Flight 93 Eyewitness Sees A Second Plane, Says Flight 93 Was Shot Down

John Fleegle heard engines roar over his head and felt the ground shake under his feet as the lights flickered in his office. He stepped outside and saw a big ball of fire in the air. However, when he got to the supposed crash site of Flight 93, he saw a second plane still flying overhead. While telling his eyewitness story, a retired Air Force officer explains that the reason his lights flickered was because the radar frequency was zapped as the plane was shot down.

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Author Jonathan Williams ( ago)
All makes sense. Yet more evidence that points towards something dodgy.
Would seem it was shot down maybe because the ''pilots'' didnt believe they
would reach their target due to the unrest on board with the passengers ?

Author Joseph DuPont ( ago)
Why would the lights flicker??? emf??? Partial beam?

Author Guy Williams ( ago)

Author Paul Cormier ( ago)

Author NoGuyComesClose ( ago)
Eye witness..... Excellent!

Author NattiJeff ( ago)
I started a radio show on MixLr to talk about things like this all the way
to Zika. If you're interested, message me and I will give you more info. It
is a fun show with a lot of very smart listeners

Author TilDeath1776 US ( ago)
there's a lot alphabet trolls on this comment board. 9-11 was an inside job
period! if you don't believe that your either working for the government or
a fucking retard!!

Author AK6 ( ago)
Big boom in the AIR???

Author Matt Helm ( ago)
Complete idiot

Author Gary Doss ( ago)
"big boom" "big fire" kind of puts it all in focus. This poor bastard has
no idea what he's talking about. A bunch of 'someone said' and someone
thought. Nothing to see here.

Author Unbound Promethius ( ago)
This is what you get when you speak to another bored country bumpkin; More

Author Admrial of the sea ( ago)
The second plane i think was a civilian Cessna 182 telling ATC where the
plane was because its transponder was turned off by the hijackers. I
thought about that because I remember hearing about that in the news. So it
was ether a military fighter or a civilian plane trailing Flight 93.

Author Kevin Boyer ( ago)
if bush ordered flight 93 be shot down he did what was best if that really
happened anyway I will never forget 911

Author richieluz7 ( ago)
Nope. I don't believe you Farmer John. A missile hit that gauge in the land
and the result was a round hole in the middle. So it had the appearance of
a plane getting swallowed up in the earth. Flight 93 made an emergency
landing in Cleveland due to a supposed bomb threat. Then they had all the
passengers switch planes. There was a lot going on that day wasn't there?

Author Nathaniel Myers ( ago)
If you listen to the faa flight transcripts the asshole muslim said he had
a bomb after the pilots screamed mayday

Author JAY M ( ago)

Author rfn944 ( ago)
That jet fired a missile. NO shoot down. No bodies, no blood, no nothing
other than Cheney's jockstrap.

Author SassyHershsey SassyHershey ( ago)
same thing by a police officer captain in Georgetown, D.C. I asked why keep
it a secret and he said, "we needed heroes that day".

Author Hrdtime1980 Fun ( ago)
sick evil fucks will suffer God's wrath

Author Kurtis Peterman ( ago)
America Fuck yeah

Author J - DAWG ( ago)
This man said himself, " couldn't tell if it was a fighter..." There
was a light civil aircraft flying around there, that actually identified
flight 93 to atc, and had to make evasive maneuvers to avoid colliding with
flight 93. Although the light flickering may be an indication of a target
lock, there were no fighter jets near flight 93, so obviously it was caused
by the 757 going 580 mph straight into the ground.

Author pommac10 ( ago)
So if he was at the crashscene in 45 sec, what did he see ??
The question the question PLEASE!

Author Knute Kritt ( ago)
Flight 93 was shot down and Cheney said he gave the order to shoot down the
plane. This was exactly the right thing to do and was the plan in place
for National Defense on event of a terrorist or other nut job using a plane
as a weapon. This was the most humanitarian and best defense of Americans
that could be devised when Defense of America was the most important thing
for consideration. I am sure the pilot of the military craft that got the
job done was crying for them. ...terrible thing to have to end lives of the
innocent along with the evil....I hope those who had to make and perform
this act on our behalf are alright...these are the never hear
anyone talk about the bravery of that pilot or those pilots or Cheney for
doing the right thing....
pissed off Christian Conservative female

Author Dana Laib ( ago)
If I believed anything, it would be that a missile was fired into the
ground...But I don't. I look, listen, and infer. So far these observation
techniques have brought me to no absolute conclusion.

