How To Install Replace Belt Tensioner Idler Pulley Chevy GMC Silverado Sierra Suburban
1A Auto shows you how to repair, install, fix, change or replace a broken, noisy, squeaky, worn or groaning serpentine belt tensioner. This repair takes only 20-30 minutes and requires only basic tools. This video applies to various models between 96, 97, 98, 99, 00, 01, 02, 03, 04, and 05. Chevrolet C and K series Silverado and Sierra pickup Trucks, Suburban, Yukon, Tahoe, Express and Savanna Van, Astro Van, S-10 Blazer and truck.

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Author Tino Lopez ( ago)
What brand did you use?

Author Gene Reeves ( ago)
Great video,Thanks for the advice

Author clinton crowther ( ago)

Author fitzpatrickgf ( ago)
Sorry! I meant here, not hear!... I have big thumbs and type too fast.
Going to work! Bye! LOL!

Author Vee eM ( ago)

Author brokepainter1 ( ago)
Great video it helped alot.

Author reddog9401 ( ago)
2008 toyoto yaris.bad screeching when starting car,belt looks good,does not
have a belt tentioner.what else could it be?thanks

Author 1A Auto Parts ( ago)
The belt tensioner may have gone bad, you may want to check it.

Author DjBigAnt ( ago)
I have an 04 chevy silverado got a kinda loud squeal noise in the engine
only when i press on the gas i got a new idler,belt,alternator,steering
pump good,ac compressor good spun those no sound only thing i can think of
is tension pulley it shakes while engine on in park need help and answers
from any asap? Sumone said when i replace the belt u gota replace the

Author 1A Auto Parts ( ago)
You may want to see if there's any play in the pulley, if there is you may
want to replace it. 888-844-3393

Author Justin MacIver ( ago)
Would a clicking noise from the pulley/idler be needing replacement?

Author 1A Auto Parts ( ago)
normally when you replace the belt you will want to replace the tensioner.
You can also tell when the belt is making noise.

Author Alberto Mendez ( ago)
how do i know the belt tensioner doesn't work well?

Author 1A Auto Parts ( ago)
There is no way to rewind the spring. You will need to purchase a new

Author Antonio Powell ( ago)
How would rewind the spring

Author twing21able ( ago)
Info helps thanx

Author 1A Auto Parts ( ago)
If the belt is old, it could be a bad belt, or a belt tensioner that has
become weak and needs to be replaced.

Author ToxicBuddz23 ( ago)
1aauto, I have a 94' gmc sonoma that squeals while idling but quiets down
around 2000rpms while driveing. I replaced my idler pulley but the
squealing did not stop. What else could it be? Thanks

Author 1A Auto Parts ( ago)
You may have to get an air gun to shock the bolt free from the crank.

Author Liisa Lee ( ago)
Any tips or secrets how to release/remove a bolt to replace a crank pulley
from a 1991 Old Cutlass Cierra? The belt keeps falling off so the pulley
needs replaced but unable to get it loose. Going on two days now trying to
get this thing loose and no luck thus far. Thy guys have tried everything.
Any tips would be appreciated.

Author Edward Rooney ( ago)
if it dosent have a auto-tensioner like the one you stick the 3/8 drive
ratchet into then yes...there is a tool to put on the belt that tells you
the tension so you can adjust the bolt on the tension pulley

Author 1A Auto Parts ( ago)
The lock washer keeps the pulley from moving.

Author slowride55 ( ago)
How important is that lock washer? I got mine off but it really wouldnt
tighten up when i re-installed it because the teeth wouldnt grab the
threads very well. I got the pulley on there tight but now i can slightly
wiggle the pulley after driving it about 20 miles. It doesnt squeak. Is
this a problem or is it OK to have a little play in it?

Author 1A Auto Parts ( ago)
If you have a bent pulley some place, that could throw off the routing on
the belt and cause it to jump off. You might want to look for another issue
causing that pulley to not sit correctly anymore. Pulleys normally don't
bend unless there was an outside force causing it to.

Author kevinsunnyside187 ( ago)
hey 1aauto i have a 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2WD there a pulley next
to my ac compressor it look like its slanted and the belt it only using
haft of the pulley ween its running can that be the problem that's why its
make nose sometime it gose off and on but when i gas it. it well make the
nose and ween i let go it the gas it stop thanks for the help

Author slowride55 ( ago)
The tensioner automatically does that.

Author slowride55 ( ago)
At first I didnt watch your video because I didnt see idler pulley in the
title. My truck now has a new pulley thanks to your video!! Thanks so much
it really helped!

Author 1A Auto Parts ( ago)
If it's frozen you could try a little penetrating oil on it. Hope this
helps you out.

Author slowride55 ( ago)
My idler pulley squeaks on my tbi vortec 305 and I removed it but the bolt
has a keeper that I can't get it off. How do you remove that?

