Tv9 - Mother Mary opens eyes - Part 1

Mother Mery opens her eyes in West Godavari district, World Wonder in West Godavari district, Mother of Jesus, Mary Matha opens eyes in Chebrolu RCM church

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Author SEEKER8558 (2 days)
It's in the Bible people,Look up 1st Charlatonians 4:20. How ignorant can
you be? Who thou shalt watcheth the mothers eyes. For when they are
revealed the lanfarbs will appear on the one eyed beast to proclaim here to
all humanity. The Mother of the highest will descend to capture power from
the Mahilikites,and wrest the wickedness to its final resting place,in the
fiery lake Okeychoby,on the first Sabbath following the 100th moon of god's

Author Walk in The Shem (3 days)
Revelations 13:15
"It was given to him to give breath to it, to the image of the beast, that
the image of the beast should both speak"

Author Chris Gemmell (9 days)
The devil is playing with these people like a cat with a dead mouse.

Author BSmenot (18 days)
Lying signs and wonders. What a crock of horse hockey.

Author Kishore Babu Yarlapati (23 days)
chi avathaliki po

Author 7000ironman (2 months)
warning to you statute worshipers!!
you people better get a grip on what you're worshiping! that catholic
religion has you people fooled to no end!! God said you shall know then by
the fruits they bear!
1) bow to the pope, kiss his ring-God said bow to NO man
2) catholic church changed the sabbath from saturday to sunday-GOD said
remember the sabbath and keep it holy!
3) catholic church changed the beginning of the new year from spring (the
beginning of life) to the dead of winter!
4) forbidden to marry when some of the the disciples of JESUS was married
and catholic priest are going around raping young boys!
5) calling the pope FATHER OR HOLY FATHER when GOD himself tells you not to
call anyone that (save your actually talking to your real father and not in
a biblical sense! there is only 1 true FATHER and thats GOD!
6) bowing down to statues of mary and Jesus when God tells you plain as day
DO NOT BOW OR WORSHIP GRAVEN IMAGES!! yet you do it anyway!
7) there are no ghost of people because the dead is sleep (wake up,
lazarus) and does not know what the living is doing. if there was ghost
then there would be no need to blow the trumpet to wake the dead up!
GOD Has a true church and satan has a true church...guess which one your

Author Riyaz Ahamed (2 months)
Who is Mary's mother and father?

Author Cyborg Lincoln (4 months)
Nothing more than churches faking miracles in order to gain publicity and
of course, the all mighty dollar. 

Author Riyaz Ahamed (2 months)
Worship The Lord of Jesus and Mary. Worship the true unseen god Allah
mentioned in old, new and final testaments 

Author RAJESH CHOWDARY (7 days)
fuck off Indian Christian's fools mother fucker's totally live's in
India but ------ i cant say ---- tinedi india lo undedi india lo all
Christians is mixed sons (xxx) 

Author Seth Hanson (16 days)
A statue cannot open its eyes.

Author Religious Sky Art (1 month)
This would be more believable to we non-india speaking people if we had
seen the face with the eyes closed, even an image for me to believe.

Author joshi mjumdar (20 days)

Author denis forman (3 months)

Author Protagonist (3 months)
Here are some exact truths that will shape your life;

-God is not real, religions are a form of control (lie)
+Abandon superstitions and stop supporting this abusive industry.
-Avoid hurting others (and animals) for a better moral code.
+Praying and believing in miracles are mental masturbation. Which gives you
no benefit (other than fooling yourself)
-Enjoy your life while still you can.

Author Heidi K. (2 months)
STOP THIS! GOD hates idolatry. Repent and ask for forgiveness in the name
of our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST.

Author jobin padikal (1 month)
fucker muslims ask u will get seek u will find the answer bible was written
about 5000 year ago and quran is written about 1500 year a go u r messenger
muhammed nabi came and died and marries 9 women one was his own sons wife
muslims offerd that we worship same god fuckers muslims turn or burn in
quran it is written u can have sex with u r daughter u r all lier
motherfucker get away from us

Author ResurrectionChannel (2 months)
Prease play for these people. In all honesty they want Truth, but are being

Author goodwilj (1 month)
what an imagination. Next thing you know they will see monkey flying out of
her butt.

Author jose visueth (4 months)
if people only knew what is behine every saint statue as they call it. if
they knew. they will never ever bow to it . there is just one God the
creator of everything only one die for all of us jesus christ. 

