Mark Hamill story about Sir Alec Guinness pranking an extra on Star Wars A New Hope

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  • Jack M
    Jack M 3 hours ago

    i love haw un PC it is XD

  • coolguywookie
    coolguywookie 8 hours ago

    yoda voice: do. or do not. there is not try

  • Will Semple
    Will Semple 16 hours ago

    He was still very much the same Mark Hamill, even then!

  • dovegrey1
    dovegrey1 1 day ago

    He's telling this great story and Johnny almost seems to be a little dismissive of him, which is weird since he always gave a guest time to tell a good anecdote , unless he didn't like the guest that much. That wasn't the case here, I don't think, perhaps his segment was drawing to a close. Great story anyway!

  • Master Penquin
    Master Penquin 3 days ago

    wow, He actually is a really good story teller.. He makes you want to listen to every word hes about to say

  • Daddy1724
    Daddy1724 4 days ago

    WOW THAT WAS A HORRIBLE JOKE omg it was so long and contrived for that!! Jesus, johnny must've slit his wrists and then ripped him a new asshole after the cameras stopped.

  • Bob Ranch
    Bob Ranch 5 days ago

    Actually I found he was rambling and I lost interest. Even the host's body language was like "ok commercial break now."

  • Marek Výrostko
    Marek Výrostko 6 days ago

    When he says "Which small person is he?" He sounds like Obi-Wan... But the McGregor one.

  • Andy Pandy
    Andy Pandy 7 days ago

    he is on coke fo sure

  • MobiusBandwidth
    MobiusBandwidth 7 days ago

    great impression of Sir Alec, of course. Mark is awesome.

  • crithon
    crithon 8 days ago

    HE'S STILL THAT GUY!!!!!!! He will be and always will be a fanboy

  • ilikethisnamebetter

    When all of the contextual/theatrical bullshit is put aside - isn't this just a full-sized human male intimidating a small-sized human male?

  • NorthWriter
    NorthWriter 9 days ago

    They're talking about Jack Purvis, who played the chief Jawa, among other small characters.

  • mielr
    mielr 9 days ago

    Funny- never heard that story before.

  • Eric Cromwell
    Eric Cromwell 10 days ago

    That ... just sounds so cruel. I was hoping for a "and they actually got on famous after that" kind of addendum but no, ...

  • MrUndeadEd
    MrUndeadEd 10 days ago

    thats a joke you only tell when you coked up out of your mind

  • Eupolemos
    Eupolemos 10 days ago

    "Outta the way, PECK!"

  • Graham Upton
    Graham Upton 10 days ago

    He's talking about Jack Purvis, the partner of Kenny Baker (R2D2), who did a comedy act together before Star Wars. He appeared in Time Bandits as Wally.

  • winston smith
    winston smith 11 days ago

    Those were the days you will hear a great story with out plugging your new crappy movie that is coming out.
    I don't think I heard the words "Star Wars" in this video.
    Would have been great if they had that small comedian.

  • Geoff Dick
    Geoff Dick 12 days ago

    Am I the only one around here who thinks this isn't really that great of a story?

  • Johnny Nuke
    Johnny Nuke 12 days ago

    Even the actor for Obi Wan Kenobi is a troll

  • Christian Guerrero
    Christian Guerrero 12 days ago

    Hahahaha what a story Mark.

  • kyokogodai
    kyokogodai 12 days ago

    Terrible story. The lead up was decent, but the end was blah.

  • Johannes Liechtenauer

    Imagine using the words "dwarves" and "midgets" these days. Eeesh. What a simpler time.

  • Matthew Dolman
    Matthew Dolman 13 days ago

    That was the worst story ever

  • Bill Page
    Bill Page 13 days ago

    cool ps hes also a good cartyoon voice over the hobgoblin and hes does a good yodo voice like frank oz does

  • abramtaylor1
    abramtaylor1 14 days ago

    I think "Jack" refers to Jack Purvis.

  • PFCthomas Blackhawk
    PFCthomas Blackhawk 16 days ago

    I knew someone in my grammar School ( 2 years older than me)
    Coulda been Marks
    Same Hair
    Same eyes
    almost same face
    only younger

  • SonnyGTA
    SonnyGTA 16 days ago

    DWARFS!?!?!!? MIDGETS!?!?!?!? Today he would be CRUCIFIED by the screwball left!!!

  • Jayden Davies
    Jayden Davies 18 days ago

    Is anyone hearing this loud noise

  • Finaltits
    Finaltits 18 days ago

    *Test... to see if YTube is ghosting my comments.

