Reaktor is Kinda Fun - Yamaha QY70 (Stop Motion Animation)

Yellow Then Blue - Reaktor is Kinda Fun.

On the album Tosche Station available for free.

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This is a quick stop motion animation film I made with my cell phone and iMovie. The song "Reaktor is Kinda Fun" was made with my Yamaha QY70 hardware sequencer controlling Reaktor, Kontakt, and a wee bit of Propellerheads Reason.

I hope you enjoy my first attempt at making a real music video.

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Runtime: 1:22
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Author kiDchemical (8 months)
I know that ok computer patch! Love that ensemble.

Author countincredulous (1 year)
Cool video! Was the stop motion effect an app or real stop motion via
photos? Either way, well done.

Author James Resurreccion (4 years)
Very nice! Pretty weird because I'm looking to purchase a QY70 to go with
an SP-404 just to program amen smashers like Venetian Snares and I come
across this video. Great production! Just a question, is the QY70's
sequencer capable to step sequence the music you produced? Not sure if you
used the QY to produce that track. Keep up the work!

Author YellowThenBlue (4 years)
@jreign yes i used the qy70 to sequence this track. the qy70 is controlling
various reaktor modules, bounced that as a wav, and then i used it to
control kontakt in logic and reason via rewire. the midi was recorded into
logic via playback of the qy70 and pressing record in logic with the qy70
acting as the clock master.

Author soulkian (4 years)
How you do it? I got a QY70 but i've never connected it into my computer...
Have you used custom made samples for the super funky snares repetitions?
Nice song & vid!!!

Author Anthony David (1 year)
You've earner youself a subscriber.

Author Sasha Contreras (3 years)
Awesome! Love the jelly bellys....

Author kofieam3 (4 years)
too fresh! awesome, and very creative, musically and visually

Author ApOkwARG (4 years)
holy crap! very awesome stuff you made :) make more!

Author James Resurreccion (4 years)
Thanks for the info. I purchased a QY100(same as 70) and it is a Godsend. I
can definitely use it the way I want. I downloaded your album and it's
amazing! Thank you.

Author taids (4 years)
great stuff :-D are those drums a preset in kontakt?

Author asantemangatti (2 years)
I really enjoyed it!! This picture fit for the music. Thanx man~

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