Payday 2 - Public stealth games #4 (With basic voice)

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  • Cloud Dasher
    Cloud Dasher 1 month ago

    Let me know if I should keep the new intro or not, And I hope you enjoy the video

    • The Gameplay Player
      The Gameplay Player 12 days ago

      you made a mistake with that new one because it says its the fourth episode. And this is fourth too..

    • Kalvi Animations
      Kalvi Animations 1 month ago

      +FINLEY GARVEY BACKUP​ all his mods are in description

      FINLEY GARVEY 1 month ago

      Cloud Dasher like the intro btw do you use a ragdoll mod? If so what's the link

    • AmericanToastman
      AmericanToastman 1 month ago

      Hotline Miami Font and Static is an absolutely fantasytic idea!! The HM font is called "Disco Duck" by the way!

    • Kalvi Animations
      Kalvi Animations 1 month ago

      +nigthens​​ try watching sum vids or post it at modding forum on steam

  • Boii
    Boii 2 days ago

    where to find this mask?

  • John Not
    John Not 3 days ago

    What is the primary gun?

  • Franco Pesce
    Franco Pesce 3 days ago


  • That Dude
    That Dude 6 days ago

    I would say keep the intro and also do more

  • rjrljimenezify
    rjrljimenezify 7 days ago

    What hud is that?

  • Podutsch
    Podutsch 8 days ago

    At 4:51 what character does your teammate use

  • Nova 260q
    Nova 260q 9 days ago

    I love jacket!

  • Dead Channel
    Dead Channel 9 days ago

    How do you get that jacket outfit? Is it a DLC? I have the original jacket but not yours.

  • Andrija Milenovic
    Andrija Milenovic 9 days ago

    How can i have jacket character for free?

    • Bill Nye The Gamer Guy
      Bill Nye The Gamer Guy 2 hours ago

      Andrija Milenovic The only way I can think off is getting Hotline Miami 2 Deluxe Edition during a free weekend but I can only use him for 4 days at best and I can't guarantee what it will work

      Another way but this costs $5 is getting the game during the current sale

  • Francisco Of the Dirty

    Question Cloud, do you play on normal levels regularly or only to catch funny noob moments?

  • ÉWN
    ÉWN 11 days ago

    Hello, someone knows how do i put the mods in Payday 2?

    • Bill Nye The Gamer Guy
      Bill Nye The Gamer Guy 2 hours ago

      Install Payday BLT here is how
      1.Search for Payday BLT.
      2.Download it.
      3.Use an extraction tool to extract the Payday BLT out.
      4.Go into Steam,Right click Payday 2 and click Properties.
      5.Click on The Local Files Tab and then click Browse Local Files.
      6.Drag the mods folder and the extra file in.

      And u did it as for how u install mods for the most part it's the same thing except u drag the mod into the mods folder and u might get a .rar file instead of a .zip file if that happens use WinRAR to drag what u need out.

      Note:Not all mods are installed this way if u are installing a sound mod
      do all the steps above except drag the file into the mod_overrides folder u will find this in assets in ur game files if u just get a file drag that into the mod_overrides folder.

    • ÉWN
      ÉWN 9 days ago

      Ok, thanks for help.

    • Andrija Milenovic
      Andrija Milenovic 9 days ago

      ÉWN just get them in the payday 2 folder

    • The Ace Attorney
      The Ace Attorney 10 days ago

      Look up a tutorial on youtube, it explains everything.

  • Daniel Stormlord
    Daniel Stormlord 11 days ago

    I once played with some rusian hackers shadow raid on one down. I don't know what they used, but they killed everyone without raising the alarm...

  • Mistre Flippy
    Mistre Flippy 14 days ago

    bain pls

  • siasuar
    siasuar 14 days ago

    i tried to install BLT, but i screwed it up and now the folder is locked in my payday 2 file and i cant delete it. :/

  • Ryder
    Ryder 22 days ago

    1:58 Jimmy : oah I LOVE YOU Thanks You
    Me : WTF

  • A KFC bucket of melon

    Ive had the weirdest dream last night, my head was replaced by a hamburger and everybody started calling me hamburger head - Sydney

  • Antonio342100
    Antonio342100 25 days ago

    so glad you got microsoft jacket.

