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  • Diego Channel
    Diego Channel 3 hours ago

    Remember kendamas,fidget spinners are just going to go out of stile

  • Dana Figler
    Dana Figler 5 hours ago

    no j9ke taylor should wear a shirt saying goldigger

  • Dana Figler
    Dana Figler 5 hours ago


  • Troy Shatford-Price
    Troy Shatford-Price 7 hours ago

    That was not 2500mph

  • Angelo Ceredon
    Angelo Ceredon 9 hours ago

    "I still need this iPhone" Hmm let me just keep trying to shatter it even though I need it...

  • aidan mccullion
    aidan mccullion 10 hours ago

    It should have counted

  • Madden God
    Madden God 12 hours ago

    A fidget spinner has rpm not mph

  • Pickfox 21
    Pickfox 21 12 hours ago

    Ummm... it's RPM not MPH.
    Unless your fidget spinner is traveling from one point to a different point.

  • Darien Byrd
    Darien Byrd 14 hours ago

    that was not a bone

  • Shen /Angel/
    Shen /Angel/ 17 hours ago

    so fucking white, I'm not even sure it's a guy

  • Udheyk Vlogs
    Udheyk Vlogs 21 hour ago

    Such a fake video the iPhone had a screen protector on #fake videos

  • Elijah Thomas
    Elijah Thomas 1 day ago

    this is not what the fidget spinners were intended for

  • Mahika Mallari
    Mahika Mallari 1 day ago

    your so dumb

  • Rashad S
    Rashad S 1 day ago

    iphone 6 plus

  • Keith Nardi
    Keith Nardi 1 day ago

    Woah Tempered glass broke not the phone screen

  • RocerRandomGames
    RocerRandomGames 1 day ago

    What did it look like at 4:24? XD

  • Austin Kremer
    Austin Kremer 1 day ago

    It's a dick

  • Fr33Way2Day
    Fr33Way2Day 4 days ago

    I have a question tho, if all you did was slam the spinning fidget spinner into the iphone wasn't it going to be easier to just get a hammer, instead of going through all that trouble?

  • JoGab
    JoGab 4 days ago

    4:32 PENIS XD

  • Marilyn V.
    Marilyn V. 4 days ago

    tanners girl is a goal digger

  • 清友大谷
    清友大谷 4 days ago

    His gf is like a maid

    Pay me ill treat you like my bf lol

  • WaVe FM
    WaVe FM 4 days ago

    How did I know she was gonna make a dick!

  • Carlos Flores
    Carlos Flores 5 days ago

    How did Tanner or Taylor not think of a dick when Taylor said it was a doggy bone

  • mr. tatoes
    mr. tatoes 5 days ago

    1000mph fidget spinner vs 10000 degree hot knife challenge blood and vomit gone violent in the hood. Like if this should be a thing

  • Adil_ G
    Adil_ G 5 days ago


  • Adil_ G
    Adil_ G 5 days ago

    she made a d***

  • OliPoli
    OliPoli 6 days ago

    on my channel tutorial how to speed up a fidget spinner

  • Cod Squad Elite
    Cod Squad Elite 6 days ago

    why are you alive

  • matthew bowes
    matthew bowes 6 days ago

    i almost got hurt

  • Alexandru Marian
    Alexandru Marian 6 days ago

    Ce dracu a fost asta?

  • Griffin Armstrong
    Griffin Armstrong 6 days ago

    Do the the dab you rread it wrong .you read it all wrong

  • KetchupPops
    KetchupPops 7 days ago

    Who wants to be it's shown after the ten minute mark? Edit: Why are you surprised a piece of metal spinning at high speeds broke your phone screen?

  • Chris Duncan
    Chris Duncan 7 days ago

    if this gets 4 likes i will do a backflip

  • Malineczka_YT
    Malineczka_YT 7 days ago

    go to my canal

  • Benjamin Guerrero
    Benjamin Guerrero 8 days ago

    Flying fidget spinner PLEASE

  • Dylan Greubel
    Dylan Greubel 8 days ago

    More like doggy boner

  • Andika Yanuar
    Andika Yanuar 8 days ago

    your sounds like patric

  • We are awesome For you so we play

    Rip phone 10:16

    JOVIE BOY 9 days ago

    She only loves u cause ur ritch

  • Jeremiah Conklin
    Jeremiah Conklin 9 days ago

    we all know that was not a dog bone

  • Dillon Carey
    Dillon Carey 10 days ago

    The people saying she is a gold digger have no girl

  • Saucy
    Saucy 10 days ago


  • Jacob Medina
    Jacob Medina 10 days ago

    Why the hell did Taylor spray paint on the card board and drew a penis

  • Heather Shott
    Heather Shott 10 days ago

    looked like a d##k

  • PixelFarts94
    PixelFarts94 10 days ago

    This guy is obsessed with fidget spinners

  • BlazeTeam
    BlazeTeam 10 days ago

    she legit drew a dick an said doggy bone like a 3 year old 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀

  • TonninSmurffi :D
    TonninSmurffi :D 10 days ago

    like legit my heart is pounding

  • Jesus Valencia
    Jesus Valencia 11 days ago

    she drew a wienny

  • Trailer Park
    Trailer Park 11 days ago

    Dude, this 12 year old lesbian should just put a revolver to his temple and pull the trigger only to survive and be a vegetable for the rest of his lame life with his gold digger girlfriend to become a prostitute to pay for the hospital bills.

