miss ladyboy manila

this is video taken where i live.theyre non professional ladyboy who join beauty pageants

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Author iDislikeNames (4 years)
do they have dicks?

Author Thiago Teixeira Coelho (5 years)

Author SitcaLovTonio (6 years)
i had no clue that they had friend was telling me about it shes
from the phillippines. they all look sooo cute

Author Rod Fleming (1 year)

Author rasnagast (5 years)

Author leti2z (7 years)
Beautiful ladies. Thank

Author kristan bernabe (7 years)
ganda ni optimus paerang artista taga bernabe yan!!!

Author ferxomartz (7 years)
que bellas, por ellas si que viajaria hasta Filipinas ;)

Author tienett (6 years)
wow! ang gaganda nyo'!

Author metta108 (6 years)
हिजड़ा (hijrah) પાવૈય (pavaiyaa) tritiya prakriti

Author kristan bernabe (7 years)
in manila during our town fiesta in some cities in the philipines and all
cities in manila always have this pageant,there are professional and non
professional pageant like this one.A lot of people in the philipines enjoy
watching ladyboy pageants .

Author TurkmaniStyle (4 years)
are you guys sure they are boy?????? men don't have small body structures
like them. they are too feminine to be boys. not sure!

Author hanya02 (4 years)
q nojo

Author BigGayMike2009 (5 years)
Those girls are so beautiful, a guy would have to be gay not to like them.

Author EMERSON Silva (5 years)
É uma cilada Bino!

Author Chrismedicineman (7 years)
Beautiful women. They're like Angels. Thanky uo for being so pretty.

Author aiza1341 (3 years)
of course they have dick...thats why they called ladyboy..

Author Sandar Pewin (5 years)
they look better than me

Author shnaaarf (7 years)
i like phil ladyboys...they are so sexy

Author gayer999 (6 years)
i would lol

Author ajaycee98 (7 years)
what beautifully stunning girls. thank you so much for posting. do you hae
any more clips like this of pretty girls from Manila ;-)

Author mkkjb20 (7 years)
they are nice, but only beauty doesnt count - it how to deal men - thats
the point why i prefere professionals

Author jeffery walton (7 years)
You are all lovely ladies. Thanks for sharing this video with us. I would
like to see one of these pageants in-person. Can you tell us were they are

Author WaySlicka (3 years)
Hell eagerly awaits..

Author progay (7 years)
Long live the Philippine lady boys! I hope you can watch my videos about
gay and trans life in Manila, thank you!

Author Northatlantic2012 (3 years)
They're really beautiful.

Author coleofatlantis (7 years)
i always adore philippine for having beautiful tgirls go to my channel and
i made a special picture slideshow for gorgeous fil;ipina t girls

Author GH4L (6 years)
man this is fucked up

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