Alien: Covenant Review

  • Added:  1 month ago
  • Collider Video's John Campea gives his quick Alien: Covenant review. Get his thoughts on this newest installment of the Alien Franchise. The movie opens on May 19th 2017.

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  • Runtime: 3:39
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Comments: 784

  • ShogunBean
    ShogunBean 21 day ago

    Iv watched about nine reviews of this Movie and this is the first one that was positive.... Will I watch it online yes will I pay for it NOOOOOOO.

  • ShogunBean
    ShogunBean 21 day ago

    HMMMMM.....I disagree.

  • Payton Decorah
    Payton Decorah 22 days ago

    I'm not a critic but I was disappointed tbh, it was good for wat it was but at the end I felt like a sigh "ugh that's it?" It'd be unfair to be wishing for more but I was disappointed walking out. Would I see it again? Yes but only if I was asked to with someone, I wouldn't go see it again for wanting to see it again but if I was asked to I would but only with someone cuz by myself I didn't enjoy it but again it was good for wat it was

  • Victor Vazquez
    Victor Vazquez 22 days ago

    I don't miss an episode of collider, but I don't like when the crew shits on a movie so bad just cause they don't like it like if they could do better, they always speak about "it's my opinion " but when some one goes against their opinion they get up set and that's bull shit, coming from a guy that did a horrible job with the dead of superman what happen and john jumping from job to job

  • Jeff Duarte
    Jeff Duarte 23 days ago

    Covenant had its moments yes, but I'm definitely not going back to see this unoriginal dud a second time. This was a standard Alien film at best, that doesn't add anything new or interesting to the series. It also comes nowhere close to providing so many unanswered questions left over from the even more inferior Prometheus. Sadly, Ridley painted by the numbers on this one. On a positive note, McBride was great for sure, as was Michael Fassbender.

  • Keith Hannaford
    Keith Hannaford 23 days ago

    I respect Johns opinion for the most but he has a very aggressive opinion on a lot of these reviews (in general) I prefer when they get the crew together

  • 2004mojo
    2004mojo 25 days ago

    I don't know what film you saw John but the Alien Covenant I saw sucked. However I now feel Prometheus gets better the more I watch it.

  • Wes Dinger
    Wes Dinger 25 days ago

    Question for John Campea. I'm a big fan and have been listening since very early AMC days, when you were at AMC, you used to harp about how you were a very genuine person and that you would never do something you didn't believe in just because the show bosses said to, and one of those things was that you wanted zero profanity on the show per your own request not the bosses.... yet now that you have more freedom than ever you spew profanity in nearly every video I see you in. While I'm a huge fan and not at all bothered by your use of fowl language (seriously, big fan , seriously not offended) I am questioning all the ranting about how it was your choice to exclude profanity.

  • Douglas Morgan
    Douglas Morgan 27 days ago

    in regards to comedic actors who do serious roles...have a feeling Danny McBride has the ability to do quality work like Robin Williams

  • J Boy
    J Boy 27 days ago

    I'm tired of David, Walter, Bishop. Lt. Data. Aida... Robo-Cop. It's supposed to be an Alien movie, not a cyborg movie. If I wanted a flick about A.I., I'd just watch BSG.

  • Dale Stafford
    Dale Stafford 28 days ago

    The slash cuts and edits are Jeremy Jahm's signature due to his high energy presentation; it's weird when someone else does it; it looks like an attempt at an impression.

  • keith roby
    keith roby 28 days ago

    Fuck Collider as reviewers ass kissing so they suck the dicks of Studio's !!!

  • keith roby
    keith roby 28 days ago

    Dip shit Aliens is not a new Mythology Dummy the story sucked they could have work in the Engineer and Shaw to have a bigger role in the final product the movie was stupid ass kissing Dummy !!!

  • Alex Vallejo
    Alex Vallejo 1 month ago

    Just watched it today and WOW! I was blown away by everything. I agree, I thought visuallyl Prometheus was incredible, but the delivery of the story was not good. Covenant had me fully invested from the beginning. That introduction with David and Wyeland, damn! Alien is my favorite, but this one is def a close 2nd. I'm one of the few that wasn't crazy about Aliens. I like the horror suspense elements of Alien and Alien Covenant.

