7 Things You Don't Know About Rosanna Pansino

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    If you like both baking and wacky YouTube videos, chances are you've come across Rosanna Pansino's Nerdy Nummies channel. It teaches fans how to create unique treats based on video games, comic books, and sci-fi characters. With over 8 million subscribers, Pansino has become YouTube royalty. But how much do fans actually know about Ro? Here are some facts you may not know about Rosanna Pansino...

    She was an actress | 0:25
    The ultimate ultimatum | 1:07
    All in the family | 1:44
    It's really hard work | 3:02
    Books and music | 3:38
    Nintendo game fame | 4:13
    No signs of slowing down | 4:41

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  • The List
    The List 2 months ago

    What was the most surprising thing you learned about Rosanna?

  • zaheer shahla
    zaheer shahla 16 hours ago

    Success is what u can't get easily that's how ro got success

  • Thiepa Prasath
    Thiepa Prasath 1 day ago

    She was an actresses

  • Zulma Mitchell
    Zulma Mitchell 4 days ago

    I know 😊

  • Zulma Mitchell
    Zulma Mitchell 4 days ago


  • sommerluvin1
    sommerluvin1 5 days ago


  • Kate G.M
    Kate G.M 6 days ago

    1. she is stupid
    2.she is stupid
    3.she is stupid
    4.she is stupid
    5.she is stupid
    6.she is stupid
    7.her channel is cringey

  • teresia mcdonnell
    teresia mcdonnell 7 days ago

    she is such a hard worker.

  • Mutaal Furqan
    Mutaal Furqan 7 days ago

    rosanna pansino i love your videos very much

  • francismay lumague
    francismay lumague 8 days ago

    Rosanna pansino look's like pia

  • Roberto Carrasco
    Roberto Carrasco 10 days ago

    I love her so much she deserves all the success

  • Rini M.
    Rini M. 10 days ago

    I knew all these things about her :T

  • LittleMissMichele
    LittleMissMichele 10 days ago

    It honestly doesn't surprise me that she was an actress. She is so charismatic and full of life, exactly what an actress would need.

  • Joyce Hernandez
    Joyce Hernandez 10 days ago

    i cant belive she had to choose she picked right 😅😅

  • Chris Welch
    Chris Welch 11 days ago

    She was the first mini I ever got on mini plaza

  • kathia gonzalez
    kathia gonzalez 11 days ago

    hhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu she was an actress

  • Refal Abdullah
    Refal Abdullah 11 days ago

    I know all about that since 2014. these stuff r very old

  • Naveed Ahmed
    Naveed Ahmed 12 days ago

    how old are you

  • Ashley & neil Videos

    (> >🎂 Ro is the best chef

  • Alondra Bravo
    Alondra Bravo 13 days ago


  • Svtfoe Lover
    Svtfoe Lover 13 days ago

    I love Rosanna's videos I am even a sbscriber

  • τοΆντρας μπλε

    20000 is not big? wish i had that money lying around like it was nothing.

  • m iqbal
    m iqbal 14 days ago

    Stop talking like that to her l love RO 😣😣😣

  • Reggaetonaldo
    Reggaetonaldo 14 days ago

    I'm happy for her and all her success. P.S. fuck that agent that gave her an option to choose what to do on her own free time.

  • Aliza Shah
    Aliza Shah 15 days ago

    Hello My dog didn't die
    It's not my birthday
    Nor New Years ever
    But can I get a like

    • GGMS TV
      GGMS TV 13 days ago

      Aliza Shah you have 1 like

  • Brittany Lara
    Brittany Lara 17 days ago

    omfg i hate it how people r like taht

  • Fatimo aliyu
    Fatimo aliyu 17 days ago

    She was a actress

  • Chloe's Vlog
    Chloe's Vlog 17 days ago


  • burger prinsess606
    burger prinsess606 18 days ago

    who thinks ro should be on master chef Jr?!?!

  • Rim Harik
    Rim Harik 19 days ago

    Another fact : she's 32 😱 and she italien born in America

  • Darwin Mazon
    Darwin Mazon 22 days ago

    ro is a very good cooker

  • # Farha
    # Farha 22 days ago

    She was an actress!!!?

