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Runtime: 9:59
Comments: 43915

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Author Rashid Farmer ( ago)
I feel sorry for Ian he always seems like the forgotten one.

Author Joey McCutchen ( ago)
Face down ass up that's the way I like to swim

Author janie tremblay ( ago)
How the animals swimmed😂😂😂😂😂i laughed so hard

Author Jason Patrick Briones ( ago)
5:41 O.O

Author MageSlayer 69 ( ago)

Author k a t i e ( ago)
i haven't laughed this hard in forever omfg

Author avmtheprogamer 2004 (rvmj399) (1307 years ago)
i thought it was gta5 lol

Author Anthony Verdin ( ago)
The one in the grey shirt my name is Anthony to

Author Lilac Studios ( ago)
Does anyone else think that the graphics in gta v have become ALOT better
over the course of 2 years, and that graphics in gta iv now suck compared
to the newer game?

Author Will Liam ( ago)
And Falcon Lover was born

Author Juju Banana ( ago)

Author Hannah Turner ( ago)
Lol the b word the f word and the s word are always censored on smoshes
channel and i dont think i actually heard the full word from ian or
anthonys mouth 😂😂😂😂

Author joachim soulere ( ago)
power rangers super samurai

Author Guy101 DJ ( ago)
Ian the funny one. What!?!? Its fuckin true!!!!!

Author Risky Person ( ago)
why the graphics is so low?

Author Nathan Page ( ago)

Author Portia Fernando (1288 years ago)
lmao when ian and pewdiepie escaped together and rode their car into the
sunset while anthony was third wheeling ahhaha

Author Dhanraj Bachan ( ago)
Ian,watch ur mouth!

Author Mangle The Fox (1199 years ago)
omg Anthony and Ian play with you?

Author RealSmiller ( ago)

Author 仲恩蔡 ( ago)
pedwie and smosh!!!

Author Harry Fairhead-Andrews ( ago)
How are u playing online with mods😕?

Author Kathryn Robertson ( ago)
drunk falcon lorde

Author Jules Thomaszweski (It's me Jules) ( ago)
Best dancing ever! BEST

Author chuck robertson ( ago)
-_- you suck at GTA 4 try XBOX 360 version [I'm not gonna tell you the
cheats lolz]

Author Vanessa Paolella ( ago)
Anthony's laugh though XDDD

Author aska dewa kharisma ( ago)

Author katy dillard ( ago)
I want to see the elephant and giraffe on a motorcycle lol

Author Ty Lewis ( ago)
I love it when you get to play with Amish

Author Little Angel ( ago)
Nice!!Make more videos with Smosh! <3

Author Autumn Clontz ( ago)
Their so funny 

Author Jeannie Durso ( ago)
Kids are watching your videos

Author Alina Pavlov ( ago)

Author Maria Valentina Vera ( ago)
The best video ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;)

Author Kelly-Anne M ( ago)
Usualy I laugh so hard at his gta vids but because I'm a sucker for animals
I almost cried ever time they either fell or died

Author Richard Venxao ( ago)
Мне жалко Йена, он так невписывается, реально, жаль...

Author Tania Martin ( ago)
I love you're episodes smosh

Author loopsie plays video games! ( ago)
Pewdiepie how did you play with them u want to get the game in the phone
but I don't know how plz help me :( :3

Author MePlayZGaming ( ago)
Why do you like men?

Author Corrie Stahlbaum ( ago)
Smosh is way better than you pewdiepie LOL

Author Phuc Thinh Nguyen ( ago)

Author Gg Chavez (345 years ago)
You guys are awesome together u guys made me laught at the 1st min

Author Валерия Зайцева ( ago)
Smosh in PewDiePie=♥️😍😍😍❤️😄♥️

Author Erin Washington ( ago)
Pewdiepie and smosh

Author Laila Abushabab ( ago)
holy shit the girrafe has an rpg run aaaaaaaaaa

Author Jamie Lucas ( ago)
Why console r u playing it on???????

Author Marielle Low ( ago)
Play gangster Vegas

Author Ann Fortune ( ago)
Brofist PewDiePie

Author Fantastic Ghost Guy ( ago)
I got to get this game, :-) 

Author Linda Rodriguez ( ago)
omg power rangers music

Author Jimmyholic ( ago)

Author mekhi keith ( ago)
what is this game

Author Putra Hajar ( ago)
I want to view news gta please

Author Amy Frost ( ago)
Anthony is named SmoshIdiot in the game XD

Author Michael Kreischer ( ago)

Author Victoria Bizzell ( ago)
What is marzias real name and middle name and last name?

Author vanina geoninatti ( ago)
Plus it's not weird without a beep

Author vanina geoninatti ( ago)
U guys should do a video to see who is the best lol

Author Rose Bush ( ago)
When they're swimming, they look like ducks getting fish

Author Isabel Nel (1818 years ago)
Love your videos pewdiepie

Author XxBiscuitxX ( ago)
Plz play GTA 5 with Smosh!

Author Raul Mayorga ( ago)
How do people turn to animals

Author Zelda _ ( ago)
With Anthony and Ian included, it went from Fabulous to Fantabulous

Author Maddi Bradshaw ( ago)
Pewds hair back then Yaaasssssss

Author Ryan Graf ( ago)
gta 4 looks like shit compared to gta 5

Author Swampfiremixup ( ago)
How do you get that music I mean power ranger music

Author Gaming Wolf ( ago)
u guys are seriously AWESOME

Author Gaming Wolf ( ago)
I almost died laughing :)

Author david bowker (1968 years ago)
You should've been a duck

Author Allan Davies ( ago)

Author Allan Davies ( ago)

Author Allan Davies ( ago)

Author Allan Davies ( ago)
Smosh plus Pewdiepie equals hilarious 

Author Faps4Life ( ago)
I love smosh and pewdiepie hope you make more vedios together

Author ZACK ( ago)

Author paynedface216 ( ago)
How are u an animal

Author Drew Ramirs ( ago)
7:45 nice pewds you got a new submarine xD

Author Isaiah Ortiz ( ago)

Author HPY JOY (275 years ago)
tears in my eyes so funny!

Author Talia Lack ( ago)
What's with fortyplum82 like umm

Author Max Getling ( ago)
And then they ditch Ian

Author Max Getling ( ago)
It's sad on Anthorny because he wants to teleport to them but no one cares

Author Jori Page ( ago)
i love how pewds act like a normal human being towards smosh xD

Author BadGamer719/ /BGSysteme ( ago)
me laugh-hahahahahahahahaauauaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh

Author random world ( ago)
Pewds is not using hacks there callex mods

Author Josipp Smenderovac ( ago)
What Server IP

Author Ali Bongo ( ago)
Did you use hacks cause if you did I'm unsubscribing I hope not

Author Youssef aiman ( ago)

Author Bryan Garfinkel ( ago)
So you using your real name

Author Nasir Vereen ( ago)

Author WAI WAI WAI ( ago)
Love you threeeeeeeeeee

Author Shenice Gosden ( ago)
Hahaha I mean pewds

Author Shenice Gosden ( ago)
Pewee and Smosh are the best together!!!

Author bboyzach c ( ago)
ol' school watchin in 2015, like...

Author Jamie Jenkins ( ago)
brofist 👊

Author Jamie Jenkins ( ago)
I love Anthony not ian

Author Jamie Jenkins ( ago)
Ian!? And Anthony

Author Marco Rodriguez ( ago)
make ep3

Author kikicupcake1000 ( ago)
I'm so sad :'( my elephant is dying!

Author Bobby Elliott ( ago)
Omg smosh and pewd !?!!!?!?!!????!!!!!

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