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Author BILL STACK (5 months)
TWIN TURBO 1962 Chevy Impala: #turbo #twinturbo
#AmericanCars #monster #beast #chevy #impala
Just nasty. 

Author H22A4allmotor (3 months)
That shit moves!!

Author Philip B (8 months)
That was the fastest car I've seen. 

Author Mike Manuel (7 months)
Nice Run, Wow

Author P Jones (8 months)
Now my life is complete. Wow. I'm speechless.

Author bash5995 (7 months)
That was one of the best stagings of a turbo car I have seen.

Author robbie cooper (8 months)
Oh shit son I'm hard now

Author Roman007M . (1 year)
Boostalicious! :)

Author chicagojunk (9 months)

Author Muhammad Azhari (10 months)
Fckin awesooommmmeeee

Author chris f (1 year)
I love it when old meets new. Old school car with New school Turbo power

Author Tomoto Solo (1 year)
Awesome power!!

Author John Z (1 year)
Daymn, Chevy really had their schtuff together when they designed the '62.
Of course, this is an amazing hotrod and we fans of the '62 body LUV it!!

Author NeroSuper Nova (1 year)
fucking hell. that was fast :o 

Author Tomoto Solo (1 year)
Goooood morning 

Author tonkatoytruck (1 year)
Great run. Thanks for sharing.

Author ToyHippie (1 year)
like a sling shot

Author cutbonestunts (1 year)

Author 6N2Gabi (2 years)
big big like yeeeeeeeeeee!

Author dwmtl1000s1974 (2 years)
She's good looking but that is one HOT car!

Author Nrgzrbunny777 (2 years)
This is America.

Author dwmtl1000s1974 (3 years)
I would trade my wife for that car!

Author 1966caprice (3 years)
Impala 4 ever

Author Sam Boyce (4 years)
holy SHIT thats a fast car, probably running 40 lbs of boost

Author HONDABITCH1 (2 years)
Im a honda & toyota owner but also have love american muscle! This car is
bad ass!! The dislike from a honda owner is probally jelouse couse his
vagina couldn't handle the power lol!!

Author Khaled Al-Mishary (4 years)
that was just Awesome... gotta love those flames

Author chevy454fj40 (2 years)
wicked drove straight as to

Author bigkarl24 (1 year)
never a fan of that impala body style but it is a unique car to see run 1/4
and that fast

Author transformers167 (2 years)
LMAO thats funny, Dont let her catch you saying that... you'll end up
sleeping in the living room haha

Author Diego Carlesso (3 years)
210mp/h or 210km/h?

Author fjbutch (2 years)
Awesome !!

Author trentdq (1 year)

Author Diego Carlesso (2 years)
Ok, Master of the master, the man who knows everything. For his great
intelligence and knowledge about everything, I believe that should be
working in curing diseases or solving imminent problems in the world. Sorry
to take time to Master, doing reading this.

Author transformers167 (2 years)
How hot is ur wife?

Author Chris Staples (2 years)
Chevy shaker the heart beat

Author SPEEDMARSHALL (4 years)
damn !!

Author humanx187 (1 year)

Author CarFreak1242 (4 years)
is this at grate lakes dragaway

Author bosty1337 (3 years)
What the fuck i just saw ? oO Thats the craziest car ever!

Author HGE2007 (2 years)
nice. but I like my impala more in a lowrider way. but nice super fast

Author greenbastrd (2 years)
I got clear stuff leaking

Author freakineagle (3 years)
That is one bad ass '62!

Author Davin Forsberg (3 years)

Author garbones18 (1 year)
God damn thats a pass

Author Filipe Araujo (2 years)
damm is so cool lol

Author Sam Young (1 year)
you sir are far from alone

Author garbones18 (1 year)
I can't watch this video without getting the chills

Author Timo Creemers (2 years)
1:25 firework:P

Author pewpscoop (2 years)
lol no...

Author svo65 (1 year)
superior piece.

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