Floyd Mayweather vs Conor Mcgregor Promo | Boxing vs MMA

Song: Bolth - Feeling the Vibe

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Author Mazlan Roy ( ago)
for the fair bro.

after fight in arena of Floyd next fight in arena of Conor.

doesn't fair if only in arena of Floyd.


if Floyd really wants to prove to everyone this is his change Ahahaha.

Author MrShiddy1 ( ago)
Anybody who thinks Mayweather can knock out Conner is just fucking dumb. And anyone who thinks Mcgregor Can't knock out Floyd is even dumber.

Author hsksjssjajaasu ( ago)
McGregor will put floyd the runner to sleep in one round

Author Richy arm ( ago)
Fuck maybitch !

Author Justin William ( ago)
I wish somebody could convince Connor he's fucking up by boxing Floyd...

Author Syrgak Almazbekov ( ago)
When fight?

Author Pen & Paper ( ago)
Fuck Ireland and fuck McGregor. This is America.
USA Floyd Mayweather.

Author aaron pryor ( ago)
Pink people aww sorry 'white ' people are so desperate for Floyd to lose "LOL"

Author Seanod100 ( ago)
floyd will beat conor in a match but straight up fight conor will crack the malteaser

Author Gera Rodríguez ( ago)
mayweather vs triple ggg!

Author Rick Rascon ( ago)
Connor hits too hard Floyds going down

Author Rick Rascon ( ago)
Floyd's going down

Author Albero Lopez ( ago)
de verdad se va hacer la pelea o no??

Author You Tube ( ago)
Конор отсосёт как и предыдущие 49 пиздоболов

Author KINO KING ( ago)
Floyd 50-0-0

Author Evan pete basso ( ago)
brigham utah. is huge on harrassing inocent individuals.

Author Brons Beazy ( ago)
i can tell whats gonna happen floyd will just run around the ring hidding the whole fight.. he better hope like fuck mcgregor dont catch him.. connor's hand are fucking dcieveingly quick and got that knock out power the fans love... cant wait for this fight to happen.. team mcgregor respect from new zealand ✊✊✊

Author junior Gee ( ago)
Dana white is right, yah right 50/50. lick crack head ads Dana, 50/50 the person who was paying fighters that are all washed up now and made the UFC what it is, paying them 5/95 the bitch said 50/50 now fucken queer,baluga face

Author Vishwa Palekar ( ago)
Magnificent video loved it ...

Author Nick Salazar ( ago)
are you kidding me Mayweather as bad as you've might have wanted to see him loose he has proven without a doubt he is the best and this is a death sentence to his career idiot with a big mouth Floyd never even had a challenge bar none and he dismantled ervery big fight name in the game and this era all us haters should be thanking g him cause we all have seen something that will never happen at least for a very long time Connor your legacy will be made into a laughing stock to bad that talent will be remembered as a joke after you embaress yourself

Author Weasna Sim ( ago)
this clown mayflower claims to b an elephant n doesn't beef with ants??? lol wat a monkey!!!

Author grubit platva ( ago)
Connors gonna win by knockout, but if mayweather changed this one thing Connor will get upset and try some dumb shit. But aye. We will see. knockout I'm the first by Connor, or mayweather knockout in the 5th.

Author Jaime Salgado ( ago)
everyone who downgrades this fight will be exited and watching this fight lol

Author Watcher of worlds ( ago)
Floyd is not only just a boxers.He's a master at his craft.He makes you think you can beat him. By his size,power and skills.But once you enter that ring you realize he's six foot tall 175Ib lol

Author qsplak ( ago)
I can't wait til Floyd schools this jackass! Btw, MMA SUCKS!!! It's just a bunch of sissies rolling on the ground, trying to figure out who can dry hump who the fastest! Kick his ass Floyd!

Author Johnn Dennislevita ( ago)
floyd cant fight in real fight cz in boxing floyd can run hug all round like he did to pacquiao lol. boring

Author Md.Shahadat Hossain ( ago)
Please check my describe & work profile.Thanks

Author Jefferson Villa ( ago)
conor mcgregor dará una gran sorpresa

Author James Abdullah Wang ( ago)
the hype is real, terrible fucking Music tho

Author Anthony Kintchen ( ago)
and since May got the advantage with only hands being used , he better skill he way to this win.C'mon May.

Author Anthony Kintchen ( ago)
listen Conor gonna kill thats how it should be. if May win the UFC gonna look real bad to me cause in that octagon they fucking fight!!.. May been jogging Conor gonna catch him with something.i mean he has too right?...May smooth but i think he was wrong for taking this fight. He gonna wanna rematch... to bad Johnnie Cochran passed away couple years ago

Author Dennis Siau Yun Kong ( ago)
eventhough i dont like weather..but i know this is his game..and gregor is just like another sheep for the lion

Author Florentino Mercado ( ago)
making money

Author Eliseo Lusian ( ago)
money skim

Author Eliseo Lusian ( ago)
500 billion is gonna make they say.maybe the irish pay twice ti see it.

