Tekken 6 : Marshall Law, Jin Kazama vs Nina Williams

Tekken 6 match : Marshall Law, Jin Kazama vs Nina Williams

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Author Kill uminati ( ago)
Jin player is a beast.

Author Kill uminati ( ago)
You're officially the most retarded fanboy i ever seen.

Author Kill uminati ( ago)

Author Kill uminati ( ago)
Shut the fuck up.

Author RibbonPL ( ago)
Tekken 6 was never released outside arcades and soon was replaced by
Bloodline Rebelion, that got home ports(as Tekken 6). They changed many
things, moves properties and even cut out moves. Jin is doing old style 1+2
from Tekken 5 but with knockdown. Shame we'll never get to try original
Tekken 6 with all the differences it had.

Author Adam H ( ago)
@4:32 how does the Jin do that? 1+2 is only a 3 hit move? Does he somehow
transition from another move into it? Or is is changed in regular t6?

Author Reychelle Williams ( ago)

Author Reychelle Williams ( ago)

Author Reychelle Williams ( ago)
Nina is the great character in Tekken

Author felipebrasil5 ( ago)
GREAT i always thought this jump could work 7:12 !!!

Author felipebrasil5 ( ago)
Best law moment 2:54

Author Aydin Melikov ( ago)

Author djaiman32 ( ago)
his name is Bruce Law

Author Alex K. ( ago)
@jayW817 Never noticed you fag

Author jinfunable12 ( ago)

Author jinfunable12 ( ago)
@guitarlearner89 you are right. i was jin kazama vs cristie and she just
use her legs, it is almost inposibile to win

Author ImperialDragon17 ( ago)
Wow! Nina sure did take risks with extending her blonde bomb just to make
it more powerful. Though it was unessecary because she is fast and doesn't
need very powerful moves. I have yet to see anyone use Nina's chain grabs
and I want to see it!

Author Alex K. ( ago)
So Law is 5'10'' and Nina is 5'3''...

Author SMOKEMIST ( ago)

Author Ειρηνη Κιτ ( ago)
kala oute na pezete den 3erete MALAKES-.-

Author silvernero64 ( ago)
wats with people bending down like that

Author MrBrownze ( ago)
y did they not put this same version of tekken 6 to the ps3 except for the
font cause not all of us knows japanese but screw that the announcer voice
is awesome

Author Sadjad Ali ( ago)
the law user is just a loser. but he think he can play lol

Author Stektsopp ( ago)
jin is freaking beast

Author Chuck Simpson ( ago)
That last fight was the best bout Ive seen in awhile

Author feedbackrichie ( ago)
im in ireland right now and in my copy of tekken 6 its not an english
commentator and the envoirment is a lot different

Author simplyalif ( ago)
Man if I played as law in that match i would have won easy

Author ElementalHeroAMW ( ago)
@RealComedian1 man if u press 1+2 he does that move, unless im mistaken i
did it today a few times

Author ElementalHeroAMW ( ago)
@RealComedian1 then just press 1+2 to do it

Author ElementalHeroAMW ( ago)
@RealComedian1 The one after the thrust?

Author ElementalHeroAMW ( ago)
@RealComedian1 If ur talkin about jins move? thats his electrified wind
thrusting fist, been in since tekken 4, and is in BR the upgrade in the
arcade and ps3 and that... its just f, N, d, df+1 to do it

Author mem521 ( ago)

Author philsnk ( ago)
Haha, Jin gets Nina. lolz

Author Asan Kun ( ago)
fuck marshall bring back the son forest

Author soccerskillz95 ( ago)
law guy has no idea how to combo...

Author Hideki Senior ( ago)
It comes with the territory. Was just having a good day lol

Author Tumor618 ( ago)
Law player sucks

Author _andrenism ( ago)
i gotta start using jin more XD

Author ToonMasta121298 ( ago)
noob law

Author ss3gokuownz ( ago)
ye sucks badly he screwed up his damn combo

Author Rokubi Wright ( ago)
¿Por qué hicieron ver mal a Law?/Why did they make see wrong to Law?

