez and my entire family members
under 77 years old my son Roberto need to be rid of the gang life , and
some of my family members can 've foolish right now I'm worried about my
son Roberto he is eighteen years old had a brain injury, over three years
ago, and I have a feeling he's been drinking liquor. I don't know where he
is please pray for him to be safe from harm, danger, and foolish, ignorance
people under the age of 79 years old including my. family members under
eighty one years old . The Lord said unto us you are my son's and
Daughter's you are more to me . Don't let anyone else tell you that your
not You have so much potential to learn more in education you were created
in my So you can think about the aspects in life . Repent now and you shall
be saved . You can have it all in life as long as you do not harm anyone or
yourselves. Be responsible your loved. I am sending you LEGIONS of Thrones
Angels , Virtues Angels, Archangels, your Guardian Angels too fight for you
all .
El Señor nos dijo: usted es de mi hijo y la hija de usted es más para mí.
No deje que otras personas te dicen que tu no tienes mucho potencial para
aprender más en educación que fuiste creado en mi. Así que usted puede
pensar en los aspectos de la vida. Arrepientes ahora y serás salvo. Usted
puede tener todo en la vida, siempre y cuando no dañe a nadie ni a vosotros
mismos. Ser responsable de su amado.
Te envío legiones de ángeles Tronos, Virtudes Ángeles, Arcángeles, sus
Ángeles Guardianes también luchar por todos vosotros.

Author Romeomanuel Tavera ( ago)
Miracle's do exist in this powerfull prayer...Thank You God....

Author Romeomanuel Tavera ( ago)
this prayer works....and it help a lot of people...thank you Lord

Author The Way ( ago)
Amen , peace and prosperity to all .

Author Rogo Rega ( ago)
Saludos desde HOES English Center

Author Shaji mathew ( ago)

Author Ben TheSheild ( ago)
hey ,if anyone else wants to discover how to attract abundance try Pycanta
Simple Manifestation Protocol( search on google ) ? Ive heard some super
things about it and my partner got excellent results with it.

Author M. Harris ( ago)
Beautiful prayer that I use several times per week…Thank You!

Author Annique Cree ( ago)
thank you and many blessings to you

Author Carstein Tapueluelu (1344 years ago)
Praise be to God!

Author DailyEffectivePrayer ( ago)

Author Donovan Williams ( ago)
This was very good!

Author Mariana Vidican (478 years ago)
Din lumina lui Dumnezeu Eu sunt.
De dragostea lui Dumnezeu Eu sunt.
Din puterea lui Dumnezeu Eu sunt.
Din inima lui Dumnezeu Eu sunt.
Am decretat... ...
Eu locuiesc în mijlocul abundenței infinite.
Abundența lui Dumnezeu este sursa mea infinită.
Râul vieții nu se oprește niciodată,el curg, curge.
Acesta curge prin mine în exprimarea mea generosa,darnica.
Binele vine la mine prin căi neașteptate și Dumnezeu lucrează într-o
multitudine de moduri sa mă binecuvânteze.
Îmi deschid acum mintea mea de a primi binele meu.
Nimic nu este prea frumos să fie adevărat.
Nimic nu este prea minunat să se intample.
Cu Dumnezeu ca sursa a mea, nimic nu mă uimește.
Sunt eliberata de gânduri de trecut sau viitor.
Unul este plecat.
Celălalt încă trebuie să vină.
Prin puterea credinței mele, împreună cu acțiunile mele neînfricatate, și
raportul meu profund cu Dumnezeu, viitorul meu este creat și abundența mea
Cer și să accepte că sunt ridicata în fiecare moment, în adevăr mai mare.
Mintea mea este liniștită.
Din această zi inainte am dat frau liber și fără teamă în viață și viața
imi da înapoi mie cu o creștere magnifica.
Binecuvântările vin în moduri așteptate și neașteptate.
Dumnezeu prevede pentru mine lucruri minunate.
Sunt într-adevăr recunoscătore.
Și așa să fie.
Mi-aș dori același lucru pentru bunătatea tuturor.
Permite fluxul de abundență sa curga în viața ta.
De zi cu zi, să fie mai bine decât ai fost ieri.
Posibil ca toții sa trăim în prosperitate și belșug în toate zilele vieții

Author Mercy Malungu ( ago)
if you believe it will come true am blessed got a job that is going to pay
me 5 times what i was getting and all bless others by telling them about
this prayer. amen

Author Maria Hayworth (101 year ago)
This video touches my heart. Makes U really think. Beautiful!!

Author Maria Hayworth (110 years ago)
This video touches my heart. Makes U really think. Beautiful!!

Author Tiberiu Kiss ( ago)
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about apply law of attraction try Tarbetti Amazing Attraction Tutor(should
be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my
brother in law got cool results with it.

Author Bingbing Barber ( ago)
my mind was free to receive abundant

Author Bingbing Barber ( ago)
I love it

Author Fritz Thonhauser ( ago)
thank you thank you thank you

Author Drita Bekteshi ( ago)
I have been using this prayer every evening before I go to bed and what I
have noticed is that there is something that I cannot explain, but I get
some money... the matter fact I know that every time I get the money that
this is God's work...miracles do exist, and they come in different ways and
amounts...praise the Lord and I humbly ask for to bless us all!