  • Agent 47
    Agent 47 26 days ago

    0:20 GENIUS

  • SR20DE
    SR20DE 27 days ago

    lmao they were talking In vietnamese

  • Baggy
    Baggy 1 month ago

    love the intro keep it lol

  • Макс White
    Макс White 1 month ago


  • lLok_i13
    lLok_i13 1 month ago

    Dasher, you add the friends?

  • xD00MIEx
    xD00MIEx 1 month ago

    Didnt I play a game with you before...? I remember seeing an XXV-100 and thought they hacked it....

  • Lighting Chaos
    Lighting Chaos 1 month ago

    After this, I won't need Jon's shitty credit card.

  • Phạm Kiến Quốc Phạm

    what fail heist soundtrack is that ? i cant find it

  • Ian Shinault
    Ian Shinault 1 month ago

    I love this game because you have options with what you can use or how you can play

  • SenpaiKillerFire
    SenpaiKillerFire 1 month ago

    pubs i thought u were a better lair

  • François Bastidas
    François Bastidas 1 month ago

    Feels weird to see your mod into a video.

  • DanishWithAGasMask
    DanishWithAGasMask 1 month ago

    How did you get different songs playing in the 'Job Overview' and 'Failed Heist' menu?

    • Hush 1773
      Hush 1773 1 month ago

      DanishWithAGasMask Options>sound>custom menu tracks

  • TheCommentGuy
    TheCommentGuy 1 month ago

    Ok time to translate the shit out of the 8:34 part:

    Blue dumbass: Leave it
    Shit host: Only mark guards
    Blue dumbass: Only stay outsude
    Yellow shit head: Ok ok just checking
    Yellow shit head: My pistol has silencer
    Blue dumbass: You bring rifle so just the same
    Yellow shit head: Ah ok ok
    Blue dumbass: Fuck me
    => Basically: WTF?

    Even though i understand Vietnamese very well... I still don't know what the f*ck are they talking about.

    • Rem Natsuki
      Rem Natsuki 1 month ago

      wrong! I was the blue "dumbass" and i told red to equip akimbo but he don't understand =.=''

  • Šílený Banán
    Šílený Banán 1 month ago

    What graphic settings do you use ? :)

  • Marnie
    Marnie 1 month ago

    this was an interesting video...

  • TheGoldenDeadStroke
    TheGoldenDeadStroke 1 month ago

    You just become infamous lol

  • MrHunter
    MrHunter 1 month ago

    Hello Cloud Dasher. Im a french viewer and i love your vids on payday, i subbed. Keep up the good content man :)

  • DrWeardno
    DrWeardno 1 month ago

    One down, 24 more to go.

  • XKper
    XKper 1 month ago

    Over 10 min video
    No ads

    I'm sorry for you

  • abooodyq
    abooodyq 1 month ago

    i would love to play with you one day

  • Kalvi Animations
    Kalvi Animations 1 month ago

    assult in progress /// no skull /// 666:00 hours left

  • Sean Odundo
    Sean Odundo 1 month ago

    is payday 2 worth playing to this day ?

  • Aiden Gray
    Aiden Gray 1 month ago

    That FOV makes me want to die as much as that mod does.

    • tomáš vondráček
      tomáš vondráček 1 month ago

      Aiden Gray whats bad about high fov i get why people hate low fov since it makes you feel like a snail but whats bad bout it being high

  • Epsilon
    Epsilon 1 month ago

    get velosync fam it gets rid of de-sync all the way

  • xxSD AJxx
    xxSD AJxx 1 month ago

    Love the Microsoft jacket

  • HappyWaifu
    HappyWaifu 1 month ago

    You always have a bad ping :(

  • Nilson Dias
    Nilson Dias 1 month ago

    this is wolfhud?

  • Robtert Maller
    Robtert Maller 1 month ago

    finally another video, really love these

  • IRCredit2Team
    IRCredit2Team 1 month ago

    2:07 "Move faster!!"

    Looks like he's got that under control.

  • James Dunagan
    James Dunagan 1 month ago

    so cloud u do love cars

  • mr breakfast I love hashbrowns

    how do you make your weapons war look like that

  • Näth
    Näth 1 month ago

    From what mod this big red laser module come from ?

  • mr Android
    mr Android 1 month ago

    A Poor mans story

  • Boss N' Troll
    Boss N' Troll 1 month ago

    when can I play with u cloud?

    • Boss N' Troll
      Boss N' Troll 1 month ago

      Can u tell me when tho?