Author zxshadowx ( ago)
the jin player is hella good

Author waxengravah ( ago)
nooo! really!?? shit, i thought he knew I was watching..damn

Author Moeshizzle manizzle ( ago)
who's ever using law sucks ass, law is the best character in the game, my

Author waxengravah ( ago)
guy using law was shit, no dragons tails when nina was floored >:(

Author a3402133 ( ago)
you guys sk!

Author SwiftAsian ( ago)
these guys suk

Author Anonymous1995 ( ago)
Complete Scenario Campaign and that effect will be available on your
customization page.

Author HarukaniSora ( ago)

Author J Sams ( ago)
yeh, law can use dem nunchaku ;D.

Author Wez Lounton ( ago)
how do u do the backward rainbow kick thing?

Author b1gbudda ( ago)
but he can use them, wich is AWESOME

Author b1gbudda ( ago)
i know i shouldnt commentthis but tekken isnt on pc and will never be.. on

Author Sukhbat Enkhjikh ( ago)
jin was awesome attacks

Author CerebralFlight ( ago)
@cgskaggs Yeah I used a hammer and didn't do much dmg considering how long
it took to swing it. It looked funny as hell though.

Author CerebralFlight ( ago)
@cgskaggs Ah i see. Are those Nunchaku usable though?

Author HentaiZero ( ago)
wow hard earned victory by Jin

Author Mesmereyes ( ago)
I think its ignorant to say one character can own anybody. All these
characters can own. If you're really good the minimum amount of characters
you can use should be 15. Sometimes just changing the fighter makes all the
difference. In the hands of a professional any character has a puncher's
chance of winning. Sometimes you lose just because of one mistake. So it's
more about the situation at hand, the time allowed to do your favourite
combos and your opponent's ability to stop them.

Author CerebralFlight ( ago)
Are those nunchaku around his neck? Man that's wierd...

Author RaiJin ( ago)
law dosent suck and has better moves now.

Author iLn2e ( ago)
law sucks, same shitty moves

Author Aven8herouT ( ago)
marshall law best

Author Jens Jonkers ( ago)
Go Nina, only King is better in Tekken!

OMG lol, Jin is so much more deadly in T6BR!

Author swanton200 ( ago)
yo noobs. king can own u all!

Author Martin T ( ago)
Jins "Speed attack" is deadly;)

Author Warior79 ( ago)
you must be joking what's wrong with tekken?

Author jigglypiggly ( ago)
Fuck off.

Author Evil Smith ( ago)
What the hell is this? Tekken's a disgrace to fighting games everywhere.
About as exciting as pubic lice. I can't believe people still play this
nonsensical shit.

Author DeusMortem ( ago)
You're welcome. ;)

Author dwb17 ( ago)
Got it, thanks

Author Makingnewnamesisdumb ( ago)
Real-time Strategy.

Author DeusMortem ( ago)
Ok. I didn't. Console version IS BR.

Author dwb17 ( ago)
i read that, the reason i asked anyway is because i thought you just
accidentally contradicted yourself

Author Makingnewnamesisdumb ( ago)
Tekken is about as much like Dynasty Warriors as an RTS.

Author lalaking1437 ( ago)
i would say it is depending on the people who use it , rather than u just
randomly rank it. It doens't make sense -.-

Author DeusMortem ( ago)
Oh yeah?! "The Tekken 6 for consoles is BR, just without the sub title (or
whatever it is called). " I was just helping you out, anyway.

Author dwb17 ( ago)
you know you could have just corrected me...after all you said "featured"
so that made it sound exclusive to Bloodline Rebellion...

Author DeusMortem ( ago)
Lol. Law is one of the best characters in the game.

Author DeusMortem ( ago)
I just said that Tekken 6 for the consoles is the same game as Tekken 6:
Bloodline Rebellion. :/

Author dwb17 (1689 years ago)
ah ok. so does that mean the console versions wont get the extra two

Author DeusMortem ( ago)
BR featured the two new characters Alicia (?) and Lars as well as some
character tweaking. The Tekken 6 for consoles is BR, just without the sub
title (or whatever it is called).