  • C Jones
    C Jones 1 month ago

    I can sum it up in one sentence:
    "Every Alien we've seen in all the Alien Franchise films we love are descendants of "Aliens" created by David?"

    It guts the Xenomorphs IMO. They aren't this ancient and mysterious danger lurking in deep space. They are rogue biological weapons made by an earth robot just a few decades before Ripley set foot on LV-426?
    Instead of man facing the unknown and horror of deep space it becomes another "don't make AI" and "man is his own worst enemy" trope bullshit.
    Worst of all, the Aliens aren't the real monsters! David is, and by extension, people are for creating him. Ridley must really hate humans or something.
    And the Engineers? A culture around billions of years (they seeded earth after all) but all live in one small city on one planet and are wiped out in minutes by their own BILLION YEAR OLD goo?

  • JD Vien
    JD Vien 1 month ago

    I don't like this review format. Nothing against John but the roundtable-style (or panel style) reviews of old allowed for more than one perspective in one review. Thanks anyway.

    • breakingdan
      breakingdan 1 month ago

      Same thought here. I don't care for a 3 minute review or a spoiler free review either. There's really not much he even said and I would've liked to hear Dennis' comments as I've found my movie taste to be similar to his the most from the collider crew.

  • Ricko Thornton
    Ricko Thornton 1 month ago

    angry Joe has the perfect review for this film and I usually don't care for his movie reviews

    • Dan Reese
      Dan Reese 28 days ago

      He did hit the mark on the right points . There is so many posts on this film even a 12 year old kid is reviewing the film and then there's another who put at least 6 different posts on this film . You can spend 3 hours looking at each post .Yeah , go to Angry Joe's review and skip the 12 year olds unless your really bored .

  • Nunya Bizznaz
    Nunya Bizznaz 1 month ago

    In no way is this "The Aliens movie we've all been waiting for". by any stretch of the imagination John, I can't even believe you said that. This movie was horrible. The Actors did a great job acting in a horrible film. This movie missed on all levels. It almost seems like someone paid you to say nice things.

    • Nunya Bizznaz
      Nunya Bizznaz 1 month ago

      Good rebuttal. The movie is far from good, and insulting me doesn't make it better. If this is the Alien movie you have been waiting for I feel sorry for you. Watch the first 1. That's the Alien movie we've all been waiting for. Stop making prequels. This movie is garbage and should have been named 'Covenant :Prometheus 2' or something.

    • Adriel Omar Díaz
      Adriel Omar Díaz 1 month ago

      Nunya Bizznaz totally love it the CGi best alien movie ever better than aliens and alien hahahaha 😈😈😈

    • Adriel Omar Díaz
      Adriel Omar Díaz 1 month ago

      Nunya Bizznaz shut the fuck up u know shit this is indeed the alien movie I've been waiting for years so fuck off 😡😡😡 im a true alien fan your not cocksucker

  • Aaron Kearney
    Aaron Kearney 1 month ago

    Really enjoyed the last 30-45 minutes, I felt like the pacing was off during the beginning

  • Brian Costello
    Brian Costello 1 month ago

    I'm starting to think any film giving too much access to film reviewers before release are shit, so far GOTG alien covenant are very poor

    • Felix Chan
      Felix Chan 1 month ago

      I liked the first GOTG more than Vol.2
      Alien Covenant was a real disappointment. I didn't expect it to do so bad.

  • Brian Costello
    Brian Costello 1 month ago

    I was disappointed, too much pre telegraphed , there was no doubt that David was bad in his opening response , how they dealt with shaw was crappy, I loved her character , pretty much did an alien 3 on the characters from Prometheus

    • Nova Lena
      Nova Lena 1 month ago

      Brian Costello I agree. AC felt like a really dumded-down version of Prometheus. It's like they decided to go the typical Hollywood route and add more characters (= more gore and death), less character development, less plot development, but more CGI to keep the audience visually entertained and maybe they won't notice that there's a really stupid story playing itself out here. Not quite as stupid as Alien Resurrection....but stupid nonetheless.

