10 Secrets About Captain Jack Sparrow That Disney Is Hiding From You

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    To Disney executives surprise Johnny Depp was going to be different from any other actor they’d ever dealt with because he was going to do things his own way. This included maintaining a character representation that enjoyed the company of men and was rather flamboyant. The compass that Jack Sparrow drags around with him throughout all the films also serves as a giant loophole in the film’s franchise since he’s given it away on multiple occasions and never had to suffer the repercussions as he does in Dead Men Tell No Tales. Jack Sparrow enjoys a few things like freedom, being captain of the Black Pearl, staving off death and drinking copious amount of rum. Disney has not liked the idea of Johnny Depp’s portrayal since the beginning of the film franchise but after the skillful actor earned an oscar nomination they quickly gave him creative freedom over the character for the rest of the films. Captain Jack was originally named after Hugh Jackman, but Disney decided to go in a different direction since Jackman wasn’t as popular at the time. The entire Pirates of the Caribbean idea came from a Disneyland attraction created by none other than Walt Disney himself in 1967--the ride was also Disney’s last creation before his death. Jack Sparrow impersonators have taken over the cosplay world, and they’ve also tried to threaten their way onto filming sets with the real Jack Sparrow. No one truly knows how old Jack Sparrow is, and perhaps that’s for the best. After all, age is just a number and Jack Sparrow knows how to have a good time and cause a ruckus. When we say Johnny Depp has creative freedom, we mean he’s allowed to do whatever he wants including scoring Keith Richards to be cast as his father in the Pirates of the Caribbean films. It’s not far-fetched to say that Jack Sparrow is clinically insane--if he were a real person we’re sure that he would be hauled off to an insanity ward where he could replay his hallucinations and listen to the voices in his head all day.
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  • Jai Vang
    Jai Vang 8 hours ago

    Man that saves people and feels good about it! Who would you choose a girl or a old man and they both hate you as you have to save one? Jack also smiled at the end of the world as he saved a friend and he saved Jack!

  • Rebecca
    Rebecca 9 hours ago

    The compass also contradicts what Tia Dalma says in the second movie "The compass you bartered from me" I liked the fifth movie but that backstory contradicted just about everything in PotC canon

  • Syed Ahmad Fattah Al -Yahya

    well guess what guys both jack sparrow and hector barbossa is based on real people and they are muslims, I know it is shocking.

  • Annala Mooke
    Annala Mooke 14 hours ago

    I really wish I could join Capt. Jack on an adventurePlus I am a huge fan of Johnny Depp

  • CalmDwelling
    CalmDwelling 17 hours ago

    another plot hole with the compass is that they changed the story of how he got it

  • Lukiel666
    Lukiel666 21 hour ago

    Think I'll re watch the original movie while drinking "The Kraken" black spiced rum.

  • Alexis Petterson
    Alexis Petterson 1 day ago

    and dint Calypso say, "where is that compass you be stolen from me?"

  • david smith
    david smith 1 day ago

    they didn't like his portrayal lol that goes to show that most film execs don't know what the hell they are talking about when they think it's not good it is and when they think it is good it's not

  • MrBeardMonster
    MrBeardMonster 1 day ago

    Newest movie plothole INCLUDE SPOILER:

    Barbossa jumps down to kill the "pirate hunter" with a sword, but doesnt all our characters usually wear guns? Could have shot him? And the "pirate hunter" wasnt even mad at Jack anymore, the "pirate hunter" had become a real human being again...

  • Some Dude
    Some Dude 1 day ago

    3:28 From what Movie is That?

  • Jello Vasquez
    Jello Vasquez 2 days ago

    Doesn't it say that that witch women gave it to himself tho

  • CanadaLord
    CanadaLord 2 days ago

    To be insane you don't know that you are insane but Jack knows that he is insane therefore he is not insane, isn't that insane!

  • Luis Santiago
    Luis Santiago 2 days ago

    im going to go watch pirates of the carebien now pleas mind my spelling

  • Landkrabben
    Landkrabben 2 days ago

    I can't believe you didn't mention, that Tia Dalma gave him the compass.

  • Scott Lacy
    Scott Lacy 2 days ago

    compass came from calypso mo-tard she says it in the movie

  • Ravindranath Routa
    Ravindranath Routa 2 days ago

    POTC is the best movie franchise & Capt. Jack Sparrow the best character i hv ever seen.5 movies & he doesn't seem even a bit boring

  • Rock Balancer
    Rock Balancer 2 days ago

    really phoned it in at the end there eh

  • Ravindranath Routa
    Ravindranath Routa 2 days ago

    Jack is not a gay.He is flamboyant and has an INCREDIBLE INTUITIVE SENSE OF THE FEMALE CREATURE.