Author Eliseo Lusian ( ago)
biggest fight in history ? no is not .only people that will support this fight are mma fans and the irish. mcgreggor needs to train at least a full year then beat a top contender in boxing to make a good fight. they want to make this fight so that they can laught up to the bank.

Author daleiwande1 ( ago)
boxing vs boxing ...floyd wins! mma vs mma ...conor wins

Author Fight Club ( ago)
floyd will win but who cares,both fight only for money ! big MONEY

Author &Not2Yield ( ago)
I hope the ring they use has a trap door. Conor will need it in round one.

Author Dannivision ( ago)
In an mma fight, connor may win, in boxing mayweather wins for sure. If it's a real fight, anything can happen between two human beings with no rules.

Author Shaheer Henderson ( ago)
Floyd Mayweather should not be counted out. He is very technical at his art. People dislike his character, but you gotta admit he is,a very skilled boxer.

Author Jonathan Makiese ( ago)
,guys don't rest your time for this shit cuz they not going to fight what happened to Chris and soudja boy it's the same shit

Author King Zane ( ago)
I love Watching Connor fight and I've won a lot of money betting on him but he won't beat Floyd trust me.

Author Patrik Blazevic ( ago)
conors biggest mistake

Author 김성준 ( ago)
lol boxing vs mma? should be boxer vs mma figher in boxing rule.

Author George Carey ( ago)

Author FireFighter Ranger ( ago)
Connor would fuck up Gayweather

Author Raydingo ( ago)
people don't buy the fight it's all for money

Author Frozen Fan ( ago)
Floyd has a good chin and is very hard to actually hit but if Conor got a clean left in there it might be all over. the only thing is Conor cant follow up with a ground n pound, which is kind of lame lol.

Author moneybag shawty ( ago)
Is there any chance they will really fight?

Author Pen & Paper ( ago)
This is America fuck Ireland.

Author Osama Almulki ( ago)
come on, , why is all this fuss about the fighting? it doesn't need that much ,, let them fight , let's see who will win,, I'd say conor will ,,

Author David M ( ago)
literally every cell in my body knows that floyd MUST win but I still keep hope that this leprechaun will knock floyd out and shake the whole god damned world. please don't let us down

Author Jason King ( ago)
Too bad this video is older,...The EDITING IS FANTASTIC,... especially in the beginning!! AWESOME LOOKING FIGHT PROMO!!

Author Michael Henriquez ( ago)
Floyd would probably win but in a real 1v1 fight, mcgregor he knows more martial arts and has no fear, compared to bitch Mayweather who his only ko was his wife, he ain't no man he's a bitch even a Tyson would agree

Author thiagor theking ( ago)
lets' go

Author Yassin Musc ( ago)
What song at 1:30

Author Murat ( ago)
floyd easy win

Author TheCuriousHoneyBadger ( ago)
Good luck to you may weather

Author Corn Flakes ( ago)
Even i would kill floyd in a mma fight
-CM Punk

Author Henrik Andersson ( ago)
We all know what would happen in a MMA fight so it's boxing v boxing to be honest cause it wouldn't even been an challenge for Connor to knock Maywanker out but I would be a great fight if it were kickboxing cause then both fighter are kinda used to what they do and that in my opinion is how to tell who's the better fighter.

Author George Chikviladze ( ago)
Funny to watch all these floyds haters and MMA fanboys comments :)
Comments full of hatred, were written for Floyd 49 times. Guess what happened?

Author David Jones ( ago)
music is awful

Author john heidelberg ( ago)
for sure floyd will not fight conor on MMA ring. for the reason that the judges are not in his side. money talks... all is set.. they will just fight but overall he will win this because he already paid the judges. trust me, floyd is not good enough to dominate in MMA ring.

Author Marek Toman ( ago)
Floyd used an illegal IV and USADA broke WADA rules and allowed him to cheat.  He's the only guy paying them $150,000 for a reason

Author Rory Whau Whau ( ago)
Connor would knock Floyd out

Author princbul ( ago)
love it THANKS

Author breeze catcher ( ago)
Have it in the octagon cage with MMA gloves,all other boxing rules stand.....oops did I hear Floyd just fart!!!

Author Mladen Bukvic ( ago)
It's gonna be more fake then WWE........

Author Hardwell Land ( ago)
Connor needs only woooon rouuund to knock the fuck out of this dude

Author hari simdig ( ago)
Hah.............Floyd Mayweather is chicken Fuck........... he is very afraid for Straight Fight just like a chicken Shit...

