Young Dolph "100 Shots" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

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  • Keandre Mathers
    Keandre Mathers 1 minute ago

    Dolph a snitch ass nigga

  • Nishs Lee
    Nishs Lee 20 minutes ago

    dolph you snitched on my boy youngser

  • Fugh Hfufg
    Fugh Hfufg 40 minutes ago

    How tf you miss a whole 100 shots

  • Yusif Evans
    Yusif Evans 3 hours ago

    pussy rat entertainment dolph rat ass nigga

  • John Albert Short III


  • Dillon Poston
    Dillon Poston 5 hours ago

    pussy bitch set him up knew he was going to try shoot him up why he got a bullet proof car to set him up if he wouldn't have had that car his scared ass woulda stayed hid.

  • Keith Bryant
    Keith Bryant 6 hours ago

    Never a HATER but I truthfully think this guy is soft... From what i heard not facts but he knew he had a problem in N.C.. YOU GET A BULLETPROOF CAR... THATS WHY I RESPECT TROY AVE...

  • Anndrea Byrd
    Anndrea Byrd 9 hours ago

    first off the car he was in was bulletproof 😕😐 he need to stop flexing 😑

  • Chavin Hill
    Chavin Hill 9 hours ago


  • Taniyah Baker
    Taniyah Baker 9 hours ago

    young dolph u wrong I don't like u

  • Outchea Entertainment
    Outchea Entertainment 10 hours ago

    We fucks with Dolph

    I came here for subscribers tho.

  • Darius Woods
    Darius Woods 12 hours ago

    They ain't miss a 100 shots yo shit was just bulletproof 😂 ayyyyyy

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith 19 hours ago

    better than any White trapper rapper

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith 19 hours ago

    better than any White trapper rapper

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith 19 hours ago

    better than any White trapper rapper

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith 19 hours ago

    better than any White trapper rapper

  • Avi Nunn
    Avi Nunn 20 hours ago

    you a bitch

  • Darkmaster 6578
    Darkmaster 6578 22 hours ago

    I thought the beat was going to drop some many times...But when it did o.O

  • Blake Campbell
    Blake Campbell 23 hours ago

    this song sucks ass

  • Calvin Lewis
    Calvin Lewis 23 hours ago

    💯✔💯💯✔💯Shots & Niga Didn't Shot💯✔💯✔💯🔫🔫

  • Demariyonna Williams

    u suck fuck yo mama

  • Green Light Multimedia

    Divine Intervention

  • Gibb _TrapZz
    Gibb _TrapZz 1 day ago

    Fuck u nigga u a snitch bitch

  • Antonio Thompson
    Antonio Thompson 1 day ago

    come harder bra

  • Xanny Pacquaio
    Xanny Pacquaio 1 day ago

    This song make me wanna get a job and quit the first day

  • Xanny Pacquaio
    Xanny Pacquaio 1 day ago

    Dolph the goat fr

  • Augustin Tinoco
    Augustin Tinoco 1 day ago


  • Glizzy Dez
    Glizzy Dez 1 day ago


  • Darius Turner
    Darius Turner 1 day ago


  • Adrian Rosales
    Adrian Rosales 1 day ago

    how tf u miss a whole 100 Drops?.. in the song

  • tramar parker
    tramar parker 1 day ago

    this guy fuckn sucks frfr wtf is this shyt 😂😂😂

  • Josh Franklin
    Josh Franklin 1 day ago

    snitch Bitch team black youngster

  • FalseSoc1e7y
    FalseSoc1e7y 1 day ago

    Dolph ain't no snitch, but he ain't no street nigga either. He's a real nigga but he aint a real savage. He's a barber that sold tree's and had some hustle in music. affiliated with street niggas rapping bout what he would do, might do. Real niggas walk away when the police roll up - stay silent. that's code. I don't give a damn how famous you is.. walk away it's your right. Plead 5 - After that think wise about your tracks - dry snitching is a thing - people writing it off man, just shows how loyalty has evolved. .I understand you people claiming he's on paperwork because he was the victim but the case gets built if somebody gives details of what they went through - he should have just walked it off, they had a case to build. Blacc Youngsta is a silly dumb nigga for thinking he couldn't be connected but people need to realize why street niggas are still taking sides. It's a complicated thing.

