How much Money does MKBHD make from YouTube

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  • In this video, I will show you how much money does mkbhd make on YouTube. So, in this video I am going to talk about how much money does mkbhd makes on YouTube.
    Note: Only the YouTuber knows how much she or he is earning from YouTube. This is the estimate value to show how much they are making from YouTube. This estimated amount is just from views. Youtubers also make money from sponsorship's, networks, brand-deals, etc. This is formula to calculate the estimated earning of a YouTuber that I came up with of what I think of YouTube ad revenue based on research and my own channel.
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  • Youtube Shortcuts
    Youtube Shortcuts 29 days ago

    How much I made from 1 Million Views?

  • Pragnesh Bhalodiya
    Pragnesh Bhalodiya 3 hours ago

    just name is enough MKBHD
    I told you few time back that, you choose nice topic to deal with.
    totally new youtube concept :)

  • Ben R.
    Ben R. 3 days ago

    Not just views, but links and reviews , sponsors pay a big amount too.

  • jeymison2
    jeymison2 3 days ago

    I see what you doing...

  • Marshall Vingard
    Marshall Vingard 4 days ago

    Very impressive considering this is just YouTube, and not including paid appearances, sponsorship, and advertising through other social media outlets

  • Ryan P
    Ryan P 7 days ago

    Plus all the stuff company's give him

  • ViPorGD Gaming
    ViPorGD Gaming 7 days ago


  • truHipHopTv
    truHipHopTv 8 days ago

    This highway robbery Taxes X youtube=💵🤔 😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️

    CZARNYEU 10 days ago

    I iMarcus have interesting channel :-) I invite You to watch my channel too Bro's

  • Junito Punto Comm
    Junito Punto Comm 12 days ago

    He's making way more than that !! 🤑

  • nicholas cato
    nicholas cato 13 days ago

    if y'all believe this dude is struggling just LMAO at you..He obviously isn't if he can buy an 80k camera and I'm pretty sure RED would give him of all people a decent "discount" just as a nice gesture. This dude is shaking hands with Apple, Google, Microsoft, and any other company who aspires to be like them. He's set for life. YouTube is probably less than 33% of what he makes realistically.

  • Gitonga Mwaniki
    Gitonga Mwaniki 13 days ago

    What about the adverts?

  • Gitonga Mwaniki
    Gitonga Mwaniki 13 days ago

    Wait YouTube pays you $3 per 1000 views?

  • michael lee
    michael lee 14 days ago

    he is doing good cause he sucks up to both android and ios fanboys.

  • Marlon Rodriguez
    Marlon Rodriguez 15 days ago

    Do me do me next! How much do I make on my awesome drawing channel? MKBHD will be so jealous of me.

  • mike scott
    mike scott 16 days ago

    I'm pretty sure this guy makes a lot more than that over seven figures

  • Tim Berg
    Tim Berg 17 days ago

    Make one of vegaslowroller

  • Daniel Gomes
    Daniel Gomes 18 days ago

    You Tube takes WAY TOO MUCH. Especially since Google is already loaded

  • Timothy Joo
    Timothy Joo 18 days ago

    Who cares about what he makes, I wanna know where I can get that sharpie

  • Abod Makkyeh
    Abod Makkyeh 18 days ago

    I hate indian accent 😒 oh god

  • Avinash Chandra
    Avinash Chandra 21 day ago

    C'mon we all know you haven't even scratched​ the surface, I mean he uses a $100k Red camera(with all accessories) rest I'll leave to your imagination.

  • Jefferey Lankston
    Jefferey Lankston 21 day ago

    Casey Neistat!🔥

    • Youtube Shortcuts
      Youtube Shortcuts 12 days ago

      Casey Neistat :

  • Drvinnieboombatts
    Drvinnieboombatts 22 days ago

    get off his d***dude seriously

  • Dank Jackz
    Dank Jackz 22 days ago

    *estimated 10$ monthly income on socialblade*

  • Anthony Blando
    Anthony Blando 24 days ago

    Really good video... I like how you break down the numbers. You should do a video on how much money ShayCarl Lost by sexting with that chick on Twitter.

  • 129543a
    129543a 27 days ago

    youtube doesnt tax the money.. you worry about it at the end of the year

    • Joshua Rutter
      Joshua Rutter 16 days ago

      129543a Still got to figure that in now or then. Figuring it now gives us a good idea of his income now

  • Any Media
    Any Media 27 days ago

    make a video on how much you earn... per month

  • Raging Potato
    Raging Potato 1 month ago

    how to do this sketch thing ? pls help

  • Abdullah Hasnain
    Abdullah Hasnain 1 month ago

    and guess how much money did he earn by estimating mkbhds income 😂

  • Roscoe Adams
    Roscoe Adams 1 month ago

    I like the Kid and his work is top notice, I hope he keeps rolling and has a great future.