  • Adam
    Adam 18 days ago

    Jack Purvis, I guess?

  • Lee kaberlein
    Lee kaberlein 19 days ago

    Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

  • Dave La Violette
    Dave La Violette 20 days ago

    The killing off of Alec Guinness is why I stopped with "Star Wars".

  • Craig LV
    Craig LV 20 days ago

    lol. alec guinness was a prankster aye ? good one. who woulda thunk it ?

  • argonnath2
    argonnath2 22 days ago

    But is this story canon anymore?

  • Slyguy threeonetwonine

    Oh Lord, he said Midget. If that would have been a 2016 interview SJW faggots would have literally murdered this poor kid in the streets.

  • Choe Jill
    Choe Jill 1 month ago

    I love it, midgets, i'm sick of how everyone in today's society is so soft, it makes me feel good when i hear this sort of thing, from when people didn't freak out over a simple choice of words.

  • Gavin F.
    Gavin F. 1 month ago

    The way he talks is so cringy

  • the truth
    the truth 1 month ago

    lol he said midget. had it been today. the letters/emails would flood in

  • SuperTwixter
    SuperTwixter 1 month ago

    His Alec impression was great.

  • Shadowkey392
    Shadowkey392 1 month ago


  • Justus272
    Justus272 1 month ago

    So much build up and such a lame punch line.

  • usctrojans001
    usctrojans001 1 month ago

    Mark and His Stories, the Best!

  • Fred Flintstone
    Fred Flintstone 1 month ago

    Johnny said "your going to do a sequel too I understand" HA! Wow! If he only knew!

  • Andres Vidal
    Andres Vidal 1 month ago


  • Erilis000
    Erilis000 1 month ago

    "You're gonna do a sequel too right?" "Yeah" "Fabulous, okay."

  • ObiWanBillKenobi
    ObiWanBillKenobi 1 month ago

    Hey, Johnny Carson mentions they were working on a sequel! I wonder how that turned out?

  • Atreyu Doomstone
    Atreyu Doomstone 1 month ago

    Golly gee Mark that is some awful hair lmao

  • Mon Key
    Mon Key 1 month ago

    Did he call them midgets?

  • Ant Man
    Ant Man 1 month ago

    theyre doing doing a sequel?!?!? theyre doing a sequel!!!!

  • ass
    ass 1 month ago

    Haha, you could say "midget" then

  • Bikewithlove
    Bikewithlove 1 month ago

    Hamill is as good a story teller as Joseph Campbell. Mark *is* Luke Skywalker.

  • Geoffrey Davis
    Geoffrey Davis 1 month ago

    The British, regardless of class, are delightful in the humor department. The Jack that Hamill was referring to was the late Jack Purvis.

  • Buzz James
    Buzz James 1 month ago

    I want that pin on his jacket! I remember that johnny used that all the time for his show.

  • Bipolar Gamer
    Bipolar Gamer 1 month ago

    Love this guy

  • GreedoUT
    GreedoUT 1 month ago

    He took the scenic route when telling that story. I almost bailed out about 3 minutes in.

  • AudieHolland
    AudieHolland 1 month ago

    The sarcastic little comedian Hamill was talking about, was *Jack Purvis.* If you want to get an idea what he was like, watch the movies "Time Bandits (1981)" where he starred again with Kenny Baker and a whole gang of midgets, and also "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988)" both by Python director Terry Gilliam.

  • Totalavulsion
    Totalavulsion 1 month ago

    That's the kind of behaviour which leads to the dark side

  • Mike Horne
    Mike Horne 1 month ago

    "You're gonna make a sequel to it then right?"

    If only you knew...

  • toourpad
    toourpad 1 month ago

    hes not mark , hes luke

  • Eric Muhlfelder
    Eric Muhlfelder 1 month ago


  • Oblithian
    Oblithian 1 month ago

    that was a pretty lame practical joke... maybe you had to be there.

    TANKSPLOSIONTUBE 1 month ago

    Carson could not WAIT for that story to be over.

  • Victoria Salguero
    Victoria Salguero 1 month ago

    I could listen to Mark Hamill telling me stories all day I love him so much

  • Seto's Girl
    Seto's Girl 1 month ago

    He was so handsome!

  • Xanton
    Xanton 1 month ago

    Saying "dwarves and midget" would equal the end of your career nowadays.

  • Akiza Izinski
    Akiza Izinski 1 month ago

    He kinda looks like that guy from star trek

  • Testikuski Testdriver


  • Not A Horse
    Not A Horse 1 month ago

    That is a crap practical joke.

