Mother Mary opens eyes - Part 1 - Tv9

Mother Mery opens her eyes in West Godavari district, World Wonder in West Godavari district, Mother of Jesus, Mary Matha opens eyes in Chebrolu RCM church

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Author Nuno Baptista ( ago)
a humanity divided is the perfect meal for predator and parasite
doubt it?you haven't been on youtube for long then.

Author tulasi praba ( ago)
amma andharini ellage kapadamamma 

Author Leonara Jerusalem ( ago)
This kind of superstition will bring people far from the true GOD.

Author mike turner ( ago)
actually you don't have to read but a couple sentences of the Bible to know
that worshiping statues doesn't please God and doesn't help man.

Author Judith Peters ( ago)
REad the 10 commandments

Author Judith Peters ( ago)
It is wrong to pray to statues

Author Rockman Nagasaki ( ago)
wait virgin mary is in India?

Author Vendore amma mathavu ( ago)
No true Roman Catholic worship any idols.Its against the Holy
Commandmends.We keep them as a that we can remember our Mother
Mary.There is one one and only one god.Lord Jesus.Mother Mary intercede for
us to our lord.Ave Maria.there is not even a single prayer which say we
worship mother Mary.

Author Guilliano Francais ( ago)
Hahaha u guys, u know why i dnt answer anyone of uz. Bcoz i have not been
baptized by the Holy Spirit, u dmt even know wots that, and u
misinterpreted the Bible. Gal 1:8~9, uve been accursed. God has mercy on
uz. God told me to do video for lost people as you are, choose whatever
video you wish and listen and be blessed in Christ. 

Author Charles Ferdinand ( ago)
What is Apu saying? Could someone translate?

Author Lena (팬케이크) ( ago)
there is NO angel opening the statues eyes, only an evil spirit can take
over empty statues and dolls

Author Melvin Toni ( ago)
Poor idol worshipper
Sure its eyes open, because devil possess it
Check your bible, it said not to create any graven image, poor bastard 

Author Chau Hoang ( ago)

Author lifer195 ( ago)
She opened her eyes in horror to see a catholic peadophile priest getting a
blowjob from a choir boy.

Author CaribbeanGuy Trinbago ( ago)
The volume level of this video is poor; please correct so that the message
is heard

Author kripa kripa ( ago)
Please, don't try to make fool the public

Author Irudya Rubus ( ago)

Author GREEKgangsta15 ( ago)
No one is worshipping idols. That's bearing false witness and is a grave
sin my friend. FYI Christians have venerated Mary and the saints as well as
honored pictures and relics since the earliest days of the church. Dont
listen to the lies your anti-catholic pastor tells you. Go research it
yourself. GOD bless

Author Dhananjay Shah ( ago)
Statue have move before one day

Author Colleen Braun ( ago)
God gave us His only son to save all of us. He used Our Blessed Mother
Mary. Jesus told us to honor her and that she is our mother, as He was
dying on the cross. Mary always leads us back to God & Jesus. Let the whole
world honor Our Blessed Virgin MARY OUR MOTHER.

Author dwiadiful ( ago)
Somebody change that head of the statue yesterday before

Author Maria F ( ago)
Virgin Mary blessed are you among women and bless is the fruit of your womb
Jesus. Please indonesisn translatione or english translatione. Thank.

Author Cecilraja Reddimasi ( ago)

Author Necy86 ( ago)
Engraving images and worshiping idol that are on earth!! Breaking the

Author Soundwave0078 ( ago)
So when the fuk did she open them ? Stupidity goes a long with wit y'all !
How Fukin sad ..

Author TaZeRzFR ( ago)
this is satan ! God help the people !

Author wguillaume Acts 17:11 ( ago)
My absolute pleasure & God bless you.

Author irene evans ( ago)
what are we supposed to be seeing.her eyes were already opened .I did not
see anything don't get,does any one else,she looks a bit cross euyed to me

Author Caritatis1 ( ago)

Author 2006fififofo ( ago)
What happened? Can't you see that the "virgin" Mary is peeing and farting?

Author Justin OJ ( ago)
what happned actualllyy??

Author CQN APDN ( ago)
Not every miracles God made through Jesus is in the Bible. That's the truth.

Author Joseph Mahender ( ago)
This is non-sense.. It's a lie from satan.. Jesus is the only Truth, the
Way, and the Life.. Mary is just a blessed woman on the earth.. Jesus is
the Lord.. Don't be the victim of these lies people. God of scriptures is
the only Truth, not His images, not His earthly mother, nor His idols..
Know and worship the God of scriptures, not idols, nor mary, nor the images
of Jesus, nor the idols of Jesus..

