Mark Hamill does Joker and Luke Skywalker voice dialogue at Star Wars Weekends 2014

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  • alan desariO
    alan desariO 7 hours ago

    hahahaha great

  • bailey andersen
    bailey andersen 8 hours ago

    fucking right

  • Iruga
    Iruga 2 days ago

    If my father was Mark Hammill maybe i could have a traumatic childhood with that scary laugh. Nah im joking HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA !!!

  • Pretzel Punch
    Pretzel Punch 3 days ago

    I'm in love with Mark hamill right now

  • ChasdielOfTheEnd
    ChasdielOfTheEnd 4 days ago

    Hamill's Joker voice is still the creepiest, most terrifying, not to mention most iconic one out there...

  • Cristian Rivera
    Cristian Rivera 4 days ago

    I came

  • Da Dope Penguin
    Da Dope Penguin 5 days ago

    Do a Joker impression. Say three words as Luke if ya want.

  • Kyle Casey
    Kyle Casey 5 days ago

    LMAO! Mark Hamill is amazing!

  • Brick King
    Brick King 5 days ago

    brilliant, just brilliant

  • The One
    The One 6 days ago

    Dammit Mark Hamill is awesome

  • Jack Alchem
    Jack Alchem 7 days ago

    omg my heart is exploding 😍

  • StreeetFighteeer95x20

    James Arnold Taylor?

  • EY3FUL
    EY3FUL 8 days ago


  • InferSader
    InferSader 9 days ago

    I like how he was just casually sitting there, didn't need much to summon the Joker.

  • Chris S
    Chris S 11 days ago

    Mark Hamill totally eats it up too. Look at how much fun he has!

  • Billy Batson
    Billy Batson 11 days ago

    I wish that he get casted as the live action version of the Joker before he's too old for the role.

  • General Grievous
    General Grievous 12 days ago

    I just got a nerdgasm

  • Allen Teodus Medhik
    Allen Teodus Medhik 14 days ago

    that joker voice.....

  • Dr. Dab
    Dr. Dab 14 days ago

    Do you know he's been in around 5 batman movies 🎥 as the joker

  • Daniel Turner
    Daniel Turner 14 days ago

    he is the god of jokers

  • Robin Ekariski
    Robin Ekariski 15 days ago

    I mean, his voice as the Joker is one of the best! It's bringing my childhood back :')

  • Magee Aaron
    Magee Aaron 16 days ago


  • Brandon Austin
    Brandon Austin 16 days ago

    god he does the best joker


    How can this dude still be such a warm and amazing person after all those years of living the soul-draining Hollywood life?

  • Ike Rants
    Ike Rants 17 days ago

    It's debatable on who he's more recognizable for Luke or Joker

  • wietse sinnaeve
    wietse sinnaeve 18 days ago


  • Charles .Clair
    Charles .Clair 18 days ago

    Jack Nicholson was amazing. Heath Ledger reinvented the role and was breathtaking.
    But there's only one, and is name is Mark Hamill.

  • Hoby Sarmiento
    Hoby Sarmiento 19 days ago


  • Daniel Layson
    Daniel Layson 19 days ago

    I'd pay Mark Hamill to read shower thoughts with Joker's voice.

  • Skitz
    Skitz 22 days ago

    Who... The fuck... Disliked this?

  • reigns rock
    reigns rock 23 days ago


  • Jason
    Jason 24 days ago

    I tried so hard to hide my smile 😂

  • Xarfax321
    Xarfax321 24 days ago

    "Luke! It's me -hi hii- the clown prince of crime and ALSO... Your father."
    "Get used to it, kiddo, bwahahahahahaa!!"

  • Artty 1975
    Artty 1975 24 days ago

    That was awesome! Loved Heath, very dark. However Mark's Joker rules!

  • Blue .Nebula
    Blue .Nebula 25 days ago

    he should be in next live action batman movie

  • Reasonable Guy
    Reasonable Guy 26 days ago

    That is talent. That IS the joker!

  • Mike
    Mike 26 days ago

    As a kid when i first heard the Jokers' laugh, I knew the guy is a fucking legend.

  • Wes
    Wes 26 days ago

    by far the one and only joker. all others r just imitations

  • Jody Melon
    Jody Melon 27 days ago

    He's also master Eraqus in Kingdom Hearts :)

  • Gareth Evans
    Gareth Evans 27 days ago

    Cartoon Obi-Wan speaking to cartoon Joker um yes please

  • Kamen Ranger prime
    Kamen Ranger prime 27 days ago

    Mark hammial is the best joker

  • Felice Sciaraffia
    Felice Sciaraffia 27 days ago

    Mark Hamill is THE MAN. I just love his voice acting. I wish they would just hire them for EVERY Joker incarnation

  • Sp00n
    Sp00n 27 days ago

    Best. Joker. Ever.

  • soshniper
    soshniper 27 days ago

    cool он беспадобен!

  • Chris Baybay
    Chris Baybay 28 days ago

    Dude, if the Joker said he was my father, I would actually be very happy.

  • Rick Mccomb
    Rick Mccomb 28 days ago

    this is by far the greatest thing ever!

  • ZEUS Kitsune
    ZEUS Kitsune 28 days ago

    he's luke skywalker, the joker and skips

  • LeeLee Waynee
    LeeLee Waynee 28 days ago

    best. thing. ever.