Author Victoria Mgar ( ago)

Author Drita Bekteshi ( ago)
It is amazing how this attracts the money...I listen to this on daily
basis including the Prayer to St. Joseph, St. Jude, St. Anthony of Padua,
etc...100% true miracle prayers...Thanks be to God for the blessings He has
given me...<3...

Author Aditya Prasad patro ( ago)
hey ,if anyone else wants to discover affirmations to attract money
abundance try Tarbetti Amazing Attraction Tutor(Have a quick look on google
cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my
cousin got amazing success with it.

Author coco (758 years ago)
please lord pray for me

Author deetozer ( ago)
I love this video. Have been following it every night for a week and feel
amazing. Thank you x

Author TheAlanakane ( ago)

Author mae simon ( ago)
Amazing may everyone have abundance in their lives.

Author Sonia Bernadette Collins ( ago)
Live In Abundance!

Author Sonia Bernadette Collins ( ago)
Live In Abundance!

Author Franci Rogac ( ago)
From the light of God that I am.
From the love of God that I am.
From the power of God that I am.
From the heart of God that I am.
I decree…
I dwell in the midst of infinite abundance.
The abundance of God is my infinite source.
The river of life never stops flowing.
It flows through me into lavish expression.
Good comes to me through unexpected avenues and God works in a myriad of
ways to bless me.
I now open my mind to recieve my good.
Nothing is to good to be true.
Nothing is to wonderful to have happend.
With God as my source, nothing amazes me.
I am unburdened by thoughts of past or future.
One is gone.
The other is yet to come.
By the power of my belief, coupled with my purposeful fearless actions, and
my deep rapport with God, my future is created and my abundance made
I ask and accept that I am lifted in this and every moment into higher
My mind is quiet.
From this day forward I gave freely and fearlessly into life and life gives
back to me with magnificent increase.
Blessings come in expected and unexpected ways.
God provides for me in wondrous ways.
I am indeed grateful.
And I let it be so.
I wish the same thing for the goodness of all.
Let abundance flow into your life.
Everyday, be better than you were yesterday.
May we all live in prosperity and abundance all the days of our lives.

Author Marcia Drayton ( ago)
read this daily

Author Meri Djajakustio ( ago)
Check out this video on YouTube:lnzs

Author Isabella Nita Dazhan ( ago)
Dear God, Dear Jesus, Dear Holy Spirit,
Please have people help donate to my PUPPY "Arvest" She is in need of
SURGERY immediately! She tore or other ACL!

Author Peter ThankGod ( ago)
God is full of blessing us with is abundance.... All we need do is to
believe Him.

Author Joy Nul ( ago)
Hello I love this video, particularly your advice about instant
manifestation . A product I also found useful for manifestation prayer is
Corbandy Mind Secrets Crusher - it should be on google if you need it

Author Sonia Bernadette Collins ( ago)

Author Giovanna Giglione ( ago)
I love saying this prayer in the morning. I stopped it for some time and
missed it and went back to it. Its just an amazing feeling when saying this
prayer. It took me a while to find this prayer again. Glad I did.

Author ALLEN LETIZIA (1945 years ago)
Nice prayer .

Author a WTF moment Wisdom To Freedom! ( ago)

Author awitnoypi62 ( ago)
Thank you for this abundance prayer. This would really help me reach my
utmost goals in life.

Author Cleuse Antonia ( ago)

Author Fatmata Kamara ( ago)
Thanks...... nice n powerful prayers.. God richly bless us all.

Author Jho Delan ( ago)
I believe on this prayer

Author Lynn Petronella ( ago)

Author Rachael Blackmore ( ago)
If I've upset you I'm deeply sorry. If she is a soul mate. Thy cannot
always be together in this lifetime. To test this out. Put your hand on
your heart breath in the love of god. And say is this true. Be still wait
for the answer to arrive. ? Time is a healer. Thank you.

Author MsDePree Young ( ago)
Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Author Danny Richardson ( ago)
abundance for all!

Author Annette Whittington ( ago)
Thank you ... I love this prayer and I've saved it to prayer everyday.

Author Geraint Pierce ( ago)
i dont think i can repair my broken hart,its gone so deep

Author Secilia Shigwedha (2041 year ago)
I love this. Really nice. Thank you and stay blessed.

Author Rhea Wilmore ( ago)
Thank you so much for sharing, I believe in the power of Prayer. Together
we can change the world for the better!!

Author Mercy Arsenio ( ago)
I love watching this every morning I woke up in my bed.amen thank u for

Author Andrew MJsOldestfan K. ( ago)
What about those of us who have different affiliations and don't
necessarily believe in Jesus Christ as the son of God? Not everyone is of
the Christian faith even though we DO believe in a Higher Power. :)

Author Mary Mount ( ago)
This is one of the most insulting and insipid vids on youtube. Can you
believe that voice, something from film "Fudgepacker's Delight", and the
message is way below the belt. Yeshua Jaw-Breaker on the rebound, friends
of Jesus, and wow, when it 'hits home' it's nasty. AMEN with a warning!

Author Gagan Khadka ( ago)
Love it !
I would also recommend "Grathaw Subliminal Secret Expert"
and i would also suggest you to search prosperity abundance manifestation
for more !
Thanks !

Author Sapna Shroff ( ago)
thank you for lovely messag

Author Rim Uk ( ago)
Wonderful prayer 

Author Nancy Vasquez ( ago)

Author calf1100 ( ago)
beaytiful girl in thevideo the girl in ythe white dress

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