Humans Are FORCING Animals to Evolve Faster

  • Added:  3 months ago
  • Something strange is happening worldwide, humans are causing animals to evolve faster. Some animals have developed strange super powers!
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Comments: 4 677

  • GoldenTheCat YT
    GoldenTheCat YT 1 day ago

    Have you noticed his left eye is bigger than his right one

  • Apache the Attack Helicopter

    Some sick fuck is gonna make foxes as intelligent as humans and make real actual furries.
    just think of that when you're about to die

  • cgarzs
    cgarzs 2 days ago

    Where are my testicles, Summer? They were removed, where have they gone?

  • Andromeda Delux
    Andromeda Delux 4 days ago

    "Many of the animals we care about would become extinct"

    Don't forget humans too. If the animals died out so would humans.

  • Chris Hansen
    Chris Hansen 5 days ago

    We gonna just let that thumbnail slide? lmao

    SPYRONINE 8 days ago

    But unlike the wolf, evolushion has to as I phrace .. "GOTTA GO FAST!!"

  • Triggly Happy
    Triggly Happy 9 days ago

    in conclusion: humans are pieces of shit

  • Luigi
    Luigi 17 days ago

    Me: *sees thumbnail* Me: I WANNA HUG IT

    DJVEVO GAMING 17 days ago

    what happened to RIF?

  • Ants in my eyes Johnson

    Exactly ,this is what i thoughty2.

  • onenickelmiracle
    onenickelmiracle 18 days ago

    Bad vid.

  • DJ Wise Pariah
    DJ Wise Pariah 21 day ago

    Don't all apex predators set the pace of evolution as well as the precedent for said changes, though? I mean, sharks forced the evolution of a lot of sea life they come into contact with for the last hundred million years.

  • Garnansoa
    Garnansoa 22 days ago

    20 964

  • ssoR boB
    ssoR boB 22 days ago

    My pet bear evolved wings and ran away :(

  • Ticlez YT
    Ticlez YT 22 days ago

    6:53 scared me a lot

  • NoToTheYayo
    NoToTheYayo 23 days ago

    He's actually talking about ADAPTATION with the Elephants.

    Females with tusks killed can't reproduce, females without tusks left to reproduce... Adaptation.

  • Peter Petersen
    Peter Petersen 23 days ago

    If there will ever be flying bears we are fucked.....

  • Denis Lavodic
    Denis Lavodic 23 days ago

    Calm down,im not gonna show spider image..
    *Shows fucking Rat

  • HxXCosmaticWolfXxH
    HxXCosmaticWolfXxH 24 days ago

    Cats can now grow Wing-Like Membranes now, too. I think they can even grown feathers with its fur.

  • Sinthetic Swine
    Sinthetic Swine 24 days ago

    "spiders are getting bigger" good...

  • Raider56 Fitz75
    Raider56 Fitz75 24 days ago

    Does that mean humans could soon become resistant to cancer or diseases

  • Raider56 Fitz75
    Raider56 Fitz75 24 days ago

    You are clever man

  • Charlie Oleary
    Charlie Oleary 24 days ago

    mckentucky fried subway 😂

  • Juan Cabeza
    Juan Cabeza 25 days ago

    5:17 They evolved into having an afternoon snack in your backyard!!!

  • WiseSneakerhead
    WiseSneakerhead 25 days ago

    they kill coyotes with draco and uzis in chiraq 😈 die animals die

  • Thomas Byfield
    Thomas Byfield 27 days ago

    Vsauce, Michael here

  • Solowarrior1221
    Solowarrior1221 28 days ago

    feril dogs know how to use the subway in moscow, its incredible to watch

  • Berserkkid
    Berserkkid 29 days ago

    Fourty Two here.

  • Samuel Prevost
    Samuel Prevost 29 days ago

    9:32 Does anyone recognize this place ?????? I think it's in London, next the south of Regent's Park, I've been there but I can't find this place on Google Map. I remember there were a lot of little roads with the same benches and a little green gate. And a choir too.

  • Artyom Sherwin
    Artyom Sherwin 29 days ago

    In your face, creationists!

  • Wouter Dewet
    Wouter Dewet 1 month ago

    Sweet sweet evolution propaganda.

  • Petre e
    Petre e 1 month ago

    lol dogs in moskow do the same as u'r coyote's

  • Stupid-Face
    Stupid-Face 1 month ago

    Oh shit the bear just grew bat wings, God dang you mother nature

  • Zilvinas Zuravliovas

    10more years and i will play poker with rats

  • Cynthia Lynn Duarte-Preston

    not only are your vid bits interesting, you are absolutely gorgeous!!