  • Bram Vincke
    Bram Vincke 2 days ago

    He used the same argument 3 times and he did this 2 times. So he only had 6-7 points to make the video. And the things he said aren't even secrets.

  • Slade Willson
    Slade Willson 2 days ago


  • twilight stallions
    twilight stallions 2 days ago

    these are all lies jack is my favorite pirate and you just insulated him i am unsubscribing 😡

  • MrDflynn1982
    MrDflynn1982 2 days ago

    Can I point out that you used the same thumbnail arrow and text that you used on your despicable me video

  • gamefreaks7
    gamefreaks7 2 days ago

    you just dislike pirates of the Caribean

  • Jesse Pinkman
    Jesse Pinkman 3 days ago

    You talk so much bullshit i cant handle it for fuck sake. Bitch!

  • MezCharlene
    MezCharlene 3 days ago

    The compass is rather taken away that giving it away in the previous films unlike dead men tell no tales, in dmtnt jack traded it which is like an intention of disowning it i guess

    INGSOC 3 days ago

    I don't know about any of you but,Jack Sparrow *Captain* has never gotten old or stale for me..he's the type of character that just can't...

  • Twisted Reaper
    Twisted Reaper 3 days ago

    Why would Disney hate the way Johnny portrays Jack? If it weren't for the way his character is. The movie would never be the same.

  • Nick Wade
    Nick Wade 3 days ago

    I dont think he is exactly gay cause he hit on elizebeth and the two girls in tortuga and black beards daughter but i could see him being bi

  • The Uncommon n00b
    The Uncommon n00b 3 days ago

    "Ey ya, SNIPIE SnIPie!"

  • Fraser Grout
    Fraser Grout 3 days ago

    POTC is the best movie franchise I've ever seen

  • Lewis Hammett
    Lewis Hammett 3 days ago

    Tia Dalma mentions how she aquired the compass for Jack (DMC). So thats how the compass is a giant plot hole!

  • QuantumRealm
    QuantumRealm 3 days ago

    Do another Pirates of the Caribbean video now that the 5th movie is out.

  • Mushrooms Mellow
    Mushrooms Mellow 3 days ago

    He's going to die in the sixth movie :(

  • The Foxy Rider
    The Foxy Rider 3 days ago


  • Darth Orion
    Darth Orion 3 days ago

    The reason that the compass doesn't feel betrayed before dead men tell no tales is because every time Jack gives it to someone, he always expect to be able to get it back, never actually giving it to someone, always lending; in DMTNT, he gives it away for good, betraying the compass's trust to always return to him until his death.

  • Jacob Johnson
    Jacob Johnson 3 days ago

    Captain. Captain Jack Sparrow. Is that really so hard?

  • Christopher House
    Christopher House 3 days ago

    just rememberd the books called age of bronze its a good book

  • Poni Mele
    Poni Mele 3 days ago

    I actually really like the Idea that Jack is Bi/Gay, #PrideMonth

  • Fleato
    Fleato 3 days ago

    Johnny depp made the series lol. legit he's too fucking great in this role and honestly one of my favorite characters ever

  • Christopher House
    Christopher House 3 days ago

    if you read the jack sparrow books you'll find out how he got his compass and its magical powers

  • Lilly Pannell
    Lilly Pannell 3 days ago


  • Luis Baylon Jr.
    Luis Baylon Jr. 3 days ago

    My pet comment died...
    Can I get 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

  • TJ The 90s KID
    TJ The 90s KID 3 days ago

    He never seemed gay to me

    • Fleato
      Fleato 3 days ago

      TJ The 90s KID agreed, just stupid speculation.

  • Chris Skurkey
    Chris Skurkey 3 days ago

    This could have been edited down to "Five Secrets"... repetitive, I should say... repeTITive. Not "Screen Rant's" breast effort.

  • ryan parker
    ryan parker 3 days ago

    I'm a gay man and am against these constant claims that Jack is gay just because he's flamboyant.
    I'm a very stereotypical straight man full of machismo in behavior in spite of me actually being homosexual.
    Furthermore; Johnny Depp's claims that all of his characters are may have been sass.
    Unicorns don't have to be gay and sometimes dragons are. Asshole.

