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Views: 12740550
Runtime: 9:59
Comments: 40076

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Author Hunter MLG TEM MLG pink sheep ( ago)
smosh and PewDiePie :D

Author I love pugs 15227 ( ago)
I play grand theath outo 4 and I am 8 hell yea

Author The Great Fairy ( ago)
Who's Watching in 2016

Author Thy Đean ( ago)

Author Sophie Sullivan AJ ( ago)
........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
..........''...\.......... _.·´
BROFIST ...........

Author THEBADASSGAMER 007 ( ago)
i rather gta 4 more then gta 5 how about you guys its more realistic you go
near a cop for 10 seconds in gta 5 he starts shooting at you

Author Von Karol Jozef Palma ( ago)

Author Von Karol Jozef Palma ( ago)
What do we do

Author Von Karol Jozef Palma ( ago)
Help me

Author Fred Robbert O Hara ( ago)
How's he got gta 4 online?

Author Gabriel Travis ( ago)
so xd 😂😂

Author Pipboy 101 ( ago)
Uncensored Smosh is the best smosh

Author drama alert [prankthegamer6] ( ago)
2013...back when Xbox was the new ps4

Author BRUH YOLO ( ago)
Play GTA V together please.

Author Boo Banga ( ago)
I know you PewDiePie

Author Jade Dameron ( ago)
boobing for dicks

Author viciousrhino43 43 ( ago)
bored and this came up, Pewddie playlist.

Author jorge jasis ( ago)
my two favorite YouTubers

Author Yepperdoodlecookies (Sophie) ( ago)
Holy shit, I found this vid again... So much nostalgia.

Author Pheonix The Majestic ( ago)
A giraffe with a harpoon. You should be afraid

Author Cesar Rodriguez ( ago)
its sad that Ian and Anthony don't play games on smosh games no more. They
just had to add those other annoying fucks to be in the show and take over
smosh games

Author Antny65 Theboss ( ago)
lolz my name Anthony 2

Author Miguel Brito ( ago)
Gta Zootopia

Author The Nightmare boy ( ago)

Author Martin Pedersen ( ago)
THIS is GTA 4?!!!

Author ROCKER GIRL ( ago)
Did anyone notice they all had the same hairstyle?

Author randomicy8 ( ago)
they have so similar personalities!

Author golden mokalu ( ago)
Emo hair everywhere

Author Bob Bob ( ago)
Who is watching this in 2016

Author Max Rodriguez ( ago)
French Tom and Florian Crevic (Bernie).

Author ThundeR 4Z4 ( ago)
When i use to watch him....

Author Sharkgames 123 ( ago)
Play gta 5

Author Cheaque ( ago)
im watching in 2016

Author Lady Cedilo ( ago)
I know that 4 people accidentally pressed the unlike

Author Madison Mcgrath ( ago)
Zootopia 2

Author Wolfy white 7667 ( ago)
so funny

Author Fenix Smith ( ago)

Author Veronica Violet ( ago)
I laughed too hard at this video

Author DeadSilent Gaming ( ago)
I find it ironic that Pewds transforms into Giraffe here and few years
later becomes Falcon Lord xD

Author kwebbelslam ( ago)
pewdiepie will you please make more gta 5

Author Ocean Boy ( ago)
Ian: I'm a horse in a house.

Author Stephanie C ( ago)
Anthony: "Is there way we can teleport so I can join you guys"
*sad music plays* ;-;

Author areyoukiddingmeeze ( ago)
Sausage fest stream. And those hairstyles scream "I take it up the

Author Dabbing Reggie ( ago)
I'm in the future

Author JaiBrooks No1Fan ( ago)
Plz do more of these coz they r so funny i was dying... Literally

Author Rodolfo Gonzales ( ago)
amazing video

Author agent killer ( ago)
lika boss:-D

Author Sai Sharma ( ago)
who is watching in 2016m

Author DDGamerSeeker ( ago)
That 12.5 million views though.

Author - izyac09 - ( ago)
please do a collab with DanAndPhilGames

Author Iecia Wilder ( ago)
Yo duds that was epic! any way I can join?

Author Ultimate Storm ( ago)
I never knew you could dp that in gta IV

Author Jan Donghil ( ago)
why is it smoshidiot?

Author Bryan Azarcon ( ago)
hahahahahahahahaha man this is the funnyiest video ever 🐶💎💖💟😺🐾👊🏻🔥

Author naz DALEY ( ago)
good times

Author Qwertyleader ( ago)
I remember when this was in my subscription box and me watching it.
pewdiepie was at 3 million at the time :') I was subbed right after to him.

Author Little Ninja ( ago)
Video was great

Author TheLegoCraftGuy999 ( ago)
Make this a series with smosh and call it Smosh Time

Author Cow ( ago)
does anyone know what mod their using

Author knight Guerra ( ago)
Anthony: why did u ditch me

Author Clarity ; ( ago)
Well I'll just go Fuck myself

Author Drunkz HaNDz ( ago)
And falcon lover was born

Author OutBurst Yt ( ago)
what GTA is this

Author Dhafa Bani ( ago)
Who watching in 2016????????

Author Jordan Bianchini ( ago)

Author TheDiamondTNT 101 ( ago)
when pewds was young...

Author TheXenomorph77 ( ago)
pewds return to these Vids again you will be a YouTube god

Author Flurd AJ ( ago)
this is better then watching zootopia :D

Author fury pet gamez ( ago)
smoosh. has there own movie

Author Karl Montes (1485 years ago)
I thought Ian and Anthony were beside each other for the longest time

Author Bethaney Mccarroll ( ago)
Omg, i love these guys. There are my life. I cry everyday for them.

Author Lee noneyabeeswax (906 years ago)
=X you wasted a perfectly good monster!!!!!!

Author Leo Churchill ( ago)
I am I love you smosh and paws

Author Harvey Snoring ( ago)
is that a ps2

Author Hella Hermansen ( ago)
And i do

Author Donoven Beardy ( ago)

Author Elizabeth D. ( ago)
I lost it at 6:53!

Author Luka Rastija ( ago)
who is watching thos in march 2016?

Author Jacob The Man ( ago)
I am

Author tim edwards ( ago)

Author freaky man ( ago)
Whats the song at 0:56?

Author freaky man ( ago)
Whats the song at 0:56?

Author Jacksep Ticuce ( ago)
Watch Trevger 3000 videos

Author David Nimmo ( ago)

Author Max Gascoigne ( ago)
Was that on the game cube because the graphics are crap unlike Xbox 360 and

Author Huebert James Tañon ( ago)

Author Giraffe Lover ( ago)
XD ts flcon lovr teh giradfe

Author Tristan Todd (1959 years ago)

Author rps ( ago)
why gta4 not gta5

Author Isabelle White ( ago)

Author SirenofBeauty Gaming ( ago)
Bring back Posh! PewDiePie+Smosh= Posh

Author Death Scythe ( ago)
Wtf I saw a boat in the strip club

Author xTWOGPlays ( ago)
This brings back so much memories!

Author trevor lambert ( ago)

Author Kiri Slack ( ago)
who doesn't give a shit when anyone is watching

Author Sunshine Eatz Waffles ( ago)
i love it

Author Maya Schaffer ( ago)
Wait, if the giraffe is Poods and the elephant is Ian, and the giraffe was
romantically leaning on the elephants shoulder..... NO! DO NOT WANT!

Author Debbie Rose ( ago)

Author leonard graffham (lenny the lion) ( ago)
this is the only way you will here smosh say shit

Author Hannah Wang ( ago)
Pewds looks so young!

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