Author Michelle Miller ( ago)
So dude. How much did they pay you? Flight 93 didn't get shot down nor did
it nose dive into the ground. THERE WAS NO PLANE CRASH IN SHANKSVILLE PA.

Author Kacey ( ago)
This type of thing brings all the crazies out doesn't it?

Author HD Paragon ( ago)
War was all a lie just like the plane not being shot down they tried to
make it look like the heroic passengers took it down which was all a bunch
of BS!

Author yourname 1215 ( ago)
So now in confused. Now there was a flight 93 crash? And it was shot down?
What about the no crash debris at the site? How we question a plane even
crashing there at all. I think the events of that day are completely
questionable. But videos like this confuse me.

Author F33bs (1239 years ago)
"Zap the radar system so the lights flickered"? What the fuck kind of
hilarious bullshit is this? Since when does the military "zap the radar"
(whatever the fuck that means) when a fighter shoots a missile? Airliners
don't have the radar to detect incoming missiles, which means there's no
fucking reason to even do that, not to mention that there's no such thing
as "zapping the radar." What a bunch of ridiculous, disgusting, offensive
bullshit this Truther crap is. You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

Author F33bs (1434 years ago)
It boggles my mind the stupidity of Truthers that they believe this

Author Roi Deming ( ago)
Bomb crater!!

Author Planet Destroyer ( ago)
I will now quote Invader Zim *clears throat* LIES LIES!!! LIEEEEEEESSSS! 

Author Brad Julio ( ago)
Yep. That plane was shot. Down. We were all there to see a fighter jet with
empty wings on the right side. No big deal. They just saved more of a
disaster. That plane could have killed thousands of more people. It was a
good move.

Author John Boyt ( ago)
As a previous NORAD associate, I was told that flight 93 was shot down. At
the time many of us were taking a smoke break many hundreds of feet under
ground, when some ran out and informed all of us of what happened to flight
93. The order was given apparently by the vice president. When we ran up
stairs to see what CNN had, we learnt that our cable supplier had cut off
our service. We had to wait a few quite some time before service was
restored. Apparently this service was only restored after the Military
Police from our base ordered the company to restore our service
immediately. Once we viewed the hole in the ground, it was quite obvious
that no plane landed in that hole. A missile yes, but no plane. We were
then informed that parts of the plane was found for many miles from the
hole in the ground.

Author jbyeats ( ago)
Look -- all the many hundreds of Commercial Airliner crashes you can see on
Youtube & Google
are all FAKE. They were planted by the RUSSIANS, the CHINESE , the
and now ISIS.
Flight No 93 is the proper way a Commercial Airliner Crash is supposed to
look like.
How could we have believed all those FAKE GOOGLE & YOUTUBE images from
around the world ---
for so long ?

Author Divine Lotus ( ago)
does anyone know the song at the end

Author wiibaron ( ago)
If he worked at the marina miles away, how did 'they' get there 45 seconds
after the crash? If the plane was shot down, why wouldn't the lady who
took the famous treeline smokeball photo pan up and take a photo of the
smokeball and trailing smoke down to the ground? Impossible not to have
trailing smoke from a giant explosion in the air, it is Newtons' 11th law! 

Author kim II sung ( ago)
bullshit ass American government

Author ryanshaunkelly ( ago)
air national guard jet shot it down
media & government lied about
every part of September 2001

Author Daniel Allen ( ago)
It's a damn fact and anyone can look it up that there was a piece of flight
93 found 6 miles back behind the crash site. One of the biggest pieces of
the plane found. That plane exploded in air. Look up every picture you can
find of other crashed airliners and you tell me that they all look like the
flight 93 crash site. From what they showed us on TV it looked nothing like
any of the others photos I've seen of all the others. It didn't even look
like a plane had crashed there at all. Go back and look at the video. I
don't give a damn what anyone says. I have enough common sense to put 2 and
2 together to know that. Everyone who says different don't want to know the
damn truth. 

