I mean if you have the guts to watch the video than your awsome

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Author Leong Hong Ling (4 months)
Such a loser :P

Author Waluigi Fangirl (9 months)
None of those pics are scary 

Author rougethebat1818 (3 years)
@woogiworldmaster214 ur LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME

Author swinkangel (4 years)
u r sooooooooooooo gay and retarted. loser loser loser

Author zt2fan2008 (4 years)
Yayyy ty ^^ for noticing :D im a she btw lolz

Author Tavier Johnson (4 years)

Author theownerofpivot (4 years)
what is this shit

Author 666silentangel (3 years)
fuck you man..suck my dick ijo de puta

Author zt2fan2008 (3 years)
@DoomJosse what the fuck is so funny about that

Author CaptainNTak (3 years)
i love how the dinos eat their own....

Author Alex Ashe (4 years)
153 peopl missed the dislike button

Author WESKERANDASHY (4 years)

Author ladyvixenja (2 years)
Wat the hell is rong wit u u get a boyfriend cuz u very desperate

Author awesomeriki (2 years)
In the description it said that if you have the guts to see this video so
Barney can't watch it cuz of the pop up

Author signore1366613 (4 years)
OMG scary i crapped myself

Author Sparkinator36000 (4 years)
i've seen mimes scarier than this when they werent even trying to be scary!
no offence

Author mismara27 (4 years)
@sweetroll25 u r a jerk!

Author TheMufasa123456 (4 years)
your video was absolutely amazing. I agree with you 100%, those are the
scariest pop ups I have ever seen!

Author Tails2999 (4 years)
scary pop up yhea IF YOU 3

Author GothicPrincess242 (4 years)

Author zt2fan2008 (1 year)

Author Madison Calderone (3 years)

Author awesomepros (4 years)
i pissed my pants that was frikkin crazy

Author rahcettolahn27 (4 years)
hahahaha! i like this!

Author zt2fan2008 (2 years)
thats funny cuz i have one and he's fucking perfect and i love him so much
:3 and he's a sexy motha fucka... fail4re is him :)

Author shadowfan771 (4 years)

Author robjr6373 (1 year)
How is that scary

Author RealEmoKidd (3 years)
Elmo XD

Author lessler911 (4 years)
omg oomg omg oomg u like these song couse if u do ur gay! oh wait u ARE!!!!

Author CardcaptorGirl2000 (4 years)
Me and my 3 cousins want 33 seconds of our life back!!!! 

Author beasty233 (4 years)
that was gay i wet my pants

Author kealanuhea123 (3 years)
OMG waist my time!!!!

Author sindyramirez817 (3 years)
im shaking im shaking xD

Author TheSugarcaine (4 years)
sorry i didnt no.but know i know.

Author Singerluver96 (4 years)
You wanna know what's scary? I'M FREAKING RELATED TO THE PERSON WHO MADE

Author chasetatum1 (4 years)
this is totally gay as shit

Author Jordan Andrews (4 years)
OMG!!!! ELMO!!!!! Kill it kill it!!!

Author cori scott (3 years)
@star10365 there is also one where it says i hate you you hate me lets get
together and kill barney with a knife and his back and a bullet in his head
now there is no more anoying bitch

Author rougethebat1818 (3 years)
@zt2fan2008 Ur welcome :)

Author Mariam Ayaz (4 years)
WTH u r sooooo stupid Not funny at allllllllplulp

Author Jacob Greer (3 years)
GOT THE IDEA FROM UR GAY ASS DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author swaggachickk23 (4 years)
very stupid wheres the friqqin popup???

Author clamosh (3 years)
thats a good vid

Author ashley8042 (4 years)
u r the most sivk ppl in the world i love barny *****s

Author djcisco1000 (4 years)

Author hope scruggs (3 years)
This stuff is bogus it's so bad I would like the news better

Author TheClown876 (4 years)
you suck man

Author zt2fan2008 (4 years)
@lessler911 What? WHAT SONG dammit

Author Celloboy26 (3 years)
U owe me paints

Author Singerluver96 (4 years)
@MissSoccerRocker120 it's creeepy!

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