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  • DrawFlaw
    DrawFlaw 4 minutes ago

    omg 4:18

    you'll see

  • Super Boyces
    Super Boyces 10 hours ago

    it's OK I saw this in a movie...

  • Charles Lloyd
    Charles Lloyd 12 hours ago

    Now I know what not to do. Until I loose a couple of pounds.

  • Angelena Havarson
    Angelena Havarson 20 hours ago

    this is not funny because in all these videos people are getting hurt it's not funny!🙅🙅🙅

  • Mastic Games
    Mastic Games 1 day ago

    2:00 HEADSHOT

  • Tr33E00
    Tr33E00 1 day ago

    sub to me for no fricken' reason in particulor

    FIREDRAGON459 1 day ago

    Comment numbe 100

  • michal guliamov
    michal guliamov 2 days ago

    I wanna do thiss XDD

  • karen K
    karen K 3 days ago

    Okay, this is kinda weird but it's kinda relatable

  • shawnquita marsh
    shawnquita marsh 3 days ago


  • Christyn Clark
    Christyn Clark 5 days ago

    At 2:06 she kicked her in the face 🤣😂🤣

  • Trine Munch Kjær
    Trine Munch Kjær 5 days ago

    The one at 7:07 to 7:15 😂omg

  • Hugo D
    Hugo D 6 days ago

    trop coool

  • Dana Holt
    Dana Holt 6 days ago

    Ya sure jumping off the roof into a small pool is a great idea

  • Arjun Arjun
    Arjun Arjun 7 days ago

    There's more fun in hearing the chicken like laughs

  • Stacey Schnaitman
    Stacey Schnaitman 7 days ago


  • Eric McGill
    Eric McGill 7 days ago

    Its mosly water slids

  • Mr. Perfect !
    Mr. Perfect ! 8 days ago

    please tell me where this slide situated @ 0:14

  • Msp/Star
    Msp/Star 9 days ago

    me whenever i try to make everything okay.... 7:18

  • Annie Lin
    Annie Lin 9 days ago

    1:43 I wish i am that flexible lol

  • She_ Bae22
    She_ Bae22 9 days ago

    The adults that go on those rides are stupid, they are just hurting themselves and others, not even caring.

  • Melissa Scott
    Melissa Scott 10 days ago


  • Julia Sherwood
    Julia Sherwood 11 days ago

    And falling off...

  • Julia Sherwood
    Julia Sherwood 11 days ago

    These dads and tipping over these water slides..

  • TheSabathine
    TheSabathine 12 days ago

    Fact: slip and slides are very dangerous for adults and WHAM-O (maker of the slip and slide) actually issued a recall in the 90s. So these homemade ones are very scary.

    "The WHAM-O slides are designed for use by children only. Use by adults and teens has the potential to result in neck injury and paralysis. Because of their weight and height, adults and teenagers who dive onto the water slide may hit and abruptly stop in such a way that could cause permanent spinal cord injury, resulting in quadriplegia or paraplegia. The slider's forward momentum drives the body into the neck and compresses the spinal cord."

  • codysett1
    codysett1 13 days ago

    Might be kind of fucked up but all I see is obese, obese, obese. Even some of the kids. Sad.

    • codysett1
      codysett1 2 days ago

      John Baha Yeah obesity is a big problem? My comment was pretty self explanatory.

    • John Baha
      John Baha 2 days ago

      codysett1 do you have a point?

  • D.I.Y IT
    D.I.Y IT 13 days ago

    1:42 strike ya pose!

  • TynanS
    TynanS 13 days ago

    3:41 fuck her right in the pussy!

  • TynanS
    TynanS 13 days ago

    1:55 a lesson to never buy those types of slides....

  • Anderson Bee
    Anderson Bee 14 days ago

    Every fail it's the same laugh in the background like this if you agree

  • Lewinham
    Lewinham 14 days ago

    I always crack up whenever a fat guy destroys something

  • Lucy's Trinkets
    Lucy's Trinkets 14 days ago

    At 3:26 that man sounded like a turkey 😂😂

  • Ebangelene Ortiz
    Ebangelene Ortiz 14 days ago

    3:31 the slide saved the woman from the guy.

  • Aritza Ponce
    Aritza Ponce 15 days ago

    thats why adults dont slide small slides

  • Annoying Danny
    Annoying Danny 15 days ago

    1:50 ahahahahahahahahahahahah

  • BloodRush
    BloodRush 15 days ago

    ahem may i ask near the end what that thick white stuff was?