Author Edward James ( ago)
The plane he saw toward the sun wasn't the plane that shot down 93. It's
the plane that dropped the bomb in the field.

Author Richard Noel Hedditch ( ago)
Flight 93 was shot down by the U.S. airforce. The scenario fits. No "
heroic passengers " tangling in the cockpit with CIA-Al-Qaeda shit for
control of Flight 93 is gonna cause it to crash, if Flight 93 is on CIA
remote targetting to crash into , supposedly, The White House. The only way
to have stopped Flight 93 mid-flight would have been to climb down to the
exterior underside and deactivate the underside tracking apparatus. And not
even Keanu Reeves could have done that.

Author John Poston ( ago)
On September 11, 2001 United Airlines Flight #93 was shot down by U.S.
military aircraft over a field in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. It was not
taken over by heroic passengers, causing the hijackers to crash it, that
would make no sense. The U.S. Capitol Building was probably the most
important target in the alleged "September 11, 2001 Attacks", why would the
hijackers just give up like that, considering how close they were from
Washington D.C. All evidence proves that United Airlines Flight #93 was
shot down.

Author fuckuall1000times ( ago)
One plane crashed without hitting a building. One building collapsed
without being hit by a plane. You do the math. Coincidence...I think not.

Author d00bZubElEk ( ago)
sooooooo far fetched

Author wiibaron ( ago)
The bumpkin solved 9/11! Icarus flew into the sun! As if a pilot in the
air could tell 'witnesses' were looking up at him from the ground and fly
towards the sun to avoid identification. If a plane is flying easterly at
10am, it will always be toward the sun...

Author Jenny Caraway ( ago)
One thing I noticed besides all the idiotic remarks here is that our
government hates to tell the truth. Imagine the payout to all those
victims families. Yet our government has no problem supplying our enemies
with weapons and ammunition. Untold probably billions of dollars.
Complete and utter insanity. This may be due to the fact that under 58%
of registered voters voted in the last presidential election. Complacency
in every facet of America is slowly degrading our country. God bless the

Author James Hadfield ( ago)
so he must have heard two explosions,the missile strike and crash,why
doesn't he say this ?

Author brmillgr ( ago)
Anyone who still believes that fires brought the towers down at near free
fall speed into their own footprint is a fucking moron, sick of mincing
words with you clowns, you are complicit in the wars that followed that
day. Fuck you, big big fuck you

Author Patrick B ( ago)
He's right about the radar frequency zapping the lights. I personally spoke
with Karish muhamad Abdul asswippy who lies in Bagdad, Iraq, and told me
that the lights flickered just before we bombed their f&%$in asses and her
husband abdul jabbit inya said it jammed the frequency so they couldn't
watch SNL on t.

Author OdinVonTogan ( ago)
This theory is based on the knowns of the retired air force person.
However, there are knowns, and there are unknowns. Some unknowns are
known, some unknowns are unknown.

Author Patrick B ( ago)
And the bullshit just keeps getting deeper.

Author Patrick Bateman ( ago)
MURICA FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author dythangel ( ago)
Lets see first time in history a building free falls from a fire..wait
sorry two buildings in one day. First time in history a plane crashes to
the ground and nothing to see here but a crater. Oh wait! There's more!
Lets not forget the lack of video at the heart of our countries defense!
The Pentagon! How stupid is the American public that still believe our
government didn't have something to do with this. Show me a video proving
me wrong please! I hate to think we live in such a sick world, but we do. 

Author sylvie bertran ( ago)
Amerisraeli state terror

Author Anthony Gennaro ( ago)
Evidence from who? The case isn't closed!

Author Anthony Gennaro ( ago)
Protect the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.

Author Anthony Gennaro ( ago)
..against all enemies, foreign and

Author O0Salmon0O ( ago)
Hypothetical: One option would be to shoot down a plane known to be heading
for a public target. No way the public would accept killing civilians so
get out of Dodge and make the passengers out to be heroes. More believable
than going as far as claiming the gov was behind the whole thing just to
start a war.

Author Ramadorn ( ago)
This guy should train all first responders....45 second response time?
Either train the country or join a quick change magic duo.

