Tekken 6 : Marshall Law, Jin Kazama vs Nina Williams

Tekken 6 match : Marshall Law, Jin Kazama vs Nina Williams

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Author waxengravah (5 years)
nooo! really!?? shit, i thought he knew I was watching..damn

Author Makingnewnamesisdumb (5 years)
Real-time Strategy.

Author DeusMortem (5 years)
Ok. I didn't. Console version IS BR.

Author CerebralFlight (5 years)
Are those nunchaku around his neck? Man that's wierd...

Author CerebralFlight (5 years)
@cgskaggs Ah i see. Are those Nunchaku usable though?

Author HentaiZero (5 years)
wow hard earned victory by Jin

Author bloodberry3380 (5 years)
I saw a flying pig XD

Author Moeshizzle manizzle (5 years)
who's ever using law sucks ass, law is the best character in the game, my

Author dwb17 (5 years)
i read that, the reason i asked anyway is because i thought you just
accidentally contradicted yourself

Author SMOKEMIST (4 years)

Author journeywolf (5 years)
comes out in october can't wait.

Author Reychelle Williams (2 years)
Nina is the great character in Tekken

Author Ειρηνη Κιτ (4 years)
kala oute na pezete den 3erete MALAKES-.-

Author serpent1029 (3 years)
@guitarlearner89 No, your just slow and useless with Jin :P

Author Reychelle Williams (2 years)

Author shinrahunter (5 years)
Is this a fake? The character models are so blocky.

Author Anonymous1995 (5 years)
I'm not sure Nina would allow Jin to do that. She'd probably break his neck
if he tried, or take away his man-hood. What's left of it I mean (lol jk).

Author simplyalif (4 years)
Man if I played as law in that match i would have won easy

Author TheKingOfRuckus (5 years)
She's trying to assassinate him.... with her vagina.

Author IAmKingHomey (5 years)
well jin isnt top tier :P

Author ElementalHeroAMW (5 years)
@RealComedian1 If ur talkin about jins move? thats his electrified wind
thrusting fist, been in since tekken 4, and is in BR the upgrade in the
arcade and ps3 and that... its just f, N, d, df+1 to do it

Author RaiJin (5 years)
law dosent suck and has better moves now.

Author a3402133 (5 years)
you guys sk!

Author LuffyMugiw4r4 (5 years)
noob law player

Author Aven8herouT (5 years)
marshall law best

Author DeusMortem (5 years)
BR featured the two new characters Alicia (?) and Lars as well as some
character tweaking. The Tekken 6 for consoles is BR, just without the sub
title (or whatever it is called).

Author RibbonPL (1 year)
Tekken 6 was never released outside arcades and soon was replaced by
Bloodline Rebelion, that got home ports(as Tekken 6). They changed many
things, moves properties and even cut out moves. Jin is doing old style 1+2
from Tekken 5 but with knockdown. Shame we'll never get to try original
Tekken 6 with all the differences it had.

Author chingaso316LOST (5 years)
DAMN law looks like he's back in his twenties XD

Author jinfunable12 (4 years)

Author zxshadowx (5 years)
the jin player is hella good

Author Pinar Wilbanks (5 years)
Yeah they changed it a little unfortunately.

Author waxengravah (5 years)
guy using law was shit, no dragons tails when nina was floored >:(

Author Anonymous Brazilian Video Commenter (5 years)
Jin seems much faster then on tekken 5...

Author Jerrell Baker (5 years)
Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion Character Ranking S: Steve A: Lars, Lili,
Lee, Law B: Asuka, Armor King, Eddy, Ganryu, Xiaoyu, Julia, Jin, Devil Jin,
Hwoarang, Feng Wei, Bryan, Bruce, Heihachi, Baek, Marduk, Roger Jr. C:
Anna, Alisa, Kazuya, King, Kuma/Panda, Christie, Jack-6, Dragunov, Nina,
Paul, Bob, Lei, Leo, Wang D: Zafina, Miguel, Yoshimitsu, Raven this is a
early list made by Great Japanese players. I don't know how much the list
has change by now.

Author _andrenism (5 years)
i gotta start using jin more XD

Author Colonel Snikii (1 year)

Author XFactor645 (5 years)
awesome combo with jin at 6:56

Author TheDeadManKiller (5 years)
not done yet 7th thing (this is not that important but still) the outfits
did u saw King outfits? one the mask sucks and the other he looks like red
monkey from ape escape 3 last but not least i'm a old school gamer I hate
the new graphics thingy i hate tekken 5 and 6 i hate devil may cry 4 i hate
resident evil 5 because they look retarded games where's all the fantasy
and magic of the old times? y would u want realism if ur life is already

Author 123tekken321 (5 years)
Yeah thats what alot of pros do around here, to be honest i do it alot
aswell... Its a good tactic to avoid run-up/distance moves (for example
ravens run-up unblockable) + you will see alot of guys jabbing at pro
tournuments aswell because some guys do moves like jump kicks and the weak
punches get them into a bound combo since their in the air

Author SwiftAsian (5 years)
these guys suk

Author cgskaggs (5 years)
Thats what bruce lee did in one of his movies (enter the dragon) when he
got trapped he put his nunchucks around his neck.

Author DeusMortem (5 years)
Oh yeah?! "The Tekken 6 for consoles is BR, just without the sub title (or
whatever it is called). " I was just helping you out, anyway.

Author dwb17 (5 years)
ah ok. so does that mean the console versions wont get the extra two

Author ToonMasta121298 (5 years)
noob law

Author Colonel Snikii (1 year)
You're officially the most retarded fanboy i ever seen.

Author lalaking1437 (5 years)
i would say it is depending on the people who use it , rather than u just
randomly rank it. It doens't make sense -.-

Author Hideki Senior (5 years)
It comes with the territory. Was just having a good day lol

Author J Sams (5 years)
yeh, law can use dem nunchaku ;D.

Author dwb17 (5 years)
Got it, thanks

Author rockafelladw (5 years)
They really went overboard with these combos. 1 combo takes half your
health bar? Where's the fun in that? I guess if ridiculous air juggles is
your thing. Game makers all seem to be trying to make games easier to play.

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