Author 1A Auto Parts ( ago)
If you're "Just" replacing the belt you do not need to tighten the bolt on
the belt tensioner, unless for some reason it has become loose.

Author THRONE MUSIK ( ago)
Are you supposed to tighten up the tension after replacing the belt? I have
a chevy caprice.

Author Mantrin185 ( ago)
Thank you for the video, it helped me fix my brother-in-law's truck.

Author 1A Auto Parts ( ago)
Thanks for checking us out. Have a great day.

Author Hector Mercado ( ago)
good. will follow instructions.

Author Whitestingray81 ( ago)
I'm sure you've gotten a million questions like this... but: I just had the
intake manifold gasket replaced. Now, at low RPM's (1,000-1,500) there is a
sort of vibration noise. I think I tracked it down to the tensioner. Think
changing it out for a new one would solve my problem? Thanks!

Author 1A Auto Parts ( ago)
@theduelist04 You're welcome. Thank you for visiting our YouTube channel.
Have a great day!

Author 1A Auto Parts ( ago)
@macdeezy2915 If the belt is very loose. It's possible that this would

Author macdeezy2915 ( ago)
Will this cause squeaking during start-up and while in gear?

Author theduelist04 ( ago)
Thank you very much, your video was helpful. You saved me some money,
thanks again.

Author 1A Auto Parts ( ago)
@pubicsmellerburrito We currently do not have a video for that particular
repair. I'm not sure what the recommended repair time is on this project.

Author pubicsmellerburrito ( ago)
Hey you helped me in the past by posting the video on how to install the cv
axel. Thanks I was just wondering how long you think it will take to put on
a timing chain tension on a 2.4l sunfire or cavalier engine.

Author 1A Auto Parts ( ago)
@Dancelikeaboss You're welcome. Have a great day!

Author Dancelikeaboss ( ago)
thank you!

Author 1A Auto Parts ( ago)
@TheTommy0528 You can just replace the belt.

Author tmoney ( ago)
Can I just replace the belt?? Or I have to buy the pulleys too??

Author 1A Auto Parts ( ago)
@singlecams It's kind of hard to tell without being able to look at the
vehicle. I would check all of the steering components to see if anything is
worn out. Hope this helps you out.

Author singlecams ( ago)
@1aauto Could you please check out my latest video of my safari and guess
what the hell kind of noise that is please. Thank you for your videos.

Author 1A Auto Parts ( ago)
@mrtymemrtyme You're welcome. Have a great day!

Author chuckhice ( ago)
Sorry. I posted a video as a comment, I was actually hoping to get an
opinion of what might be happening or going on so I can begin to fix it.
any information you can give is greatly appreciated

Author 1A Auto Parts ( ago)
@chuckhice You may want to check the routing of the belt against the
diagram for your vehicle. The belt could be routed incorrectly, or possibly
have missed a pulley.Hope this helps you out.

Author chuckhice ( ago)
ok, i had to remove my tensioner pulley so i could see what i was doing
with a water pump replacement. i am ready to put the belt back on, i put
the tensioner on, put the belt on and it is now too big.. it is the same
belt that came off.. any idea what could be wrong???

Author 1A Auto Parts ( ago)
@footballbeast67123 HI at the current time we do not have an auto repair
video that shows this particular repair. We'll keep this in mind during any
repairs on this vehicle in the future.

Author 1A Auto Parts ( ago)
@Syphon787G Thank you for checking us out. Have a great day!

Author Syphon787G ( ago)
Dang everytime i look for info on my blazer i always come here haaha thanks
for making the videos i had to order a few parts from you guys to

Author 1A Auto Parts ( ago)
@masterbanks09 HI, thank you for checking out out auto repair channel on
YouTube. Currently we do not have a repair video availble that shows this

Author masterbanks09 ( ago)
You guys rock. Any vids on changing block heater and water pump? I have a
2000 Jimmy/Envoy that is leaking coolant from the block heater.

Author 1A Auto Parts ( ago)
@ghanemhalabi It could either be a worn belt or if the belt is fairly new,
the belt tensioner may need to be replaced. As time goes on and they get a
few miles on them they tend to loose their tension that they once had. Hope
this helps.

Author 1A Auto Parts ( ago)
@ghanemhalabi if the belt is old and cracked you may want to start with
replacing it first. If it is fairly new, then chances are that the belt
tensioner may be getting weak, and needs to be replaced.

Author Jeff James ( ago)
Are you kidding me? LOL I have just spent 45 minutes trying to figure out
how to get the belt back on my 6.0 chevy, (took the idler pulley off to get
the belt off) Watch 3 minutes of this video and Done!! Thanks I subbed!

