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Views: 10,458,935
Added: 1 year
Runtime: 9:59
Comments: 43048

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Uploaded by: PewDiePie
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Author taltigolt (1 month)
back when people cared about what i did on youtube those were the days :(

Author Abdul Majeed (3 months)
Why there are fucking animals

Author Johnious zaf (3 months)
Gta v is better

Author Fabulous Tom Cat (4 months)
I was 8 when this was uploaded...

Author widi ananda utami (4 months)
why pewdie hate smosh at all, they never been mean all the time or tricked

Author UndeadCowboy (7 months)
How do you turn into animals? is it a cheat code? 

Author Anabel Alvarez (6 months)
too funny

Author demolisher7778 (4 months)
If you look extremely closely, you could see a mod being used

Author Madeline Vlam (7 months)
Love the romance 

Author SirJamesStark (2 months)
This video is definitive proof that there is no god 

Author Lucy Heartfilia (4 months)
I laughed so hard at this omfg xDDD 

Author Asen Georgiev (6 months)
If you look closely, you can see that there are mods installed. 

Author Mr. Belić (3 months)
Nice video! Uzivao sam!

Author JENNY skyler (5 months)
2 outta my 10 favorite gamers in one spot! this is more then heaven!!! :D

Author KonMar (6 months)
Smosh takes away from the Pewds :(

Author Malary Monroe (5 months)
+PewDiePie you should make part 2 this was really cool and funny!

Author katrina deemeow (4 months)
Is it just me or does ian have a toeto hat?

Author StormyCloudySky (4 months)
At around 4:55, Ian and Pewds are having too much fun to notice that
Anthony is trying to talk to them. Haha.

Author Emily Buckler (4 months)
XD i could not stop laughing! :3 <3 x

Author 13psychogirl (5 months)
GIRAFFE DOWN GIRAFFE DOWN ( probably miss spelled that)

Author Red Spy (2 months)
Team Animals Go! Girabro go! Eleyan go! Horsthony go! Team Animals

Author TheMCzorro (5 days)
I've finally heard smosh swearing. But they still sound better when bleeped

Author TheHardstyleMusiczᴴᴰ (10 days)
Hey, it's Falcon Lover in GTA!

Author Baby jack (7 days)

Author Monique Cabuenas (8 days)
lol i was just playing gta 5 two hours ago

Author Joe ZQ (6 months)
do gta 5 also do like funny moments...since thats what i post on my channel
and i know a lot of ppl like funny moments

Author MoonPlayz (16 days)
Lol when pewds turned Into a giraffe I thought of falcon lover

Author iGamer (15 days)
Pewdiepie plays as, Falcon Lover

Author MinniePlayz (17 days)
Pause it on 5:22 XD XD XD 

Author Diamond Heart (21 day)
1:09 its falcon lover!

Author mlp lunalover (25 days)

Author ❤KawaiiPinkiePieIsKawaii❤ (3 months)

Author Mohammad Alshawabkeh (23 days)
Oh smosh

Author 53Spawn (4 months)
I don't know why but once Pewds turned into the giraffe, I instantly
thought of Kaku. LOL

Author Eden Collier (2 months)
this is very funny :)

Author Ariana Syazwani (1 month)
more more more please!

Author The Gamer993 (3 months)
hahaha ! that should be included in GOAT Simulator, driving simulator :P 

Author MOE jokers (6 months)
look at your hair

Author Brianna Uphoff (8 months)
while pewds was driving it looked like the horse was giving pewds a blow
jod that's hilarious

Author Claire WatsonBear (1 month)
I watch this video when I'm sad it's makes everything better

Author blackbook668 (5 months)
Hotline Miami, bitches!

Author ShinRanLove4ever (4 months)
A giraffe with a gun?? Lol lol lol XD

Author MrSanfrinsisco (3 months)
........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
..........''...\.......... _.·´
BROFIST ...........

Author Hayden Mckelvey (1 month)
why then have hacks on -.- not cool man not cool

Author Aryan Yadav (7 months)

Author TheLuishady (6 months)
Almost 20 million subs :) by tomorrow he'll have 2000000

Author Eric W. (4 months)
Gangsta giraffe with a gun LMAO

Author Magma Filmz (4 months)
Its a Zehorseephat!!!

Author Miracle Worker (3 months)
I couldn't stop laughing XD

Author SamCaceda20 (2 months)
I laughed so hard I loved it 

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