    • Cloud Dasher
      Cloud Dasher 1 month ago

      I sometimes livestream open lobbies so anyone can join me

  • Bunnior
    Bunnior 1 month ago

    Cunt Nugget -Microsoft jacket (one of the funniest lines i heard from him)

    • Bill Nye The Gamer Guy
      Bill Nye The Gamer Guy 2 hours ago

      Nelson Fonseca Raimundo Its the voice mod he is using it,it only works with Jacket due to how his talking is made in a different way than all other heisters

    • Nelson Fonseca Raimundo
      Nelson Fonseca Raimundo 5 days ago

      What is the microsoft jacket. I never heard that voice

  • ImJustWicked
    ImJustWicked 1 month ago

    today i was fighting with a bigass hornet in my room. i hit it so strong that it disappeared. i've seen no corpse and i thought it probably landed behind my bed.. then i started watching this video and when it came to 2:08 i instantly threw my headphones out. god damnit, Cloud

  • Jan Otero
    Jan Otero 1 month ago


  • jennyvincent 1987
    jennyvincent 1987 1 month ago

    Hmm GRATIS

  • jennyvincent 1987
    jennyvincent 1987 1 month ago

    well GRATIS

  • SanicPL
    SanicPL 1 month ago

    Did you get Basic Voices or Basic Voices Reborn?
    Basic Voices Reborn has way more lines to spam! You can even force goddamn music tracks!

  • maiK
    maiK 1 month ago

    Who the fuck is playing Payday in stealth?

  • Baromaine
    Baromaine 1 month ago

    Is this a smurf account or why are you infamy 1? :D

  • Artemkras47
    Artemkras47 1 month ago

    Wtf? Did you not make a video in which you made it to XXV-100?

  • Juli Goodwin
    Juli Goodwin 1 month ago

    8:33 Players in vietnam are Stupid .

    • Teddy Bears United
      Teddy Bears United 5 days ago

      Most pd2 noobs are.

    • Joel Andersson
      Joel Andersson 9 days ago

      Payday 2 is not from the US, but alright. Far from it.

    • ThatFriendRat_GAMES
      ThatFriendRat_GAMES 20 days ago

      Megumi Shimizu you triggered me I'm Vietnamese and they are just not understanding a game that was from the United States

    • Rem Natsuki
      Rem Natsuki 1 month ago

      i told red to equip akimbo but he don't understand =.='' (blue)

  • Riot Guy
    Riot Guy 1 month ago

    What hud u use

  • Corre021
    Corre021 1 month ago

    Do you need help getting the Flip Up Sight? For the Raven shotgun?

  • LittleYoungRock
    LittleYoungRock 1 month ago

    Uuuuu sandwiches XDDD just love this part like cafe escape :D murky water or shadow raid with randoms...ouch XD

  • MARIN Lolson
    MARIN Lolson 1 month ago

    Make a Discord group, My dudeeeee

    • Cloud Dasher
      Cloud Dasher 1 month ago

      I made a steam group, I'll make a discord group in the future sometime

  • james godfrey
    james godfrey 1 month ago

    congrats on infamy one

    • miniapollo17
      miniapollo17 1 month ago

      Well this was a journey.

    • Dylan
      Dylan 1 month ago

      He didn't play in offline or anything, he cheated, *someone* :^) pointed this out to a person they know, who knows a moderator etc, he got kicked from the PD2 group, literally cheated AGAIN like a complete retard and he's going to get banned again, there's no third chance.

    • deleting my channel
      deleting my channel 1 month ago

      Oh no my automatic rage and feminazi side is growing?

    • tordrig
      tordrig 1 month ago

      Oh no my automatic rage and feminazi side is growing!

    • Dawnhuntersun
      Dawnhuntersun 1 month ago

      Oh no my automatic rage and feminazi side is growing!

  • Ainsley Harriot
    Ainsley Harriot 1 month ago

    "do shit for me or I will cut your family"

  • Никита Киняйкин

    I am a cunt

  • MARIN Lolson
    MARIN Lolson 1 month ago

    Intro is pretty good, a little 2011- style But its fine. And also, can you make a Discord group?

    • MARIN Lolson
      MARIN Lolson 1 month ago

      Cloud Dasher Hahaha, me too, But i actally really like it

    • Cloud Dasher
      Cloud Dasher 1 month ago

      In my opinion I like the really simple intros, and definite not the ones that causes seizures...

  • Ярослав Симоненко

    лол, привет.

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