  • Montasir Rahman
    Montasir Rahman 1 month ago

    anyone of you know what editor he used for this video? I'm so curious to know :(

  • Kush M
    Kush M 1 month ago

    wow, youtube fees are damn high. if your figures are actual, then the income is not that rocket high.
    try to clarify your voice a bit more, i guess too much bass.

  • Redline
    Redline 1 month ago takes 45% cut?? Is this true?

    JMORDANTV 1 month ago

    How much do I make?

  • mrjohncraigjr
    mrjohncraigjr 1 month ago

    What about the tax deductions?

  • Francisco Guerrero
    Francisco Guerrero 1 month ago

    He should get married and have a child so he can get a better tax break haha.

  • gstanz67
    gstanz67 1 month ago

    1:56 You Tube takes WHAT?:?????? 45 fucking percent? Good Lord. Fuck you tube

  • Muhammad Hassan
    Muhammad Hassan 1 month ago

    LOL so he doesnt get paid for gathering those millions subscribers?

  • SlapThaFunk
    SlapThaFunk 1 month ago

    Could you please make a video on how you created this video? It is really awesome! Thanks!!

  • Grumpy Cat
    Grumpy Cat 1 month ago

    And that's not including merchandise.

  • Nahidul Islam
    Nahidul Islam 1 month ago

    I am trying to put the volume up on this video. Can anyone help I am trying my best.

  • Ruben Pereira
    Ruben Pereira 1 month ago

    youtuber, fernanfloo, this guy is from, El salvador.

  • Shockwave17
    Shockwave17 1 month ago

    You shouldn't be concerned about someone else's money.... Hard work is rewarded, focus on what is in front of you

  • James O
    James O 1 month ago

    How much money does YouTube shortcuts make on YouTube

    THE SOMALI FAMILY 1 month ago

    how did you made this video

  • DerpyDoom
    DerpyDoom 1 month ago

    can microsoft scammers please stop invading youtube?

  • Mohammad Awesat
    Mohammad Awesat 1 month ago

    You have no idea how this bussiness works my friend, even if what you said about youtube money is right its not his main income. Do you really think one of the most sucessfull youtubers who got invited by multiple car manfacturing companies and famous world wide makes only 15k a month? He is a millionaire. He bought his own studio in NY, do you think you can do that with 15k a month, and then buy a 100k car after that.

  • Sidhant Arora
    Sidhant Arora 1 month ago

    What about mumbiker nikkhil?

  • Noah Cohen
    Noah Cohen 1 month ago

    You have to assume that just like with the most popular professional athletes an enormous amount of his income actually comes from sponsors paying him to feature and review their products. Even simple things like product placement earn most people like him tremendous money. So his actually yearly income is most likely much higher

  • John Douglas
    John Douglas 1 month ago

    Flossy carter

  • YTuberosity
    YTuberosity 1 month ago

    Why so many dislikes?

  • ronnie horn
    ronnie horn 1 month ago

    45% YouTube cut..... wow!

  • Arvind S
    Arvind S 1 month ago

    how much 💰 u make bro?

  • Hussein Azher
    Hussein Azher 1 month ago

    u also make good money my bro

  • Fawad Bilgrami
    Fawad Bilgrami 1 month ago

    Doesn't YouTube already take their portion out when we say 1K views = $3?
    They wouldn't be taking another cut again, or does it?

  • Darshith Abbigeri
    Darshith Abbigeri 1 month ago

    how much money do you make?

  • Centauri
    Centauri 1 month ago

    My daughter ask me what taxes are.I took half of her cookie. She cried..

    • Michael Grey
      Michael Grey 3 days ago

      should have made her work for the cookie, and then it. ah ha.

    • Centauri
      Centauri 6 days ago

      Juxhin 😉

    • Juxhin
      Juxhin 6 days ago

      Centauri hahahahahahhahahahahhahahhahahhahahahahha omg you a legend 😂😂😂

    • Centauri
      Centauri 13 days ago

      Bill Talbert 😀😀😀

    • Bill Talbert
      Bill Talbert 13 days ago

      Centauri I just about died Lmfao on that comment.

  • RK Coder
    RK Coder 1 month ago

    I would imagine that most of the income for top YouTubers comes from sponsorships and affiliate links rather than views. Every time someone buys a phone or TV from an affiliate link, you can make up to 8% of the sale - no small amount there.

