Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies - Meteor Locations on Kino Der Toten

Rock Locations for Call of Duty Black Ops for the Map Kino der Toten. Thanks to my friend for finding them (xEkoxProductions).

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Author Daffy Duck (1 month)
The musi. Makes the zombies slightly faster and stronger and harder to kill

Author khalif juse (6 months)
thers 4 the last 1 is in the pack a punch room and push square for ps3 os x
for the x box

Author Adrian Perdue (9 months)

Author TheClashingBarbarian 273 (7 months)
On wii what do u press

Author Anthony Simpson (7 months)
There's only 3 ?

Author Jence TheNoob (8 months)

Author steely200 (3 years)
if you pick up the first rock up and ur team mate picks up the second one
up and u pick up the last one will it work

Author TheSkaronfire (4 years)
@bigfire78 no you cant play it more than once and press X on the controller
and till the rock glows or your person says somthin

Author cece3harts (3 years)
oddly enuff the song is 115 but this vid is 1:55 lol its flipped :p

Author Ian Barnes (3 years)
@playogel once a game

Author Ian Barnes (3 years)
@StealthxxClown it would be cool if it kept playing the song

Author AMNESIAGAMELP (3 years)
I can only get 2 meteor then alone is very difficult after round 8

Author kiddems (3 years)
Thanks =] I couldn't find the one beside the manikins lol Epic song to kill
zombies with =D

Author TKOxPROxLEGEND (3 years)
Yes, if you hold x on it and hear Dempsey or someone talk you did it

Author Flyguyviky PL (3 years)
The music makes me want to hit my head on a concrete wall

Author SwagSurfenTV (3 years)
@deanroy60 Click the weapon pick up button on your controller

Author the997super (3 years)
@Zankronka1 except for everyone thinks they are invincible so they go
rushing towards zombies only to get downed.

Author Andrea Pino-Vlassis (4 years)
If you access the meteor in a different order it plays a different version
of the song. Or maybe it's if you do the red box glitch or not.

Author playogel (3 years)
@SwagSurfenTV so you can only use this once ever or once a game?

Author Guercinator (2 years)
x or square

Author Mark Saunders (1 year)
LIKE THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Solaran Blaze (1 year)
yeah, kinda. but not as good as Syndicate

Author ultimatebassmaster39 (4 years)
@bigfire78 you can do it more then once just do all the rocks
also works in five

Author YouNoob_Smiley (3 years)

Author jacob botbyl (2 years)
i found another rock, but no vodka!

Author Decdabomb2000 (2 years)
I really dontlike tht song youd think they could get a better one but
besidestht what does the meteors do?

Author Famous Jordan (3 years)
how do u pick up the rocks i tryed X button on xbox controller i herd a
weried noise does that mean it worked

Author Tiffany Faux (2 years)
Actually swag means curtain

Author bigfire78 (4 years)
You wouldn't happen to know if you can play the song more then once can
you? And how?

Author GUERA ORTIZ (2 years)
yea when u hear that noise it means u picked it up

Author TheGusdabus (3 years)
there is still one more meteror that realses the beast its in the
teleporter room

Author edwythepro (4 years)
the first time i got all 3 meteors, i let 1 zombie alive and started raving
to the song. :D

Author King Riolu (3 years)
@STGOserpent no Elena Siegman dowload the sons its says sang by elena
siegman look at the end

Author AirRick™ ★ (3 years)
this song gets you so pumped up to kill zombies the song makes you feel
beast when u r killing da zombies

Author MegaTheftV (3 years)
where are the zombies

Author George Tanner (2 years)
Wat u get 4 finding em

Author InterracialLollipop (3 years)
@STUFFbyJOFFY 200 what a round?

Author Marc N (3 years)
I got to round 24 and decided it would be a good time for motivation. i
played the song and started round 25. i was swarmed by zombies and killed
all of them.. i got to like round 27 than the song ended and i was
depressed. than i quited cuz no epic song D:

Author STGOserpent (3 years)
@connor5252 115 by Kevin Sherwood

Author caleb (3 years)
what was your final score on there

Author mybigwang1 (4 years)
no way that it plays music

Author STGOserpent (3 years)
@connor5252 sorry feat. Elena i forgot her last name

Author Gabriel Solano (2 years)
Ok i see that it makes music when u find all the meteor peices but us that
all it does?

Author drgn573 (3 years)
That song is awesome and this helped SO MUCH. Thanks! c:

Author deanroy60 (3 years)
how do u pick up the rocks

Author John Schaffer (3 years)
im srry but wat do the rocks do

Author Penguin098100 (2 years)
I love Nikolai's saying when he picks up a meteor.

Author BFEaReD765232123356 (3 years)
gayyyyyy why didnt u use ur kdjka lkd a cannon :D

Author Zorua ShadowNeon (1 year)
omfg thank you so much<3 i couldnt find them anywhere

Author Tim Clark (4 years)
whats the name of this song?

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