Pizza Bombs

Yields: 16 balls

1 can (16.3 oz) biscuit dough
marinara sauce
mozzarella, cut into cubes
3 tablespoons butter, melted
2 cloves garlic, minced
salt and pepper, to taste
1 tbsp italian seasoning
shredded parmesan cheese, for topping

1. Cut each biscuit in half. Press each half into a circle with your thumb.
2. Place a small dollop of marinara sauce, 1 pepperoni, and 1 cube of mozzarella on each biscuit round.
3. Bring the edges up and over, pressing them together and being sure to leave no gaps for the filling to leak out. Lay the pizza bombs on a baking sheet lined with greased parchment paper
4. Combine melted butter, garlic, salt and pepper, and italian seasoning in a small bowl. Brush the butter mixture onto each pizza bomb and top with parmesan.
5. Bake at 375 for 15-20 minutes (until biscuits have nicely browned).
6. Once pizza bombs are cool enough to handle, serve immediately. Enjoy!

Music provided by Warner Chappell Inc. Used with permission

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Author Hunter Lampton ( ago)
Fancy Tostitos Pizza rolls.

Author shraddha rana ( ago)
hii I really like your recipes.. but it wud b really nice if u wud share d recipe of ur biscuit dough

Author Helena The KillJoy ( ago)
This reminds me of The Parent Trap for some reason

Author lolkittyX3 ( ago)
could you use pizza dough for this instead of biscuit Dough?

Author Trumpet X ( ago)

Author 슬리찡 ( ago)
holy moly..

Author 906gi ( ago)

Author King Steve ( ago)
Loving the bootleg Pennsylvania 6-5000 song they chose for this video.

Author AgentReticent ( ago)
Disliked and unsubscribed, 'bombs' didn't explode


Author lewis heather ( ago)
Can you make pizza pocket 4 ways plllllsssss? like if you agreee 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕😍😍😍

Author Roland Mendoza ( ago)
one of my fav anytime recipes thank you tasty.

Author Rupasree Bagchi ( ago)
biscuit dough?

Author Rebecca Yin ( ago)
The cheese does not melt like that. Sadly

Author Folfx ( ago)
This is not vegan

Author Your Neighbor ( ago)
*throws them at someone* They didn't explode, fake news. Propaganda. How can we be letting such fake propaganda into our daily lives! ✋️😤

Author Hyein Min ( ago)
Does pizza dough and cookie dough has the same recipe?

Author Chocolate Chip pancakes ( ago)
Fuck tasty and their stupid ass premade biscuit dough

Author RedSamuraiBoy ( ago)
Do u guys realize it says ohhhh yeahhh in each video

Author Heya Mejid ( ago)
Can I use pizza dough instead of biscuit?

Author D ZR ( ago)
"Yields: 16 balls"


Author coopertrooper ( ago)
ia this like puff pastry stuff??

Author CouchPotato63 ( ago)
What kind of rip off in the mood music was that

Author ʇןoʌɐbıb uoɔıqnɹ ( ago)
I have a bomb

Author 1305jeni ( ago)
un bocadillo delicioso 😜😜😜😜

Author Unown -F ( ago)
I guess you can say that... This pizza is... The bomb!

I'll mozzarellet myself out of here...

Author Fateema Akter ( ago)
What can you substitute pepperoni with?

Author Greg mmm ( ago)
use bread machine to make pizza easy and tastes great!

Author Sweet Heart 150 ( ago)
when you realize it's not buzzfeed.....

Author Adam Fish ( ago)
How do you have the music for this sounding so similar to in the mood and not use that instead?

Author nesmesic yodic ( ago)
a cooked pepperoni or uncooked

Author Anusha ( ago)
Oh yesssssss

Author Lucas Hrynyk ( ago)
Time to deliver a pizza ball

Author Marie Hower ( ago)
me and my sister trued making them and it is good

Author Frenzy Commander ( ago)
Here's a question, instead of biscuit dough could I use regular pizza dough instead?

Author Mastergamer 9.0 ( ago)
thanks it was so delicious

Author Zee Fari ( ago)
biscuit dough? :/

Author Fried Egg ( ago)
I would not mind getting terrorized with those type of bombs ( sorry If I offended anyone )

Author Nicole Johnson ( ago)
made these today and they were good as they look

Author Simply Friends ( ago)
Somebody reply to my comment

Author yuleizy Boschetti ( ago)
yo las hice

Author Mahi Musarrat ( ago)
can i fry this bombs????

Author X turtlematrix X ( ago)

Author Mars On Earth ( ago)
+David Seymour

Author i'ma change mah name soon 6 ( ago)
Mini calzones?