  • Paul FitzGerald
    Paul FitzGerald 1 month ago

    that's not as much as I expected

  • TechBundy
    TechBundy 1 month ago

    I cant stand your talking.. its so annoying it makes me want to tear my ears off

    • PG
      PG 3 days ago

      TechBundy is it because you're a racist loser?

  • extreme Moto
    extreme Moto 1 month ago

    Helyew guys feget frym yewtewb here

  • Karim Selkridge
    Karim Selkridge 1 month ago


  • Outdated Memes
    Outdated Memes 1 month ago

    He also gets sponsored by dbrand and stuff you know

  • Meme Gamer
    Meme Gamer 1 month ago

    Do dashiegames

  • Bill Elliot
    Bill Elliot 1 month ago

    interesting channel

  • harrry hrld
    harrry hrld 1 month ago

    make one for mrmobile

  • Enigma ___
    Enigma ___ 1 month ago

    let him start this business in Canada and he will be owing money after taxes !!!!

  • Youtube Shortcuts
    Youtube Shortcuts 1 month ago

    Mo Vlogs :
    Linus Tech Tips :
    UnBoxTherapy :
    Casey Neistat :
    Dude Perfect :
    CrazyRussianHacker :
    Romanatwood :
    FouseyTube :
    Nigahiga :
    TechSource :
    Grant Thompson The King of Random :
    Safiya Nygaard:

    • Onshore Dayz
      Onshore Dayz 1 month ago

      Youtube Shortcuts Can I still get paid on youtube even if YouTube 10,000 policy?

  • nacha laica
    nacha laica 1 month ago

    youtube is fucking a thief wtf 45 percent, and that goverment tax is way to high df go tax big companies like youtube

    • Sunil Kumar
      Sunil Kumar 1 month ago

      +nacha laica lol, took that to heart. Sounds like you need a friend

    • nacha laica
      nacha laica 1 month ago

      fuck u shit head ur coment had no fundaments just trash talk, you stupid kid go to school

    • Sunil Kumar
      Sunil Kumar 1 month ago

      You're an idiot. Learn the bigger picture then comment

  • angelo davis
    angelo davis 1 month ago

    youtube is raping youtubers

  • Abdulai Bah
    Abdulai Bah 1 month ago


  • Poul Eichel
    Poul Eichel 1 month ago

    well done MKBHD

  • Gururaj Mahadi
    Gururaj Mahadi 1 month ago

    How much money do you make ?

  • nisar Shamna
    nisar Shamna 1 month ago

    how much u get????

  • Adrian Haste
    Adrian Haste 1 month ago

    Please cover Youtube Shortcuts.. how much he earns. thanks.

  • Josef Krause
    Josef Krause 1 month ago

    174k a year is still way too much, engineers are earning half of that. I'm not bashing on Marquees I actually like his channel but there is something really wrong in having many YouTubers earning more than someone with a PhD for sitting in front of a camera playing video games or doing random stupid shit.

    • suki san
      suki san 23 days ago

      Josef Krause it's called having specific talent. there more engineers than youtubers. now days anyone can become engineer and always having boss on top of you. these guys are self made and enjoy what they are doing. some engineers don't even work in their fields... work odd jobs or they change or hate their careers. lol

    • Ritesh Ramasre
      Ritesh Ramasre 1 month ago

      The reason why you tubers make more money is because of the followers. A doctor/engineer doesn't work to create a audience for his work. He does his work.

      A youtuber creates a number of people who follow him and the more followers that person has, the more companies advertise with that youtuber and the more money that youtuber makes.

    • Chunk Mustard
      Chunk Mustard 1 month ago

      I have been defeated. But i will have you know that defeating a sandwich only makes it tastier. :)

    • Josef Krause
      Josef Krause 1 month ago

      Chunk Mustard I knew you didn't know any of those helpful YouTubers. And shit, you really want me to say you are right.... I say this because you went full ridiculous mentioning vsauce. Seriously vsauce? , you might as well link me to a TV show and say is some YouTuber dude...

  • Darvinius Berar
    Darvinius Berar 1 month ago

    Actually is not that much. I was expecting way more then that. Producing high quality content is NOT an easy or cheap task.

  • scikick
    scikick 1 month ago

    But taxes work in steps right? He wouldn't be paying 33% for the whole of his income.