  • ocroll USA
    ocroll USA 1 month ago

    bedbugs vs bleach who will win?

  • Blokksberg
    Blokksberg 1 month ago

    You're wrong. The elephants doesent adapt to not having tusks, Its the elephants that doesent have tusks that survive.
    So its actually the handicapped elephants (Without Tusks) that survive, and when the handicapped elephants gets baby elephants, they are handicapped too.

  • Ian Snyder
    Ian Snyder 1 month ago

    Makes you wonder if nature will ultimately evolve to a point where it chokes humanity out.

  • Michael D'villis
    Michael D'villis 1 month ago

    this is rather apologetic toward despicable human action. I'm not saying every last one of us should burn in hell, but we shouldn't use "nature adapts" as an excuse to continue behavior that's disruptive to nature.

  • SuperKiobi13
    SuperKiobi13 1 month ago

    evolution: 1

    humanity: nothing

  • Przemek Wielgosz
    Przemek Wielgosz 1 month ago

    take that eco-freaks!

  • millertime1202
    millertime1202 1 month ago

    No suit and tie this time.. I guess it's laundry day :D haha

  • WY64
    WY64 1 month ago

    Penguins will invent a freezer

  • Pat Hallihan
    Pat Hallihan 1 month ago

    Did he suggest high density city living is destroying more natural land than low density living by humans which would take up way more land???

  • Seifenopa
    Seifenopa 1 month ago

    8:50 Yeah dude, I try poisoning my school books every day.

  • LoPsIdEdLuCaRi0 Pokemon YouTube


  • TheRedFuzzy Dodo
    TheRedFuzzy Dodo 1 month ago

    his way of saying but is gold to my ears

  • Damien Postell
    Damien Postell 1 month ago

    Hehe that thumbnail. Beat duck hmm a dear oh wait ha buck dang it

  • Nitish Nair
    Nitish Nair 1 month ago

    What if Unicorns did exist and early humans killed them for their horn and blood and forced them to evolve into horses without a horn. :P Just thinking out loud here..

  • unknown Unknown
    unknown Unknown 1 month ago

    you know how terrifing it would be if bears could fly

  • The three-eyed Prophet

    thats because we change the world faster than it could do it by her self...

  • Robot killer
    Robot killer 1 month ago

    "humans didn't intend to change dogs" yes they did, they intentionally bred them to achieve certain results. you're also wrong for assuming that every change is an adaption. in the case of dogs, it was a mutation that caused them to retain puppylike characteristics into adulthood.

  • Claire Granier
    Claire Granier 1 month ago

    Thanks for feeding my nightmares of giant spiders..

  • PriceDown
    PriceDown 1 month ago

    Humans are clumsy af

  • Cvetko Jovcevski
    Cvetko Jovcevski 1 month ago

    how are we to figure out God when things just keep evolving

  • Ben Rietveld
    Ben Rietveld 1 month ago

    animals Let us see we going to fast animals are relax

  • a8f8c2448c3271db58b7bb0f32811a7a

    Pretty sure dogs were cultured and have not adopted by themselves

  • Blaque Link
    Blaque Link 1 month ago

    We didn't create dogs. We helped them evolve.

  • Sonic Exe
    Sonic Exe 1 month ago

    Thought you are freaking amazing just for simply not showing an image I wasn't even watching but still!

  • MikeLatin7
    MikeLatin7 1 month ago


  • L Jimoh
    L Jimoh 1 month ago

    do you practice those hand movements before the video

  • Shiloh Schwartz
    Shiloh Schwartz 1 month ago

    Hey 42 here

  • fornavn Efternavn
    fornavn Efternavn 1 month ago

    Human Evolve
    resist to milk and other things

  • Hamzi The Boss
    Hamzi The Boss 1 month ago

    there's evolution , and there's adaptation !!!!!!

  • SniperPIKACHU
    SniperPIKACHU 1 month ago

    Pokemon is real.

  • NinjaNoodles
    NinjaNoodles 1 month ago

    I saw a flying bear on my way home from work on friday it was with a unicorn what a lovely happy couple

  • Olanrewaju Ajibua
    Olanrewaju Ajibua 1 month ago

    Pause exactly at 11:30 , looks like the white Muhammed Ali

  • its you dad
    its you dad 1 month ago

    man your voice makes me feel sexual

  • Lord Ravi
    Lord Ravi 1 month ago

    With a couple hundred years dude they could have a race dog people chimeras, and then evolve them into wear wolves.