    • Matthew West
      Matthew West 13 days ago

      BloodRush it's shaving cream

    • Slime Vids
      Slime Vids 14 days ago

      BloodRush I was wondering that to?😎🐶😜🐰🐴🐎😝😛🤠🤗🤓😎🤔

  • Kadijah Berkley
    Kadijah Berkley 15 days ago

    3:32 when adults do kid things

  • UStoleMyCarRadio Minecraft

    Omg pause at 6:48 😂😂

  • Cooljo1
    Cooljo1 17 days ago

    For all of these.. WHAT DID YOU THINK WAS GONNA HAPPEN?!?!?

  • Mouse Pe
    Mouse Pe 17 days ago

    2:22 Your white you shouldn't say that word

  • LittleLee99 !
    LittleLee99 ! 18 days ago

    I didn't laugh until the end
    *this will make an awesome compilation video*
    gosh darn it

  • Leonardo Ball
    Leonardo Ball 19 days ago

    at 2:00 minutes to 2:10 just say this is sparta

  • Germar L
    Germar L 19 days ago

    I don't know why adalts are so studid

    • John Baha
      John Baha 2 days ago

      Germar L ya, it's kinda like spelling adult wrong.

  • Zoya Siddiqui
    Zoya Siddiqui 20 days ago

    6:47 THIS FACE THO

  • Zoya Siddiqui
    Zoya Siddiqui 20 days ago


  • Эрик Картман


  • Lydia Orascanos
    Lydia Orascanos 21 day ago

    Fat people are retards, and should'nt be slidding on these things.

    • John Baha
      John Baha 2 days ago

      Lydia Orascanos how do you go "slidding"? is it like sliding?

    • MrWilliamsmovies
      MrWilliamsmovies 8 days ago

      Lydia Orascanos "slidding"

    • TheTechnoProject
      TheTechnoProject 14 days ago

      Lydia Orascanos okay kinda stupid to say that.

  • Barry Olic
    Barry Olic 22 days ago

    At this moment the girl in the pool (not sliding realised she fucked up

  • dicem slasher
    dicem slasher 23 days ago

    not at all funny

  • Lenny Kagamine
    Lenny Kagamine 25 days ago

    I am dying in laughter

  • Wolfsquad Let's go
    Wolfsquad Let's go 25 days ago


  • Wolfsquad Let's go
    Wolfsquad Let's go 25 days ago


  • Wolfsquad Let's go
    Wolfsquad Let's go 25 days ago


  • Tina Bridges
    Tina Bridges 26 days ago

    Im dead 😏😏

  • L. B. Adams
    L. B. Adams 26 days ago

    I win I never laugh ha ha ha you try hard not that hard :3

    • Jammer3jt63 AJPW
      Jammer3jt63 AJPW 5 days ago

      Elcrack Bro. urs isn't any better 😂😂

    • Elcrack
      Elcrack 10 days ago

      L. B. Adams same I didn't even laugh and that picture in your comment is so ugly

  • Spider Man
    Spider Man 26 days ago

    Slide to unlock.

    You're doing wrong!

  • Linkhoundgaming
    Linkhoundgaming 26 days ago

    Vine dead

  • ViZiO Music
    ViZiO Music 26 days ago


    • Funny Vines
      Funny Vines 26 days ago

      Thanks ViZio! Nice to see you back

  • Ahmad Cenel
    Ahmad Cenel 26 days ago

    Wah sakit itu kawan.

  • Asmatic pinaple freshavacado

    Nothing can make me laugh I got scammed on csgo

  • Dylan Habis
    Dylan Habis 26 days ago

    3:26 he sounds like a chicken 😂😂😂

  • Emily Monaghan
    Emily Monaghan 26 days ago

    0:05 his arm though! 😂

  • Ryan Caldwell
    Ryan Caldwell 26 days ago

    I feel sad for some people but it's really funny and their stupid at the same time

  • WirstGebannt
    WirstGebannt 26 days ago


  • lps fifinečka
    lps fifinečka 26 days ago

    haahaahaha ja som okomentovala 10 !

    • Nina Cebová
      Nina Cebová 26 days ago

      lps fifinečka a prvá slovenka aj ja som

  • El Thomso King8
    El Thomso King8 26 days ago

    saludame y sere hombre de nuevo:v

  • 》 Tomastom44 《
    》 Tomastom44 《 26 days ago

    Never been this early.. I should make a joke

    Waterslide *LITERALLY*

    sorry if I spelled something wrong...

  • Eryk019
    Eryk019 26 days ago

    *Subskrajbera dałbyś prosie z całego serduszka*

  • Edix 777
    Edix 777 26 days ago


    • Eryk019
      Eryk019 26 days ago

      Edix 777 *Subskrajbera dałbyś prosie z całego serduszka*

  • Kawaii Bunny
    Kawaii Bunny 26 days ago


  • Nkengyal Barber
    Nkengyal Barber 26 days ago

    2nd 😁

  • Ala Gad
    Ala Gad 26 days ago


  • Marcel Huget
    Marcel Huget 26 days ago


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