Flores becomes emotional after fans' ovation

7/29/15: Amid reports of a trade, Wilmer Flores receives an ovation as he bats in the 7th inning and gets emotional when he takes the field

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Author Trevin Bentley ( ago)
The trade didn't happen after all

Author 362chop ( ago)
Mets front office butchers yet again.

Author Prettyboyfredo SSH ( ago)
All that and he never got traded

Author mcfig2 ( ago)
An unforgettable moment for Mets fans.

Author SportGod ( ago)
I'm a met fan and this makes me so happy

Author squiggleworks9 ( ago)
The fact that he finds it strange that he's crying is the part that I find odd

Author Baseketball ( ago)
Bitches suck dick

Author Joe Apicelli ( ago)
Thank God he wasn't traded.

Author TBSandNFL ( ago)
Never got traded lol

Author thndrct218 ( ago)
You'd be crying too if you found out you've been traded to Milwaukee.

Author Trackball ( ago)
Act like you've been there before.
Stop crying like a classless fool.
Emotions do not belong in baseball.

Author Riley Freeman ( ago)
To this day I still cringe over the fact that they kept him in the game. HE WAS GETTING TRADED.

Author Will Aldrich ( ago)
funny thing is, he never ended up getting traded.

Author Baseballcardmaster10 ( ago)
I watched this game

Author Nash wayz ( ago)
" Yes, the Wright thing to say," Only Mets announcers

Author Jesse Vidz ( ago)
Id cry too if I got traded to the Brewers

Author Kenny Lopez ( ago)
His home run the next night, though...

Author Sam Dilworth ( ago)
Look at those big juicy tits in the white at 0:13

Author Joey Nato ( ago)
Seeing this kind of passion for the game & love for your team reminds me why baseball is such an awesome sport. Love it.

Author Alex Jbf ( ago)
In the middle of the game?!

Author Daniel Treadwell ( ago)

Author Aminals ( ago)
And he's still with the Mets...

Author Michael Cheng ( ago)
From NY to Milwaukee, I'd cry too.

Author Ernest Rosenberg ( ago)
Nice Trade. Good game. I have pro fitted hats for sale at;

Author Andrew Piorun ( ago)
My favorite Met

Author OMG ITZBLUEJAY ( ago)
and gomez sucked after

Author Tactical Tactics ( ago)
I am a yankees fan and i really love flores and cespedes

Author Ken Hoj ( ago)
I show no sympathy for people who make over a million dollars a year.

Author Damon M ( ago)
Came here after finding out this was the 1 year anniversary of this. Never knew this happened. From the looks he's doing very well and the fact that the Mets went far last year was great.

Author Jake Donnelly ( ago)
We would have never made it to the playoffs if this trade happened

Author JermyJimmy Ogando ( ago)
man dont make him leave the mets

Author Robert Kinoy ( ago)

Author JRB_03 ( ago)
and he didn't even get traded

Author Jay Mac ( ago)
Hate the Mets, but the fans and players were total class supporting Wilmer. That was such an awkward position to be put in, knowing you're about to be traded but still being in the game. Cool to see a guy actually care about staying with one team.

Author amishmike1 ( ago)
funk that beaner

Author Luke Shaffer ( ago)
This is the evil of social media.

Author Brock Marshall ( ago)
I'm a Royals fan but I still felt bad for him😖

Author brad metcalf ( ago)
what would the old timers say about this crying!

Author Yellow Brick Road ( ago)
울지마 ㅠㅠㅠ

Author Wuilmer Arana ( ago)
my name is wuilmer

Author Coolbreeze ( ago)
Wilmer Flores? Are you crying? THERE'S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol

Author Brody Martin ( ago)
He never got traded

Author Mo ™ ( ago)
Wait I dont get what is happening

Author Kevin Moore ( ago)
the Mets front office aren't the only ones who can handle a trade badly. look at what the Cubs front office did to Mitch Williams just before he was traded to the Phillies.... in fact, there's a Phillies game here where they interviewed him the day after he joined them. after the trade has to be just as bad, if you think about team, new town, a rep from the team should be there to take you to the park because you don't have anywhere else to go. after the game, hopefully the gm has gotten you a hotel to stay at until you can get a place so you are living out of your luggage for the most part for home games and road games. all sorts of stuff running through your head until you can get a place of your own or someone offers you a room at their place.

Author Jack Myers ( ago)
Mets suck

Author Dylan Olson ( ago)
Maybe he was crying because he thought he was going the Brewers

Author Jake Kellogg ( ago)
If I took a trade I'd only go to Baltimore or Houston, the cities that I love. I was born in Maryland lived here all my life and Houston is my adopted town, family having been there almost 20 years.

Author 3rdbaserocket ( ago)
did Flores ever even get traded

Author Super Soldier ( ago)
I may be a Yankees fan, but Flores showed his true colors of how much he loves the game.

