Flight 93 Eyewitness Sees A Second Plane, Says Flight 93 Was Shot Down

John Fleegle heard engines roar over his head and felt the ground shake under his feet as the lights flickered in his office. He stepped outside and saw a big ball of fire in the air. However, when he got to the supposed crash site of Flight 93, he saw a second plane still flying overhead. While telling his eyewitness story, a retired Air Force officer explains that the reason his lights flickered was because the radar frequency was zapped as the plane was shot down.

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Author wiibaron (1 month)
If he worked at the marina miles away, how did 'they' get there 45 seconds
after the crash? If the plane was shot down, why wouldn't the lady who
took the famous treeline smokeball photo pan up and take a photo of the
smokeball and trailing smoke down to the ground? Impossible not to have
trailing smoke from a giant explosion in the air, it is Newtons' 11th law! 

Author ike mike (21 hour)
that hole was created by a missile & a back hoe

Author Daniel Allen (7 months)
It's a damn fact and anyone can look it up that there was a piece of flight
93 found 6 miles back behind the crash site. One of the biggest pieces of
the plane found. That plane exploded in air. Look up every picture you can
find of other crashed airliners and you tell me that they all look like the
flight 93 crash site. From what they showed us on TV it looked nothing like
any of the others photos I've seen of all the others. It didn't even look
like a plane had crashed there at all. Go back and look at the video. I
don't give a damn what anyone says. I have enough common sense to put 2 and
2 together to know that. Everyone who says different don't want to know the
damn truth. 

Author Divine Lotus (1 month)
does anyone know the song at the end

Author ike mike (2 months)
Lol @ you gullible people.

Author BlahBlahBlah55209 (5 months)
My lights flickered last night, then I shot my load. Coincidence?

Author Richard Noel Hedditch (7 months)
Flight 93 was shot down by the U.S. airforce. The scenario fits. No "
heroic passengers " tangling in the cockpit with CIA-Al-Qaeda shit for
control of Flight 93 is gonna cause it to crash, if Flight 93 is on CIA
remote targetting to crash into , supposedly, The White House. The only way
to have stopped Flight 93 mid-flight would have been to climb down to the
exterior underside and deactivate the underside tracking apparatus. And not
even Keanu Reeves could have done that.

Author kim II sung (4 months)
bullshit ass American government

Author ryanshaunkelly (5 months)
air national guard jet shot it down
media & government lied about
every part of September 2001

Author LedZiphell420 (9 months)
sooooooo far fetched

Author Patrick B (1 year)
And the bullshit just keeps getting deeper.

Author Edward James (7 months)
The plane he saw toward the sun wasn't the plane that shot down 93. It's
the plane that dropped the bomb in the field.

Author John Poston (8 months)
On September 11, 2001 United Airlines Flight #93 was shot down by U.S.
military aircraft over a field in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. It was not
taken over by heroic passengers, causing the hijackers to crash it, that
would make no sense. The U.S. Capitol Building was probably the most
important target in the alleged "September 11, 2001 Attacks", why would the
hijackers just give up like that, considering how close they were from
Washington D.C. All evidence proves that United Airlines Flight #93 was
shot down.

Author wiibaron (10 months)
The bumpkin solved 9/11! Icarus flew into the sun! As if a pilot in the
air could tell 'witnesses' were looking up at him from the ground and fly
towards the sun to avoid identification. If a plane is flying easterly at
10am, it will always be toward the sun...

Author fuckuall1000times (8 months)
One plane crashed without hitting a building. One building collapsed
without being hit by a plane. You do the math. Coincidence...I think not.

Author Patty Collins (11 months)
It becomes more evident every day. As we acknowledge the 50th anniversary
of the JFK conspiracy, sadly some people are still perplexed by the fact
the Oswald was a patsy of the highest order. Those who own the world not
those who govern it, run the world and it's a for profit planet.