Author Ed Stevens ( ago)
Wearing a wife beater, lights flickered (rf/mw freqs) was at crash scene
within 45 seconds...what's not to believe?

Author Dale Bergeron ( ago)
Lights can flicker. We could put a florecenttubes in the hanger and the
radar (fire control) would illuminate the tube. flash cubes too. Not
healthy for us but we did it for fun sometimes.

Author ABC123 ( ago)
Don't say that, these twoofers that support Islamic terrorists won't like
it, they are very sad people.

Author JamaicaSound79 ( ago)
My comment is right there blind man, i deleted the previouse one cause i
wrote yeling instead of yelling, don't change argoument, ignorant and go
recruiting yourself for a new crusade, ignorant, try to study a bit,
ignorant, but feel free to leave this world to restore a bit of goodnes in
the humanity. Sleep tight happy ignorant.

Author JamaicaSound79 ( ago)
Go back to bed, America. Your government has figured out how it all
transpired. Go back to bed, America. Your government is in control again.
Here. Here's American Gladiators. Watch this, shut up. Go back to bed,
America. Here is American Gladiators. Here is 56 channels of it! Watch
these pituitary retards bang their fucking skulls together and congratulate
you on living in the land of freedom. Here you go, America! You are free to
do what we tell you! You are free to do what we tell you!

Author MrPKellz1 ( ago)
hahahaha okay buddy

Author hitman dejesus ( ago)
So what if it was shot down, too bad they didn't have their shit together
enough to shoot flights 11 and 175 down too.I hope the army shoots every
hijacked plane down from here on in.

Author JamaicaSound79 ( ago)
Sorry Mr. Gennaro, wrong again, the problem is not in Indian Lake as all
the debunkers points out, metal pieces of the size of brifecase were found
There is a live coverage of that day from a CNN reporter that the FBI
corded off this second area, and an article of the 09/14/01 on the
Pittsburg Tribune. No wind, metal pieces briefcase size over 8 miles away
in airline. Evidences indicates the plane was shoot down. Case closed.

Author You Lie ( ago)
So some guy in the air force told this guy that radar makes the lights
flick.. and now you believe a missle hit the pentagon and tupac is still
alive at the illuminati death camps with fema and the chem trail planes..
you are fucking bonkers.

Author You Lie ( ago)
you are dumb if you will listen to anything from an untrained witness.

Author Brutus Cassius ( ago)
Well, I've known that the Powers That Be are counting on their cannon
fodder forces being most completely indoctrinated before they even enlist
to begin with, & from there the brainwashing into wholly obedient,
mercenary automatons with no moral compass whatsoever isn't such a huge
step; could be accomplished with just the subtlest methods. I would think
that them openly asking the question, would you turn your gun on unarmed
American civilians, would risk jolting their conscience into shape..

Author Rhianon48 ( ago)
Of course. It surprises me that you would even ask that question.

Author Rhianon48 ( ago)
BUT bottom line; you would have followed a direct order and done it, yes?
Not to cast aspersions on the military; my son is in the Navy, but I fully
understand, no matter how distasteful, that a pilot would have had no
choice but to sacrifice the few to save the many.

Author beingsshepherd ( ago)
Have you ever listened to Flight Attendant CeeCee Lyles' notorious call to
her husband? /watch?v=5SED76UvuAw One can quite obviously hear a man
whispering lines to her (and even congratulates her at the end). "Hijacker"
Ziad Jarrah's benign, muffled, cockpit message; is widely mistranscribed.
He says: "they have a bomb on board". Probably taken from a flight school

Author winitred000 . ( ago)
2 were going to trade centers, 1 to pentagon, the other one? WALL STREET

Author winitred000 . ( ago)
that's right too bad they didn't think of it in the 10 bloody minutes to
flight 11 and the even more than that to flight 175

Author winitred000 . ( ago)
and yes I would have thought the same if I was on board one of them.

Author winitred000 . ( ago)
what was this, the 3rd or 4th plane? Do you really think the military are
going to admit shooting down a plane? They should have shot down the first

Author Adam Hass ( ago)
Lol your the one who wants attention. Of course its made up these cockpit
voice recordings etc. What, you think the gov is dumb enough not to do
these things to make it look real? Dont look at that stuff look at other
important things like, where is the actual plane? engines and seats. Look
at other SIMILARE plane crashes. Look at the towers. Then you will see how
this is all crap made up from the gov to make it LOOK so real.

