Trump is Panicking About Russia | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann | GQ

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  • lascolmenitas
    lascolmenitas 27 days ago

    WTF Why is Jill Stein at the dinner with Putin?

  • Bernie Lomax
    Bernie Lomax 1 month ago

    How come your not on the #resist trump crew? Because mark dice videos are better.

  • cyninbend
    cyninbend 1 month ago

    Not only did Obama warn Trump against hiring Flynn(!), so did the first head of his Transition Team and many members of his cabinet. They are all claiming to have warned him, though Jared, our White House Russian spy, wanted Trump to hire Flynn!

  • chunky a redux
    chunky a redux 1 month ago

    China ate my homework! 😂

  • RimeTime
    RimeTime 1 month ago

    i love how stupid Keith is

  • Eric Sanchez
    Eric Sanchez 1 month ago


    TRUMP 2016/2020

  • Penny Loafer
    Penny Loafer 1 month ago

    Is it known yet if and/or how much Jill Stein was paid to dine with Putin?

  • Really Crusty G
    Really Crusty G 1 month ago

    but have you ever been more popular sir? this Trump gig is working out fabulous! nice suits are those tailored?

  • Sam Lewis
    Sam Lewis 1 month ago

    I think it's pretty obvious Trump and his family have some unsavory business ties with Russians. It's that simple. This is the reason he wants to sweep the whole thing under the carpet.

  • Bro Sqard
    Bro Sqard 1 month ago

    Move to North Korea

  • leroy Jenkins
    leroy Jenkins 1 month ago

    Russian scum guy haha nice melt down idiot.
    If America is so terrible, leave . If you don't like it any more LEAVE . We don't need or want you here. Leave. We can throw you a news paper over the border wall and you can read how awesome we are doing without you. Sit there on your hemorrhoid pillow and spew your garbage lol

  • mk319mod0
    mk319mod0 1 month ago

    "Trump is Panicking About Russia"? No, libtards are panicking about President Trump.

  • philip popenik
    philip popenik 1 month ago


  • philip popenik
    philip popenik 1 month ago


  • Charles Martel
    Charles Martel 1 month ago

    The Russian hacking meme is dead, much like the Democratic party.

  • Golden Wizard
    Golden Wizard 1 month ago

    Libturd propaganda, as usual.

  • GIspecialty
    GIspecialty 1 month ago

    obie, the only one that is panicky is you and the rest of the butthurt losers.

  • Gina Black
    Gina Black 1 month ago

    You made me laugh today! LOL Thanks!

  • Sefcak James
    Sefcak James 1 month ago

    Trump is a lying, treasonous son-of-a-bitch who needs to be behind bars for his numerous crimes. Being a traitor to America is one of them.

  • Joe USA
    Joe USA 1 month ago

    Suck my RIGHT nut, really what a bunch of leftie losers! I voted for Obama twice what a frigan mistake!

  • sheshe7 j
    sheshe7 j 1 month ago

    Why was Jill Stein there?

  • Bill Ricks
    Bill Ricks 1 month ago

    If you missed Sally Yates today, it was good.  Possible Presidential timber ... I think so !!

  • Webbie
    Webbie 1 month ago

    Shows how desperate for power the republicans are. Nixon was a liar and a criminal on a much lesser degree than Trump. Trump is actually a traitor. Yet the republicans are buddy buddy with him even though most of them know this.

    They need to cover this up and hope by some miracle trump won't be arrested and they can fool the american people into keeping them in power.

  • Nathan Dehnel
    Nathan Dehnel 1 month ago

    2:23 Wait... is that Jill Stein?

  • Saniel Dingleton
    Saniel Dingleton 1 month ago

    Why should I resist peace? One should imbrace it.

  • xirsamoht x
    xirsamoht x 1 month ago

    But aren't the BBC the "lying MSM"?

  • Dianna Abdala
    Dianna Abdala 1 month ago

    Once again, fake news, Keith. Trying to play pin the tail on the donkey, and pinning it on yourself.