    • Better Dead Than Red
      Better Dead Than Red 2 days ago

      Nobody cares you special little snowflake. Some people will do anything to bring attention to themselves...

  • Tupac Harvey
    Tupac Harvey 3 days ago

    When I read the title of the video, I thought you would tell us something we didn't know

  • losangelescardinals

    Jack is really not a pirate but a former ship captain who used to work under Beckett. He was later branded, physically and figuratively, as a pirate after he released a cargo of slaves

    • jamie wagemaker
      jamie wagemaker 3 days ago

      losangelescardinals yes, but before that he was a pirate. he was born in a storm, became pirate, started working for becket, betrayed him by letting 100 slaves free, becket burned the wicked wench (jacks ship) jack tried to safe it but burned with the ship. then davy jones gave him the deal. thats why davy jones in deadmans chest says that jacks soul is worth a 100 men. this is the reason why jacks ship became black. he renamed it the black pearl. after 2 years there was a mutiny (caused by barbossa) and i guess you know the rest of the story. the scene where jack is young in dead men tell no tales is probally in a time before jack started working for becket.

  • Bethany Grishaw
    Bethany Grishaw 3 days ago

    Jack Sparrow has tattoos

  • HarleyJamie121 None

    The compass was from Tia Dalma aka Calypsso she even said in Dead Men's Chest "The compass you bought from me it cannot lead you to this."referring to the key.Jack Sparrow being gay I don't believe or he wouldn't of let Elizabeth kiss him .I would say bisexual

  • The Cowboy
    The Cowboy 3 days ago

    Can you see Hugh Jackman as Jack Sparrow?

  • TakeTheJurny
    TakeTheJurny 3 days ago

    thanks for saying spoiler alert jack ass

  • Ray Scannell 79
    Ray Scannell 79 3 days ago

    Anybody reading this comment, have a nice day!!

  • SistahBallingah _
    SistahBallingah _ 3 days ago

    The worst pirate?


    Can the worst pirate escape a place at that moment without a plan in handy?

    Can the worst pirate be brave enough to stand up for Davy Jones?

    Can the worst Pirate save an innocent womans life? Sorry I mean innocent PEOPLES life?

    Can the worst Pirate have feelings for someone who got stabbed?

    Can the worst Pirate stand his ground at any situation but knows when to run, but thats how he fights?

    Yep... thats truly the WORST pirate

  • Silvia Luna, the girl who loves spiders

    Jack Sparrow young is handsome

  • Aaron Showalter
    Aaron Showalter 3 days ago

    I am so glad that Johnny Depp did Captain Sparrow instead of Hugh Jackman.

    • Aaron Showalter
      Aaron Showalter 3 days ago

      Jim Carrey as Captain Sparrow how pathetic.
      Before you think wrong I don`t hate Jim Carrey.
      I just don`t care for Jim Carrey`s way of acting as Captain Sparrow.

    • ADEMruinedmylife909
      ADEMruinedmylife909 3 days ago

      Jim Carrey was another option (he turned down the role because of 'Bruce Almighty').

    TANKS AND TRUCKS 3 days ago

    mmmh toast...

  • Wookie Productions
    Wookie Productions 3 days ago

    Jacks not gay

    • Nathaniel Henderson
      Nathaniel Henderson 3 days ago

      Wookie Productions I agree with you remember in dead man's chest Elizabeth walks up dressed as a guy and says​ she's come to find the man she loves, then Jack thinking she's a guy says I'm sorry son but my only love is the sea.

    • Wookie Productions
      Wookie Productions 3 days ago

      Poni Mele But none of Johnny's characters have been seen or referenced to flirting with guys there is just no proof what so ever sorry but it's just not true...

    • Poni Mele
      Poni Mele 3 days ago

      Wookie Productions Do u not know what Bi means? Bisexual means u like both genders, Meaning there is a 50-50 chance that u would end up with the opposite sex or the same sex, meaning it would still be possible for all of Depp's characters to flirt with females and get with females because he has feelings for both Genders not just one.

    • Wookie Productions
      Wookie Productions 3 days ago

      Poni Mele I don't think he's bi I just think he's straight there is no evidence to this and that thing johnny said was a joke to make Gore Verbinski mad, I don't think any of Johnny's characters are gay most of them have been married or have slept with women and only women there is no mention that he has ever been with a guy.

    • Poni Mele
      Poni Mele 3 days ago

      Wookie Productions it's called "Bisexual"

  • Vampire Captain
    Vampire Captain 3 days ago

    The only thing I really like from that is that Jack likes men.

