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Runtime: 9:59
Comments: 44033

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Author Ramya mel ( ago)
Anthony's laugh😵😵😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Author mya ybarra ( ago)
Anthony's laugh is my religion

Author Filip Čorić ( ago)
hahaha i was dieing

Author Thomas Nadeau (280 years ago)

Author Montana Mullins ( ago)
You're awesome

Author Don Mosh ( ago)
Man U fuck the shit outta fun

Author Raad Hijazin ( ago)
Who is watching this in 2015 in December

Author Spring Trap // puprle guy // evil bunny ( ago)

Author TheFlameGamer13 YT ( ago)

Author Owen Taylor (Snowen25newo) ( ago)
git n a motercicle

Author Iman Ahmed ( ago)
Is the girraffe pewdie

Author Dawnheart Of ThunderClan (420 years ago)
lol I luv eans laugh!!! XD

Author Destiny (1534 years ago)
i love Anothonys' laugh

Author Mohammad Habibi ( ago)
pewdiepie is swidish he com from sweden

Author Mark U ( ago)
I was like nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo they took the song from my
childhood, then I was like its ok cuz its Pewds and Smosh

Author Phillie Plays Growtopia ( ago)
Poods+Anthony= OMFG HELL YES SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Remus Muntean ( ago)
in gta 5 I want this again

Author Elitist Gamer ( ago)
Do a motorcycle stunt montage like this.

Author bonster187 ( ago)
fuck fuck fuck fuck and holy shit

Author Spidey M ( ago)
2 you tubers i love

Author Charlie Hansen ( ago)
GTA 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 iwant gta

Author Charlie Hansen ( ago)
smosh end Pewdiepie ha

Author Psycho Videos ( ago)
I feel like smosh only cusses because of pewds

Author Judith Ramirez ( ago)
if pewdiepie said swear words in his language it would be a bit weird

Author Gigi Mchedlishvili ( ago)
That's cool with you pewdiepie *punch*

Author Alhussein Nasser ( ago)
Are you doing a micrafnt video

Author Dancel Magistrado ( ago)
the water part was kinda funny

Author Παπαστρούμφ Productions ( ago)
Ian reminds me of Will Ferrell for an unknown reason... :P

Author Zander Fisher ( ago)
pews crowded

Author Carly Kolka (402 years ago)
How are they playing multiplayer 

Author Mariell Gullestad ( ago)
these videos were so fun cx

Author Deez Nuts ( ago)
ahhahhah its funny

Author cole merrick ( ago)
like this commet ^ ^

Author 501sniper king ( ago)
moslty all the cars on here is on gta5

Author kevonne dennis ( ago)
i laughed so hard when they fell in the water with the cars XD

Author Leah Boulton ( ago)

Author Little Cookie ( ago)
I just love Ian's intro and outfit for his character XD

Author craig hallam ( ago)
fuck fuck

Author Valarayy ( ago)
"let's go f*ck some sh*t up"


Author iheartsparkles126 Productions ( ago)
Omg they all look alike. o-o

Author derick alfon delos santos ( ago)
1:14 oh i know why falcon lover is a giraffe because pood's suit is
a...youknowitbit c. h

Author Chris Robles ( ago)

Author TO GUY SHOW ( ago)
Hi lan and pewdiepie

Author pure gaming dk ( ago)
why are they not playing together anymore. i think they should make a gta v
vid together

Author bigjavie201 ( ago)

Author Macko ( ago)
is this real if so omg

Author Samuel Mota ( ago)
you should do more of this

Author Daffy Duck ( ago)
is that guy pewdiepie is playing with is from a tv show or a movie

Author Justin Reynolds ( ago)
pewdiepie broarmy

Author Justin Reynolds ( ago)
call of duty

Author Justin Reynolds ( ago)
help me senpa

Author Justin Reynolds ( ago)

Author Paul Kautz ( ago)

Author Sava Urosevic ( ago)
What kinda shitty pc were you using to play this game, and by the way, did
you use a patch to lower the graphics or....

Author kenneybear 123 ( ago)
Anthony was twerking in the car with pewds

Author luna ( ago)
so is everyone going to ignore the boat that spawned in the strip club

Author Karlaissorandom Roblox and more! ( ago)

Author Tomas Zakrocki ( ago)
pewdiepie = falcon lover confirmed

Author raymond22906 ( ago)

Author Molly Williams ( ago)
This is super fan girly and shit but I cry when I see smosh and pewds

Author Bizarre Bee ( ago)
+Ohlin Lindisir

Author Splitsecond Gaming ( ago)
Pews turned into a giraffe before falcon lover even existed

Author Repairedcomic64 ( ago)
I didn't even know about this video o.o

Author Repairedcomic64 ( ago)
I didn't even know about this video o.o

Author abby ebalo ( ago)
animals using guns hahahahah

Author abby ebalo ( ago)
when the giraffe and the elephant drived i lost it

Author Sebastian Dela Cruz ( ago)
I love Anthony

Author vanina geoninatti ( ago)
This is hillarious :3

Author Ellen Nilsson (907 years ago)
wtf is it with pewds tail?😂älskar dig❤

Author martha cendejas ( ago)
How does his ass smell like? ;)

Author Ruben Lerma ( ago)
it's like bumper cars

Author RandomCreations4Fun :D ( ago)

Author DarkSide381 ( ago)
The 3 have the same haircut

Author Vasilisa Shcherbakova ( ago)
Those laughs are awesome XD

Author Delilah Roman ( ago)
i know huh

Author Jerrie Wells ( ago)
make more gta5

Author Mallory Youngblood ( ago)
that was so funny

Author Haysmith88 PS4 ( ago)
You mod

Author xmanalex20 ( ago)
I didnt know Chipotlé was ...real... in 2013.

Author Jacob Kalandjian ( ago)
Notice me SENPAII!!!!!!!

Author Lemu Nio ( ago)
Why is this in the GMOD Playlist..

Author DuhBrosifGames ( ago)
Falcon lover was alive even before knew it

Author Rashid Farmer ( ago)
I feel sorry for Ian he always seems like the forgotten one.

Author Joey McCutchen ( ago)
Face down ass up that's the way I like to swim

Author janie tremblay ( ago)
How the animals swimmed😂😂😂😂😂i laughed so hard

Author Jason Patrick Briones ( ago)
5:41 O.O

Author TRiX HD ( ago)

Author girl almighty ( ago)
i haven't laughed this hard in forever omfg

Author avmtheprogamer 2004 (rvmj399) (1307 years ago)
i thought it was gta5 lol

Author Anthony Verdin ( ago)
The one in the grey shirt my name is Anthony to

Author DashGaming ( ago)
Does anyone else think that the graphics in gta v have become ALOT better
over the course of 2 years, and that graphics in gta iv now suck compared
to the newer game?

Author Will Liam ( ago)
And Falcon Lover was born

Author Mistress ( ago)

Author Hannah Turner ( ago)
Lol the b word the f word and the s word are always censored on smoshes
channel and i dont think i actually heard the full word from ian or
anthonys mouth 😂😂😂😂

Author joachim soulere ( ago)
power rangers super samurai

Author Guy101 DJ ( ago)
Ian the funny one. What!?!? Its fuckin true!!!!!

Author Risky Normal ( ago)
why the graphics is so low?

Author Nathan Page ( ago)

Author Portia Fernando (1288 years ago)
lmao when ian and pewdiepie escaped together and rode their car into the
sunset while anthony was third wheeling ahhaha

Author Dhanraj Bachan ( ago)
Ian,watch ur mouth!

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