The Haunted Halls Of Waverly Hills Hospital

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  • See why this Sanatorium is one of the most haunted places in the world.

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    Fence Silhouettes
    De Agostini / Biblioteca Ambrosiana/Getty Images
    Mycobacterium tuberculosis
    Kim Kwangshin/Getty Images
    Prince William, elder son of the Duke of Gloucester - 5-March-1945
    Planet News Archive /Getty Images
    Bloodstain Set
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    Blue Ball isolated on a White background
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    Letterpress grunge alphabets
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    Young man hanging in the air, back to camera
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    Young couple in air reaching out for each othe
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    Looking down an elevator shaft
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    Abandoned Operating Room of an Hospital, Pripyat, Chernobyl, Ukraine
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    End of the Road
    TACrafts/Getty Images
    An Empty Hallway Of A Hospital With A Gurney In It; Sathyamangalam, Tamil Nadu, India
    Ron Nickel/Getty Images
    Hallway with crumbling plaster at the abandoned Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvan
    Buyenlarge /Getty Images
    Tombs stone grave vector construction black and white icons
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    OCT 31 1967, NOV 5 1967; ***** Find It's Like Living; Whittier Elementary School, 1277 E. 24th Ave.,
    Ira Gay Sealy /Getty Images
    Interior of the kilmainham jail; dublin, dublin county, ireland
    LJM Photo/Getty Images
    Diptheria Vaccine
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    Fresh Air Cure
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    Industrial Fences
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    Quarantine area metal placard with biohazard symbol_vector
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    Abandoned Building Chernobyl
    Martin Godwin/Getty Images
    Infantile Paralysis
    Sonnee Gottlieb /Getty Images
    FEB 20 1960, FEB 24 1960, FEB 25 1960; Entrance To Classroom; Dust-covered desks and other unused eq
    Dave Mathias/Getty Images
    JOSEPH EID/Getty Images
    First Steps
    Kurt Hutton /Getty Images
    In A Maternity Hospital
    Max Penson /Getty Images
    Patient at the Tuberculosis Clinic
    Hulton Deutsch /Getty Images
    Doctor Examining Children for Tuberculosis
    Bettmann /Getty Images
    George Pickow/Getty Images
    Doctors Administering Electroshock Therapy
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    A deserted ward at Sea View contains
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  • Katherine Pena
    Katherine Pena 3 minutes ago

    I lije the vídeo

  • M E
    M E 1 hour ago

    as soon as Ryan says d they were to treat people with tuberculosis my brother started to cough uncontrollably

    • M E
      M E 1 hour ago

      ignore the d

  • Jacie Ray
    Jacie Ray 2 hours ago

    I deadass live like 10 minutes away from there lmaooooo

  • Larry InfiresMe
    Larry InfiresMe 3 hours ago

    I read somewhere that ghosts usually communicate with people who are afraid of them/believe in them so I guess that's why all the paranormal things only happen to Ryan

  • Anna Gray
    Anna Gray 4 hours ago

    for some reason the one with the blue ball creeped me outt the most children are fucking creepy

  • Jonathan Zambrano
    Jonathan Zambrano 6 hours ago

    There was something behind riyan!!!!!!!!!

  • Casey Munford
    Casey Munford 9 hours ago

    "Hi Tim" 😂

  • Casey Munford
    Casey Munford 9 hours ago

    I feel like the Proper People should come here

  • Gracie Russell
    Gracie Russell 10 hours ago

    I go there every year.. I live 15 minutes away

  • Blue Guy
    Blue Guy 11 hours ago

    I thought Ryan was gay lol

  • Natsuko ナツコ
    Natsuko ナツコ 11 hours ago


  • n. 93o
    n. 93o 13 hours ago

    in 11:24 looks like a ghost looked at the flash or i am i just imaging

  • Megan Lee
    Megan Lee 15 hours ago


  • Amreen Rashed
    Amreen Rashed 22 hours ago

    Ryan: I hate this
    Shane: This is sort of beautiful

  • Ice Princess
    Ice Princess 23 hours ago please anything that you can donate would be appreciated and prayers are welcome too!!!!

  • Mia •
    Mia • 23 hours ago

    "there is a good chance tonight it the night you'll watch me die on camera" at least he's honest lmao.

  • VisileShelf7674
    VisileShelf7674 23 hours ago


  • littleseal 50
    littleseal 50 1 day ago


  • Otaku Cacti
    Otaku Cacti 1 day ago

    shane:Hey GOULs the BOyS ArE HerE

    • Black Ice280
      Black Ice280 1 day ago

      Otaku Cacti its night I'm home alone watching something "creepy" and when I read that I lmfao

  • Liana H
    Liana H 1 day ago

    I'd commit suicide if I had to watch kids die... omg but there was a noose in the staircase in the beginning

  • Jedaqia Angel
    Jedaqia Angel 1 day ago

    This show strategy is excellent. A believer, a skeptic & good research.