Author Braindead Lincoln ( ago)
God speaks english, the bible is in english, i am englandish, SPEAK FUCKING

Author Kevin Silva ( ago)
There should be a picture of the Virgin Mary statue's eyes closed

Author wguillaume Acts 17:11 ( ago)
One more thing here is a link for why the Bible Is Our Highest Authority.
Don't worry its not a sermon its only 2 mins but I've heard this guys
sermons and he's really good not boring at all his name is Mark Driscoll &
he doesn't sugar coat the gospel of Jesus Christ but takes it seriously &
teaches it relevantly. And if you like what you hear check out his videos
as well & even his churches website. So again take care & be bless. :)

Author wguillaume Acts 17:11 ( ago)
Don't let anyone deceive you in believing you can't know God for yourself.
That my sister is a lie from Satan. Jesus died for you so that he could
have relationship with you. So may the Lord keep and your family all the
days of your life and may his perfect love rest in you for eternity.
Remember, the truth is found in Christ Jesus and the Word of God reveals
the truth about Jesus to us. Happy Reading! :) and be bless.

Author wguillaume Acts 17:11 ( ago)
Yes he has given us leaders to Shepard us but he first gave us his Holy
Spirit to " you into all the truth." (John 16:13) Our leaders can
only do the best they can because they are only human. But Jesus can never
fail us or forsake us. I promise to keep you in my prayers because I know
the Lord loves you and will always keep you. I will also pray that he will
help you encounters other Christians who know and love him to encourage you
as well.

Author wguillaume Acts 17:11 ( ago)
I understand, & forgive me if I gave a false impression of Jesus. I try to
be less protestant the more Christ like but I tend to fail at times,
thankfully God is full of grace & mercy. As Christians a persons soul is
serious business we should know that Jesus did not die in vain, but he
resurrected hope for the world to save from man from sin. It would be in
bad conscious let people to think that God would leave his children father
& without direction. Jesus "I will not leave you as orphans..."

Author andicatz ( ago)
Apology accepted. I am sorry also for the tone of some of my responses. The
truth is, no one knows the truth. Until the second coming of Christ.

Author wguillaume Acts 17:11 ( ago)
I apologize for assuming your gender that wasn't intentional. But you got
is wrong in trusting in the Popes interpretation only, you can trust God.
Jesus said “I am the way & the truth & the life. No one comes to the Father
except through me." I am sure you don't need a interpretation in what Jesus
means by this. Also the Psalmist said this "Do not put your trust in
princes, in human beings, who cannot save." I trust that was clear. The
Pope can't save you only God, trust in him & his word.

Author andicatz ( ago)
Firstly I am not a dude. Secondly I trust the word of our Pope and not your
interpretation (of which there are many). So live by your beliefs but trust
me you are not going to change the views of millions of Catholics. Peace

Author wguillaume Acts 17:11 ( ago)
Hosea 4:6 says "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because you
have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you, that you shall be no
priest to me: seeing you have forgotten the law of your God, I will also
forget your children." If you don't know what the Gospel is that Jesus
preached then open your bible & read it, if you can't understand it ask the
Holy Spirit of God to reveal it to you. Even though I keep repeating myself
on this channel I pray at least one of you will obey God.

Author wguillaume Acts 17:11 ( ago)
Dude, you are mistaken I am no religious fanatic I just love Jesus the one
who gave his life for me on the cross & I believe the words he speak. Also
you claim I am judging you I am not the one judging you Jesus is, I quote
from his words not my own and his words are not to hard to understand. If
you don't like what Jesus has to say then don't call yourself a believer of
his because if you loved him you would really obey him (John 14:15). Repent
& believe in the Gospel of Jesus!

Author andicatz ( ago)
You are a religious fanatic, stop judging other people. It does not make
you holier than thou.

Author andicatz ( ago)
I think you are in a very small group who believe they are right. I suppose
you worship on your own then, because walk into any Christian church you
will see the statues and you call this breaking the law? Which law is that?
Oh please don't quote your interpretation. It's off the wall.

Author trianamiamor ( ago)
Exactly my friend! If this people were Muslims, they would of tried to kill
people by strapping explosives around their waist, just because people
don't believe like them.! Religion with out brains is dangerous!!!