    (sweet Sparbossa could be a thing maybe. 🙂)

    • Vampire Captain
      Vampire Captain 3 days ago

      Yeah except in the video it says that he could like men oh and you may have heard this sexuality that says a person can like both members of the opposite gender and of the same gender and sexuality is oh wait it's called being bisexual.

    • Fleato
      Fleato 3 days ago

      Vampire Captain mmmmmm, except no. How many times have women came up to him in the movies and his love for Elizabeth and Angelica, and other references to him and women.

  • Abel Martinez
    Abel Martinez 3 days ago

    Daddy Depp

  • Will Sober
    Will Sober 3 days ago

    my pet rock died can i get a like

    • pixiniarts
      pixiniarts 2 days ago

      Sad when that happens we just take it for granite that they will always be there...

    • Yoovie
      Yoovie 2 days ago

      My pet rock jimmy ran away 6 months ago

      , I still can't find him.

    • meni b
      meni b 2 days ago

      who tf is jim his name was joe

    • Will Sober
      Will Sober 3 days ago

      Night Watcher that is my real name

    • Dean Gioftsis
      Dean Gioftsis 3 days ago

      Will Sober Noooooooooooooo Not Jim

  • Boom STINGER
    Boom STINGER 3 days ago

    Captain Jack Sparrow is not gay

    • Tu Bailey
      Tu Bailey 1 day ago

      Boom STINGER it's call admiration. Why must we sexualize everything

    • spiderman gurdian of new york
      spiderman gurdian of new york 1 day ago

      Boom STINGER trust me he's not

    • Vampire Captain
      Vampire Captain 2 days ago

      Oh hey there is always the bromance with Jack and Barbossa. 😉

    • Sophia Ageitos
      Sophia Ageitos 2 days ago

      Boom STINGER Johnny Depp just said that to piss them off because he couldn't give a F of ur gay or straight

    • Irene Dmtr
      Irene Dmtr 2 days ago

      In my opinion it is not true...just Johnny depp used the behaviour of some gays ..(even if it's not always like that)

  • Sparrow's Nest
    Sparrow's Nest 3 days ago

    The round red scar on his bottom right jaw is syphilis. JACK was named after his uncle and his real name is Jack Teague, but He wanted to stand out from his uncle and father so he took on the name Sparrow after Taunting the great Pirate Hunter Armando Salazar in the crows nest like some little bird. The emerald skull ring Jack is always wearing is a ring that he stole from his father and has the power to bring good luck, but only when it is most needed like a life or death situation.

    • Sparrow's Nest
      Sparrow's Nest 12 hours ago

      Super Popo its a good theory but this must have happend after they returned to the Island because she gave birth to Jack during a typhoon on Teagues ship.0

    • CaptainSinaSparrow
      CaptainSinaSparrow 13 hours ago

      Super Popo I like that! :D Sounds like a good story

    • Super Popo
      Super Popo 13 hours ago

      Sparrow's Nest I found more info. There is a theory that Jack's mother is a native, or one of the people from cannibal island. Teague made love with her, and tried to escape with her.
      When her island captured her, they punished her by beheading her and shrinking her head.
      Head shrinking is a spiritual thing, and is practiced by natives.

    • Sparrow's Nest
      Sparrow's Nest 1 day ago

      Super Popo From my research she had to be verry special to Teague because she was on board his ship when she gave birth during a typhoon. She also had to be adventurous because at some point she gets her head shrunken and the tribes that practiced this layed deep in the Jungle. But alas she is still a mystery so is Wills mother but by the way the book series was going its safe to assume it is Arabella Smith.

  • Rory Morrison
    Rory Morrison 3 days ago

    I disliked this video even though I liked it just, for fun. lol

  • Sergio González Torres

    Uhh what's up with the arrows and the "woah"?

  • Glorious Slovan Untermensch

    So, Jack is into men, huh? Jackpot!

  • Nestic Chambers
    Nestic Chambers 3 days ago

    never been early

  • Skuzzyboy
    Skuzzyboy 3 days ago

    He got the compass from calyspso as well

    • spiderfan1974
      spiderfan1974 2 days ago

      Landkrabben "Unless, ahhh Jack Sparrow doesn't know what he wants". Then she gave him a jar of dirt.

    • Landkrabben
      Landkrabben 2 days ago

      Jack Sparrow doesn't Know what he wants

    • Landkrabben
      Landkrabben 2 days ago

      Your right About that, i Remember that too. "The compass i gave you, it can't lead you to it?"