Author Triple Crown ( ago)
Wilmer floores is a big baby

Author jeffg24LT21 ( ago)

Author Officer Pulaski (650 years ago)
March 4 2016, Mets fans are chanting his name in the spring training game against Miami as he pinch hits

Author Austin Moore ( ago)
Or is he being traded in the offseason

Author Austin Moore ( ago)
Isn't Flores on the Mets again

Author Jack Isachsen (1079 years ago)

Author Jack Isachsen (1090 years ago)
1:23 random time

Author Nathan Cruz ( ago)
daмn ι ғelт вad ғor нιм нe'ѕ alѕo very very υnderaтed

Author CiscoLitco ( ago)
I like how Duda had a 3HR game but no one remembers

Author Agnostic Moderate Libertarian ( ago)
I'm glad that the Royals struck his ass out in front of the hometown crowd to win the World Series.

Author dfc576 ( ago)
It ended up working out in the long run. Flores is now a cult figure in NYC. LGM

Author jermainewill16 ( ago)
I don't care what anyone says Wilmer a real nigga. I love one club players.

Author jermainewill16 ( ago)
I don't care what anyone says Wilmer a real nigga. I love one club players.

Author jgreico11 ( ago)
There's no crying in baseball

Author Michael Perez ( ago)
we love u Wilmer forever

Author achmeineye ( ago)
Which team was he supposed to go to? I could have sworn he batted in the World Series. DIdn't do very well but I'm pretty sure I remember him there

Author lol Lol ( ago)

Author Angel Dog 35 ( ago)
Little baby

Author heated ( ago)
MLB edits here come subcribe to me and ill spam all of your videos

Author Pete Johnson ( ago)

Author metsdudenj ( ago)
This is when the Mets turned the corner and became the best team in baseball. Wilmer is the heart of the team

Author jedi1967 ( ago)
Give this big baby a box of tissues. Pendejon!!!!!!!!!!!! Wilmer what the fuck is that name???? WAH WAH WAH. I AM BEING TRADED WAH WAH WAH WAH TO FLORIDA.

Author toe579 ( ago)
The announcer is so heartless and cold. He's still a kid, who cares if he cried. You're publicly scrutinizing him for crying, the announcer is a coward.

Author squiggleworks9 ( ago)
Still trying to figure out what's so strange about him being so emotional. I'm sure that's how everyone reacts to being traded. It's just they get to do it privately and Wilmer got to do it under the glare of the camera. I thought he held himself together pretty well.

Author muddahen415 ( ago)
What an awful move by the Mets. Take the poor guy out of the game

Author TheFattuchus ( ago)
Wilmer, millions of fans love you and appreciate your devotion. Congrats on playing in the World Series.

Author Ryan Thurston ( ago)
If they win the world series, this is the greatest turning point in baseball history.

Author slapshot68 ( ago)
Nats win the division if the trade went through

Author nilt diaz ( ago)

Author Ribrat ( ago)
Mets are savage

Author Elliot Johnson ( ago)
I would cry too if I found out I was getting traded to the Brewers.

Author Cesar Montes ( ago)
little girl

Author MetsGiantsRangersKnicksNYSports ( ago)
2 nights later, Wilmer put a thrilling capper on one of the most memorable games in Mets history.

Author Andrew Eckert ( ago)
What a pussy

Author islandblader ( ago)
Defining moment of turnaround in this season.

Author Mike Baudistel ( ago)
The best trade that never happened. Now WIlmer is part of the NL East Champion Mets!

Author Movieandmidnight ( ago)
This crying moment then the walk off turned the mets season around along with Uribe Johnson conforto and cespedes

Author TripleDeeeee ( ago)
True Met.

Author Taylor Morgan ( ago)
At the 1:51 mark-
Collins: "you okay son?"
Flores: "yeah's just..."
Collins: "you're a little emotional, just want to make sure your head is in this game"
Flores: "I'm not...I'm not's just...these...these danged gnats, they keep flying in my eyes!"

In all seriousness I love to see that kind of passion in a player. All other things being equal I'd take passion over talent eight days a week and I wish Flores nothing but success.

Author Mike's MOCS (1432 years ago)
So whats the story here? I realize Wilmer wasn't traded, but was it a rumor that started this incident? And who's to blame here?

Author S Kim ( ago)
wait, what exactly happened?
There was a rumor that Flores is traded and he realized it during the game?
I don't think the broadcasters could be talking so sure about it though if it was just a rumor.

Author Jeff Anthony ( ago)
W Flo

Author Block ( ago)
That moment when you read all the hater comments and laugh at them all.

Author Sphere723 ( ago)
Secret gay guy.

Author Logan V ( ago)
So wrong

Author elchamber ( ago)
When Tejada followed them with a bat in hand... I got scared. lol

Author DaComebakKid ( ago)
......and ever since Crygate (excluding this game), NY Mets get Yoenis Cespedes at the deadline, are 19-7 and lead the NL East over the "World Series Champion" Nats by 6.5 games. Simply Amazin'. LGM!!!!!!

Author TeamAmoia - MM17 ( ago)
So happy he stayed with the Mets. He is one of the few left in the game who genuinely loves the game and cares. That quality is very rare and I'm so glad that him (and Wright) are part of the New York Mets organization.

Author oakleafwiffleleague ( ago)
Greg Gibson

Author newmutants ( ago)
Flores basically showed what the Mets are all about......Fuckin' bitches....

Author vccstudents ( ago)
Ton Hanks was wrong. There IS crying in baseball!

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