Top 10 Most Evil Rick Moments In Rick and Morty

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  • Top 10 Most Evil Rick Moments In Rick and Morty // Subscribe: // TIMESTAMPS BELOW
    This video is brought to you by Quidd, an awesome new app where you collect cool stickers, cards and 3D stickers for free. Check it out here: Including stuff from great shows like Rick and Morty, Bob's Burgers and Adventure Time.
    Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty has his evil, conniving moments, which can be found right here. Some of Rick's most sinister and evil moments include when he takes part in the purge, when he degrades Jerry, when he creates the pocket universe, and when he destroys the galactic government. Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the top 10 most evil Rick Moments from Rick and Morty.

    00:56 #10. When He Sells Weapons to Assassins
    01:50 #9. When He’s Emotionally Abusive to Summer & Morty
    02:44 #8. When He Degrades Jerry
    03:40 #7. When He Messes Up Unity
    04:40 #6. When He Creates & Abandons Abradolf Lincler
    04:48 #5. When He Takes Part in the Purge
    06:48 #4. When He Forces Morty to Smuggle Space Seeds Up His Butt
    07:37 #3, #2 & #1: ???

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  • 10 days ago

    This video is brought to you by Quidd, an awesome new app where you collect cool stickers, cards and 3D stickers for free. Check it out here: Including stuff from great shows like Rick and Morty, Bob's Burgers and Adventure Time.

  • Erik Burden
    Erik Burden 9 hours ago

    Sounds like someone has Daddy issues... lol

  • TheLovelyLuna
    TheLovelyLuna 20 hours ago

    What about when Rick went to pick up Jerry from day care and he switched Jerries with another Rick? Pretty messed up

  • Danny J Batista
    Danny J Batista 23 hours ago

    sup tho

  • Justin Baxter
    Justin Baxter 23 hours ago

    Top 10 unibrows in rick and morty

  • UmbranDuke
    UmbranDuke 2 days ago

    Cronenberging a planet is worse than destroying several universes? Alrighty.

  • Wild Link
    Wild Link 2 days ago

    still dissappointed watchmojo ._.

  • MissionMuffle
    MissionMuffle 2 days ago

    And thats the waaaaaaaay the news goes

  • BatJack 1313
    BatJack 1313 2 days ago

    actually rick took morty out of school to get the seeds, not at night, he woke him up to blow the world up, but he didnt because he fell asleep

  • yolo269
    yolo269 2 days ago

    6:44 Morty is a SAVAGE

  • max womack
    max womack 3 days ago

    Do a most evil Eric cartman moments list

  • Ash mcx
    Ash mcx 3 days ago

  • Tapetalraindog 9
    Tapetalraindog 9 3 days ago

    Why is everyone getting sponsored by qquid

  • Flying Sausage
    Flying Sausage 3 days ago

    Awww yeah, you got to get shcwifty

  • casperado666
    casperado666 3 days ago

    If you can't stick it - it's technically not a sticker

  • FlamingNinja Gaming

    watch mojo is runout of idea

  • Ruby Hurtig
    Ruby Hurtig 3 days ago

    granted, jerry did knock up his daughter when she was in her teens which then resulted in a failing marriage with an idiot dumber than morty , I think any father would be a little bitter about it

  • Owen M
    Owen M 3 days ago

    Left out a lot of facts of the kronenbergs ep. He did try to make a cure. And he even kept a kronenberg in hopes of one day returning.

  • Brothers United
    Brothers United 3 days ago

    Let's see most evil moments of rick hmmmm every thing

  • bobby awobajo
    bobby awobajo 3 days ago

    lick lick lick lick myyy balllss

  • Emily Hill
    Emily Hill 3 days ago

    Quidd sounds like a really crappy app

  • Hell Knight
    Hell Knight 3 days ago

    Goddammit I got youtubeRed to get away from ads

  • TheNewBlood Dan
    TheNewBlood Dan 4 days ago

    Fuck Quidd...

  • Dayze Fire
    Dayze Fire 4 days ago

    Even season 3 ep 1

  • Dayze Fire
    Dayze Fire 4 days ago

    Favorite show seen every episode

  • Starman Gaming
    Starman Gaming 4 days ago

    In truth, the Cronenberg issue was originally Morty's fault, as he was the one that asked for the damn love serum in the first place

  • Rick Sanchez C-137
    Rick Sanchez C-137 4 days ago


  • HellRay
    HellRay 4 days ago

    Defending Jerry? This channels garbage. Rick 4 President.

  • Ed C
    Ed C 4 days ago

    just so watchmojo knows rick did not wake up morty to go get seeds he woke him up in the middle of the night to blow up the planet and start it over. He took morty out of school to get the seeds and morty only had to put him up his butt because rick's was too loose from doing it too many times

  • Azrael playz gaems
    Azrael playz gaems 5 days ago

    i honestly find it hilarious when Rick degrades Jerry.

