TWIN TURBO 1962 Chevy Impala

The Race Shops 1962 Impala 6.86 @ 210MPH

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Author James Rodgers ( ago)

Author Janne Mäkinen ( ago)
what is the engine in this car?

Author Carlos Ramirez ( ago)
Ill have what this guy has. but in my '64

Author Captain falco ( ago)

Author Adriana Carvalho ( ago)
eita porra ta loco meu

Author james austin ( ago)
chevy and gm does it right!!

Author michael art ( ago)
im black

Author Kevin Barton ( ago)
I think that should be all-wheel-drive instead of rear wheel drive.

Author Stunts2TheMAX2 ( ago)
street legal? take it to drag week!

Author H22A4allmotor ( ago)
That shit moves!!

Author Mike Manuel ( ago)
Nice Run, Wow

Author bash5995 ( ago)
That was one of the best stagings of a turbo car I have seen.

Author YeahNo101 ? ( ago)
That was the fastest car I've seen. 

Author P Jones ( ago)
Now my life is complete. Wow. I'm speechless.

Author robbie cooper ( ago)
Oh shit son I'm hard now

Author chicagojunk ( ago)

Author Muhammad Azhari ( ago)
Fckin awesooommmmeeee

Author John Z ( ago)
Daymn, Chevy really had their schtuff together when they designed the '62.
Of course, this is an amazing hotrod and we fans of the '62 body LUV it!!

Author Roman007M ( ago)
Boostalicious! :)

Author NeroSuper Nova ( ago)
fucking hell. that was fast :o 

Author Donavan Guevara ( ago)

Author tonkatoytruck ( ago)
Great run. Thanks for sharing.

Author chris f ( ago)
I love it when old meets new. Old school car with New school Turbo power

Author ToyHippie ( ago)
like a sling shot

Author StuntBoyGnarly ( ago)

Author humanx187 ( ago)

Author Mike Biggs ( ago)
That thing looks like its about to go vertical when its staging. Holy crap!

Author chaclapa ( ago)
Like a rocket

Author garbones18 ( ago)
I can't watch this video without getting the chills

Author trentdq ( ago)

Author Blessed Sav ( ago)

Author Hordetuff ( ago)
Love it! Big ol boat in the sixes!

Author jalise robinson ( ago)

Author svo65 ( ago)
superior piece.

Author Davin Forsberg ( ago)
Video was filmed at Great Lakes Dragaeay in Union Grove Wisconsin

Author Sam Young ( ago)
you sir are far from alone

Author Sam Young ( ago)
holy god damn

Author bigkarl24 ( ago)
never a fan of that impala body style but it is a unique car to see run 1/4
and that fast 

Author zach edwards ( ago)

Author Sam's Vlogs/Updates ( ago)
Is this at 70&80 drag strip?

Author Steveraxx ( ago)
My Father bought a 1962 SS Impala in 1962. I grew up in the car, went to
Disneyland in what is still my 62 SS. Naturally I found this video posting
amazing, Wow.!

Author DAVE LYTLE ( ago)
This car is bitchen

Author kamendodge ( ago)

Author garbones18 ( ago)
God damn thats a pass

Author Nrgzrbunny777 ( ago)
This is America. 

Author Connor Hall ( ago)
1/4 or an 1/8 

Author Mitchell Brodeur ( ago)

Author Carlesso ( ago)
Ok, Master of the master, the man who knows everything. For his great
intelligence and knowledge about everything, I believe that should be
working in curing diseases or solving imminent problems in the world. Sorry
to take time to Master, doing reading this.

Author Car Ramrod ( ago)
perfect example of a kid who knows nothing about anything 

Author Davin Forsberg ( ago)
Car is all steel and weighs 3200+ lbs

Author Bryon Wiacek ( ago)
love my dads 62 impala. one sexy car! not this car btw lol

Author dwmtl1000s1974 ( ago)
She's good looking but that is one HOT car! 