  • TaekwonDawg 0389
    TaekwonDawg 0389 1 month ago

    M(ARK) (HAM)IL

  • Deadpool
    Deadpool 1 month ago

    He was born to voice Joker . 👏🏻 #DicksOutForDisGuy 👌🏼

  • Jordan Frazier
    Jordan Frazier 1 month ago

    lol I love mark hammal

  • John Ingvald
    John Ingvald 1 month ago

    isn't Mark Hamill the guy that play Trickster in The Flash

  • Mr Karizmatic
    Mr Karizmatic 1 month ago

    and he just sits there after doing like nothing happend. <3

  • Jacob Sailer
    Jacob Sailer 1 month ago

    Mark Hamill vs Sam Witwer in an impersonations battle to the death!

  • laura galvez villamarin


  • Nick Timm
    Nick Timm 1 month ago


  • Fandom Enforcer
    Fandom Enforcer 1 month ago

    That was brilliant

  • KaineHero
    KaineHero 1 month ago

    Mark is gold.

  • Tomas L
    Tomas L 1 month ago

    mARK HAMill

  • Daniel Carbone
    Daniel Carbone 1 month ago

    I don't think I've ever seen a man love his job more then Mark Hamill

  • Xavier Romero
    Xavier Romero 1 month ago

    hands down, mark Hamill BEST JOKER

  • Faolan the Alpha
    Faolan the Alpha 1 month ago

    Truly a god amongst men

  • Langford_artist
    Langford_artist 1 month ago

    I bet you Disney was flipping out because Mark Hamill did something that involves DC you're not marvel

  • Dick Joshua
    Dick Joshua 1 month ago

    soo.......joker is darth vader this whole time ?!?!?! nice !

  • Jon Baxter
    Jon Baxter 1 month ago

    Mark looks so much better now

  • Jaime Sandoval
    Jaime Sandoval 1 month ago

    mark Hamill is one helluva awesome joker he voiced joker in the batman arkham games

  • Jared Beilstein
    Jared Beilstein 1 month ago

    Is Mark Hamill even real? He's just too... perfect.

  • MadcapMercury
    MadcapMercury 1 month ago

    I feel like Mark Hamil loves doing joker more than star wars

  • kevin perez vino
    kevin perez vino 1 month ago

    you have him nosotros a ruben leon, both are the best jokers in the history

  • xiaochicash
    xiaochicash 1 month ago

    Mark is such a ham, and thank God for it.

  • Hardline Gamer
    Hardline Gamer 1 month ago

    What Luke is the joker and he really good at it I'm speechless

  • Jeffrey
    Jeffrey 1 month ago

    3 lines and its just amazing.

  • Seto's Girl
    Seto's Girl 1 month ago

    Same here!

  • Cubex
    Cubex 1 month ago

    He was actually the voice of the Joker in the old Batman cartoons.

  • Mister Smiley
    Mister Smiley 1 month ago

    I'd pay hundreds to have Mark's Joker voice.

  • Nate Roelke
    Nate Roelke 1 month ago

    I like how his Joker has a hint of a British accent

  • CmdrVoltaire
    CmdrVoltaire 1 month ago

    I was there for this, it was awesome.

  • sniper Matic
    sniper Matic 1 month ago

    oh my god.. i only notice mark hammil only in starwars.. but i never notice that he is also good at anything else such as this 😍

  • Realmasterorder
    Realmasterorder 1 month ago

    Probably the Best story teller ever

  • John Britton
    John Britton 1 month ago

    Seems like one awesome guy.

  • Jaden Dahlin
    Jaden Dahlin 1 month ago

    This is what you call greatest

  • OwO_Love_You
    OwO_Love_You 1 month ago

    when you get to play the worlds greatest hero and villain

  • Jason Kruger
    Jason Kruger 1 month ago

    If they reboot Star Wars I vote to have mark hamil play emperor palpatine using his joker voice.

  • Fierce Deity Link
    Fierce Deity Link 1 month ago

    That was so Perfect!!!! XD

  • Inorus Heartblade
    Inorus Heartblade 1 month ago

    that was glorious

  • isaac holmes
    isaac holmes 1 month ago


  • ZAD
    ZAD 1 month ago

    Im here for James arnold Taylor

  • captaintorch123
    captaintorch123 1 month ago

    Mark Hamil is a god amongst men

  • Derrick Barrows
    Derrick Barrows 1 month ago

    I'm so glad Mark Hammil is back in the spotlight. He deserves all the adoration he receives.

  • Shantorey Wilkins
    Shantorey Wilkins 1 month ago


  • kipkak80
    kipkak80 1 month ago

    lol Im better at it

  • T
    T 1 month ago

    This will never get old

  • Daniel  Almaguer Rojas

    so lit

  • VixXstazosJOB
    VixXstazosJOB 1 month ago

    i love how a random image of him with a sinister grim smile was picked for the thumbnail... XD

  • Andrew-V/Ellnats
    Andrew-V/Ellnats 1 month ago

    I just nerdgasmed

  • david tumanishvili
    david tumanishvili 1 month ago


  • Scruffy Rodriguez
    Scruffy Rodriguez 1 month ago


  • Solus Darkcoat
    Solus Darkcoat 1 month ago

    I take everything back, Mark Hamill is better than Heath Ledger as the joker

  • Knowledgeabletyrant
    Knowledgeabletyrant 1 month ago

    If not for the voice acting I would see mark hamill as pretty shitty

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