  • Dan Seery
    Dan Seery 1 month ago

    Prometheus had some flaws but it was about ideas and Hope. Cov was Complete Garbage- I have not walked out of a film since Garbage Pail Kids when I was 8 and I came very close to when they find (Spoilers) the Shaw Experiment - which by the way was NEVER EXPLAINED!!!!

    I have a new respect for David Fincher because he now is no longer the maker of the worst Alien film!

    And Sir Ridley did not have studio interfernce to blame - only his confused vision. I really think he needs to retire

    • 2004mojo
      2004mojo 1 month ago

      The more I watched Prometheus the more I love it. Yes it had some boo-boos  but the look of the film  is stunning. I  really liked the Captain and his 2 crew members and I was rooting for Shaw although she was a pain at first.

  • Allan Alberts
    Allan Alberts 1 month ago

    I liked it alot. David's story and the final couple acts where great. If you liked promethius, then i think you will love covenant.

  • Tampa Movie Guy
    Tampa Movie Guy 1 month ago

    I really liked Alien Covenant.

  • Angela Jones
    Angela Jones 1 month ago

    I walked out of the theatre.

  • Christian Fajardo
    Christian Fajardo 1 month ago

    OMG the part with David and Walter...."I'll finger it"

  • Nexgen
    Nexgen 1 month ago

    This movie was pretty disappointing.

  • elijoshua eli
    elijoshua eli 1 month ago

    This movie is indefensible. This is Ridley Scott's version of pulling a George Lucas prequel on us. I can't in all honesty believe that anyone could think this movie is good. John, I'm sorry but I can't even comprehend how you like this scene: Here look in that egg, I know you just saw me making starry eyes at an alien that killed your crew-member, but please, look INSIDE THIS EGG NOTHING WILL HAPPEN.

    You really gave THAT MOVIE a pass? Jesus Christ.

    No people. This movie is utterly stupid. Ridley Scott is not capable of a making a good movie unless he has a great script, and I'm not convinced he knows what a good script is. I think it's just dumb luck that we ever get a good movie from him again.

    So sad.

  • Shaunte Philmon
    Shaunte Philmon 1 month ago

    Just saw the movie and i expected more...the first 45 minutes was boring as hell and it was scary enough. I saw the ending coming a mile away and it just didn't WOW!!! me like i thought it would.

  • bruce wayne
    bruce wayne 1 month ago

    Such a dissapointment

  • Middle Initial: G
    Middle Initial: G 1 month ago

    this movie was trash.

    • bruce wayne
      bruce wayne 1 month ago

      Middle Initial: G 100% agree. Twist and turns saw it a mile away, slow paced,boring and nothing that happened exites me for the next installment.

  • MegaLaidback
    MegaLaidback 1 month ago

    Just saw the movie it was okay, was expecting more out it. Same basic formula, 2017 version with a little philosophy thrown in. How the movie ended was very predictable. I must say, those neomorphs creatures were no joke.

  • Hard Rock Zombie
    Hard Rock Zombie 1 month ago

    Prometheus didn't suck.

    • elijoshua eli
      elijoshua eli 1 month ago

      You mean the movie where a geologist gets lost in a cave that has just been scanned by floating orb scanners, and his companion, who is a botanist, decides to reach out and pet a vagina faced space cobra because he thinks it's cute? That movie didn't suck? You must LOVE Transformers.

    • sanderflop
      sanderflop 1 month ago

      It was two shits shy of sucking

  • Michael Gulick
    Michael Gulick 1 month ago

    I gotta say, I was monumentally disappointed in the film. The trailers gave away WAY too much, the story was painfully predictable, and a good chunk of the movie felt pretty much like a re-hash of Prometheus (which I also wasn't a fan of).

  • Edward Branscomb
    Edward Branscomb 1 month ago

    Just about everything he just said is a lie

  • Speedy Gunz
    Speedy Gunz 1 month ago

    So, you got hooked into its "mythology" now? The mythology was destroyed. I just saw the movie and it was god awful. **Spoilers** The first half was intense and suspenseful, but once the space dust/spores were introduced it completely fell to pieces. There was zero tension, none. It became a mad scientist movie with David putting the xenomorph through its evolutionary cycle in minutes and the CGI of the milky-colored xenomorph was painfully obvious. Then, hey! let's throw in a flashback scene, that was so jarring and out of place, to show what happened to the previous inhabitants. I'd also submit that calling the contagion a virus is a misnomer. People were almost immediately disintegrated on contact. It was more like an extremely slow hydrogen bomb than a virus. A good chunk of the 2nd half was wasted on David teaching "himself" how to play a goddamn flute.  It was so rushed...  at least that's what it felt like to me. I understand you hafta stick to your guns, and say this was worse than Prometheus, but no, this was an absolute mess.