    • Mr RC
      Mr RC 1 month ago

      scikick yes, marginal/effective tax rate

  • Harshal Soitkar
    Harshal Soitkar 1 month ago

    you made enough money from this video !!😅

  • Golban Andrei
    Golban Andrei 1 month ago

    did you try some curry before ? 😂

  • Akhil Productions
    Akhil Productions 1 month ago

    Can you do Akhil Productions

  • Ajay Bananas
    Ajay Bananas 1 month ago

    If you drop your accent, you will get like 100k more subs. Your quality is good that's why.

    • Chase Rangel
      Chase Rangel 3 days ago

      Keep your accent it makes you unique. Besides everyone knows people from India are smarter than anyone else on the planet. I have many friends from India and they are the funniest people I know and very genuine.

    • Ajay Bananas
      Ajay Bananas 1 month ago

      Youtube Shortcuts practice English accents more you'll get the hang of it, I did the same thing. If you like your accent, then you do you my dude.

    • Youtube Shortcuts
      Youtube Shortcuts 1 month ago

      +Ajay Bananas..😁..I don't know how to do that...

  • Theta
    Theta 1 month ago

    I thought the amount YouTube pays creators was already much less than what the video actually made in AdSense revenue? I thought YouTube gave the creators a cut, and took everything that was left? i.e for every $3 per 1000 views YouTube pays a creator, YouTube takes $10 per thousand views so I'm confused as to why YouTube would then take a further cut from the amount they pay creators.

  • Max Birkett
    Max Birkett 1 month ago

    M8 you can't even speak English and why do you care, u jealous

  • ArnoldsK
    ArnoldsK 1 month ago


  • naveen mani
    naveen mani 1 month ago

    how much does reaction time make???

  • EccoBaby
    EccoBaby 1 month ago

    MKBHD hardly make no money 'cause YouTube demonetize all of his videos.

    • nicholas cato
      nicholas cato 13 days ago

      if y'all believe this dude is struggling just LMAO at you..He obviously isn't if he can buy an 80k camera and I'm pretty sure RED would give him of all people a decent "discount" just as a nice gesture. This dude is shaking hands with Apple, Google, Microsoft, and any other company who aspires to be like them. He's set for life. YouTube is probably less than 33% of what he makes realistically.

    • David Payne
      David Payne 21 day ago

      EccoBaby do people think ALL income comes from YouTube? I'm sure these guys have other ventures.

    • Justin Crediblename
      Justin Crediblename 1 month ago

      are you simply imagining that he's been demonetized, eccobaby?

    • TheRationalAnarchist
      TheRationalAnarchist 1 month ago

      perhaps it was stupid of him to buy an $80,000 camera to make his videos, where he doesn't make any money...

  • abhijit das
    abhijit das 1 month ago


  • mugenjouproject
    mugenjouproject 1 month ago

    not each view earn him money. only views of people that also took a look at the commercial earn him money.

  • PerfectionInDetail
    PerfectionInDetail 1 month ago

    Hi what problem did you use to make this video illustration? Also nice video :)

  • Ansh Tewari
    Ansh Tewari 1 month ago

    Improve your English

  • An onion
    An onion 1 month ago

    why the fuck does YouTube take 45% of the revenue? seems like way too much

  • Dr-Ng'umbi Nickson Hassanally

    Youtube cuts 45%??????? what type of business this?

  • Benjamin Malave
    Benjamin Malave 1 month ago

    He may have a lot of views but he's pretty much just buying devices and talking about them, occasional rumors which he states as facts though which are annoying. For instance, no iPhone has a Sapphire Crystal display.

    • Benjamin Malave
      Benjamin Malave 1 month ago

      Liam Marcon He had a phony part in his hand, none of the successors ever got that part.

    • Liam Marcon
      Liam Marcon 1 month ago

      He didn't state that as a fact. It was believed to be an early prototype and that may have meant that their next phone would have it. He has never claimed iPhones currently have Sapphire Crystal displays.

  • Segovo
    Segovo 1 month ago


  • Steve G
    Steve G 1 month ago

    YOUTUBE TAKES 43%!!???

  • El Jefe
    El Jefe 1 month ago

    why does YouTube get virtually half the cut?

    • locknight
      locknight 1 month ago

      cause of operating costs of maintaining servers with petabytes of data and employing lot of smart people to code, attracting advertisers, generally giving anyone a platform to distribute content?

  • divendu1
    divendu1 1 month ago

    Linus Tech Tips

  • Myke Owiti
    Myke Owiti 1 month ago

    Have you tried social blade

  • J.Good06
    J.Good06 1 month ago

    he can also get money from affiliate links from products, and some of the tech gets sent to him since it's cheap marketing for the company

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