Finger Amputation

So, this is now my stumpy hand 2 weeks after my amputation. The doctor says that i must keep the bandage on so i can't sow you my beautiful stumps... but as soon as i can I will do... enjoy it

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Author XGuysRick (5 years)
this video is fake. i can see your middle and ring fingers hidden in the
bandage. this is too funny

Author 3fingerlady (5 years)
dude... it's a fake!!! don't be happy to be an "amputee"... i know what it
means to loose 7 fingers at the age of 14... it hurts and you miss them
every single moment... don't be proud of your video!!!

Author TheOzrover (3 years)
youre mest up!!! if you realy want to be an amputee! come and see me and
ill make sure your dreams come true u sad fuk!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Patrick Otankoy (5 years)
keep on moving!

Author lukeatluka (5 years)
I'm not pissed off.But if he would really be amputated he wouldn't laugh
about. If you(wannabeamputee) want to be amputated just take a gas and fire
it, or set your fingers between doors and close it or even yyou could just
cut it off, dummass.

Author vitalitas (5 years)
Super video, you could put one without bandage up and from the state after
the operation then.

Author lukeatluka (5 years)
Was i mislead by dragon34990. I didn't look at posts, damn.I hope you're
just joking, it's not good to be amputated :((((((((((((((((((((((((

Author BurnScarred (3 years)
what a bunch of BS. I'm missing 4 fingers and they don't wrap them like
that, and if they did it still would not look like that.

Author dragon34990 (5 years)
lol, this makes me kind of happy and sad. On one hand you arent damaged,
but on the other hand its kind of sad that you stoop to faking an injury
for attention. I play rugby and use bandages like that on my wrist and hand
all the time, obviously youre faking, no doubt about that. Your blatent
fantasy and obsession with amputation is unhealthy.

Author BurnScarred (5 years)
talk about fake.... you don't use ace bandages for finger amputation, and
it only takes 10 days to have the stitches removed from the stumps, so the
stumps are viewable during that time. I have pics of mine with the stitches
still in only a day after amputation. another clue is the other fingers are
no swollen

Author jay69bell8 (5 years)
you're a creep.

Author wannabeamputee (5 years)
yes i know it looks so but în fact that is gaze and plaster to stabilize
the broken bones in my stump

Author wannabeamputee (5 years)
oh yes... i will do that next time i will take of the bangage to show you
the stump

Author wannabeamputee (5 years)
i 've had my two fingers in the mettal part of my horse's snaffle when he
made a jump at the other side of the road. I've tried to hold him back but
then my middle finger was baddly broken and the other was half
severed...the doctors had to cut them off

Author flashnizmfree (4 years)
wannabeamputee how sick is that

Author CarlosJulio20 (5 years)
did you get them amputated?

Author Sn1p3ro3o5 (4 years)
yeah if your so inclined to be one... just do it... or r u scurred? i lost
2 and i do think its funny. your just an idiot though...

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