  • MGC
    MGC 1 month ago

    Nice review I did one on my channel aswell check it out

  • vladoportos
    vladoportos 1 month ago

    Just come home from the movie, well I did not like Prometheus, but Prometheus was better than this.. whole issue would be avoided if the space morons took scafander to the ALIEN planet nobody set foot at, or do some god damn scan if there is, I don't know.. like super flue in air.. or brain sucking cece fly living there....but noooooo, they found the planet, jumped in transport and on their way to die they went in hoodies and jeans...

  • Juanscum381
    Juanscum381 1 month ago

    Spoilers Review

  • Alex Contreras
    Alex Contreras 1 month ago

    Promeutus is good bitch

  • synapticflow
    synapticflow 1 month ago

    But John! This movie was mediocre, a little boring, and a lot of ridiculous. I want my $11 back! lol

  • james richardson
    james richardson 1 month ago

    The movie was awful. Terrible story, badly edited, obvious twists and no tension.

  • Mike Bear
    Mike Bear 1 month ago

    where's the spoiler's review?

  • JoeBlack209
    JoeBlack209 1 month ago

    I was very disappointed with this movie, Prometheus was better.
    Alien and Aliens were just too damn good, they're masterpieces...

    • MrCooldaddy098
      MrCooldaddy098 1 month ago

      this quote sounds very familiar?

    • synapticflow
      synapticflow 1 month ago

      Ridley Scott has gone the way of George Lucas now. I fear he has lost it.

  • Danijel Lendvaj
    Danijel Lendvaj 1 month ago

    Terrible movie in my opinion. Even Prometheus was better...
    Why were character so stupid... And those two last movies are turning aliens into some kind of dumbass creature.

  • xXBlackTigerBjXx
    xXBlackTigerBjXx 1 month ago

    i am a huge fan of this franchise and covenant has to be my favorite since aliens and besides logan it is my favorite movie this year so far!

  • The TZ
    The TZ 1 month ago

    Prometheus was better than Alien and Aliens

  • Ashton Dean Gleckman

    "Prometheus sucked" fuck off.

    • Rawley Fear
      Rawley Fear 1 month ago

      Ashton Dean Gleckman right. i downvoted within 5 seconds.

  • Rohan Prince
    Rohan Prince 1 month ago

    Life was better than this movie

  • BirdsElopeWithTheSun

    I though the movie was Okay, better than Prometheus, but it still doesn't feel like an Alien film, something just feels weird.
    Alien 3 is a thousand times better than this movie, even Life was a better Alien film than Covenant. The CGI creatures looked fantastic, except for the 2 times the Xenomorph was up close, which looked awful.
    Nobody does anything “quite” as stupid as in Prometheus, but people still wandered off on their own and trusted David to look inside an egg, right after he had just told him that he created these things that just killed one of their crew members... what the fuck are you thinking! I loved the parts from the original score, it gave me chills.
    The scenes with Walter and David were incredible and David is quickly turning into one of the greatest movie villains. At the same time as I hate him, I understand where he's coming from and find his way of thinking to be almost beautiful in a way. Covenant explained everything about him and it makes Prometheus a better movie, as for the rest of the characters... yeah, they were kinda flat and uninteresting.
    I still think Prometheus should never have been connected to Alien universe, not knowing who the space jockeys were, why they were transporting all these eggs, and where the eggs came from, helped make the original -79 movie feel so much more "Alien".

  • tompparaideri
    tompparaideri 1 month ago


  • Jazzer Caster
    Jazzer Caster 1 month ago

    "Prometheus sucked" jeeze dude are you fucking 12??