  • mousehorse1
    mousehorse1 22 days ago

    She was an actress!!!!!

  • Ryzel 02 Sarreal
    Ryzel 02 Sarreal 22 days ago

    Wow, Rosanna seems working hard. Very veru hard.

  • The Eleventh Doctor
    The Eleventh Doctor 24 days ago

    pssh SciFi. never made anything from Doctor who

  • Maia Phelps
    Maia Phelps 24 days ago

    I knew about some of these. Because some of them were in her cookbook

  • Lisa Wheeley
    Lisa Wheeley 25 days ago

    guess what I'm 8 i I'm a pro at baking

  • Luna Sephira
    Luna Sephira 25 days ago

    i died finding out she was an actress, but even more so to know she was in two of my favorite shows and one of my boyfriends.

  • Poorva Jog
    Poorva Jog 25 days ago

    she is so hardworking..... and she chosed what she wanted so i think she is focused too 😇 love u Rosanna ......u r a good and creative baker.... 😉all the best for ur future videos and..... nerdy nummies

  • Maya sarabia
    Maya sarabia 26 days ago

    I knew everything not to brag

  • Zeenat Naved
    Zeenat Naved 27 days ago


  • Carl Maglines
    Carl Maglines 28 days ago

    My first love is YouTube.

  • Sherina Al Shamsi
    Sherina Al Shamsi 1 month ago

    i will never give your channel a Subscribe or like & i will give you dislike this you are bad people

  • Sherina Al Shamsi
    Sherina Al Shamsi 1 month ago

    why are you saying bad things about Rosanna Pansino

  • Yolisa Ceasar
    Yolisa Ceasar 1 month ago

    Is these tiny facts or a story? I am so confused soo choose witch one

  • Kemeisha Wright
    Kemeisha Wright 1 month ago

    a chicken challenge

  • sandy ruiz
    sandy ruiz 1 month ago


  • Um Abrar Nashbat
    Um Abrar Nashbat 1 month ago

    all of us fans new pretty much all of that stuff

  • SweetFroggy
    SweetFroggy 1 month ago

    You know some of this may be private to her. I would ask in the comments or something before going through someone's personal life. I know some people want to know Ro a little more, but she may not want people knowing all this about her. It's a little creepy.

    • Maria Valentine
      Maria Valentine 1 month ago

      A lot of the stuff they mentioned, Ro's already told someone else. Like the information in this video came from online articles which interviewed Ro.

  • Sisi taylor
    Sisi taylor 1 month ago

    now is like Moly

  • Yuki Nashima
    Yuki Nashima 1 month ago

    I know none of these...

  • Logan Steidley
    Logan Steidley 1 month ago

    You don't have to do the robot voice it's actually really annoying

    CHANBAEK EXO - L 1 month ago

    and after she's done baking she have all the food

  • GuyAdolfo10
    GuyAdolfo10 1 month ago

    Hey, my friend was born in Los Angeles...

  • Joelina Cuello
    Joelina Cuello 1 month ago

    omg i remember her

  • Meteor Smash
    Meteor Smash 1 month ago

    I love Rosanna Pansino. That's my favorite cooking YouTube channel.

  • Βασιλική Βενιέρη

    Wow!Rosanna is so creative!I love her!Best wishes!Nerdy nummies was her best choice!I hope to see her again as an actress in a project!

  • jeolban hälfte
    jeolban hälfte 1 month ago

    2.5 mil? holy shit 😓

  • Aryana Vega
    Aryana Vega 1 month ago

    She look sho young!!

  • Afrah Khan - Lorenville PS (1508)

    I knew everyone of these I was not surprised

  • trisha khan
    trisha khan 1 month ago

    I love ❤️ Rosanna pansino

  • Angie Munro
    Angie Munro 1 month ago

    I knew all of these

  • Xoxo Ava Xoxo Love
    Xoxo Ava Xoxo Love 1 month ago

    I find it weird how they find out these facts 🤔

  • Owl Graph
    Owl Graph 1 month ago

    wow ro is so hard working i respect her literally cause every filipino needs to respect a person who is older than you im only 10 so you get it

  • HabaneraGirl
    HabaneraGirl 1 month ago

    I actually knew all of this. :)

  • BAPBaby4Ever
    BAPBaby4Ever 1 month ago


  • Mochi_ Min
    Mochi_ Min 1 month ago

    I love her even more😍😍

  • Sanne A.
    Sanne A. 1 month ago

    P.S me have the book

  • Sanne A.
    Sanne A. 1 month ago

    I knew most of this ( kinda )

  • TheUnicorn Outlet101


  • Mada Azzuz
    Mada Azzuz 1 month ago

    That she was an actress

  • Anisha Kehri
    Anisha Kehri 1 month ago

    did you guys knew that ro is no 32.