    Most so called ghost hunters usually consist of all believers & then exaggerated reactions. This show is quite refreshing.

  • Liana H
    Liana H 1 day ago

    imagine if it actually came back though

  • Skate Nation
    Skate Nation 1 day ago

    Ryan's pessimistic and Shane's optimistic and yet they're best friends lol

  • Liana H
    Liana H 1 day ago

    poor dog 😭😭😭😭

  • Liana H
    Liana H 1 day ago

    I have this random theory that there's tuberculosis in the plastic area or something

  • Liana H
    Liana H 1 day ago

    they should do a video on Uruguayan Air Force flight 571

  • greek gaming challenge

    Timmy wants to be your friend. *Timmy laughs as he has Just spooked ryan*

  • Lana Hodgson
    Lana Hodgson 1 day ago


  • aaron rey
    aaron rey 1 day ago

    visitor mass eye bswtsa so three employment become boom japanese forty.

  • Andrew Ruiz
    Andrew Ruiz 1 day ago

    This video is so fake at the beginning they are clearly in front of a green screen

  • Avery Pelletier
    Avery Pelletier 1 day ago


  • 4thedevil
    4thedevil 2 days ago

    For true crime they should investigate the amity ville house

  • nathanlamb26
    nathanlamb26 2 days ago

    I'm a shaniac

  • AnnaBannana_ 2523
    AnnaBannana_ 2523 2 days ago

    U guys should investigate the Maira Reynolds and Alexander Hamilton Affair!

  • Jessrey Mark Solijon

    Dude, were not done with TB. Its getting immune to antibiotics ergo more scarier.

  • Anastasia Tsikou
    Anastasia Tsikou 2 days ago

    Why didn't you go down there????

  • Serenity Applegate
    Serenity Applegate 2 days ago

    I've been there.

  • Arman
    Arman 3 days ago

    Does anybody know when they will release the new season of True Crime?

  • phill and friends
    phill and friends 3 days ago

    Shane: it's a g-g-g-ghost Butt

  • Wolfedout !
    Wolfedout ! 3 days ago

    Ryan: *starts floating in air and gets thrown out of a window*
    Shane: gosh dang wind

  • Goldens Maknae
    Goldens Maknae 3 days ago

    "there was a weird whoop noise"
    win win, is that you?

  • Charlize
    Charlize 3 days ago

    "satans cement butthole"

  • teenage emo kid
    teenage emo kid 4 days ago

    you guys should do a video on The Vilisca House Murders

  • kris tine
    kris tine 4 days ago

    imagine not actually being dead but the staff thought you were so you were sent down the chute, and you suddenly wake up surrounded by dead bodies, some of them being patients you knew snsjsjsjs i get chills thinking about it

  • Elle Weisen
    Elle Weisen 4 days ago

    On Ghost Adventures they sent Billy in a death chute alone...

  • Legoboy 8018
    Legoboy 8018 4 days ago

    I'm with shane, ghosts aint real.

  • Natalie Martinez
    Natalie Martinez 4 days ago

    do Jonbenet Ramsey

  • Queen Glamour
    Queen Glamour 4 days ago

    Wtf was that reflection in my screen?! Oh wait... It's just me!

  • Turbonanny
    Turbonanny 4 days ago

    This is my replacement for Ghost Hunters. i love these guys. Funny, scared, snarky- its all great!

  • Jaspreet Chamber
    Jaspreet Chamber 4 days ago


  • jenny edits
    jenny edits 4 days ago

    realized supernatural made an episode at this plaaceeee

  • MaKayla Childress
    MaKayla Childress 5 days ago

    i've done a report for school on this place and i sure as heck believe its haunted and i aint even been there

  • Alex
    Alex 5 days ago

    Wouldn't there be bones at the botton of the chute

  • Angelica Rodriguez
    Angelica Rodriguez 5 days ago

    "Satans cement butthole" oh lord.😂

  • Asma Elgack
    Asma Elgack 5 days ago

    Wizards of Waverly place ? Is literally no one gonna talk about that ?

  • Frimy Estrada
    Frimy Estrada 5 days ago

    They should play the ouija board

  • grace golder
    grace golder 5 days ago

    this gives me ghostfacers vibes

  • mizzcrazy17
    mizzcrazy17 5 days ago

    Shane and Ryan should come to England to investigate;
    - Jack the Ripper
    - Bethlem Hospital (Bedlam)
    - Bella of Wych Elm
    - The Hairy Hands of Devon
    - The Enfield Haunting
    - The Devil's Footprints
    - The Highgate Vampire
    - Borely Rectory
    - Bodmin Jail
    - The Ancient Ram Inn
    - Pendle Hill
    -Pluckley Village
    And of course, The Tower of London 🤓