  • snowyDec0713
    snowyDec0713 5 days ago

    Holy shit, i love this show! I prolly couldn't love it more!!

  • maki pizon
    maki pizon 5 days ago

    season 3 pleaaassse!

  • DEMO
    DEMO 5 days ago

    Wow how could u abandon Hittler,that's just evil

  • bezerka durka
    bezerka durka 5 days ago

    new mulan film next year, hopefully we get to try some of that szechuan sauce

  • Brony Ville
    Brony Ville 5 days ago

    why do I like rick so much?

  • Clicky Carmyn
    Clicky Carmyn 5 days ago

    Why did I like this so much

  • Matthew Baranyai
    Matthew Baranyai 6 days ago

    quidd is literally the dumbest shit I've ever seen.

    8 ANDY HARRIS 8 6 days ago

    Rick is the best

  • james mcfiddleworth

    This list is Rick-diculous

  • SparkMyke
    SparkMyke 6 days ago

    Midnight Tyrannosaurus x EH!IDE - Planet Purge

  • TheRusherzg
    TheRusherzg 6 days ago



    Microverse, miniverse is not ricks its his batteries greatest scientist.

  • Skits By Ryan
    Skits By Ryan 6 days ago


  • Thai619
    Thai619 6 days ago

    Rick & Morty one of my favorite cartoon series ;D

  • Red Ericson
    Red Ericson 6 days ago

    This reminds me of that song about "Moon Men."

  • MovieJunkie ForLife

    I love, LOVE Rick, but the ep where he messes up Unity is always hard for me to watch, for multiple reasons, including Summer's interference and Rick's attempted suicide at the end.

  • Ryan Yankoviak
    Ryan Yankoviak 6 days ago

    morally evil
    logically right

  • Blake Crawford
    Blake Crawford 6 days ago

    And to think I've gone to this moment only seeing three mismatched episodes of this series, (Rick and Morty) Good call skipping it self. Enjoy guys the party will roll on without me.

  • Traci Morgan
    Traci Morgan 6 days ago

    its fun when he degrades jerry lol

  • Mr. Creeper
    Mr. Creeper 6 days ago

    im glad that someone else feels the same way about jerry

  • Bad Raccoon Tactical

    lame ass list.... focusing on emotional abuse? really?

  • Notlit Tox
    Notlit Tox 7 days ago

    Pocket Universe? Don't you mean MICROVERSE!!!!

  • Mrs HandyJ
    Mrs HandyJ 7 days ago

    When an elderly genius tells you to lick his balls, you do it.

  • Vernula
    Vernula 7 days ago

    The Chroninburg incident was totally Morty's fault though.

  • David Arbogast
    David Arbogast 7 days ago

    More like 10 reasons why Rick and Morty is an awesome show.

  • Vc Legacy
    Vc Legacy 7 days ago

    "Idgaf what you think jerry" LMFAOOOOOO

  • Britannic hayyomatt

    Some of these aren't really evil and some are with good intention or fairness.

    Rick degrades Jerry because Jerry hates him. How is that evil?
    Abradolf Lincler helps Morty and saves him.
    Rick got into the purge because of Morty wanted to save a girl, it was Morty's fault. As it's a purge all the people were trying to kill him... Morty even joins in and loves killing them.

    Rick destroyed the council of Ricks and the Galactic government, how is that evil? Rick knows that Ricks are evil so he killed them all, that's a good thing. And the Galactic Government control everything so destroying them wouldn't be evil.
    Him creating the love potion was sort of a good thing, he did it for Morty. You say he's unfeeling. But he did it to make Morty happy, he loves Morty. What about when Morty wants a sex robot or almost gets raped and Rick kills the king? Rick saves him almost all of the time. Really unfeeling isn't it

    There's one you definitely forgot. Because this is evil... All the times he says Morty means nothing, he has to do his dangerous tasks and he's only there to scramble his brain waves and he's not the same Morty Rick started with. How is degrading a shit character like Jerry worse than that?

    WatchMojo instead of reading reviews and what other people say... How about you watch it, you clearly haven't watch the series. Or you just don't think about your scripts.

  • Kevin HC
    Kevin HC 7 days ago

    I thought this was gonna be a funny montage of evil rick moments but the vid was ruined by nonstop narrating...

  • RAZER. Wachaatastic

    Lack in confidence? How did he got a wife

  • Marco Witteman
    Marco Witteman 7 days ago

    you guys should just quidd makign random videos and make videos where you actually get informed about the subject .

  • Theory Biscuit
    Theory Biscuit 7 days ago


  • Da n00bSlaya
    Da n00bSlaya 7 days ago

    What about when he kills the simpsons?