  • gospyro
    gospyro 1 month ago

    Little update here...

  • Doug Baker
    Doug Baker 1 month ago

    When Flynn was being vetted by the transition team, Flynn's lawyer sent a letter to the transition team telling of Flynn's Turkish lobbying firm and his contacts with Russia might be a problem ( Mike pence being part of that team). They were too stupid or incompetent to think it was a big deal-he was Trump's guy. Trump holds total responsibility for this pick. Not Obama.

  • Trina Holman
    Trina Holman 1 month ago

    Trump will be found to be unfit for office AFTER constitution changes and laws designed to weaken same. He and his family will be found to be corrupt and all assets will be forfeited to the govt. All damages laid at the feet of Trump, with Pence riding to the rescue looking like a hero to rule under the reworked constitution.

    Short version, but easy enough to see the big picture.

  • Raymond Raymond
    Raymond Raymond 1 month ago

    LOL, Wow! Talk about unhinged and marching around at fruitcake central....Olbermann's marbles are falling out of his head faster than he can scream"Resist!"- Ha ha ha ha hahahahahaha...too funny.

  • David Beale
    David Beale 1 month ago

    Trump is such a Goofy Fraud!

  • sam c
    sam c 1 month ago

    i'm jus here cause i like seeing keith freak out, #Trump2020

  • Adam Pearson
    Adam Pearson 1 month ago

    So many dislikes, but no comments? Delete comments much?

  • Jonathan Kirk
    Jonathan Kirk 1 month ago

    Put your faith in God not government.

  • Conchita Reyes
    Conchita Reyes 1 month ago



  • Eric Anderson
    Eric Anderson 1 month ago

    Our grandchildren will not know what a liberal or democrat was. They will ask us "Why did these people hate America so much? And what happened to them Grandpa?" We can say " they just decided to take a swim in the arctic ocean one day. Who knows why?"

  • Steve Garcia
    Steve Garcia 1 month ago

    6:19. Thank you, Keith, for sourcing this for me. And adding Rick Wilson.

  • John Daubner
    John Daubner 1 month ago

    A TS clearance is NOT the highest clearance.  Everything is categorized for a specific clearance.

  • Teresa Golightly
    Teresa Golightly 1 month ago

    he is not panicking, he is the president, they can make people disappear, just like Obama, go on, stop pulling our legs.

  • Connie Miller
    Connie Miller 1 month ago

    Reality is there is no left or right, no democrats or republicans anymore. We really do not have a vote anymore, all that is just an illusion. So who does the sheeple have to thank for the distruction of this world? The wolves in sheeps clothing. Buyer beware. God is exposing the sins of the leaders to the people and the sins of the people to a Holy God; As steve Quayle likes to say. The only lifeline is prayer to the Holy God, Christ Jesus as in ISAIAH 43 AKJB. Now that is an eye opener for ya.

  • William Adams
    William Adams 1 month ago

    Thank you Keith and GQ for your coverage on this issue!

  • RickJason
    RickJason 1 month ago

    Keith you nailed it. One problem. Your evidence is crap. Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein after meeting with the CIA. No evidence of collusion. Do you think the CIA would know better than you? Poor Wolf Blitzer. After spending hours pushing this collusion nonsense he was tongue tied.

  • David Hunter
    David Hunter 1 month ago

    watch Trump Mafia after this guy

  • Cole Tanner
    Cole Tanner 1 month ago

    Keith is the poster child for Anti-Conservative Hate Speech

  • Kenneth Connors
    Kenneth Connors 1 month ago

    This guy is NUTS , real FAKE NEWS ,,and mostly lies and innuendo ,he should commit suicide , Oh he already did

  • Africa Osmundson
    Africa Osmundson 1 month ago

    Whats lost is this country is we became a "Banana Republic" when JFK was shot in broad daylight in front of hundreds of witnesses, examined by doctors at Parkland Hospital that identified an bullet entry wound in the front of his neck. Not to mention the bullet hole in the windshield or the limo stopping in the Nix film that contradicts the Zapruder film. Kieth O is nothing but a Shill for the leftist liberal dimwit gestapo party.