  • Mais Knas
    Mais Knas 11 days ago

    actually, it is RPM/RPH not MPH

  • deanne o'mullane
    deanne o'mullane 12 days ago

    my coson invented cobom

  • Bonk Donk
    Bonk Donk 12 days ago

    Your a fucking waste of energy Tanner Autism

  • Angelina Herevia
    Angelina Herevia 12 days ago

    oh it's a doggie bone?

  • Noah Borcea
    Noah Borcea 12 days ago

    get a other one

  • FrapsHD
    FrapsHD 12 days ago

    you are so ugly

  • Marlon Vazquez
    Marlon Vazquez 13 days ago

    She hot and sexy

  • Elijah Towe
    Elijah Towe 13 days ago

    am i the only one who noticed he hit it

  • gamer 77
    gamer 77 13 days ago

    tanner can you drag race a rc car vs your gtr

  • Ethan Warner
    Ethan Warner 14 days ago

    doggy bone lol

  • jeffry Roman
    jeffry Roman 14 days ago

    That is not a dog bone

  • skylar I have no life

    So you know the youtube vids that say their fidget spinner is going 1000 MPH nope its not so It took about 12 sec for the fidget spinner to make one turn since the camera was moving at 18,000 fps and a normal YT vid runs at 60 fps it means that the spinner was making around 88 rotations per one hour to go from RPM to MPH since we wanna know how fast the spinner was going in MPH not rotations per hour u use MPH =RPH* circumference in miles basically this is going to tell u how fast the spinner was going in MPH since i already know the RPH then circumference =2* (pi) * radius and the radius = 1 in so u just convert that to miles so everything matches up so radius=1in = 0.0000157828 miles 88,518* so it was only going 8 MPH not 1000 TAKE A PHYSICS CLASS

  • Trigger Happy Guns
    Trigger Happy Guns 14 days ago

    What a homo

  • Caden J
    Caden J 14 days ago

    what color is Tanner fox color blind to?

  • Jack Balzano
    Jack Balzano 15 days ago

    Autism spinner + 3 autistic kids + air compressor = 93K likes

    • Jack Balzano
      Jack Balzano 15 days ago

      Congrats on the most whitest video the world has ever seen

  • Fox Fam
    Fox Fam 15 days ago

    I'm colorblind to

  • Clash Royale Gaming Zone

    +Tanner Fox the guys that says safety first is CrazyRussianHacker😂

  • Min Khant Aung
    Min Khant Aung 15 days ago

    What a group of fake retards!

    CRISSCROSS PLAYS 16 days ago

    15:05 4:25

  • Mason Chartier
    Mason Chartier 16 days ago

    Can you send me a fidget spinner please

  • SgtGoldilocks
    SgtGoldilocks 16 days ago

    "I need this iPhone so I hope it doesn't crack it."

    "This time I'm gonna give it more force to see if it can crack it"

    *Shatters phone*

    Come on.

  • Nebulous FTW
    Nebulous FTW 16 days ago

    60 mph...

    SIMON THOMAS 16 days ago

    Do a fidget spinner to a piece of wood

  • nullwinner two
    nullwinner two 16 days ago

    4:32 that's a weiner

  • Denny Lopez
    Denny Lopez 16 days ago

    It look like she draw a dick

  • CrasyBannana _
    CrasyBannana _ 16 days ago

    u look like an alien

  • Ronnie Copp
    Ronnie Copp 16 days ago

    I can cooboom

  • Exploring With Max
    Exploring With Max 17 days ago

    Sub pls

  • Gamer's Galaxy
    Gamer's Galaxy 17 days ago

    4:27 that doesn't look like a doggy bone...

  • Adam Strasemeier
    Adam Strasemeier 17 days ago

    when the girl spray painted that was a penis not dog bone

  • Austin Girdler
    Austin Girdler 17 days ago

    legit a lot

  • Izzy Green
    Izzy Green 17 days ago

    when she spray painted it looked weired

    ALAN KOERBER 18 days ago


    ALAN KOERBER 18 days ago

    my phone is broken

  • Young Boys
    Young Boys 18 days ago


  • Sheripai
    Sheripai 18 days ago

    y r u so boring?

  • Andry.garcia Garcia
    Andry.garcia Garcia 18 days ago

    20000 milebper our chanlege with fiji spiner vs trampulin

  • Angel Lopez
    Angel Lopez 18 days ago

    I learned to kaboom at 6

  • Takeo Takashi
    Takeo Takashi 18 days ago

    4:26 tanner its a sign that she wants Dick Just give it to her

  • Tuan Tran
    Tuan Tran 18 days ago


  • Artificial Hunter
    Artificial Hunter 18 days ago

    She drew a DICK with the spray can

  • Tausif Hossain
    Tausif Hossain 18 days ago


  • Tyler Rodgers
    Tyler Rodgers 19 days ago

    She drew a penis 😂

  • S7Reeker
    S7Reeker 20 days ago

    Is he really colorblind?!?1/?1

  • erica ruley
    erica ruley 20 days ago

    Fidget spinner

  • Collin Hilson
    Collin Hilson 20 days ago

    Nice car

  • Collin Hilson
    Collin Hilson 20 days ago

    Nice car

  • dirtbikedan
    dirtbikedan 20 days ago

    Dog bone hah Bro dat was a penis

  • Jesus Ramirez
    Jesus Ramirez 20 days ago

    you fst hore

  • Team 10 4 Life
    Team 10 4 Life 20 days ago

    I want one

  • Team 10 4 Life
    Team 10 4 Life 20 days ago

    I subscribe

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