  • Shannon Reynolds
    Shannon Reynolds 1 month ago

    Thank you for this. Alec Guinness allegedly HATE Star Wars, but I don't think it was because he hated the movie or what it was about or hated the fans or was even sorry that he had anything to do with it. I think it had more to do with that being the only part he would be remembered for and he really wanted young people to have an appreciation for Shakespeare and movies based on great literature and I think he was sad to see that change. He was, at the time, one of a great generation of British actors who loved the stage and classical type roles so calm down SW fans, it was not about the movie so much as wanting young viewers to place value on the classics as well.

    All the cast members adored him and he was a very good influence on them professional wife. I think I might be a little mad too if I had played such legendary characters and only remembered for one of them

  • GaryJoe21
    GaryJoe21 1 month ago

    Wow! A time when you could say dwarf

    SMODGE 1 month ago

    I thought he'd say something like: "Out of the way you must get" *waves hand*

  • Ай люблю людей

    3:09 Most intesting way to scratch balls.

    MADMAX 1 month ago

    Glad he corrected his dwarfs statement. All those midgets would've been pissed.

  • Elthenar
    Elthenar 1 month ago

    Wait, what?! DId Carson say they were going to do a Star Wars sequel?

  • teppolundgren
    teppolundgren 1 month ago

    Sir Alec should've pulled that one in his films as well.

    "Ah, the desert is a delicate flower, Lawrence...GET OUT! GET OUT OF MY WAY!!!!"

  • synysterjazmyngates
    synysterjazmyngates 1 month ago

    He's gotta be related to Sebastian Stan in some way, my goodness.

  • WarwickkkT101
    WarwickkkT101 1 month ago

    I guess you had to be there ha

  • Ninjaman195
    Ninjaman195 1 month ago

    What is the air date of this?

  • K ris
    K ris 1 month ago

    Great story, but unfortunately one that has to be edited to tell in today's world, sadly

  • Elliot Garner
    Elliot Garner 1 month ago

    I could listen to Mark telling me Star Wars stories for the rest of my days

  • JustWasted3HoursHere

    Kind of a long lead-in for a short pay off. Still, I love Mark. He's a genuinely great guy who always is interesting to listen to. Saw him at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando in April and he was just as great as he always is. Never too busy or tired to talk to a fan.


  • Joseph Mustakas
    Joseph Mustakas 1 month ago

    Pranking Midgets, Jeez Mark...

  • ConanCnutKicker
    ConanCnutKicker 1 month ago

    Never try to cut your own fringe.

  • Polybius
    Polybius 1 month ago

    Wonder if it was Jack Purvis. Always thought he was exceptional. There is a scene in Time Bandits where he really brings it with the acting. Great in all of Gilliams work.

  • Person Place
    Person Place 1 month ago

    He had a camel pin during BBC interview, now this one. Bet, he is a member of some secret club. No, not the I'm Luke club. Even though Luke, signifies Lucifer, the light-bearer.

  • Justin
    Justin 1 month ago

    And all the little dwarves had a gang bang with Carrie while she was face down in a pile of coke

  • Wyguy the French Fry

    RIP Jack Purvis

  • Ryan Knapp
    Ryan Knapp 1 month ago

    great story.. modern talk show hosts would never let a story run that long.. they'd feel the desperation to interrupt and make jokes constantly and change the subject. except Howard Stern...

  • Armin Sab
    Armin Sab 1 month ago

    Mark was made to play the part of the joker no makeup needed its the eyes and the movement and the voice and the arm and over the top personality its the Joke before he went all crazy

  • Z0mb1 Stuv
    Z0mb1 Stuv 1 month ago

    He actually does a good Alec Guinness impression.

  • ReturnOfJackDawson
    ReturnOfJackDawson 1 month ago

    Indeed great story teller!

  • Ryan Stube
    Ryan Stube 1 month ago

    His impression of Sir Alec Guinness, when talking about where Jack is, was spot on!

  • Anthony Visco
    Anthony Visco 1 month ago

    Johnny appeared to be very done with the story after about 3 seconds.

  • NLGamerrHD GT
    NLGamerrHD GT 1 month ago

    Run Luke Run

  • ChaizeRiley
    ChaizeRiley 1 month ago

    "You're going to do a sequel, I understand?" How 8 and counting

  • mother66
    mother66 1 month ago

    Johnny's like "Cool story, bro."

  • Arthur Yagami
    Arthur Yagami 1 month ago

    what I love here is that JOhnny Carson is not interrupting him every five seconds trying to tell another story, take note Jimmy Fallon

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