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Author Grow in Abundance (1 year)
Hi everyone, I'd like to share with you this beautiful prayer I've
discovered. It is probably the most powerful Abundance Prayer I've come
across. Enjoy!

Author Sonia Venegas (5 months)
I love this. Thank You, I am GRATEFUL 

Author Luci Young (7 days)

Author RichAndFabulousLife (6 months)
Thank you

Author Andrew MJsOldestfan K. (10 days)
What about those of us who have different affiliations and don't
necessarily believe in Jesus Christ as the son of God? Not everyone is of
the Christian faith even though we DO believe in a Higher Power. :)

Author Mercy Arsenio (6 days)
I love watching this every morning I woke up in my bed.amen thank u for

Author Crissy Rainbow (1 day)
3 15 12 1111 777

Author Terri TallTree (5 months)
Beloved, you are loved and cherished more than you can possibly imagine!

Author calf1100 (29 days)
beaytiful girl in thevideo the girl in ythe white dress

Author Michelle Sorensen (2 months)
I am not christian or believe in one source, but I believe in the greater
good of the universe and human kind 

Author Anathasia peter (2 months)
abundance pray, powerful,to music,shared withme,and Im share with you

Author Universal035 (4 months)
Dear God, Jesus Christ & Holy Spirit, my soul is permanently damaged. The
love of my life, who is an Angel from heaven rejected me & married a
thugged out staff sergeant. Lord prayed so hard that your Will would be
done about this matter. I loved her with all my soul. She is truly a one of
a kind & a beautiful rare soul. Lord I wanted to have a family with her.
Lord I live with sadness, I feel like I was never meant to be happy here on
earth & I have to live with a permanent hurt/punishment. Lord please help
me. Amen

Author Sylvia Daniels (1 month)
Magnificent Truth, Thank you!

Author Terri TallTree (5 months)
Beloved, you are loved and cherished more than you can possibly imagine!

Author sandra wetzel collins (2 months)
love Sandra

Author Sandy Vennell (3 months)
I found this prayer on line and said it everyday. I now watch this and say
it everyday using this video. It makes me feel happy and rested. It's
beautiful bless you and I am truly grateful 

Author Dacolta Blackmon (2 months)
That was a great and wonderful prayer 😃👏👏👏💪

Author Sam Saluni (3 months)
thank you Godbless.

Author HoodMinister (4 months)
I have already been given the greatest Gift of all time, and eternity. The
free Gift of Salvation by God's more than abundant Grace through faith in
Jesus Christ and His "finished Work", vicariously completed in my behalf
and for all mankind. This is a Gift that never stops in it's beneficial
giving. The pouring on of God, our Heavenly Fathers Goodness, will be
eternal . The Saints, (fellow believers in Christ) are so grateful already
but we all have an eternity, full of abundant life, to see only a smidgen
of the full goodness of God. To us it will seem mountainous in wealth of
glory. And that will only be the beginning. God bless,

Author Wilma Van Kaam (18 days)

Author Jazzy Jose (1 month)
Army u suppose to close u eyes to pray to get closer to the lord how am I
suppose to do it if I am reading a prayer online? PLZ RESPOND

Author M.O.F ™ (1 month)
Thank's & God Bless :)

Author Secilia Shigwedha (1 day)
I love this. Really nice. Thank you and stay blessed.

Author Gagan Khadka (17 days)
Love it !
I would also recommend "Grathaw Subliminal Secret Expert"
and i would also suggest you to search prosperity abundance manifestation
for more !
Thanks !

Author Mireille Chéry (2 months)
nice one, tks!!

Author Rhonda Byrne (4 months)
amazing Abundance prayer I know you will enjoy this videoI really have have
a blessed day <3

Author Sapna Shroff (19 days)
thank you for lovely messag

Author Kuntry Girl (4 months)
God is within us, blessings to our Heavenly Father!

Author Nancy Vasquez (28 days)

Author Geraint Pierce (3 hours)
i dont think i can repair my broken hart,its gone so deep

Author Valerie Oliver-Forde (1 month)
I am Grateful, thank you so much for sharing!

Author God is Love!! Pearl (3 months)
thank you G+ for being in my Circles...
I am not Perfect.....God Loves Me!

Author Marcia Brooks (8 months)
Reaching out with gratefulness and my warmest gratitude, luv-ya!

Author ChubbyPanda Oda (3 months)
I'm surprised I came here, from a prayer for a job to an abundance. I
decided to give it a go, and what do I find? an very heart warming prayer,
feels so nice.

Author Rim Uk (27 days)
Wonderful prayer 

Author Jeremiah RootSr (3 months)
this is what I am doing now and it came in answer to my prayers I
believe,.. if it helps you out Praise God in Jesus name if not prayers for
something that works for each of your individual needs in Jesus
this link... it's called Google sniper

Author DarkLadySledge (2 months)

Author AngelSuz12 (3 months)
Beautiful <3

Author TwisterChrisable (5 months)


Author Shel B. (6 months)
The Most Powerful Abundance Prayer I've Come Acro…:

Author Karen Webb (3 months)
Your prayer is on you tube msNew WORD order prayer for a broken heart this
will help you .Your sister is there x

Author Mary Mount (15 days)
This is one of the most insulting and insipid vids on youtube. Can you
believe that voice, something from film "Fudgepacker's Delight", and the
message is way below the belt. Yeshua Jaw-Breaker on the rebound, friends
of Jesus, and wow, when it 'hits home' it's nasty. AMEN with a warning!

Author rüdiger ostwald (2 months)
I Love Song ..............Happy

Author Jalenstewart (2 months)

Author Angel Rodriguez (4 months)
The Most Powerful Abundance Prayer I've Come Acro…:

Author Bridgette Brittain (3 months)

Author Maribel Harris (3 months)
nice,thanks for sharing here

Author Faridha Besania (3 months)
The Most Powerful Abundance Prayer I've Come Across:

Author dellawill (4 months)
The Most Powerful Abundance Prayer I've Come Acro…:

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