Author Vanessa Pecina ( ago)
they look so easy to make

Author Sueli Costa ( ago)
Achei fenomenal !!!!!!!

Author Anon Emus ( ago)
Did I really just see deep fried deviled eggs?????? Y'all are going too far

Author Catrina Bernhardt ( ago)
I made this and it was AMAZING they were so good

Author Kale ( ago)
I don't know how I ended up here but dear lord I'm starving now

Author Alexis Plummer ( ago)
Why am I watching this while In hungry?!

Author MyStickySunbrero ( ago)
Man these pizza bombs are the bomb! No? Okay ill go now.

Author Andrei Voinea ( ago)
Pizza bombs more like calorie bombs

Author G Hough كلش حلوة إني ما عليها روعة ( ago)

Author Kashyap Rao ( ago)
what if instead of pepperoni and mozzarella, you would use spinach and feta?

Author Sarkar Se fine song. . ( ago)
nice pizza

Author CitricAcidGaming ( ago)
I'm " in the mood" like if you get what Tim referring to in the video!

Author SugarHead ( ago)
dude... what weird off beat version of "in the mood" by glenn miller was this?

Author Rick Hustwit ( ago)
I'm in the UK ... what is 'biscuit dough?'

Author Rodrigo Morell ( ago)

Author The Magic boy ( ago)
So good

Author Ka May ( ago)
I finally got so hungry from watching these videos. I just made a burrito

Author Littlewolf34 ( ago)
I'm making these tonight. Then trying just pepper jack cheese and taco meat filling fried crispy.

Author Ryan Cannell ( ago)

Author Anthony Cheek ( ago)
time to deliver a pizzaball

Author Jai KannadaAmbe ( ago)
Is this like Muslim Italian cuisine...?

Author Raaeee ahmad ( ago)
its all about canned food! i dont see any creative americans

Author dank blazer ( ago)
stop making me so hungry xDD

Author Lebron James ( ago)
im eatin piizza at this moment

Author 99buffalosoldiers ( ago)
You know the recipe is gonna be crazy when a royalty free version of In the Mood starts playing 😉

Author yellowsnail ( ago)
can I just put a couple pizza bombs in the toaster? like the one for pizzas and stuffz

Author Totally teenage twins ( ago)
yummy❤❤❤❤❤ but pizza dough would be better than biscuit dough

Author chanchan ( ago)
love ur channel

Author Isaac Morgan ( ago)
Strange variation of "in the mood"

Author POC Skellington ( ago)
this is fucking Del as fuck

Author Cartoon Eric ( ago)
As "brave" Sir Robin would say, "That's easy!"

Author PeteMeep ( ago)
Great idea but i've never seen canned biscuit dough in the stores in my country... didn't even know it exists, can i just make regular pizza dough and use that?

Author GhosT ( ago)
Who tried deep fried pizza balls before
Pizza sauce
Pizza dough
1 more topping
Directions :
The same on the video and just coat it with flour and PANKO Breadcrumbs and fry until golden brown
Tastes amazing

Author Edward Joung ( ago)
aw~~~ my mouth is watering!!

Author Azorve Art ( ago)
Oh Yes!

Author drummajor13-14 ( ago)
the song is a knockoff of take the a train

Author anthony whitehead ( ago)
yes. I wanta try

Author GuamanianBlood619 ( ago)
Time to deliver a pizza ball!

Author Sofia A1124 ( ago)
Literally, tasty's best idea

Author Chill Man ( ago)

Author Izlatel ( ago)
is it possible to get a similar result if you fry them instead ?

Author Zach Brown ( ago)
those r the bomb😂 😑🔫

Author Ivan Ivankonov ( ago)
for all the italian terrorists

Author Raunchy Pickles ( ago)
that looks so simple and very good.. ill try it for sure lol

Author Lee Wallace ( ago)
Making these tonight Ohhh YES!

Author okkzoid ( ago)
такая бесполезная хуйня шо пиздец...

Author orangebirdeh ( ago)
sounds like a tasty snack for a terrorist

Author Zufishan Anjum ( ago)
How do you make biscuit dough? :-\

Author FreyZen ROBLOxer ( ago)

Author Blurry Ghosty ( ago)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Author DuhAverageJoe ( ago)

Author Kimhoeun Pann ( ago)
OH ?tasty u are the best cook in the world!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Jeff Bassett ( ago)
I love tasty videos!! 😃 fast ! easy ! And so damm tasty!!!

Author chan paula ( ago)
what i learned so far westerners never use stove

Author i7san7 ( ago)
i made it at home it was delicious!!! Thank you💙💙💙

Author Katie Lee ( ago)
Would these hold up to freezing? Just like Pizza bites? But less processed?

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