Author Patrick Bateman (1 year)
MURICA FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author jeanne morris (10 months)
I don't think the prob. is to wake up, So many of the reports are pretty
obvious to many. I think by spying on us, and drones they have us over a
barrel now. You can't even have a peaceful demonstration with out a
license. And any numbers of us that band together against the governments
lying, killing and money grabbing will be followed. Also we all make way to
little to take time off we are to worried about our own. So does someone
know how to? Should WE not be voting on way more things to stop one party
or the other from pushing their agenda's on us? Like how much money you can
pull in if your running for offices?

Author Jenny Caraway (11 months)
One thing I noticed besides all the idiotic remarks here is that our
government hates to tell the truth. Imagine the payout to all those
victims families. Yet our government has no problem supplying our enemies
with weapons and ammunition. Untold probably billions of dollars.
Complete and utter insanity. This may be due to the fact that under 58%
of registered voters voted in the last presidential election. Complacency
in every facet of America is slowly degrading our country. God bless the

Author OperationMockingbird (10 months)
The seismic event in Shanksville to jive with Flight 93's supposed
crashing was attributed to a missile fired from Flight 93's drone - a
Raytheon TA-3B Skywarrior in United paint scheme. Flight 93 was delayed 41
minutes at Newark Liberty International Airport and its target was the U.S.
Capitol Building in Washington D.C. The real Flight 93 was detonated midair
and effectively vaporized due to pending intercept by fighter jets.

The plane had solid rocket fuel disguised as insulation on board called
SMACsonic. When ignited it reaches a temperature near 6,000 degrees
Fahrenheit. If you recall, the coroner said there was no blood found at the
scene because human remains became plasma and vaporized.

Flight 93's drone then landed at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport
and taken to NASA Glenn Research Center hangar.

Author brmillgr (1 year)
Anyone who still believes that fires brought the towers down at near free
fall speed into their own footprint is a fucking moron, sick of mincing
words with you clowns, you are complicit in the wars that followed that
day. Fuck you, big big fuck you

Author James Hadfield (11 months)
so he must have heard two explosions,the missile strike and crash,why
doesn't he say this ?

Author sylvie bertran (1 year)
Amerisraeli state terror

Author dythangel (1 year)
Lets see first time in history a building free falls from a fire..wait
sorry two buildings in one day. First time in history a plane crashes to
the ground and nothing to see here but a crater. Oh wait! There's more!
Lets not forget the lack of video at the heart of our countries defense!
The Pentagon! How stupid is the American public that still believe our
government didn't have something to do with this. Show me a video proving
me wrong please! I hate to think we live in such a sick world, but we do. 

Author Patrick B (1 year)
He's right about the radar frequency zapping the lights. I personally spoke
with Karish muhamad Abdul asswippy who lies in Bagdad, Iraq, and told me
that the lights flickered just before we bombed their f&%$in asses and her
husband abdul jabbit inya said it jammed the frequency so they couldn't
watch SNL on t.

Author Anthony Gennaro (1 year)
Evidence from who? The case isn't closed!

Author Anthony Gennaro (1 year)
Protect the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.

Author Anthony Gennaro (1 year)
..against all enemies, foreign and

Author OdinVonTogan (1 year)
This theory is based on the knowns of the retired air force person.
However, there are knowns, and there are unknowns. Some unknowns are
known, some unknowns are unknown.

Author sanfo mendoza (1 year)
ok now yall know 911 was a false flag mission now what u gonna do ?

Author NickelPlatedProd (1 year)
well that shut down every airport and put nof fly ones across the whole US
that day..people mention the "white plane" because it resembledf the
doomsday plane to a T...basiclly a flying command center incase americas
under attack and the grounds not safe...

Author Valient Six (1 year)
why would you know what a top secret missile jamming system does

Author WOO BREAKER (1 year)
HARD 911 TWOOFER QUESTIONS If no plane hit the Pentagon, why were 5 light
poles spaced 90 ft. apart knocked over and a 20 ton generator pushed 45
degrees forward? What role did the dislodging of the spray-on fireproofing
play in the weakening of the truss steel in towers 1+2? If WTC7 was brought
down via explosives, how do you explain FDNY predicting the building's
collapse 3 hours beforehand? 911 TRUTH- NOTHING BUT FILTHY LIES AND BULLSHIT

Author Anthony Gennaro (1 year)
Mr Keno: It would have been very difficult for an american pilot to shoot
down a civilian airliner under any situation. I was in the military for
almost 20 years. there were times in training I was asked if i could turn
my weapons on unarmed american civilians. I know each case is unique to
that moment, but I would have a very difficult time in doing so AGC
TM1(SS/DV) -retired US Navy Submariner, Salvage Diver and EOD

Author Elvis Christ (1 year)
You need professional help, seriously...