  • Lu Pank
    Lu Pank 1 month ago

    this movie is amazing

  • Tom Hanks
    Tom Hanks 1 month ago

    Unpopular opinion: Aliens sucks

  • ByNarWhal
    ByNarWhal 1 month ago

    I wаaaatcheeeed Аlien full mooviеe herе

  • MovieFan 77
    MovieFan 77 1 month ago

    I really liked Alien: Covenant, but Prometheus was better for me.

  • StarfighterX1
    StarfighterX1 1 month ago

    I surprisingly liked Alien: Covenant quite a bit. Visually it was great, the score was great and I found the story to be rather interesting. It lacked in character development and wasn't the best script, but overall I liked it. 7/10 for me. However, I still prefer Prometheus.

  • TechNoir1982
    TechNoir1982 1 month ago

    Went in with low expectations and still can only give it a 3.5/10

  • Andy Peters
    Andy Peters 1 month ago

    omg this guy is clueless and backwards.. this film is bad i nearly fell asleep

    • Andy Peters
      Andy Peters 1 month ago

      Nanoer realy! i count 5 likes nigga

    • Nanoer
      Nanoer 1 month ago

      Andy Peters no one really care about you opinion lol

  • glenn deman
    glenn deman 1 month ago

    bad movie jezus !!!

  • Daniel Perehovsky
    Daniel Perehovsky 1 month ago

    please don't let john do the reviews solo! he hates on things and likes other things just so his opinion stands out from the general concencus. someone with a contrasting opinion should be with him. Just saw alien covenant myself and thought it was meh .. hugely underwhelming and prometheus is a much better sci-fi movie 😛

  • sean bowman
    sean bowman 1 month ago

    F campea he's a Katie Cassidy hater F his review

  • maccajoe
    maccajoe 1 month ago

    Why do fuck heads these days have to open with X Y AND Z sucked. Look we get it you dont like it, but its fucking fashionable to hate on something.

  • rusamene
    rusamene 1 month ago

    its absoultely not in the feel of the first movie you clerly dont have a fucking clue, it's just a similar set up of a story nothing more

  • Max Winterburn
    Max Winterburn 1 month ago

    IMO it was worse than Prometheus. Literally just came out and I'm so underwhelmed. Was looking forward to this so much as Well and don't even get me started on the ending

    • TheSlacky775
      TheSlacky775 1 month ago

      I know what u mean I was completely disappointed with this film and I hated how it has no continuity with alien/aliens

  • Rex932
    Rex932 1 month ago

    Saw it, it was pretty good

  • DislocatedDesign
    DislocatedDesign 1 month ago

    Quite a different takeaway from the other review I just watched on Alien Covenant ! Now I'm confused. will let the film speak for itself next week

  • Saotome Alto
    Saotome Alto 1 month ago

    I don't understand why people hating on Prometheus , it's a very good film only imo.

    • Saotome Alto
      Saotome Alto 1 month ago

      They're not so heavy on horror side of i think they're more sci-fi base. Both Prometheus and Covenant might not spoon feed the viewer the answer , but they definitely answer some of them and open for many more theory , both of them might have some flaw such as weird/stupid behavior of scientists so yeah i agree that they're not as good as "Alien" , but at least i think it's still better than "Aliens" . The concept in both films are better in my perspective.

    • Taiken
      Taiken 1 month ago

      I think its mostly because they don't like how it compares with the other Alien films (mainly the first two) in multiple ways, but inparticular the plot, tone and script. It drifts away from them a lot and many fans were after something closers to Alien & Aliens. Now if you take Prometheus as a stand alone film, I think more people would be willing to be more positive about it.

  • Alvin Comahig
    Alvin Comahig 1 month ago

    What a boring review.

  • OranJogger
    OranJogger 1 month ago

    I love your review, but I wish it was panel review with all the guys in collider that saw the movie.
    I'm intrested hearing their opinions.

  • johnny05100
    johnny05100 1 month ago

    Great review with zero spoilers. Thanks John!

  • Pawel MacPoof
    Pawel MacPoof 1 month ago

    wow f-bomb in the first 30seconds

  • adamodimattia
    adamodimattia 1 month ago

    What a boring review... ah...

  • Trevor E
    Trevor E 1 month ago

    Hate this dickhead reviewer .

    • Daniel Love
      Daniel Love 1 month ago

      "Let the hate flow through you."