Author sherylsb smith (1 month)
once again, I saw nothing. the eyes were already open. god said not to
worship false idols. I statue is a statue. nothing more.

Author Shinitha Ebenezer (3 months)
this is not impossible...

Author thevasahayam santhanpillai (2 months)
AVE MARIA. Mr.Cybrog Linclon please remember that the only God JESUS
CHRIST created u and with the holy womb of Mary , JESUS had been born so
don't neglect the faith of people. {people of JESUS CHRIST}

Author dan tran (3 months)
Is it not so post to be open? Or what ? Tell me

Author roronoa zoro (2 months)
how irony when ppl worship things they created themselves. one day a man
changes the condition of the statue (from eyes closed to opened), the next
morning ppl are excited of a miracle. how DUMB. i'd say how the trees yield
fruits is much more amazing. is that ugly funny looking statue the virgin
mary? haha

Author Nikki Queen (3 months)
sick people

Author Santos Johnny (5 months)
Our blessed Virgin Mary is the mother of God and we catholics do not
worship her we honor her just as Jesus did

Author Isabel Daniel (1 month)
Jesus had heard more than this when he lived.. no one believed him when he
lived.. that's y he was condemned to death... no wander every one hates him
now too..

Author Billa Bhanu (1 month)

Author Jk gunta (1 month)
Title is bad but evry thng ok....
Tv 9 stamp is thr... God bless tv 9

Author in Dogs We Trust (26 days)
Someone Told Me She's Pregnant Again..................... She's Sex
Addict, First Come First Serve......................

Author joy panikulam (5 months)
Mother Mary open your eyes to son Joseph Joy who is 29 years old,without
speech and without brain developments.
Joy Panikulam

Author Chris Stone (2 months)
Do not worship idols!

Author marie traub (5 months)

Author marie traub (5 months)

Author andicatz (8 months)
Only simple minds would think Catholics are worshipping statues...for
goodness sake..they are symbolic.

Author andicatz (7 months)
Firstly I am not a dude. Secondly I trust the word of our Pope and not your
interpretation (of which there are many). So live by your beliefs but trust
me you are not going to change the views of millions of Catholics. Peace

Author wguillaume98 (9 months)

Author dwiadiful (5 months)
Somebody change that head of the statue yesterday before

Author Caritatis1 (6 months)

Author Tibly (9 months)
"I do not like you. You just called my mother an idol." Jesus probably
would have said the same. Being god doesn't mean being Ignorance. Being God
means he would understand each of us deep inside. Do you know who is God?
God is love. Jesus Christ life just did not end on the cross. He wants us
to walked the same path as him. And Saint Francis, Saint Anthony, and saint
Padre Pio have accomplished it. Can you? No u can't with your shallow mind.

Author andicatz (8 months)
The letter of the law? The general meaning of the law? Come on..don't be so
closed minded.

Author Necy86 (5 months)
Engraving images and worshiping idol that are on earth!! Breaking the

Author Rob Odhiambo (1 year)
Yeah, plus Anything that one loves more than Jesus is an idol. if i love
work more than going to church then my work is my idol. Angels in all their
glory refused anyone to bow before them but Many People bow before statues
of 'Mary' and 'Jesus' while the Bible forbids making images of anything in
heaven, on earth or under the earth. I deeply respect Mary but The Bible
says that the only name given to man for salvation is the name of Jesus

Author Dhananjay Shah (5 months)
Statue have move before one day

Author wguillaume98 (8 months)
I don't know if you are aware of this but hell is not symbolic. There is
nothing metaphoric about it. I think is wiser to see what God word says
about these things first then walking in complete darkness with everyone
else and realize you can't undo your mistakes at the last minute. As a
Christian I find it very disturbing that when I talk too Catholics about
God word that they all get in defense mode like a vampire to a cross. If
you say you follow God then first start with what God said.

Author GREEKgangsta15 (5 months)
No one is worshipping idols. That's bearing false witness and is a grave
sin my friend. FYI Christians have venerated Mary and the saints as well as
honored pictures and relics since the earliest days of the church. Dont
listen to the lies your anti-catholic pastor tells you. Go research it
yourself. GOD bless

Author Soundwave0078 (6 months)
So when the fuk did she open them ? Stupidity goes a long with wit y'all !
How Fukin sad ..

Author dougal333 (9 months)
ya'll don't think they simply switched statues? lol

Author myspaceLOVERZ (11 months)
What the fuck is Mother Mary doing in India?

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