  • Louis Smith
    Louis Smith 1 month ago

    garbage spewing fake news garbage

  • Chris Theo
    Chris Theo 1 month ago


  • Nocturnalux
    Nocturnalux 1 month ago

    "That's the end of that subject", heh, except, no.
    I wouldn't be too surprised if Flynn had an accident somewhere along the line. He has dirt on Trump.

  • Tkj Tkj
    Tkj Tkj 1 month ago

    Mr. Olbermann : we NEED you ...and please accept my most heart-and-brain-felt thanks ...

    You are a true hero of the Resistance ...

  • Jeff
    Jeff 1 month ago

    does a former President still get Secret Service protection while he's in prison?

  • John Gilmour
    John Gilmour 1 month ago

    President Trump " Doesn't Panic about Anything, especially anything YOU have to say?

  • Steve Bean
    Steve Bean 1 month ago

    Keep trying with the news thing you'll get it someday. Also the 80s called- they want their Cold War back.

  • Ex Gop
    Ex Gop 1 month ago

    Your comments are appreciated but it would be useful and appreciated if you comment on the opposition's channels, sites, what ever but let them hear the voice of reason also.

  • Patrick Conroy
    Patrick Conroy 1 month ago


  • James G
    James G 1 month ago

    TRUMP IS PRESIDENT AND YOU ARE NOT! That says it all you loser.
    IF you were smarter than Trump then you would be president not him.

  • James G
    James G 1 month ago

    Keith calm down Your B.S is showing... BIGOTED SHIPLOAD of crap

  • James G
    James G 1 month ago

    NOW I GET IT KEITH AS A B*** S*** in communications
    where he graduated in 1979 with a B.S. in communications.

  • James G
    James G 1 month ago

    This is one of those guys who thinks if he shouts loud enough and gets angry enough that make him right! NOPE just and angry LOSER!

  • James G
    James G 1 month ago

    Trump is NOT panicking at all about Russia. EVERYTHING is going as planned on schedule. Soon any one that matters will start heading for the deep underground military bases and they already have walmart stocked up with provisions that will last for years. They already have all the seeds stored underground. YOU LOSE. SHUT UP! and enjoy whats left of your life.

  • Benjamin Vincent
    Benjamin Vincent 1 month ago

    This guy will have a polonium intolerance soon (presumably) ...

  • Giordano Kenneth
    Giordano Kenneth 1 month ago

    still no evidence of collusion. the investigation continues... they're desperate. sad

  • R.I.P. Democrat Party

    Resistance vs President Trump is Futile.

    • Guss Manning
      Guss Manning 1 month ago

      Democrats have done a fantastic job of making Americans hate them. Great job on this liberals.

  • Spyderred
    Spyderred 1 month ago

    The only remaining question is whether the Republican party will continue to protect Trump at the expense of the safety and security of this country.

  • RSHG leader
    RSHG leader 1 month ago

    whoa he is a russia puppet lets invade russia to show them who is boss i bet we can pull it off

  • Astro Tag1
    Astro Tag1 1 month ago

    Trump is a Racist Illiterate Man Child. When are they going to impeach him?

    • Astro Tag1
      Astro Tag1 1 month ago

      gmx1100 Lets add sarcasm to the list of things you don't understand. Smh!

    • Astro Tag1
      Astro Tag1 1 month ago

      cool! well at least you agree with the Racist Man Child part.

    • gmx1100
      gmx1100 1 month ago


      Eight years!


    YUKI INU 1 month ago

    after 2018, real investigation then impeachment.

  • West
    West 1 month ago


  • greg keen
    greg keen 1 month ago

    Hey do us a favor, continue to remind us how ignorant, gullible, and
    naive the typical liberal is, and how they're unfit to be in charge of
    anything. It's no wonder Trump won, compared to you idiots, he looks like rocket scientist. Great job Libitards!
    More please!