  • Bernie Poindexter
    Bernie Poindexter 1 month ago

    Just saw the movie, it sucked, worse than Alien 3.... super duper predictable, idiotic characters, boring 1/3 (could have been omitted completely)

    Finding wheat on an alien planet? Flying over a giant metropolis on an alien plane, don't even say, oh wow, look t here is a huge fucking goddamn city in the middle of space, seriously the movie was bad, waste of my time I'd give it a 4/10

    • Max Winterburn
      Max Winterburn 1 month ago

      Bernie Poindexter mate could not agree with you more. ***spoilers** that whole ship repair killed me. deaths were shit, ending was terrible and the film lacked suspense, something the alien franchise was founded on ;-(

  • Shem Doupe
    Shem Doupe 1 month ago

    He didn't like Prometheus so I don't know if I can trust the review (at least for my taste)

    • Owen Buckner
      Owen Buckner 1 month ago

      Shem Doupe I liked Prometheus.

    • Bernie Poindexter
      Bernie Poindexter 1 month ago

      the movie sucked, i just saw it (Bangkok, Thailand)

    • Tito Grillo
      Tito Grillo 1 month ago

      I am with you. Stopped the review after the first sentence and am not interested in what he has to say about Covenant anymore...

  • mike reid
    mike reid 1 month ago

    just seen some pictures and i CAN CONFIRM DAVID DID KILL SHAW SMH

    • mike reid
      mike reid 1 month ago

      Who Knew 22 david tricks walter daniels and Tennessee survive and david kills shaw thier you go

    • Who Knew 22
      Who Knew 22 1 month ago

      Any other spoilers u want to add ruin people enjoyment block off

    • Bethany Green
      Bethany Green 1 month ago

      mike reid Dude, that's a spoiler

  • KoenigPeckels
    KoenigPeckels 1 month ago

    *clicks on video* "Prometheus sucked!" *clicks off video*

    SAMCRO 1 month ago

    I thought Prometheus was GREAT!!!!!!

  • Andy Zhang
    Andy Zhang 1 month ago

    Prometheus didn't suck, ur just a blow hard

  • David Cottone
    David Cottone 1 month ago

    Ridley Scott does at least try in all movies he has directed

  • Lori George
    Lori George 1 month ago

    When the monsters dropped?

    LOLOLOLOL....not everyone enjoyed Prometheus maybe they just wanted the "monsters" to be in every scene,instead of an actual back story where the XENOMORPH actually came from.

  • Nuclear Rampage
    Nuclear Rampage 1 month ago

    I never saw Prometheus but I remember around the time it came out the general consensus was that it wasn't very good and was massively underwhelming. In the years since I haven't heard many people talk about it and assumed it was forgotten about.

    But it seems as though popular opinion has completely changed since then. So at what point was the film reevaluated? When did it suddenly become a beloved, untouchable classic to the point that somebody merely stating their dislike of it would provoke mass outrage as seen in the comments section here?

    • Nuclear Rampage
      Nuclear Rampage 1 month ago

      I heard so many negative things that I decided not to bother but I might give it a shot now. Just find it curious that public opinion seems to have changed so much in a relatively short time

    • Marvin Reyes
      Marvin Reyes 1 month ago

      Nuclear Rampage How about go watch it for yourself

      ABSTRACT DAWN 1 month ago

      Prometheus isn't being re-evaluated or re-appraised, otherwise this film would have not been called Alien Covenant. The only reason why it's being mentioned is that this film is a loose sequel to that film, except the whole Prometheus idea has pretty much been abandoned in favour of the Alien mythology.

  • Moon Knight
    Moon Knight 1 month ago

    "Prometheus sucked".. Try saying something more along the lines of "I didn't like Prometheus". It's your opinion not fact

  • Jose
    Jose 1 month ago

    Are the engineers in this?

  • Dr. Alan Grant
    Dr. Alan Grant 1 month ago

    I actually really enjoyed Prometheus but I understand why some people don't like it. Glad to hear the positive reviews on Alien: Covenant.