  • dajohn jackson
    dajohn jackson 1 day ago

    Dolph why you lien on youngsta that's some hoe shit👌👌👌

  • Curtis Bigcox
    Curtis Bigcox 1 day ago

    whos still here in waiting for the beat to drop

  • MoStWaNtEdJk
    MoStWaNtEdJk 1 day ago

    lol I though the beat was going to be harder lol but dolph go hard but dolph and gotta need to end this silly beef and make music together man it's stupid fighting when you from the same state man crazy simple I'm sorry but I'm sorry could end everything

  • nathaniel webb
    nathaniel webb 1 day ago

    this beat is driving crazy, when is it really going to drop

  • Rozay 585
    Rozay 585 1 day ago


  • DVDz4Gaming
    DVDz4Gaming 1 day ago

    When you looking for the drop...

  • Earl Jackson
    Earl Jackson 1 day ago


  • Avi Nunn
    Avi Nunn 1 day ago

    do don't tell on him

    DAVON BRANDY 1 day ago


  • Wesley Christian
    Wesley Christian 1 day ago

    they can't even catch my nigga lacking

  • Wesley Christian
    Wesley Christian 1 day ago

    fuck blac youngsta cocaine music faggits young dolph. the shit they need to go play with your bitch

  • XMoonxRocksX 85
    XMoonxRocksX 85 2 days ago

    ya! im on the white pill 2mg💊 956 representing ! man hold up!!! ✌🌿💊😎

  • Brice Stevens
    Brice Stevens 2 days ago

    100 shots

  • Demon Kemp
    Demon Kemp 2 days ago

    Some of these bitches edges grew back before the beat dropped 😜

  • Chatoyer
    Chatoyer 2 days ago

    waited long for that heat drop

  • SlinkyVlogs Frisbee

    Jesus came back to save us before the beat dropped

  • Bryant Johnson
    Bryant Johnson 2 days ago

    0:27-0:32 that's what mfs used to tell his ass

  • Solar Panel
    Solar Panel 2 days ago

    everytime i walk away from my YT it lands on this song. Coincidence? Fuck outa here with this shit... its straight but its brainwashing no social commentary nuthin

  • YSL 1996
    YSL 1996 2 days ago

    People saying he snitched there were 100 rounds shot at a car the cops going to be looking in to the shit heavy

  • YRN Miah
    YRN Miah 2 days ago


  • youngscrapz youngrockaway

    search "youngscrapz" overdue !!!! iam down with that 100 shot challenge

  • Carlito W
    Carlito W 2 days ago

    the bass took forever to drop.only dolph

  • Gentry Williams
    Gentry Williams 2 days ago

    This my shit 🔥💯

  • king _prince
    king _prince 2 days ago

    who else started to turn up when u thought the beat was finna drop. but then it didnt

  • Cherish0887
    Cherish0887 2 days ago

    Don't show up at court

  • Jaida Carter
    Jaida Carter 2 days ago

    wym how he he miss a hunnid shots if the car bullet proof duhh df

  • Jacob Len
    Jacob Len 2 days ago go Jam if you fw Dolph 🎧

  • Delangelo Turner
    Delangelo Turner 2 days ago

    fuck dolph

  • Delangelo Turner
    Delangelo Turner 2 days ago

    fuck dolph

  • Keyan Bagheri
    Keyan Bagheri 2 days ago

    Someone actually wasted time and money to make a video fo dis shii?

  • Nehemiah Murray
    Nehemiah Murray 2 days ago

    dolph you s pussy

  • Him OvaThere
    Him OvaThere 3 days ago

    street niggas in tuxedos we the mob 🔥🔥🔥

  • Doelow Da Pilotman
    Doelow Da Pilotman 3 days ago

    hold on i dont get it ????? i thought the truck was bullet did the shots miss or did the shots hit the truck????

