The Most Powerful Abundance Prayer I've Come Across

I stumbled upon this prayer online by accident. The minute I started reading through the first few lines, I had goosebumps all over my body; and to me that was a very good sign - I've finally found the perfect abundance prayer that complements my mind movies and affirmations. This prayer is by far the most powerful abundance prayer I've ever used. It has kept me focused and in tune at all times. Hope this abundance prayer will have the same effect on all of you who ever use it.

Use this prayer daily for a fast manifestation of your goals and desires. This has already brought so much blessings to all of those who use it, including me. This is a powerful tool in applying the Law of Attraction in your life.

Try it. You got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Credits go to Simona Rich for posting this prayer on her website, to Maureen Moss who improved the prayer, and to the original author who unfortunately is unknown. Thank you very much for your kind hearts and souls.

The track is called N-019 by Relaxdaily which I purchased from Credit goes to the German composer named Michael.

This video uses the audio track and the pictures under FAIR USE. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT is intended.

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Author Bridgette S (6 months)
Thank you!

Author Arbad Dorfman (1 month)
who is the bearded pedophile in this vid? doesn't that send a bad message?

Author Patsy Roberts (13 days)
the vido is not working right

Author Eri Shikorina (1 month)
I woke up this morning feeling sad( not sure why) i was trying hard to
think postive.. once i sow this video i realy felt vry peacfull,happy and
relax, thank you so much for this video,

Author Joann Hunter-Kemp (2 months)
Thank you.

Author Laura Reich (1 month)
Thanks so much for this healing Prayer. May God bless you and all here on
this Site. May all your dreams comes true with your hearts. Thanks God for
my beautiful Life. It´s so easy to understand, believe and living " the
secret " of Life. Believe in good Things, and believe in Lord Jesus Christ
and believe in your Dreams for attract to Money, Health, Sucess, and all
what ever you want, ... you will receive it. Amen

Author Athit Johnson (5 months)
The Source is YOU.... no God... your emotions create your universe

Author Charles Anthony (1 month)
Your prayer shouldn't have shown sexy ladies. That leaves me to wonder if
you're a plain hypocrite. Your sole motivation is to get as many viewers as
possible. REPENT now so that you will be forgiven by the LORD Jesus

Author Georgina Troy (8 months)
What a wonderful video

Author reni de sousa (5 months)

Author Nadun Desilva (7 months)
This prayer really works ... Very powerful I got a new job after 3 weeks of
doing this prayer every morning .. Thank you so much for uploading this

Author vanshika mittal (6 months)
is there any specific way of doing this prayer...? i am going through
relationship problem n i want to solve it! please reply

Author Michael Mleczko (8 months)
What a beautiful video :) Such warmth and truth that is displayed here so
eloquently ......Blessings to us all !

Author virendra nigam (6 months)
Really great prayer. Let GOD bestow His abundance to all

Author Jennie Adams (7 months)
I hope this prayer work for me as I have lost my husband he pass away just
about 3 years a go then lost my job ten months a go I need to fine my way
back and get a job soon . just wish all would get better I keep tell my
self life will get better .

Author Grow in Abundance (1 year)
Hi everyone, I'd like to share with you this beautiful prayer I've
discovered. It is probably the most powerful Abundance Prayer I've come
across. Enjoy!

Author Humberto Velasquez (3 months)
Amen god bless for video!!!

Author Patsy Roberts (8 months)
can any one tell me if this pray works or not I dont want too wast any more
of my time trying things that just do not work?

Author 1400deadwood (3 months)
1:08 flying house = fabulous image!

Author Jessica Proietti Piano (1 month)
This definitely was powerful! Wow felt the shivers to! Beautiful! Perfect:)
~ Namaste

Author Alana Blythe (9 days)
nice prayer

Author Kahan Jacqs Martini (3 months)
Thank you friend for this inspiring video. At the end you say all rights
reserved. Do you need to put that in videos for copyright?
Aren't you tube videos copyrighted when published? Thanks!

Author Katie Cox (3 months)
Love, love, love this video!!!

Author Kathryn Dagostino (10 days)
Beautiful. ♡

Author Sage4life (17 days)
Peace and Blessings to you!!!

Author mlesure (19 days)
This video is so beautiful I watch it everyday thank you

Author Wendy McFadyen-Allerby (1 month)

Author 1spicytomato (4 months)
beautiful music and pics

Also, try my own Solomon's seals abundance charms

Author DagMar Dederichs (2 months)
Thank you!!!!! ♥ how powerful loving Divine!!!
what a gift!! I'm indeed grateful and I let it be so!!! ♥

Author nimi t (1 month)
i have this pray with me and i start read

Author JLJTUBE1 (5 months)
Thank you for this beautiful prayer on abundance!

Author Kiki's Looms and Crafts (1 month)
I love it it really works!

Author MirzaGhulamAhmad HasWritten (4 months)
The principle of prayer is that there is a mutually attractive relationship
between a pious servant and his Lord. To begin with, the Mercy
(Rahmaniyyat) of God Almighty draws a servant to itself. Then through his
sincerity the servant approaches close to God Almighty and in prayer that
relationship, when it arrives at a certain stage, manifests its wonderful
qualities. When a servant being confronted with a great difficulty leans
towards God Almighty with perfect certainty, perfect hope, perfect love,
perfect fidelity and perfect resolve, and becoming extremely alert and
tearing aside the veils of heedlessness advances far into the fields of the
discarding of self, he beholds in front of him the court of the Divine and
that He has no associate. Then his soul prostrates itself at that threshold
and the power of attraction that is invested in him draws the bounty of God
Almighty towards itself. Then God, the Glorious, addresses Himself towards
fulfilling the purpose of the supplication and casts the effect of prayer
on all those preliminary means which give rise to the means that are
necessary for the achievement of the purpose of the prayer. For instance,
if the prayer is for rain then on its acceptance the natural means that are
needed for rain are created by the effect of the prayer. ( Blessing of
prayers - Barakat ud Du'a, by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad)

Author David J (2 months)
Lovely prayer

Author joanna L. Wilkinson (1 month)

Author Mark Krajzel (8 months)
Thank you GOD.
You've given me a wonderful life
You've given me food and wather that I need
You've given me roof and family

Author Joseph Friedman (4 months)
How is it a prayer if you include the word wish?

Author Randy Vienna (8 months)
Praise God!! Thank You!!!

Author Berengere French (2 months)
Merci for this wonderful Prayer! Magnificent!

Author jj (5 months)
Thanks love!

Author DrJill SM (4 months)
Beautiful - Thank you!

Author Df Jansen (23 days)
with love from archangels
and all of the NEW ARCHANGELS

Author Anitha Jayapal (4 months)
Thank you .I love it nice.

Author Saleem Rana (4 months)
How utterly beautiful.

Author 1979winningcircle (7 months)
My Appreciation to you for sharing this beautiful prayer.
It sounds very much like Catherine Ponder. "Nothing is too good to be true".
Namaste. X

Author Mindy Mckee (4 months)
Beautiful gave me the goose bumps awesome prayer and video thanks for

Author Lucy Arruda (6 months)
Thank you

Author Belinda Shine (7 months)
Beautiful :)

Author Jan Jurcisin (2 months)
Wow, beautiful, namaste

Author A Grace Martin (1 month)
Thank you for creating this video and sharing it with us <3

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