  • C B
    C B 1 month ago

    someone stole my 3DS and I was most upset cause I had Road on streetpass

  • Katherine
    Katherine 1 month ago

    I loved this but could they have ANYONE else that could have done this video

  • Heena Gidwani
    Heena Gidwani 1 month ago

    Ro choose her Passion as her careers..she loved it and hence it brought success to her..I really like her as a person she seems in her videos..I think I found my role model

  • Hunnyla
    Hunnyla 1 month ago


  • Kay Watches YouTube
    Kay Watches YouTube 1 month ago

    Back then she looked like the old Nikki and Gabi like if u agree

  • mjpete _
    mjpete _ 1 month ago

    I got her on Street pass I was so happy when I got here !!!

  • Ethan Cool Monkey
    Ethan Cool Monkey 1 month ago

    Rosanna is a queen.

  • Toua Lor
    Toua Lor 1 month ago

    how do u now this u stalker -_-!!!!!

  • Aileen Apostol
    Aileen Apostol 1 month ago

    wow I don't no Rosanna pansino is actress

  • Brettina Gordon
    Brettina Gordon 1 month ago

    What does she do with all of the baked goods because she sure isn't eating them!

  • Anastasija Klechkaroska

    i new these things

  • The green Frog
    The green Frog 1 month ago


  • Minnie cat
    Minnie cat 2 months ago

    I love this women so much!!!

  • Let's Do This
    Let's Do This 2 months ago

    OMG, 5 days for every video. I'm pushing one out every day and it's just me. lol

  • Typical Dude
    Typical Dude 2 months ago

    She is not a actress

  • Typical Dude
    Typical Dude 2 months ago

    That's a big huge lie

  • Razmig
    Razmig 2 months ago

    She reminds me of Danielle Panabaker

  • VeroSweetHobby
    VeroSweetHobby 2 months ago

    Super interesting video! Loved to learn how many hours and hard work she is putting into her channel, it really shows! She is amazing and I love how she finds a way to make super creative sweets out of any theme. She rocks and I'm a super fan :)

    • Maria Valentine
      Maria Valentine 1 month ago

      I agree. Ro's channel has come so far. And she and her crew have worked so hard, and have deserved every good thing they got.

    • VeroSweetHobby
      VeroSweetHobby 1 month ago

      OMG! you are so right! it is SO much work to keep a YouTube channel alive and growing! I guess it really depends on how each video is produced. Rossana's are always top notch not only in her content but also the look it has and the equipment she uses. I can tell she has a big team working for her on the many hours it take them to make videos. In her case it is really paying off, super deserved!

    • Maria Valentine
      Maria Valentine 1 month ago

      The sad part is, there are people out there who think making "home" videos are easy, and they start bad mouthing and hating on Youtubers for making money off of videos. But they just don't know how hard it is do things like this. Sure it may not the hardest job in the world, but you still have to put A LOT of effort into keeping your Youtube Channel alive and to make it grow.

  • Donut lover lam
    Donut lover lam 2 months ago

    Pleac don ' t tel bad about rosanda pleac

  • Chengetai Mukurameso
    Chengetai Mukurameso 2 months ago

    Rosanna please make a Moana themed cake

  • getinsane withme
    getinsane withme 2 months ago

    dude hard work

  • Wali Leorex
    Wali Leorex 2 months ago

    Rosanna is the best YouTuber ever!

  • Elizabeth Jepson
    Elizabeth Jepson 2 months ago

    One thing I do know is her voice is SO annoying

  • najae808
    najae808 2 months ago

    My 11-year old niece introduced me to her channel! I feel old lol

  • topaz the dorky senpai

    before the video "i hope it's not one of those videos that destroy her image"

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