    • spiderfan1974
      spiderfan1974 2 days ago

      Skuzzyboy Calypso traded it to him for what who knows. She said she traded it with him in pirates 2. Unless they've changed it already.

    • Lance Quisto
      Lance Quisto 3 days ago

      Skuzzyboy nope

  • powertripled 1408
    powertripled 1408 3 days ago

    131st like

  • DASH
    DASH 3 days ago

    disney is hiding nothing. it just don't give shit about those futile facts.

  • DevilPoroNnj
    DevilPoroNnj 3 days ago

    jack sparrow in 1-3 is so cool. in 4 he is like a comic relief but still smart and witty and charming. in 5, he is full comic relief who does almost everything by accident

  • Kaitlynn and Abbie Pugh

    The drunk insane and pretty much all of that I new and I'm 10

  • Yoovie
    Yoovie 3 days ago

    Give me likes and I will give you 0 bucks. That is a fantastic deal

    • davx4
      davx4 3 days ago

      Yoovie ikr

  • Donsmacker1
    Donsmacker1 3 days ago

    Who the hell ever thought Jack was family friendly? He's the Deadpool of pirates!

  • miilxxe
    miilxxe 3 days ago

    I am confused, I am guessing Disney forgot that they already said that Tia Dalma had given Jack the compass. So they just completely changed that story?

    • Daphne Harmony
      Daphne Harmony 3 days ago

      Yes, they "little" changed story... And they made from Jack really drunken and embarrassing old pirate. Also story of POTC 5 is weak. :( They made POTC 5 too pretentious but script and story is low... Maybe close the Turners story is consistent. But sliver? Neither many expensive effects and location never made from POTC 5 really good story like "old good POTC 1-3". Still POTC 4 is good but 5 isn't. In my opinion POTC 5 is the worst of series.

    • Vampire Captain
      Vampire Captain 3 days ago

      Вася Пупкин that is a possibility I guess we'll just never know properly.

    • Вася Пупкин
      Вася Пупкин 3 days ago

      It was before Salazar, perhaps. Jack gave his compass to captain

  • RosesAndThorns
    RosesAndThorns 3 days ago

    He gave away the compass to other pirates the previous 2 time, where as in the latest movie he gave it to a bar man for rum.
    That's why it wasn't classed as betrayal

    • United Gamers
      United Gamers 21 hour ago

      he might have lost it and got it back from Tia (lets imagine someone took it from him and by magic it made its way to her) or he could have gotten the compass for his captain that then passed it over to him (popular theory)

    • Kiki G.
      Kiki G. 1 day ago

      what about the previous movie where Tia states, "the compass you barter from me"?

    • Fleato
      Fleato 3 days ago

      RosesAndThorns I think it has more to do with the fact he let other people barrow it to still serve his own purpose. where as in dmtnt he straight gets rid of it in exchange.

    • William Irvin
      William Irvin 3 days ago

      RosesAndThorns wtf

    • Nikki M. Solis
      Nikki M. Solis 3 days ago

      Giving it away is not the same as selling it.

  • Graham Marshall
    Graham Marshall 3 days ago

    do you have a problem with your voic? CBR

  • PS4Gamer
    PS4Gamer 3 days ago

    #NotificationSquad Where Are You At 😆

  • JokézSpeedRuns
    JokézSpeedRuns 3 days ago

    I have a theory that Jack Sparrow is and 'idea' rather than an actual character. He is immortal and undying because he is not real, well, not entirely. Like the 'Jack of Fables' (i.e. Jack the giant slayer, Jack and the beanstalk, Jack frost, etc.) Sparrow is just a man pirates credit as the adventurer who accomplished all these great feats. When in reality, Jack is many different people doing different things.

    • Fleato
      Fleato 3 days ago

      JokézSpeedRuns mmmmmmmm, no


    can i get 777 likes? pleace..^_^

  • jackyb Bridges
    jackyb Bridges 3 days ago

    i like jack sparrow my name is jackyb

  • gefen Amir
    gefen Amir 3 days ago


  • Robert Edwards
    Robert Edwards 3 days ago

    Damn early af

  • your average gravity falls fan

    woah! I never knew these facts! 😮

  • Seb Quinton
    Seb Quinton 3 days ago

    lololol this is a good video

    JOHN CENA 3 days ago


  • Seb Quinton
    Seb Quinton 3 days ago

    i am number one!

    JOHN CENA 3 days ago


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