  • Just Max Marlow
    Just Max Marlow 7 days ago

    Idk they said rick destroyed two universes when he only destroys one

  • Walid Osama
    Walid Osama 7 days ago

    you talk toooooooo much

  • recklessgamer
    recklessgamer 7 days ago

    why is everyone sponsored by quidd

  • William Lee
    William Lee 7 days ago

    he didn't wake Morty up at the middle of the night to go find space seeds. He took him out of school.... fuck, how hard is it do watch an episode?

  • Steven Shapiro
    Steven Shapiro 7 days ago

    Nice video!!!Also, check out my finger-style arrangement of Goodbye MoonMan on guitar!!!

  • Peter Fisher
    Peter Fisher 7 days ago

    And this is definitely the number one most DISTURBING moment in Rick and Morty history...

  • Joel Nowlin
    Joel Nowlin 7 days ago

    Rick took Morty out of school to get the seeds, not out of bed

  • Black_out 0101
    Black_out 0101 7 days ago

    Holly crap this guy is scary

  • Benjamin Kamaryt
    Benjamin Kamaryt 7 days ago

    "Rick does nazi him..."

  • Joe Faulkner
    Joe Faulkner 7 days ago

    its not nihilism it's more absurdism

  • Jay Smith
    Jay Smith 7 days ago

    For the record no one likes Jerry...

  • Tristan Cabrera
    Tristan Cabrera 7 days ago

    Watchmojo has officially sold themselves out

  • Kerrigan Slaton
    Kerrigan Slaton 7 days ago

    Ohhhh Yeaaah you gotta get schwifty

  • jamaal smith
    jamaal smith 7 days ago

    I did it for the sauce Morty! Ergh, not for avenging my family, I made it up! Nine more seasons Morty until i get my sauce!

  • Freelancer837
    Freelancer837 7 days ago


  • AfroJeffrey
    AfroJeffrey 7 days ago

    WatchMojo, obviously Jerry is mostly harmless he is from earth. :p

  • Jose Morales
    Jose Morales 8 days ago

    I would add when Rick created a small robot with artificial intelligence just to pass butter.... That shit is cruel and most likely how God truly is if he even exists (answer: most likely no).

  • Tom Healy
    Tom Healy 8 days ago

    ahem... Teeny-Verse

  • Jason Ramlakhan
    Jason Ramlakhan 8 days ago

    ey time stamp wrong
    #5 is 5:50

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman 8 days ago

    this is RICKdiculous

  • MyDragonDestroyer
    MyDragonDestroyer 8 days ago

    rick is already evil

  • Niko Bellic
    Niko Bellic 8 days ago

    time to get Schwifty

  • hostile blueberry
    hostile blueberry 8 days ago

    The unity thing wasnt evil, just very sad

  • Wardog
    Wardog 8 days ago

    I want an episode where Jerry kills himself. He's dead weight.

  • Felix Jacobsen
    Felix Jacobsen 8 days ago

    Blue apartment air rhpxb acid view feeling scene.

  • Chris Slitas
    Chris Slitas 8 days ago

    When your channel begins to do lists about Rick and Morty.

  • nightmacer x
    nightmacer x 8 days ago

    Michael the assassin should come back season 3

  • gay trash
    gay trash 8 days ago

    i don't even know why I love Rick (or the entire fandom for that matter) but viewing this video didn't do squat and he's still the fucking best.

  • Zachary Grigley
    Zachary Grigley 8 days ago

    Jerry is worthless.

  • alex knee
    alex knee 8 days ago

    Rick is not evil he is amoral. There's a difference.

  • MatrixMiles17
    MatrixMiles17 8 days ago

    A 2 things
    1st I absolutely LOVE number 5.
    2nd The number 1 evil act reminds me of Future Diary so much.

  • Eugene Donovan
    Eugene Donovan 8 days ago

    hello peeps ! group this one sounds like pretty arcbesqyeaddress :‑<

  • Jim Kolb
    Jim Kolb 8 days ago

    You shouldn't be using female (or male) pronouns for Unity, it is genderless and I'm pretty sure they never use a gendered pronoun on the show. otherwise, good vid!

  • Curttehmurt
    Curttehmurt 8 days ago

    really disappointed "programming his car's AI to make a temporary clone of a police officer's dead son that melts in his arms as a form of psychological warfare" didn't make the list

  • japhygato
    japhygato 8 days ago

    A lack of morality seems like the most relateable way to be now-a-days. And what's more useful, acting like you're above the people around you or working with them on their level? A dark take on the world? Yes. An accurate take on the world? Yes.

  • Charley Finlayson
    Charley Finlayson 8 days ago


  • Romain Guillaume
    Romain Guillaume 8 days ago

    pff your judgemental morailty in this clip is just sickening. Go suck earth worms dicks.

  • TallicaMan1986
    TallicaMan1986 8 days ago

    You can't help Morty. This is the Morty Prime. The best morty there is and ever will be. Not even Rick can touch him.

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