Author m sp ( ago)
that's right you cant worship fake figure made of clay or plaster

Author Dragon ( ago)
This has be proven as fraud as have many other SO CALLED miracles. The Mary
Mother Miracle Statue is becoming a Christian Cliche. Other miracles -
melting statues - crying statues,- the famous DNA found in blood and so on
- as scientists point out - wow we now have the DNA of the Mother or Jesus
of Nazareth - then when they ask if they can compare samples from priests,
bishops and churchgoers in that area just as MIRACULOUSLY some of the
either don't show or refuse for some jacked up reason!

Author ShalomarPoom68 ( ago)

Author wguillaume Acts 17:11 ( ago)
There is no excuse for being ignorant. God left instruction for you to
follow listen to him. The reason why the catholic church says gay marriage
is not of God is because of the bibles opposition of homosexuality. And if
one day your leader says homosexuality is of ok you should be able to say:
No! that's not what God says. If you say you are Christians then your first
allegiance is to Christ Jesus our Lord & not men. So if God rejects
something you should be right behind God as well.

Author andicatz ( ago)
You are a good man. Keep to your path. If only more men were like you we
would live in a peaceful abundant world. Arguments concerning religion and
religious practices have caused wars not only of words.

Author wguillaume Acts 17:11 ( ago)
No human being can judge a persons heart but they can judge their actions.
And if as a "Christians" you say you can bow to inanimate objects, kiss
them, pray to them, etc. and then say Jesus is ok with that DARN RIGHT you
are going to get judged by other Christians for that. The same way a
Catholic will judge a Christians for rejecting a sin-filled, man made
papacy. When you start associating Jesus' name in pagan practices expect to
be challenge.

Author wguillaume Acts 17:11 ( ago)
Who told you to interpret the bible in your own understanding. The holy
spirit of God is the only one who can reveal the truth of God. (John 16) He
reveals the truth & convicts the world of sin. Your argument is so typical
of people who reject the truth. The minute a christian says "God says this"
people say your bullying. Well like I said before your issue is not with me
its with God. When Jesus "said repent the kingdom of God is at hand" was he
a bully too.

Author trianamiamor ( ago)
Exactly my friend! These people think we are still leaving in the time of
the cave man!!!! We worship what they represent, not the stone or
plaster!!!! For God's sake people used your brains!!!!

Author trianamiamor ( ago)
I'm not ignoring what Jesus is saying, because I don't quote the bible to
my own interpretation, and yes I know Jesus is the Word of God by which
everything was created, but I know that by the tradition I was thought in
HIS Church not by reading bibles, remember this truth was entrusted to the
apostles and after then down to His Church, that's why I know my faith in
him is not going to be corrupted my own feelings and interpretations

Author trianamiamor ( ago)
not like you people that, goes around judging everybody putting your ego
self in the judgment seat of God!!! Because you don't know what is in every
person's hart only God!. I know I'm following Him the correct way because
His Church is helping me to follow him not by my own interpretation and
feelings but of scriptures but buy the "Tradition" and this word is with
capital "T"His Church received by the apostles and the first

Author trianamiamor ( ago)
1st to the CORINTHIANS 23 For I received from the Lord that which I also
delivered to you, that the Lord Jesus in the night in which He was betrayed
took bread; 24 and when He had given thanks, He broke it and said, "This is
My body, which is for you; do this in remembrance of Me." 25 In the same
way He took the cup also after supper, saying, "This cup is the new
covenant in My blood; do this, as often as you drink it, in remembrance of

Author trianamiamor ( ago)
First I receive him in my heart, then I learn to walk in discipleship, only
in His Church I know I can learn to be a true disciple But not buy
interpreting the bible with my own understanding, and becoming a bully
judgmental Christian I don't think I'll become any kind of a follower of

Author wguillaume Acts 17:11 ( ago)
Look if are going to follow Jesus the follow him by doing what he says if
you are going to follow men who can't save themselves then don't be
surprise where you end up. Christians who speak against the practices of
the catholic church do it so that people don't perish. The bible is not
against leadership is just against the bad ones and right know there are
bad leaders teaching this the God does not promote. Like I have said to
everyone else, choose your master cause you can't have both.