Author 1A Auto Parts ( ago)
@UserName89 A way to check the alternator would be to remove the serpentine
belt and spin the alternator pulley by hand to see if it's making a
dragging or a scrapping noise. If it is, usually it's a sign of the bearing
going. You may then want to test it with a voltage meter to see how many
volts it's putting out.

Author UserName89 ( ago)
I have a groaning noise coming from my 2002 Blazer 4.3. I'm about 80% sure
that it sounds like it's coming from the alternator but could it be the

Author radiomanguy ( ago)
Thanks for the video. I was able to replace the idler and the tensioner on
my S!0 Pick up.

Author Bob Ellert ( ago)
Thanks for posting this

Author Justin Palmerton (1332 years ago)
Anyone know where you can get new spacers? Mine had a crack in it.

Author 1A Auto Parts ( ago)
@macroburn Thank you for watching out video. We sell a great deal of repair
parts on our website for this vehicle.

Author macroburn ( ago)
I thought for sure I had a rod bearing going out but it turns out that it's
this darned thing. Thank you for making this video so a regular guy can do

Author 1A Auto Parts ( ago)
@cryglory If it has over 100,000 or close to that on the motor I would.
Other wise if it's a low mileage truck you could change just the pulley.

Author Fred Barrett ( ago)
i think i have a noisy pulley, its the wheel-thing. it has play in it. do i
have to change the tensioner assembly as well?

Author ScoobyDigites ( ago)
@1aauto you were right swapped out the belt tensioner and idler pulley
after watching how to do it on your video, haven't heard the noise since
thanks a lot.

Author 1A Auto Parts ( ago)
@ScoobyDigites The tensioner may be losing some of it's tension. You could
try to replace it.

Author ScoobyDigites ( ago)
on damp or rainy morning when I start my truck up it squeaks something
terrible but only happens on wet day on the first start up would doing this
solve that....already have a new gator belt

Author Pikachu ( ago)

Author RichardSoullie ( ago)
@vfbc69 same thing happened to me the belt conditioner just makes your belt
louder and even sticky, i put a little armor all on mine to get the other
shit off and havent put anything on mine since then

Author 1A Auto Parts ( ago)
@vfbc69 Remove the belt, spin the tensioner and idler pulleys they should
spin freely with little noise Also try to move them back and forth. There
should be no play. If they have play or do not spin freely then replace

Author vfbc69 ( ago)
I sprayed some belt conditioner on my 2002 silverado, and after a few mins,
it started screeching, I did sprayed with the engine running, do you think
i'll go away after I drive it a while,, I see the tensioner moving with the
noise, do I have to replace it,

Author pumpSHO ( ago)
you saved me 140 bucks!!!

Author 1A Auto Parts ( ago)
@Danielm213 Unfortunately I can't help you specifically on this one, please
call our toll free number 888-844-3393, one of our ASE certified phone
support might be able to figure something out for you.

Author 1A Auto Parts ( ago)
@Danielm213 Unfortunately I can't help you specifically on tis one, please
call our toll free number 888-844-3393, one of our ASE certified phone
support might be able to figure something out for you.

Author Danielm213 ( ago)
The serpantine belt on my wife's 2006 GMC Envoy XL came loose. I was able
to completely take the belt off. The edge of the belt was peeled off. I
founf a loose fan as well, I was able to wiggle the fan about 1/2" to 1"
back and forth in any direction. Any suggestion/comments or does anyone
know what this can be? I am pretty handy and should be able to change any
parts since the truck is stuck in my garage now, just trying to avoid more
expenses. Is the fan connected to the water pump? Thanks

Author keeperodafunk ( ago)
my idler pulley was screamin' like a banshee. i'm a ford guy. tensioner is
different. i pushed one way then the other with little results. i was
perplexed by the three holes in the front of the tensioner. then it hit me.
uuuuuuuuuuuuuutube! thanks man. you saved me. i was finished in 20 minutes.

Author 1A Auto Parts ( ago)
@joshuamacdonaldmusic Should be similar.

Author Joshua MacDonald ( ago)
Would this process work for a 96 silverado 1500?

Author 1A Auto Parts ( ago)
Screaming or screeching could be the belt tensioner not providing enough
tension or the alternator starting to lose it's battle with life. 10 years
is a good time to change the water pump and thermostat. Much better to tell
them when you want to change them than the other way around.

Author ballershanelle ( ago)
is this where the screaming or screeching noise comes from when gi first
start the car then it stops after a few minutes of warming up. 10 year old
car and the noise is the belt or the idler pulley? will change
all three anyway. what about a water pump & thermostat change after ten
years...just because! just put on new starter at dealer but this isnt hard

Author 1A Auto Parts ( ago)
You do not need to install a washer on the front of either the idler pulley
or the tensioner. You DO need to switch the spacer from the back of your
old idler pulley to the new idler pulley. That is covered in the video.

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