The Lost And Damned Plane Cheat

I Found A Plane That You Can Fly....

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Author Supporter ( ago)
i looked at my cheats and there is no plane cheat why?

Author Rajvir Singh ( ago)
fukin spanish people

Author G Filipelli ( ago)
@mrcaidenwebb hes on the pc so dont even bother

Author Bruno Graça ( ago)
its ps3 or pc pd3 its online

Author NicholasBrett00 ( ago)

Author kingboy873 ( ago)
how do u get that

Author pitbullsrock1000 ( ago)
Fail landing at 2:16

Author DriftUltimatum ( ago)
just like in SA

Author Betaplayer366 ( ago)
It's a mod.

Author xaviercf09 ( ago)
WTF at 1:38

Author Jacqueline Jarrell ( ago)
how the hell did you do that?

Author thekajkaj ( ago)
haha this is osama tht looks for a new target

Author LilxXR3APXx ( ago)
"Dont Fuck up the first 3 time like i did" haha nice

Author VuurwerkNieuwegein ( ago)
where i can find it ?

Author samolajn123 ( ago)
smoove landing :D 2:16

Author DefaultBot ( ago)
@TheAnimalman123 how is dat gta sa u knob

Author bob obbob ( ago)
its the gta sa plane memories of crashing that into a building

Author DCO Nightingale ( ago)
Of course it's a mod -.-

Author 816Trey ( ago)
wtf! how da hell did u do dat

Author holy80592 ( ago)
@MrLukeHD i think that its some kind of plane made by r star for
multiplayer NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111

Author devonte robinson ( ago)
lame ass vid

Author devonte robinson ( ago)
any one gay

Author coolcat3691 ( ago)

Author Harris Cole ( ago)
howed u get that

Author laughing7monkey ( ago)
@crazygamechis17 does it havea code

Author BigMike ( ago)
@MyTim1999 des isn mod sieht man doch :D

Author tom53332 ( ago)
how did you get this to work? what mods did you use?

Author Oliver V ( ago)

Author Sacto911 ( ago)
i was really expecting to be rick rolled. lol o the irony, the one time i
was expecting to be rick rolled and i wasnt

Author Rainingblood180 ( ago)
ok,, weres the cheat?

Author Ross Watson ( ago)
i want this

Author 0dSh ( ago)
was it a mod

Author TURKEI111 ( ago)
nice hack you have mod

Author GTAMaster482 ( ago)
@MrIMVUFreak By graphics, San Andreas owns GTA 4 for many things that are
not available in GTA IV =P

Author GTAMaster482 ( ago)
@TheAnimalman123 That is GTA4 dude, GTA San Andreas doesn´t have such
airport, planes, air traffic, graphics, and of course, gameplay =P

Author Cqub3 ( ago)
AT LEAST Tell us how!!

Author nick27ify ( ago)
ye right like u would be able to fly a plane that that and how come its not
making any noise

Author Bob Dabuilder ( ago)
Is that a mod

Author brasileirorusso ( ago)
No rick roll? Damn... I was so fucking expecting for that...

Author MrWESMAN22 ( ago)
Y do u ppl hav to do shit like tht all that u doing is showing off

Author Robert Cameron ( ago)

Author CJThorn ( ago)
@SS09998 its not a cheat its a mod

Author spencer baez ( ago)
whats the phone # of the cheat

Author Look ( ago)
A plane? That has the movements of an ovni

Author Seba Bin ( ago)
simple native player model adder -.- fuck u...!

Author AttentionWh0re ( ago)
why ur graphices SUCKS ASS???

Author 987dexter789 ( ago)

Author UltimateSuperChannel ( ago)
plz tell me this is on the PC!!!

Author ron19961 ( ago)
Is what number of this code?