    • doom6985
      doom6985 2 days ago

      Doelow Da Pilotman they hit but the SUV was bulletproof

  • Lourdens Joseph
    Lourdens Joseph 3 days ago

    Main question isn't how Blac Youngsta missed 100 shots. But did Dolph get the change back from that kid?

  • X Gamble
    X Gamble 3 days ago

    stupid ass niggas#pre

  • Cheikh Diop
    Cheikh Diop 3 days ago


  • Bighomie386
    Bighomie386 3 days ago

    this song weak

  • frankie bejar
    frankie bejar 3 days ago

    Wow I thought it was gunna drop way better then that still hard tho

  • Doing Me
    Doing Me 3 days ago

    lol y'all believe that this nigga ass wasn't running from them hunnit shots😂😂😂💀💀 a bulletproof truck is how he miss a 100 shots you gets no kool points stop this nonsense you could've died

  • Deshawn Jones
    Deshawn Jones 3 days ago

    he was in a bullet proof van

  • Rolonda G
    Rolonda G 3 days ago

    Missed A Whole Hundred Times U Coulda Dropped The Beat

  • Im Tylito
    Im Tylito 3 days ago

    how tf you miss a whole 100 shotssss

  • Yolanda Rogesr
    Yolanda Rogesr 3 days ago


  • Big Wayne
    Big Wayne 3 days ago

    blac youngsta fake ass bitch and any nigga who roll wit em you a bitch to

    You lookin for your bitch she with me nigga she ain't missin DOLPH

  • Walter Davis
    Walter Davis 3 days ago

    this nigga act like his shit wasn't bullet proff bitch he didn't miss

  • Shamar
    Shamar 3 days ago

    how the fuck you miss a whole hunnid shots 😂

  • loron bain
    loron bain 3 days ago

    think I caught an anxiety attack waiting on the beat to drop

  • Damone Bih
    Damone Bih 3 days ago

    he ain't no hitta yall dick riding a rat

  • Raymen Dinkha
    Raymen Dinkha 3 days ago


  • Aunreke garrett
    Aunreke garrett 3 days ago

    Niggas act like his car wasn't bulletproof . Ain't nobody miss

  • Antonio Stokes
    Antonio Stokes 3 days ago

    blac youngsta better

  • 22wwert
    22wwert 4 days ago


  • Marquan1988
    Marquan1988 4 days ago

    2 mins for the beat to drop??? I'll pass

  • Merline26
    Merline26 4 days ago

    100 100 shots bro

  • takumi fujiwara
    takumi fujiwara 4 days ago

    i graduated before the beat dropped

  • Trelisa Smith
    Trelisa Smith 4 days ago

    Dolph Sexyyyy AF 🐬🐬

  • Nathaniel BundaSasa


  • Jorge Ruiz
    Jorge Ruiz 4 days ago

    Blac Youngsta shoot like the bad guys in the movies

  • Hotboy La Flame
    Hotboy La Flame 4 days ago

    How you snitch to a whole hunnit cops

  • Robert Evan
    Robert Evan 4 days ago

    🚨👍🏽😹😹how da fuck u miss a whole hunnid shots oh my bad I spent 300k on a gmc SUV bulletproof 😹😹😂

  • Soundcloud Jlexdj21

    yo bitch ate my dick, I caught her on dem bars.......XANAX

    Beat is hard as fuck...

  • Boss Man
    Boss Man 4 days ago

    Shit lit asf on repeat

  • Teddaleeno WariZreal

    cmf. lol I mean I'm off da lean

  • Teddaleeno WariZreal

    cuffs lol

  • Teddaleeno WariZreal

    dis drich gotti a hoe day got a young nigga to handle wax, stand up fo to self cuffs, lmao..

  • John Janowiecki
    John Janowiecki 4 days ago

    i pull up pick up that pack n burn rubba

  • Real Ones
    Real Ones 4 days ago

    is Aight u Just got Shot at 100 times And None hit You Lucky God Gotchu. But if u Fuck wit Fredo i ain't Kno if even god can help Ya ass It wouldn't be no 100 Shots Ud get real Heat on tha Way Fredo ain't playin Just like Cheef Rico Will get One of ma own GD

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