The Untold Truth Of Baby Groot

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    Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 is here, and once again, Groot has stolen the show — this time as a pint-sized sapling of his former self. After the first film, it's easy to assume you might know everything there is to know about this talking tree. But Groot's roots run deep, and there are more than a few buried secrets fans might not know about Groot and his many forms...

    I speak for the trees | 0:25
    Say what? | 1:51
    He's a real-life hero | 2:26
    New twist on old roots | 3:13
    Roots of aggression | 4:04

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Comments: 457

  • The Latiator
    The Latiator 2 days ago

    If I could have 2 things from Guardians of the galaxy..
    Rocket and Groot.
    Oh yeah Gamora and Peter kissing

  • crystal tharp
    crystal tharp 3 days ago

    I will never look at trees the same ever again.

  • Va gina de ick
    Va gina de ick 4 days ago

    His a walking erèction... Because his made from wood? His a woody?

    Fuck it y'all are hard to please...

  • MacArthur Piper
    MacArthur Piper 5 days ago

    They say it grows back with all it's memories. So what it you stuff the horrid thing on a fire and turn it into ASH! lmfao

  • MacArthur Piper
    MacArthur Piper 5 days ago

    Bloody horrid thing!

  • Florence Rose
    Florence Rose 7 days ago

    GUARDIANS of the Galaxy 2 fuII movie

  • Dean Gioftsis
    Dean Gioftsis 10 days ago


  • Annabelle The Purple Ninja

    Baby Groot is so CUTE!!!!!!!

  • Ender Man 123 - Roblox & More

    👇🏻 like if you love groot

  • Tyler Shifflett
    Tyler Shifflett 18 days ago


  • AshuraOfTheIlluminatiCult ?

    Is that you Dash Star?

  • Seffe Green
    Seffe Green 19 days ago

    Didn't come for a top 10 video... came for apparent "secrets"

  • Boomkid449
    Boomkid449 21 day ago

    who else lost their shit when groovy was chasing that guy down while screaming and threw him off the platform

  • Boomkid449
    Boomkid449 21 day ago

    does anyone get the unspoken joke of groot being a plant while rocket being an animal

  • celebrimbor talion
    celebrimbor talion 21 day ago

    I AM GROOT!!!!!

  • frankie neve 1975
    frankie neve 1975 22 days ago

    I AM GROOT 💪

  • obscuremedia
    obscuremedia 22 days ago

    According to James Gunn, this Baby Groot does not retain any of older Groot's memories. All of them with Baby Groot is relearned.

  • Emmy M
    Emmy M 22 days ago

    I'm Groot!

  • An Tran
    An Tran 23 days ago

    The Groot voice is the guy make movie fast and the furious

  • Mr. Deplorable
    Mr. Deplorable 23 days ago

    Holy shit, it's fucking Dash Star!

  • Nai H
    Nai H 24 days ago

    My name is zorgon i came from planet zurack and I'm 2,000,900 years old

  • Derp Pikachu
    Derp Pikachu 24 days ago

    Spoilers my fav part of vol.2 was the start cause baby Groot was just dancing around while everyone was fighting and drax landed on the stereo and Groot started punching drax

  • anzu anzu
    anzu anzu 24 days ago

    Your life sux???

  • Laura Munsee
    Laura Munsee 24 days ago

    is root not groot

  • Mudpaws Voom
    Mudpaws Voom 24 days ago

    you just got to love baby groot , he is just soooooo cute :3

  • Violet Roy
    Violet Roy 25 days ago

    Baby Groot is adorable with his big brown eyes and I know he's a baby, but the second movie made him so vulnerable!

  • Laura March
    Laura March 28 days ago

    I can understand

  • Fenix The Gamer
    Fenix The Gamer 28 days ago

    I AM GROOOOT (pushes button "dies")

  • shadow hell
    shadow hell 29 days ago

    I am groot

  • GhostDog1001
    GhostDog1001 29 days ago

    Taserface is a jerk, and has a hilarious name

  • timmyco
    timmyco 29 days ago

    Is Dash Star with Looper????