  • cassie holcomb
    cassie holcomb 5 days ago

    what up shaniacs

  • Corey Venice
    Corey Venice 5 days ago

    I live in louisville Kentucky and I will NEVER go there myself

  • Dan
    Dan 5 days ago

    "oh where's pete?"
    "They chuted him, pete dun got chuted"

  • give this weeb some oxiJIN


  • Queen Elizabeth the III

    This place reminds me of AHS asylum or the place from a cure for wellness

  • Naga Pokala
    Naga Pokala 6 days ago

    when they laughed, I kept thinking about how it was probably the only laugh heard in that building in the history of its existence

  • PCk674 P
    PCk674 P 6 days ago

    Next week on Buzzfeed unsolved:

    The mystery of the missing lamb sauce

  • Emma Horan
    Emma Horan 6 days ago


  • Joe Dizzle
    Joe Dizzle 6 days ago

    I love these two so much they're the best duo

  • KTM Warrior
    KTM Warrior 6 days ago

    Puese at 14:20and look behind him

  • Aaliyah Brown
    Aaliyah Brown 6 days ago

    The mannequin story would be a nice unsolved

  • Lulwa Allahou
    Lulwa Allahou 7 days ago

    Is this fake?

  • Muhd Faqih Karamy BZ

    Wonder how many people are there in the visit

  • Aili Chiang Vedia
    Aili Chiang Vedia 7 days ago

    Is it just me or Shane kinda looks like a much taller handsomer version of Drake Bell?

  • Synterxis
    Synterxis 7 days ago

    Anyone wanna sing the theme for Wizards of Waverly Place with me?

  • Natalie Hernandez
    Natalie Hernandez 7 days ago

    Shane* what is that the wind😂btw ily shane❤️

  • Mabel Valentine
    Mabel Valentine 7 days ago

    and yep i am a shaniac♥

  • Mabel Valentine
    Mabel Valentine 7 days ago

    omg shane is everything like if you agree♥♥

  • Sr.Splittington
    Sr.Splittington 7 days ago

    I have an idea for this series, explore abandoned haunted locations and watch a horror film then proceed to fully explore the place

  • ion ah
    ion ah 7 days ago

    The only sense of comfort that I try to make myself believe as to why Shane is always so unfazed in these endeavors is that he was secretly a little high every time

  • ChrissyAds
    ChrissyAds 7 days ago

    their such a dynamic duo

  • jorge Lara
    jorge Lara 7 days ago

    Why didn't they go all the way down to the tunnel?

  • Elijah Cocco
    Elijah Cocco 8 days ago

    this is so fake these people love tall tales

  • Twenty One Discos
    Twenty One Discos 8 days ago

    Ryan is actually adorable I feel so bad for him

  • C S
    C S 8 days ago

    omfg shane lmao. "hey ghouls! the boys are here" lmfaooo

  • Happy Pancake
    Happy Pancake 8 days ago

    hey ghouls the boys are here!

  • Thatguy23t
    Thatguy23t 8 days ago

    looks like the beginning of outlast

  • Uzi Gadafi
    Uzi Gadafi 8 days ago

    Shane looks like a kickass guy to hang with. People should get drunk in these places

  • Uzi Gadafi
    Uzi Gadafi 8 days ago

    Shane looks like a kickass guy to hang with. People should get drunk in these places

  • Rhythm Chheda
    Rhythm Chheda 8 days ago

    please make a video of amityville

  • swarali angolkar
    swarali angolkar 8 days ago

    AHS vibes

  • Mia Alafaci
    Mia Alafaci 8 days ago

    honestly shanes logic to everything is so hilarious,
    Ryan: "I swear to God i heard a whisper."
    Shane: "You know theres a lot of wind moving around right now."

  • itsrenzo
    itsrenzo 8 days ago

    "satan's cement butt hole"

  • Laura Fleury
    Laura Fleury 8 days ago

    What the hell happened in Shane's past to make him immune to fear??

  • Kero Kero
    Kero Kero 8 days ago

    They should go to weyburn mental hospital in canada

  • Dakota Van Aken
    Dakota Van Aken 9 days ago

    what if timmy had thrown the ball back but he threw it and like hit shane perfectly
    shane: "man the wind is just really strong here"

  • ಠ_ಠ
    ಠ_ಠ 9 days ago

    There aren't any ghosts there bc sam and dean captured them all

  • nerdatron
    nerdatron 9 days ago

    This is the only good thing produced from buzzfeed

  • Jacey Yang
    Jacey Yang 9 days ago

    you guys it was not a dog a dig would. be. big it was a puppy. do you guys you kinds of dog's

  • Grizzly Bear
    Grizzly Bear 9 days ago

    "This is like satans cement butthole" 😂😂

  • VERY Talkativeβunny

    Who is saying 'nope' to full screen? I'm definitely saying 'nope'😂

  • Random_ Savage
    Random_ Savage 9 days ago

    Shane is the best

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