  • lovely music
    lovely music 1 month ago

    hey!!!! 42 here!!!!

  • HaikesXO
    HaikesXO 1 month ago

    Chicago NW suburbs here. Can confirm Full of coyotes.

  • HBDUF **
    HBDUF ** 1 month ago

    42 here

  • M E M E D O U T
    M E M E D O U T 1 month ago

    You can't evolve my profile pic!

  • Blast King
    Blast King 1 month ago

    Human ancestors keep evolving until today. now human is being lazy and stop evolving...]
    Now it the animals turn to be evolving now. once they be like human. means the era of human are over lol

  • leipero
    leipero 1 month ago

    That's selective breeding for elephants, those without are unlikely to be killed, so they reproduce in higher percentage, same thing goes for dogs (in different ways), fish on the other hand could be called evolution, but following same principle tho.

  • Comedy Studios
    Comedy Studios 1 month ago

    Fuck you dodos for not evolving

  • EvilZ321
    EvilZ321 1 month ago

    There is nothing more I appreciate than animals that can live among humans... fucking seagulls stealing my chips.

  • foogi
    foogi 2 months ago

    goddamn it want to see pigs fly

  • moongod1
    moongod1 2 months ago

    humans are pests

  • Juan Del Real
    Juan Del Real 2 months ago

    what happened to your last video

  • ChromeVault
    ChromeVault 2 months ago

    Just use an Everstone.

  • hatter00
    hatter00 2 months ago

    We should poach poachers, these people are sick. Anyone who's sole passion in life is money-driven needs a metal examination. Paper-chasers are truly pathetic, what empty souls.

  • Shaelah Sherman
    Shaelah Sherman 2 months ago

    And pushing the demise of their own goddamn genus speciesv trying to make everything hidden in plain sight of what's ancientsnd presentnliving beings into some hybrid ass evolved mess from their childish ass fantasies and twist ed imaginations. A BEAR WITH WINGS? REALLY A pile of shit from a creature that big from a great height fa)ing on a person would decapitate or split their heads wide open. Only a stupid sob would think that's a good idea even as a joke SCIENTIST? these crazy fuckers need to find something to heal humanity with instead of doing dumb shit like that with science and research stipends.

  • Just Kate
    Just Kate 2 months ago

    I put off watching this video because I was suspicious of the content. The way that humans treat animals makes me feel ashamed, dirty and just plain depressed. I'm pleased that elephants have evolved to make themselves less lucrative to humans. I wish we could just live in harmony with nature. It makes me so so so sad that these gracious, stunning creatures are slaughtered for money.
    I hate man for forcing this to happen. Why are we such a cruel, greedy species?

  • Adam Lacy
    Adam Lacy 2 months ago

    Now I want McKentuckyFriedSubway. *THANKS* Thoughty2!

  • Deathstarcat /Games And Tutorials

    Thats good news! if they adapt to the City They won't Go Exitcnct!

  • I am your Führer.
    I am your Führer. 2 months ago


  • EXO Angel
    EXO Angel 2 months ago


  • Twinz_king
    Twinz_king 2 months ago

    hahahaha that thumbnail is a noob photo shop XD

  • James WrightTM
    James WrightTM 2 months ago

    Climate change is a myth mate.

  • mm kk
    mm kk 2 months ago

    you are wrong cities and urbanization helps saving resources if you don't know how research it

  • Degrad X R
    Degrad X R 2 months ago

    Lets make house cats even smaller ;3

  • Shizaru al Kira
    Shizaru al Kira 2 months ago

    In Chernobyl, after the nuclear reactor accident that left the area uninhabitable for estimated 300 years, is now populated by some animals that have adapted to survive the radioactive landscape.

  • Ivanna Davila
    Ivanna Davila 2 months ago

    my neighbor's tiny puppy was left outside and she saw this wolf like thing take it away.She says it was huge and she thinks it was a coyote

  • Jake GamingKing
    Jake GamingKing 2 months ago

    evolution is much much longer process if not o the help of genetic engineering so don't be dumb

  • DatCoalDuck
    DatCoalDuck 2 months ago

    I would actually like a pure grey wolf pet, cuz' they're strong, and loyal

  • DaGameFighter
    DaGameFighter 2 months ago


  • Some Random Neko
    Some Random Neko 2 months ago

    Mc.Kentucky Fried Subways.

    I'm feeling finger licking fresh.

  • Grabs Popcorn
    Grabs Popcorn 2 months ago

    actually we tried to change dogs by selective breeding. just like farm animals and horses. even rats in laboratories.

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