  • Jackaboy_ Power
    Jackaboy_ Power 1 month ago


  • The Dacian
    The Dacian 1 month ago


  • David Stagg
    David Stagg 1 month ago

    "Why can't we kill him?"
    "Because he's too cute."

    Truest line in the movie.

  • Alexis Creek
    Alexis Creek 1 month ago

    But baby groot is so cute

  • Cherisse Tillman
    Cherisse Tillman 1 month ago

    i cried when he cried when he was being smashed...he got out but he teared up. he is and was soooooo cute. and he dis steal the show

  • ef pro
    ef pro 1 month ago

    we are groot

  • Kayla Biever
    Kayla Biever 1 month ago

    If the Green Lanterns turn on us, who do you call? Groot!! 😁

  • Ollie marin
    Ollie marin 1 month ago

    Will he drop up again

  • Mata Nui
    Mata Nui 1 month ago

    the real reason baby groot exists was to sell toys.

  • Ian Mizell
    Ian Mizell 1 month ago

    Is anyone gonna talk about teenage groot that was at the end of the credits

  • Decadence
    Decadence 1 month ago

    Groot means Big in dutch lol

  • RooOnTheMoon AJ
    RooOnTheMoon AJ 1 month ago

    if you say ONE thing
    ONE thing bad about my baby

    i WILL kill you. i WILL

  • lego witherpig
    lego witherpig 1 month ago

    he is not a tree

  • Button- Glutton
    Button- Glutton 1 month ago

    You sound like you've been yelling for 3 days

  • minecraftxchief
    minecraftxchief 1 month ago

    Who did you guys prefer? Groot or baby groot?

  • Cheyenne Alexander
    Cheyenne Alexander 1 month ago

    Groot is cute!

    • mzsimba
      mzsimba 14 days ago

      Cheyenne Alexander baby groot

  • reeol 101
    reeol 101 1 month ago

    I am groooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot

  • Twilight Gardens presentations

    remember mini me? did him n diesel meet? troyer i think was his name

  • Jesus Lara Guzman
    Jesus Lara Guzman 1 month ago

    hahahahahahahahahahaha "almost hit me"

  • Stella Roy
    Stella Roy 1 month ago

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  • Levin Otto
    Levin Otto 1 month ago

    Part unlike shelter outcome recognize canvas service split

  • full109
    full109 1 month ago

    Baby Groot was adorable, I'm a grown man and I ain't taking it back.

  • Miriam Binder
    Miriam Binder 1 month ago

    Sentiment least fair shock drive habit pro integrity

  • Fan Time
    Fan Time 1 month ago

    everybody wacht this movie becuse of baby groot

  • Alex Quaesar
    Alex Quaesar 1 month ago

    How the fuck did he become a baby in the first place?

  • Tenille McGuckin
    Tenille McGuckin 1 month ago

    I'd like to believe that Groot is an Ent. tehe

  • rory cole
    rory cole 1 month ago

    Waste museum burning painting single foreign plain choice.

  • William Grand
    William Grand 1 month ago

    The first groot was a different groot

    • William Grand
      William Grand 1 month ago

      There are tons of different groots the one in guardians of the galaxy is different from the one that was evil and then mellowed out I like you guys but you got to learn your facts

  • Gabriel Castejon
    Gabriel Castejon 1 month ago

    Drax stole the show.

  • Dragonblaze
    Dragonblaze 1 month ago

    Baby Groot is so cute

  • Eli Op
    Eli Op 1 month ago

    I am groot

  • Jakson Carithers
    Jakson Carithers 1 month ago

    Drax is my favorite.

  • Kari Benore
    Kari Benore 1 month ago

    I an groot I am groot iAM GROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!

  • Arshad Shah
    Arshad Shah 1 month ago

    and I live grove street

  • Arshad Shah
    Arshad Shah 1 month ago

    age 7

  • Arshad Shah
    Arshad Shah 1 month ago

    can you send me a baby groot alfet

  • Lorna Oluoch
    Lorna Oluoch 1 month ago

    I cried so hard when Groot almost got squished in the cave

  • Khuê Vũ
    Khuê Vũ 1 month ago

    You are groot

  • Mond Königin
    Mond Königin 1 month ago

    You have to watch the film to understand why baby Groot is sooooo angry. I would had more rage than him if they do that to me.