  • Juan Estrella
    Juan Estrella 1 month ago

    I hope you know you're not considered a journalist you are a conspiracy theorist

  • Totes1829
    Totes1829 1 month ago

    No I'm pretty sure you're the only one freaking out about Russia Keith.

  • Greg Ruggiero
    Greg Ruggiero 1 month ago

    Hahahah, just dropped by to say that Keith is pathetic and needs to stop smoking crack. Also that you idiots are, well, idiots ;) okay bye :)

  • FAYMprod
    FAYMprod 1 month ago

    lol "The Resistance" oh god that's funny

  • Lukas Jackson
    Lukas Jackson 1 month ago

    Maybe we should build some gas chambers.
    REAL ones this time.

  • Alex Langstaff
    Alex Langstaff 1 month ago

    Olberman is a fear monger!!!

  • Herbert Colon
    Herbert Colon 1 month ago

    No he's not sit down already. You've guys have been on this subject for over six months.

  • Jaden CM
    Jaden CM 1 month ago

    Well don't tell Russia that jeez
    Giving away the country's weakness
    (Our president)

  • Purple Wizurd
    Purple Wizurd 1 month ago

    Thought this dude would have hung himself by now.

  • Justn NJ
    Justn NJ 1 month ago

    Why didn't the media care about Obama's hot mic comment " after the election I have more flexibility" ? So much time wasted on the speculatin of Trumps ties to Russia. If he was a Democrat we would hear nothing about this.

  • Bill Nye Fake Science Guy

    LMFAO Lock this Lunatic up in the Nuthouse.

  • Mark Michuda
    Mark Michuda 1 month ago


  • Count Nomis
    Count Nomis 1 month ago

    This guy is an asswipe liberal. He vomits hate each time he gets on TV.

  • 82nd Airborne 2/508th PIR

    This guy and all Hillary supporters are wishing he was worried....this guy sounds like a scared frightened little child. If anybody had Russian connections it was Hillary dumbasses. do you guys not read the wikileaks? She sold 25% of the earths uranium to Putin, that's sounds like something someone worried about Russia would do. John McCain has Russian ties as well.

  • LordBuscus
    LordBuscus 1 month ago

    Like how this is on trending.. But have 326k views

  • MK
    MK 1 month ago

    This is so cringe, when did GQ turn into a liberal cesspool? Thought it was about men's fashion.

  • Brian Binnie
    Brian Binnie 1 month ago

    I remember when this guy was an ESPN anchor, that was before he grew up to be a douchebag.

  • beach bummin
    beach bummin 1 month ago

    watch Donald Trump exposes Donald Trump, i know his supporters dont care to watch the truth, they are like his little fan boys.

  • cliq uot
    cliq uot 1 month ago

    Coyote pack where are you?

  • paul stubbs
    paul stubbs 1 month ago

    wow rachael maddow is going very grey

  • Edgar Arvelo
    Edgar Arvelo 1 month ago

    Hey! Mr. Fake News, no one is panicking. Trump's got this.

  • The Not So Poker Show

    Please get a lapel mic. Great content, but audio issues are distracting. Love the show and I'm subscribing now. Viva La Resistance.

  • Jack Scarpon
    Jack Scarpon 1 month ago

    Do you idiot reporter care about hillary handing over 1/2 if usa's uranium to Russia???

  • TN MAN
    TN MAN 1 month ago

    actually Trump made a good point. I'm not a "Trumpster" but I don't need videos like this to help me "think". Think for yourself, it's safer for us all.

  • cavemanspongebob
    cavemanspongebob 1 month ago

    this show is almost as pathetic as Comcast customer support.

  • jr the truth smith
    jr the truth smith 1 month ago

    the liberals are the biggest retards on this planet

  • BadGuy
    BadGuy 1 month ago

    LOL!!! Is this guy sane?? shame on you GQ😌

  • Davy spilani
    Davy spilani 1 month ago

    What evidence Trump was connected to Russia???? I want evidence and until then,, inoccent till PROVEN guilty..

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