Author Rocket Queen ( ago)
None of what he says is consistent with what dozens of other witnesses
reported. The Cockpit Voice Recorder and the Flight Data Recorder, as well
as calls from passengers to their loved ones, are consistent with hijackers
taking over the plane. This guy just wanted attention.

Author reconone9D ( ago)
yes, i am a moron. outstanding conclusion genius. Of all this paranoia you
have, have you ever come to the thought that the Cockpit audio recorder and
Flight Data recorder had been recovered and no where in the Flight data
recorder did it indicate failure of any system on the aircraft nor sudden
loss of Cabin pressure to indicate a missile strike? both engines operated
perfectly as so did the control surfaces until impact.

Author reconone9D ( ago)
put it this way son. if you were strapped with c4 then sling shot into a
concrete wall and the c4 exploded on impact would there be anything left of

Author Brutus Cassius ( ago)
Who was it that asked you if you could turn your weapons on unarmed
American civilians during your training? Is that part of American military
training these days? being gauged on whether or not you could be counted on
to follow orders, no matter how morally repulsive, or contrary to the oath
you take to defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign AND domestic
(& who else would be a domestic enemy of the Constitution, if not the
government itself)?

Author bell110 ( ago)
It would be difficult, but in that situation, necessary. Unfortunately,
those passengers were doomed already, and they knew that plane was going to
be used as a missile to kill even more people.

Author Anthony Gennaro ( ago)
Mr Keno: It would have been very difficult for an american pilot to shoot
down a civilian airliner under any situation. I was in the military for
almost 20 years. there were times in training I was asked if i could turn
my weapons on unarmed american civilians. I know each case is unique to
that moment, but I would have a very difficult time in doing so AGC
TM1(SS/DV) -retired US Navy Submariner, Salvage Diver and EOD

Author Derik Rinehart ( ago)
Because the guy I saw interviewed said there was smoke coming off the left
side of the plane as it did a left diving bank turn right into the ground.
You take a guess how one would know. ;)

Author Eric Johnson ( ago)
If the piece never aired again, that means "the powers that be" didn't want
people to know about the engine found a mile away. Which leads to the
question: WHO said it was the LEFT engine? The gas station attendant? WHY
is it said it was the left engine? Probably 995 out of 1000 people wouldn't
be able to discern a left from right engine. So if this was such a big
secret, never to be aired again, how do we know it was the left engine?

Author Eric Johnson ( ago)
Are you saying people don't use lights in their offices at 10 AM on sunny

Author james kallaher ( ago)
next 9-11 will result in the verichip for us citizens..... beware and

Author sanfo mendoza ( ago)
ok now yall know 911 was a false flag mission now what u gonna do ?

Author commonberus1 ( ago)
Flight 93 film came out in 2006. Nearly five years after the event. By what
criteria is that quick!!

Author John Milligan ( ago)
The lights flickered in his office ? it was around 10am on a bright sunny
morning ! 'the lights flickered in his office ' ? if you believe that

Author Steinar Danielsson ( ago)
why hasn't anyone from EXEcutive 956 come forward to tell the "real" story?

Author Anthony Gennaro ( ago)
Hey i thought it was the Statue of Liberty! Stop spreading misinformation!
we all know copperfield is a member of the illuminati and the secret free
masons inside the free masons. i will not be satisfied until you admit sir,
in front of all these youtube members that it was the statue of liberty not
the empire state building!

Author Anthony Gennaro ( ago)
Thats good stuff. i am not saying you're wrong. How do you know it came
from an Air Guard F-16? Do you know any of the ground crew? Perhaps the
aircraft took off and never returned or returned missing A/A missiles.
Please expand on this. I am interested in what you know.

Author Anthony Gennaro ( ago)
I have been informed, that lake is 8 road miles away not by the crow flies.
its less than 2 miles. it was not heavy debris, consistant of an aircraft
coming apart at high g. I have been informed. Check that lake by air miles.

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