Author wguillaume Acts 17:11 ( ago)
How do you know there is danger nearby without reading the warning signs?
How can you make disciples if the disciple doesn’t know what the master
teaches? Who are you making disciples for? If it’s for Jesus then the
follow his commandments it’s in the bible, if its for just the catholic
church then you have your “traditions” but just to let you know traditions
won’t save from your sins only Jesus can. God will judge those outside.
"Expel the wicked person from among you."(1 Corinthians 5:13)

Author wguillaume Acts 17:11 ( ago)
Also Jesus gave us his words so that we would not be lead astray so his
disciples wrote down everything he said on scrolls. If you don't want to
read your bible then I am sure you can pick up a scroll at the local book
store instead. And what we people/ Christians are doing is trying to warn
people follow God and not false teachings. If you saw someone about to die
would you not warn them that danger was near. Well that what true

Author wguillaume Acts 17:11 ( ago)
How did I quote it out of context did I translate anything that it with my
own words. Be serious now you are purposely ignoring what Jesus is saying
to justify yourself. Also Jesus is not some tradition you follow he is the
creator of the universe you have a relationship first then you obey his
commands then you do your tradition. If you don't realize that then how do
you know if you are really following Jesus.

Author trianamiamor ( ago)
An Idol is anything that has occupied the place that is reserved only to
God, ( it could be your nose, or self image, people, money, your job, drugs
legal or illegal, including a statue, of any kind) excuse me, but we are
not leaving in the time of the cave men anymore, to worship the sun, or
fire or a peace of wood

Author trianamiamor ( ago)
What u people do is going around judging your neighbors using passages of
scriptures out of context, accusing them of something that you don't know,
what do you know what is in every persons heart, only God knows,
Hypocrites! That's what you are!

Author trianamiamor ( ago)
Of course! You are quoting Jesus words out of context, using them for you
to judge others to your understanding of how people HAVE to believe! We
received the faith in Christ out of the traditions of the first Christians
since Christ didn't commanded to print bibles, but to make disciples of all

Author Kim U sin ( ago)
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Author wguillaume Acts 17:11 ( ago)
(Start) LOL, actually I am writing a script. It is written: "All Scripture
is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for
correction, for training in righteousness; so that the man of God may be
adequate, equipped for every good work." (2 Timothy 3:16-17) Also the ten
commandments was written with the figures of God himself (Exodus 31:18) You
think that obeying Gods word is close minded. Well then I guess your real
problem is with Jesus.

Author wguillaume Acts 17:11 ( ago)
PRECEPTS OF MEN.’ Neglecting the commandment of God, you hold to the
tradition of men.” He was also saying to them, “You are experts at setting
aside the commandment of God in order to keep your tradition. (Mark 7)

Author wguillaume Acts 17:11 ( ago)
“If you love Me, you will keep My commandments...He who has My commandments
and keeps them is the one who loves Me; and he who loves Me will be loved
by My Father, and I will love him and will disclose Myself to him.” (John
14:15-21) Other than God I have nothing in me to boast about because while
I was still a sinner Jesus died for me. (Romans 5:8)

Author wguillaume Acts 17:11 ( ago)
(End) It is very clear that your issue is with God and not with me cause
I'm only quoting what God already said. The Scripture speaks for itself
without any interpretation. You think you are doing the will of God by
venerating stones but God is saying otherwise. If you call yourself a
Christian then believe Gods word & follow Jesus and not "doctrines of men"
But if you are not but go by another name then there is no need for you to
obey anything Jesus has to says.

Author andicatz ( ago)
P.s. the Bible was written by "men" and in old language..interpret as you
may. You have a very good use of language "crying rocks", ever thought of
writing dramatic scripts?

Author andicatz ( ago)
The letter of the law? The general meaning of the law? Come on..don't be so
closed minded.

Author andicatz ( ago)
You are so full of yourself aren't you? i.e. Smug. Well if you think you
know what God said and the whole of the Catholic Church do not..oh well I
guess you must have an "Access All Areas" pass to knowledge withheld from
us "vampires", metaphorically speaking of course!

Author andicatz ( ago)
That's your opinion, not mine.

Author wguillaume Acts 17:11 ( ago)
I know the "holy catholic church" wants to believe its perfect without sin
but if that were true then you'd all be in heaven by now. The fact is no
man is perfect but God. God wants to perfect his people but that can't
happen if his people refuses his instructions. Read the old testament for
yourself if you haven't already see why the nation of Israel kept getting
into trouble with God & why they lost their own nation. But I can't force
you to follow God some people prefer religion over God.

Author wguillaume Acts 17:11 ( ago)
I don't know if you are aware of this but hell is not symbolic. There is
nothing metaphoric about it. I think is wiser to see what God word says
about these things first then walking in complete darkness with everyone
else and realize you can't undo your mistakes at the last minute. As a
Christian I find it very disturbing that when I talk too Catholics about
God word that they all get in defense mode like a vampire to a cross. If
you say you follow God then first start with what God said.