Author ideas man ( ago)
Floyd Mayweather 50-0 the perfect fighter

Author UsingBothSidesOfMyBrain ( ago)
McGregor all day ! Everyone will blame the loss on Floyds age and his ring rust.Truth is,Mayweather jas never been hit by a mma fighter.Mma fighters have muscles boxers didnt even know existed. BOP BOP

Author PERIKAZO_RUIZ Ruiz ( ago)
easy win for MAYWEATHER not even fair

Author Xxxx999 X ( ago)
I dont understand, Mcgregor aint a boxer, this isnt even fair, Mayweather is going to kill this Irish cunt

Author samuel garcia ( ago)
is this really happening? I need to know.

Author fhers c29 ( ago)
Qué bueno que el payaso de mayweather salió del boxeo le hacía dañó al deporte ahora irá a aburrir a los del MMA

Author Hustler ENT ( ago)
wtf when did this happen

Author Chrustopher Ayala ( ago)
compromise will win

Author jj oriter ( ago)
If the fight is goin to happen in octagon then be it.. but if in the box.its gonna be more on Gay cos cannor cant use his kicks, which is i dont like to happen(Gay win is a no no). All i want is to see the GayWeather knockout and passed out in front of many.

Author Rico Calizo ( ago)
if this is boxing match Mcgregor still win and if boxing vs mma match Mayweather is dead

Author Roger Thornhill ( ago)
Forget about the $$$ and just fight man. Wouldn't be much of a Match as mayweather is too old now.

Author Giuliano Mucci ( ago)
alguien sabe cual es la canción?

Author Abdullah K ( ago)
it's a disgrace that mayweather is fighting Conor. boxing fans should ignore the fight. how can someone who has never had pro boxing fight fight the king of boxing. The only way to make this fight fair is to make it a bare knuckle fist fight (or at least ufc gloves). That will stop mayweather shrugging his shoulders here and there avoiding punches at least!
THUMBS up if you agree!!😆😆😆

Author Duane Dibbley ( ago)
Conor would beat Mayweather in a boxing match, hear me out here - he would beat him if both were bare knuckle or using mma gloves, Mayweathers whole style is dependant on defending with big boxing gloves, it's how he can keep his legendary guard so tight. Without this, the fight would be so open and Mayweather simply wouldn't be able to adapt. I'd like to see a fight between these two with both fighters styles compromised - not just Conor's.

Author Jaime Bulaga ( ago)
where to fight in MMA Cage or Boxing Ring? coz if in cage floyd has no groundfight? in boxing Ring pacman is better than mc gregor.. so less chance of winning... so if in the boxing ring its purely business... mc gregor use boxing gloves not MMA gloves so it really matters...

Author Aleksandrs Koks ( ago)
1:09 Barĉa <3

Author Running Quail ( ago)
People act like comparing boxing to mma is like comparing baseball to bullriding, but the thing is it's not that different at all in ufc you have to have boxing skill plus everything else, you throw hands in mma just like in boxing only thing is in ufc you have to have other skills on top of that, and Conor is as good a boxer as they come, people look at this fight like its some dude that just walked off the street whose never thrown a hand vs Muhammad Ali, but in reality it's a damn good fighter vs a pussy who gets points by running in circles, I'm not saying Conor is gonna win this though he should, I'm just saying there's no reason to be shocked if he does

Author Avocado ( ago)
If this would happen, in a boxing ring, I see Connor gassing out in the 6th

Author GEO KING ( ago)
this fight is point less .....

Author anil majumdar ( ago)
I am more excited for this than wrestlemania....#j10

Author Nick Damiano ( ago)
conor better watch video after video to clarify a solid training program... Conor has more than a chance to win.

Author Albo eagle ( ago)
song name now or else ill fuck your mother if you dont tell me what the song name is

Author agustin castro ( ago)
Mayweter es un cagon lo único que hace es correr y esquivar golpes nunca acepta un cruze de golpes cagon peleas aburridas

Author Azman 72 ( ago)
Badr Hari Vs Floyd Mayweather ?

Author Justin_XD PcGaming ( ago)
May weather 😇😇beast

Author Matthew Oliver ( ago)
let's get fuckin real here! we all like to watch fights! a fight is a fight! if Floyd mayweather don't know how to bang in the streets, and it's all boxing who the fuck cares! I wanna see a fight! I'd mayweather now saying he isn't a bad mother fucker period? Cuz Conner is! Floyd in a straight up brawl you basically a bitch let's be real. boxing Conner is no bitch but definitely can't beat mayweather! so, pound for pound, fighter to fighter, Conner is flat a better fighter in all aspects exept boxing, but this is a fight! let's see mayweather show some street, instead of some sweet! period!! done!! out!!

Author anil majumdar ( ago)
two superhumans collides...j10

Author Sam Chak87 ( ago)
mma boxing Floyd Mayweather he will hug him

Author Sam Chak87 ( ago)
fuck him up

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