  • spazattack
    spazattack 1 month ago

    Isn't he a treeant?

  • John Santoyo
    John Santoyo 1 month ago

    its not groot its gruit

  • Tim Smith
    Tim Smith 1 month ago

    Love Groot but he's OP for sure.

  • Julio César Hernández Pérez


    He is just there to sell Toys

  • Brian Colosimo
    Brian Colosimo 1 month ago

    Most of the Marvel characters will be killed off in the Infinity War movies (2 movies) Sorry to disappoint, but it's gonna happen.

  • Brian Colosimo
    Brian Colosimo 1 month ago

    He said welcome to the friggin guardians of the galaxy...only he didn't say friggin... we're gonna have to talk about your language ;)

  • killersushi99
    killersushi99 1 month ago

    *Now I feel guilty for using a toothpick. ( **-.-**)*

  • Shawn Adams
    Shawn Adams 1 month ago

    Love me some Groot!! But honestly, I thought this movie belonged to Drax!!!

  • Kyle Mcdickins
    Kyle Mcdickins 1 month ago




    JAMES BLACK 1 month ago

    Baby groot was pissed at that guy because him & those other guys were be an asshole to him so groot just went ape at that guy!

  • Air Marshal Slayer
    Air Marshal Slayer 1 month ago

    I am groot?

  • PapaWheelie
    PapaWheelie 1 month ago

    I thought he was just a bit part in .2

  • Tobias K
    Tobias K 1 month ago

    i am groot = i am big ------ groot means big in dutch

  • Christian Guzman
    Christian Guzman 1 month ago

    It's painful trying to watch someone explain Disney's decision on baby groot. Money & Toys. Move along now.

  • Dylan Joseph
    Dylan Joseph 1 month ago

    we are groot

  • Mr. T
    Mr. T 1 month ago

    I think Batista stole the show. He was hilarious.

  • huntressvideos
    huntressvideos 1 month ago

    It was so amusing. When I saw the movie in theatre most people in the audience (myself included) really had a hard time not to constantly go "awwwww" when baby Groot was doing something.

  • Ruth Cooper
    Ruth Cooper 1 month ago

    Seriously...if the whole movie had been nothing but Baby Groot dancing like he does in the opening sequence, I would have been immensely happy! It was freakin' adorable!

  • Eliott Deschamps
    Eliott Deschamps 1 month ago

    Hill study child cloth head global critical trip.

  • Ajason Ray
    Ajason Ray 1 month ago

    You know Baby Groot isn't the same Groot from the original, right? I don't know why I'm asking, you don't.
    Groot died and the twigs were his offspring.

  • Ryan Savage
    Ryan Savage 1 month ago

    (I say this as someone who hasn't even seen guardians of the galaxy 2 yet) baby groot stole the spotlight because he is an adorable badass. they always steal the spotlight.

  • Concussive Crystal
    Concussive Crystal 1 month ago

    why would any body assume they know everything about anything?

  • Fright TV
    Fright TV 1 month ago

    I am

    Not groot ;(

  • MultiGamerPro TheMultiGamer

    You need to remember that Guardians of the Galaxy 2 doesn't take place in much more than mere days so maybe give Groot a chance to grow?

    • SirReii
      SirReii 1 month ago

      MultiGamerPro TheMultiGamer it's a few months after the original film

  • SgtGigawattz
    SgtGigawattz 1 month ago

    Drax was the best source of comedy in that movie.

  • John Pratts
    John Pratts 1 month ago

    You do know that earth is part of a galaxy right?

  • AlimiAlpha
    AlimiAlpha 1 month ago

    Why is the script still a secret? They should've released the script after the movie or with with subtitles during the home release of the original movie

  • Jake camacho
    Jake camacho 1 month ago

    He's not a tree. He's a floral clossi

  • croizer
    croizer 1 month ago

    it not three famous words it's four "I am groot" "we are groot" he says we are groot at the end of the flim

  • big chief fuzzy beard


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