Author cheapbucko45 ( ago)
next step, make it fire missiles =D

Author nicksmall1234 ( ago)
fuck you mod asshole

Author TheCarljohnsongta ( ago)
@number1xboxexpert yeah me too

Author pokedudejordan ( ago)
were can u get the airplane im trying to find it out but i cant

Author number1xboxexpert ( ago)
Iwas expecting to get rick rolled aswl!!!!! Thumbs up if u wer 2

Author Leo781100 ( ago)
how the hell do u do this?

Author tonycool45636 ( ago)
how u do cheat

Author thersaun18 ( ago)
Were did u get the plane can u do this on ps3

Author nickkillian4211 ( ago)
Respond to this video... how do u mod it

Author BGNTv ( ago)
its a fking mod

Author Andreas17fly ( ago)
How did you do this?!

Author Edris Delveccio ( ago)
please tell me how to get this !!!

Author Mf Bras ( ago)
@thebeastybeast1 me to :o

Author Riley35271cp ( ago)

Author John Golden ( ago)
Its a helicoptor with mods

Author Dan Starns ( ago)
@PlaystationArchfiend GTA : IV :)

Author leohasgonecrazy ( ago)
how do u install that mod for the 360

Author PlaystationArchfiend ( ago)
which GTA game is this on?

Author YingYangFro ( ago)
"Shamal" from GTA San Andreas?

Author TheSlayerman7 ( ago)
that plane is very zippy

Author chickenballs963 ( ago)

Author Lucas Kozynski ( ago)
Comment a tu fais pour le conduire ?

Author Comic Sans ( ago)
@thebeastybeast1 omg

Author stmo99 ( ago)
thats a cessna citation x1, lol private jet

Author Nich Rigga ( ago)
why the fuck there are no flyable planes in gta iv? there were many of them
in san andreas and now rockstar fucjed it up !!

Author Edris Delveccio ( ago)
Whats the cheat???????????????

Author Stormrage123 ( ago)
@812dan No cheat it's a mod.

Author TheUtahUtes ( ago)
whats the cheat

Author SnakeBigBoss24 ( ago)

Author Nokitfer ( ago)
@teamup2 You forgot to say that the car flies :)

Author luna violet ( ago)
wish it was on xbox (mod)

Author driverjackboy ( ago)
ok lol

Author JMazterV112 ( ago)
1:40 (pause) WTF!

Author LKRTM ( ago)
@driverjackboy A car with MODS!!!!

Author driverjackboy ( ago)
if its a car with a mod how come it can fly :S

Author bastien09b ( ago)
what is the cheat quel est le code

Author TheAntiHotShot ( ago)
its a fucking mod dick sucker

Author cx2583 ( ago)
Which mode are you play in GTA 4?

Author HaterBoy49779 ( ago)

Author MegaSkaterDog ( ago)
There is no cheat code you fuckin dick suckers

Author saxplayer07 ( ago)
Whats the cheat codes you dickweed?!?

Author Michael K ( ago)
ohhhhyuuue.... fucken dickhead malaka....

Author Latvian9514 ( ago)
@mentallywhacked you could actaully you know there is an mission in san
andreas where you have to fetch an plane and fly to liberty city you can
get out of the marcos bistro and walk around an ghost town

Author AlienMoon134 ( ago)
I wish all planes made as little sound as the one you're flying. xD

Author 1234weller ( ago)
where a bout

Author Dones Vienna ( ago)
And where is the cheat where is the plane!???

Author joedude967 ( ago)
obviously not a plane but it looks fucking sweet

Author ShawnieBoii21 ( ago)
@xMani389x yea, TLAD is fun but theres like dirt on your screen all the
time for the rough look but that annoys me, and plus TBoGT has better stuff

Author xMani389x ( ago)
@ShawnieBoii21 been watchin gameplays of TBOGT and it looks ffin awsome

Author ShawnieBoii21 ( ago)
@xMani389x yea, i like gta because even when u beat the game its fun to
fuck with taxis and shoot cops, and when you get an episode GET THE BALLAD

Author SimpleNEasy ( ago)
@mentallywhacked San andreassux -.- GTA IV OWNZ San Andreas :P

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