Author reconone9D (1 year)
Clearly this video doesnt count as evidence. because you havent compared
the past to the present of such a claim as being shot down. The Lockerbie
bombing of a 747 showed a huge debris field since it was destroyed in mid
air. now think logically if 93 was shot down that it wouldnt have been able
to fly the way it did. It would have broken up into huge pieces leaving a
debris field comparable to lockerbie. but that would ruin your conspiracy
fun now wouldnt it?

Author cjnewson88 (1 year)
That's your excuse for anything, isn't it? The joker of speculation. "It's
TOP SECRETE!!!11! so how would You know"... flawed logic, the only way the
fantasy stays alive.

Author WOO BREAKER (1 year)
No. But we're both paid shills.

Author marko stathis (1 year)
First we had The 300 Spartans, then we had The Alamo, now we have Flight
93. What an inspiring story. I hope what Uncle Sam is telling us us about
Flight 93 is the truth, but I doubt it! Let Roll, my ass! Keep the money
rolling is more like it! I just feel sorry for the poor souls on that plane
and the way the Government used them after murdering them!

Author Scumbot404 (1 year)
So how u explain the human remains and the debris that rained on Indian
Lake before and after the plane hit the ground? Just some "twoofer crap"?

Author beeroosterm (1 year)
It did not "explode in the sky" but upon impact with the ground. There is
zero evidence for your assertion. Zero. There were no fragments remaining
of the plane anywhere near as large as a tail section. The plane
disintegrated upon impact with the ground, spreading human remains around a
70 acre area and plane fragments up to 2000 yards away. Now grow up and get
back to the 6th grade...

Author John Milligan (1 year)
The lights flickered in his office ? it was around 10am on a bright sunny
morning ! 'the lights flickered in his office ' ? if you believe that

Author beeroosterm (1 year)
What do you know about what is "normal" for a plane crash? Are you an
educated, certified, and experienced crash investigator for the NTSB? Until
you are - and unless you were actually involved in the investigation - your
comments are pure speculation. And they're worthless given the overwhelming
evidence available. The conspiracy theorist pages are that way ----------->

Author Ramadorn (1 year)
This guy should train all first responders....45 second response time?
Either train the country or join a quick change magic duo.

Author wiibaron (1 year)
So the lady who took the picture of the smokeball over the treeline just
forgot to take a picture of the giant smokeball in the sky right above it
where the plane was blown up? That is just plain stupid...

Author I3uttSweat (1 year)
it's all a big fraud. 9/11 never actually happened. those 'victims' and
'eyewitnesses' got paid.

Author clutchpimp (1 year)
I didn't witness it go down. I was in college about 40 minutes away and our
lights never flickered. Some friends who were firefighters drove
immediately out to the crash site after we were all released due to the
close proximity of the plane crash to the school and the fact that everyone
was freaking out. I can only say what they and witnesses said. I don't
pretend to know all of the facts, It exploded, rolled and nose dived...
That is the consistent story you will hear in PA

Author ProChoiceJesus (1 year)
I'm undecided on your conviction. I'm a very amateur hunter & gun hobbyist.
Have you ever thought your statement through? In other words, do you really
think all those who would resist our guns being taken would stand even a
tiny chance against the well-armed military of the U.S? I believe it MIGHT
be a mass suicide. I think the issue may be.."Would those who resist be
willing to die for this conviction? Would they be willing to leave their
wives & children behind, or see them killed, for this?"

Author letfreedomring43 (1 year)
OMG Someone else remembers on that day originally there was 5 planes. No
body ever mentions this FACT..

Author YUNG SAVAGE (1 year)
controlled opposition- it has existed since the time of rome

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