Author wguillaume Acts 17:11 ( ago)
Oh, I see now, bowing down, kissing statues, carrying statues on thrones
and praying to them is symbolic. Wow! First of all who said I was an
atheist, I love the Lord and Jesus is my savior. And according to Gods word
he has not given any decree to any Christians to venerate or make crying
rocks for ourselves. God is a Spirit worship him in spirit and in truth. If
you can find any such command for christian then I will stop typing say you
are right. But until then you are a law breaker.

Author andicatz ( ago)
Only simple minds would think Catholics are worshipping statues...for
goodness sake..they are symbolic.

Author andicatz ( ago)
There is only one God, whatever religion you follow...none are superior, so
long as you follow the 10 commandments.

Author andicatz ( ago)
Don't be look beyond the statues..these are just symbols of our
Holy loved ones and help focus prayer. Yes you can kiss a statue but it is
what it represents not the fact that we are worshipping the stone. I think
you know this already, you athesists will say anything to try and disprove
the Catholic faith.

Author andicatz ( ago)
Quite simply put..Holy statues are not idols..they are merely statues that
represent the figure of the Holy ones. Do not mix it up with the worship of
the "golden calf" where people were actually idolising the gold.The Holy
statues help focus on prayers, a little like a telephone? No one is praying
to the statue itself.

Author wguillaume Acts 17:11 ( ago)

Author Mohsen Samii ( ago)
The Chinese toys are really getting sophisticated. I wish they could
improve on their battery technology for laptops.

Author Shabeer Chittayil ( ago)

Author Scooby Dan ( ago)
eyes painted on eyelids i think

Author wguillaume Acts 17:11 ( ago)
Weather the RCC teaches or not God commanded us to 1st not to build theses
statues then not to worship them. The reality is your leaders are
disobedient by building them. And the sad truth is many Catholics don't
understand what worship is and do it. If you talk to them, pray to them,
cry out to them, carrying them on thrones, kiss them theses are acts of
worship. They are shaped by human hand why do you humanize them. God says
they can't help you.

Author dominic mikelsamy ( ago)
Dear catholics...why protestants condem us as idol worshipers 1.look at the
practice of public at catholic church...infront of statues - they put
garland, candles, focus their prayers to saints- this is vatican's mistske
for not correcting catholics thriugh their parish priests all over the
world - who say catholics teaches idolatory? exodus god forbids us
to craft idols n claim it as god ....u protestants can u show where
catholic teaches to worship statues as god....

Author Tibly ( ago)
who said Jesus wasn't God?

Author wguillaume Acts 17:11 ( ago)
Paul said this: "It isn’t my responsibility to judge outsiders, but it
certainly is your responsibility to judge those inside the church who are
sinning. God will judge those on the outside; but as the Scriptures say,
“You must remove the evil person from among you.” (1 Corinthians 5) I said
what was in the bible so if you felt what I said was disturbing then the
word of God disturbed you. Again Jesus is God not Mary, follow God not man.
Jesus said "If you love me, obey my commandments.

Author Tibly ( ago)
who told u that I'm not following Jesus? 2 masters? Oh god ! I understand
bible more than you, way more than u. I can remember bible without opening
it and quoting it. Why? because I know the deep meaning. do u know that
everything u just said is totally disturbing? You are the hypocrite
pharisee. Let god judges me then. Catholic is the church and the will of
Jesus. I know that Holy Spirit, God son, and God Father is one. And u?
probably saying that Jesus is different as god Father?

Author wguillaume Acts 17:11 ( ago)
"Our God is in the heavens, and he does as he wishes.Their idols are merely
things of silver and gold, shaped by human hands. They have mouths but
cannot speak, and eyes but cannot see. They have ears but cannot hear, and
noses but cannot smell. They have hands but cannot feel, and feet but
cannot walk, and throats but cannot make a sound. And those who make idols
are just like them, as are all who trust in them. O Israel, trust the Lord!
He is your helper and your shield." (Psalm 115)

Author Tibly ( ago)
"I do not like you. You just called my mother an idol." Jesus probably
would have said the same. Being god doesn't mean being Ignorance. Being God
means he would understand each of us deep inside. Do you know who is God?
God is love. Jesus Christ life just did not end on the cross. He wants us
to walked the same path as him. And Saint Francis, Saint Anthony, and saint
Padre Pio have accomplished it. Can you? No u can't with your shallow mind.

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