Author dwb17 ( ago)
I have a retarded question: what's the difference between the two tekken
6's? (normal and bloodline rebellion) can anyone help me out lol? on a side
note, in honor of Bruce Lee and him continuously being eternalized via
video games (tekken, street figher, etc) I will try to became a good
Marshall Law player, T~T R.I.P Bruce Lee! (I've probably said that in 5
tekken vids of law now xD)

Author Jerrell Baker ( ago)
i don't get it either i just found this on a web site which post these type
of things after either big tournaments such as sbo or after a few months of
play so i have no ideal but they have been acurrate on getting info from
japan so far so.

Author Cheater Cheater Pussy-Eater ( ago)
I don't get it, Steve isn't the best because alot of peoples moves (Pandas
for 1+2, or Laws backflip) Can Destroy his dodges, Well at least Law is in
the top HAHAHA. I like Hwoarang and Asuka too

Author stretchypants123 ( ago)
Thanks, I'll take the character-tier list for sure. lol Steve is on top for
sure. In fact, I don't think I've ever had anything against him. Jin Kazama
can easily be on top of the tier-list too if they bring back his Soul
Annilator move from Tekken 4. I'll bet there was a reason why they took it
out to make him stop being an unrivaled god.

Author Makingnewnamesisdumb ( ago)
How does it avoid "run-up/distance" moves?

Author Makingnewnamesisdumb ( ago)
How is this like Dynasty Warriors?

Author Jerrell Baker ( ago)
Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion Character Ranking S: Steve A: Lars, Lili,
Lee, Law B: Asuka, Armor King, Eddy, Ganryu, Xiaoyu, Julia, Jin, Devil Jin,
Hwoarang, Feng Wei, Bryan, Bruce, Heihachi, Baek, Marduk, Roger Jr. C:
Anna, Alisa, Kazuya, King, Kuma/Panda, Christie, Jack-6, Dragunov, Nina,
Paul, Bob, Lei, Leo, Wang D: Zafina, Miguel, Yoshimitsu, Raven this is a
early list made by Great Japanese players. I don't know how much the list
has change by now.

Author Spikezx7 ( ago)
yeah, they changed it to look more like bruce lee's stance.

Author nizakat iqbal ( ago)
its video lag i think. but he seems better now. moves and reach wise.

Author RockLee843 ( ago)
A fighting game wouldn't be complete without a Bruce Lee character.

Author ape991100 ( ago)
i found jin to fucking slow in tekken 5 i hope like you say that they have
made him a little faster :o

Author Pinar Wilbanks ( ago)
Yeah they changed it a little unfortunately.

Author stretchypants123 ( ago)
Ya, I noticed that Jin's Soul Annihilator was my favorite move and I was
wondering why it got took out of the game. It was basically 46 + triangle
square 3 triangle (hold) and it'd be a charged up version of the laser
scraper that Jin had and made it unblockable! That was bad-ass!! I think I
stopped playing T5 Jin just because they took it out lol. But why is Jin
not one of the best characters in BR? Who is then? I can't imagine what
happened to his move list from T6 to T6 BR.

Author Anonymous Brazilian Video Commenter ( ago)
Jin seems much faster then on tekken 5...

Author Jin Kazama ( ago)
stretchy...your way off...Jin is the one who's had Nina's number more so
then ever. The only time Nina was ever better then Jin (regular Jin in T5)
was during Tekken 5 5.0. T4 Jin was a deity in that game, unrivaled by
none, and when played right, Parry/JFLS>>>>Hiyashida. In Tekken 6 (Not BR)
Jin was one of the best characters in there.

Author Yaenipponcover ( ago)
Is just me,or Law's fighting stance looks...different?

Author IAmKingHomey ( ago)
well jin isnt top tier :P

Author IAmKingHomey ( ago)
actually practice will get you there. what i mean is that if you keep
training youll soon be able to do those combos theyre not too hard to
figure out. but knowing the right timing to start juggling is a whole
different topic. attacking leaves you open for atleast 0.3 sec so attack or
not attack is the real question :P.

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