Author Chris Staples ( ago)
Chevy shaker the heart beat

Author Twinfire ( ago)
Did he let the engine idle for a few minutes to let the turbo's cool after
the run? JOKING!!! Old school meets the present and if that thing has a
steel shell body then the numbers are all that much more impressive

Author DeezNutts ( ago)
nice. but I like my impala more in a lowrider way. but nice super fast

Author Jeff Wiebe ( ago)
Very cool car, love that body style.

Author Richter Customs ( ago)
nice flame thrower

Author shbitz ( ago)
My bugatti veyron super sport will absolutely loos to this car !?!?!?!

Author King_Ding_a_Ling ( ago)
Man I Think I Jizzed On My Self

Author TheNitrohaulic ( ago)
I think they just missed the like button...they are pretty close to each

Author Redox ( ago)
6 Dislikes? Who even does that?! on a video like this? Beast of a car! im

Author GMexpress ( ago)
Laughing...that dam car shift gears after the 1/4

Author pewpscoop ( ago)
lol no...

Author Antonio Lopez ( ago)
My srt8 jeep will win

Author crazeken ( ago)
sick!! this is all I can say..

Author BeingRomans829ed ( ago)
Just heard "Bad to the Bone" and it reminded me of this vid, so I had to
stop by and see it again........... b-b-b-b-b-B-B-BAD!

Author Timo Creemers ( ago)
1:25 firework:P

Author BeingRomans829ed ( ago)
Saw this vid the other day, and just the holeshot made my eyes bug out. I
could tell this was going to be flat-out stinkin' AWESOME! Watching it go
down the track, I couldn't wait to see the time and MPH. Gooood
hoagley-moagley! I had no idea a big, metal bodied car could go that fast!
I haven't paid much attention to drag racing for awhile, but I remember
that kind of speed as being funny car territory!

Author HONDABITCH1 ( ago)
Im a honda & toyota owner but also have love american muscle! This car is
bad ass!! The dislike from a honda owner is probally jelouse couse his
vagina couldn't handle the power lol!!

Author HONDABITCH1 ( ago)

Author greenbastrd ( ago)
I got clear stuff leaking 

Author bloodshot13 ( ago)
Nice clean straight run. Definitely dialed in. What are the specs on this
beast? How big of hair dryers is it running?

Author åke adeen (1708 years ago)
Nice run !

Author fjbutch ( ago)
Awesome !!

Author Randy Gareth (586 years ago)
1 person has a veyron ss

Author Tom Bradley ( ago)
210km/h is around 130mp/h and it was going a damn sight quicker than that

Author Davin Forsberg ( ago)

Author Carlesso ( ago)
210mp/h or 210km/h?

Author freakineagle ( ago)
That is one bad ass '62!

Author dwmtl1000s1974 ( ago)
I would trade my wife for that car!

Author bosty1337 ( ago)
What the fuck i just saw ? oO Thats the craziest car ever!

Author 1966caprice ( ago)
Impala 4 ever

Author Kerry H ( ago)
would to see him and larry larsons nova go @ it. Awesome...

Author Patrick Chamberlain ( ago)
@fortenballs Twin Turbo 482 Rat. Big Stuff FI

Author lonnie goodrum ( ago)
guys you need to bring this thing to the gassers reuion in thompson ohio in
june for exibition runs,i would love to see this..this meet will have the
largest gruop of 409s in one spot you will ever see.would love the turbo
set on one...

Author Sam Boyce ( ago)
holy SHIT thats a fast car, probably running 40 lbs of boost

Author Davin Forsberg ( ago)
Yes I filmed this at GLD

Author CarFreak1242 ( ago)
is this at grate lakes dragaway 

Author Khaled Al-Mishary ( ago)
that was just Awesome... gotta love those flames 

damn !!

Author tucksf ( ago)
such a beautiful in eyes dream day

Author NiCadRacer ( ago)

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