  • Molasar
    Molasar 1 month ago

    There's a 4 hour "making of" documentary in the 4 disc Prometheus Blu-ray set. Ridley Scott was involved in everything from the first draft of the script to actually drawing the monster designs himself with a pen. He brought in HR Giger to go over concept art, he made constant notes in the script, shot down many ideas and he had final approval over every aspect of Prometheus. He sat in on costume fittings and set building as well. Ridley Scott had a George Lucas level of involvement with Prometheus, so blaming Damon Lindelof is a worn out fanboy crutch. I personally loved Prometheus, and seeing Scott's passion back in the Alien universe is invigorating.

  • Ikki Play Cine
    Ikki Play Cine 1 month ago

    So... Prometheus Sucks only why the xenomorfs is not show? This is ridiculous...

  • brian kelley
    brian kelley 1 month ago

    Prometheus>new Star Wars ... fact

  • Alex Santiago
    Alex Santiago 1 month ago

    All I got to say, proud to hear this

  • Ricardo S. Santos
    Ricardo S. Santos 1 month ago

    Admit it, Covenant is a crap

  • Gabriel Incognito
    Gabriel Incognito 1 month ago

    Prometheus sucked? Sorry, watch a video about prometheus explained - and talk about the movie then bro!

    • chetkayeable
      chetkayeable 1 month ago

      If you need a video to explain sucks. Alien v predator level suckage.

  • Oz
    Oz 1 month ago

    My main complaints with Prometheus are that they sent an intergalactic mission, to find the creators of the human race... And they sent a bunch of expendable guys that looks like ran away from Gotham Asylum... Not to mention "Look, there is O² here. Let me take my helment off! =D" as if there are no other toxic factors.. Overall I kind of liked it, didn't LOVE it and didn't hate it.. But I heard from some that the Alien Covenant has this same flaws, that people there are expendable and they manage to not give a f* to safety protocols, etc..

    • Molasar
      Molasar 1 month ago

      The crew did stupid things? Kind of like John Hurt reaching out and touching an Alien egg in the original Alien? Or the crew splitting up to find the Alien on the ship instead of staying together? Or chasing a cat through the ship instead of getting into the escape shuttle? Alien movies are high end slasher films with a beautiful asthetic. I loved Prometheus and Covenant looks amazing.

  • Brynjar Reynisson
    Brynjar Reynisson 1 month ago

    Look at all these triggered fanboys in the comments. Lol

  • Bane Johnson
    Bane Johnson 1 month ago

    Prometheus sucked!. then you say, in my opinion.. Lol. Cuz not everyone agrees with you on that statement. just FYI..

  • Luzia de Souza
    Luzia de Souza 1 month ago

    good job not using scores

  • 4thblacksun
    4thblacksun 1 month ago

    prometheus sucked. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH thats a good one. that movie is what alien was. - ahead of its time.

    • 4thblacksun
      4thblacksun 1 month ago

      prometheus is nothing to do with original, its another part of timeline/universum of alien with a great story to be fulfilled. It really could answer even our own existence.

    • Retro rube
      Retro rube 1 month ago

      For me the story is weak and full of holes and the characters are beyond stupid past a couple of quality performances. Ahead of it's time... thats a good one! The original is a classic and was Ridley at the top of his game, poopmetheus was a crime against the original. But hey opinions differ!

    • 4thblacksun
      4thblacksun 1 month ago

      for me the story in Prometheus is really underrated.

  • MLG 007
    MLG 007 1 month ago

    wtf? in my area the movie doesn't come out in theaters until May 19th!

    • MLG 007
      MLG 007 1 month ago

      I am cancer

    • Brynjar Reynisson
      Brynjar Reynisson 1 month ago

      Retro 007 Your profile pic matches your comment perfectly

    • Gaming 4 Life(Tylerman)
      Gaming 4 Life(Tylerman) 1 month ago

      Some people get early screenings.

    • Deuce Horn
      Deuce Horn 1 month ago

      Retro 007 that's it's release date... no one in the public gets to see it until then

  • Atticus
    Atticus 1 month ago

    _"Prometheus sucked!"_
    *clicks dislike*

    • Onion Layers
      Onion Layers 1 month ago

      Atticus I LOVED PROMETHEUS! I adore it's philosophical nature.

  • Dan Lars
    Dan Lars 1 month ago

    Way to lead the story john......

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