FLAWLESS 'INSTAGRAM' SKIN / Simple Makeup Tutorial! by ChloeMorello

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  • The glow of my skin in this makeup has me SO EXCITED! I've been doing this base consistently for 2 weeks now and its definitely my new 'go-to', even for natural days!

    I tried out my new Artis Digit Brush Set, SOME of the brushes are really useful like the Digit Circle ones (I use for detail contouring on nose etc), the Digit Oval Brushes (for cream/liquid blending of foundation and contouring) because I only like them for certain things I don't think the set of 10 is good value. Try this smaller set if you want to get these brushes:

    Artis Brush Digit Set of 10: http://bit.ly/2pRnTyq
    Benefit Porefessional Primer http://bit.ly/2pl3tuz
    Urban Decay De Slick Primer http://bit.ly/2pRvpZZ
    Too Faced Born This Way Foundation in ‘Warm Beige' http://bit.ly/2pSofms
    Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Brow Gel in 'Saddle' http://bit.ly/2pS74RY
    Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil in ‘4’ http://bit.ly/2pRe8Aa
    Maybelline Fit Me! Concealer in 'Medium' http://bit.ly/2pRg0cb
    Revlon Sculpt + Highlight Contour Kit in ‘Med - Tan' http://bit.ly/2qO6Fz1
    Elizabeth Arden Bronze Lustre Eyeshadow
    Eye Accent Kit (Lower Lash Mascara) by Pixi by Petra X Aspyn Ovard http://bit.ly/2p7xguG
    Smash box Step by Step Contouring Crayons http://bit.ly/2pRpEeQ
    ColourPop Supershock Cheek in ‘Butterfly Beach' http://bit.ly/2p7xqCi
    Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in ‘Glisten’ http://bit.ly/2plnCjY
    Ciate Lip Velvet in ‘Bitter Sweet’ http://bit.ly/2pS6Rhs
    Revlon Cream Lipgloss in ‘Protest Queen’ http://bit.ly/2pShQYx
    Lancome Brow Gel 'Taupe 03'
    Colour Pop Brow Colour in' Black & Brown’ & ‘Arched Auburn'
    Makeup Store Brow Pomade 'Dark Brown' http://bit.ly/2p7wgXq (use code 'chloe40' for 40% off!)

    Some of these links may be affiliate links, or i may share affiliate codes, this means i may make a portion of sales made with the link or code, it does not cost you anything additional! In fact, a code may SAVE you money. Some links may be tracking links, this allows me to see how many people see/click the links - just useful info! I don't make any money off of tracking links.

    Manager/Business Inquiries ONLY:

    All Australian enquiries please contact MAX CONNECTORS (admin@MaxConnectors.com.au)

    U.S./Canadian inquiries please contact Kevin Johnson
    ( Kevin@Renegade-Mgmt.com )

    Countries outside of these can contact either.

    *Please note I am not available for makeup artist services*

    Please join me on any of my social networking and blogging sites:

    BLOG: http://www.chloemorello.com
    FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/ChloeMorelloBeauty
    TWITTER: http://twitter.com/chloemorello
    INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/ChloeMorello
    SNAP: MorelloMachine


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    SHOP MY CONTENT: http://parsel.me/chloemorello
    MY SIGMA BRUSHES LINK: http://bit.ly/1FCgNh3 Use the code ChloeMorello10 for 10% off!
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  • Breanna Hayward
    Breanna Hayward 19 hours ago

    Love the look but the freckles are a no for me haha

  • Miss Lady
    Miss Lady 1 day ago

    The price is soooo ridiculous 😂

  • ُMaX.GaMeR
    ُMaX.GaMeR 1 day ago

    u are sexy

  • Cute Angel
    Cute Angel 1 day ago

    U look like Katrina kaif without makeup

  • Risako Huang
    Risako Huang 2 days ago

    Is the big brush you used for foundation better than regular brush?

  • Noa Zakai
    Noa Zakai 3 days ago

    loved loved loved this look!!!

  • Dominic Villarreal
    Dominic Villarreal 3 days ago

    I love the "no bueno"😍😂😂

  • Amber Khieralla
    Amber Khieralla 4 days ago

    she low-key sounds and looks like candice swanepol but whit dark hair

  • Annie Cooper
    Annie Cooper 5 days ago

    You should look into going cruelty free. A lot of brands are cruelty free here in the US but still chose to go to China where their government makes them test. You use very few brands that test on animals, however. Urban Decay, Marc Jacobs, Nars, Too Faced, Laura Mercia, Wet n Wild, Elf, Nyx etc. There are so many! Check out Carli Bybels channel and Bella Fiori. They great examples of successful Youtubers who are cruelty free. :)

  • serena moreno
    serena moreno 5 days ago

    youre sooooo beautiful! GOALS

  • moonchild
    moonchild 6 days ago

    You're just awesome tbh😂😂😂😂

  • n6370225
    n6370225 7 days ago


  • Canadian Girl
    Canadian Girl 8 days ago

    $600? For fucking real....?

  • Samantha Hobson
    Samantha Hobson 9 days ago

    You should do a Blair Wardolf makeup tut because you look so much like her!!

  • Lisa van Hulst
    Lisa van Hulst 9 days ago

    You look so so so stunning with that make up on! It complements your face, haircolor, everything. You really are such a babe. Thank you for your lovely videos. Have a great day! 😘

  • Shebnem mustafa
    Shebnem mustafa 9 days ago

    Beautiful ❤️

  • Cristy M
    Cristy M 10 days ago

    love your honesty

  • Nadine Kucher
    Nadine Kucher 10 days ago

    beautiful make up!

  • Sarah Gough
    Sarah Gough 12 days ago

    i love how straight forward she is no bs

  • Azra Begum
    Azra Begum 12 days ago

    Anyone noticed that she said revlon to loreal lipgloss

  • Tia Beauty
    Tia Beauty 12 days ago

    That eyeshadow colour is really pretty and Chloe did an amazing job with the whole makeup look as always!

  • Urwa Islam
    Urwa Islam 12 days ago

    you look soo cute

  • 4Nyes
    4Nyes 13 days ago

    Love the look - kinda glad you weren't in love with the brushes! If I was to buy one only in that style, which would you recommend? Thanks.

  • Charlotte Svenningsen

    Whats the name of your lashes? Sooo pretty :D

  • Cosmic Girl
    Cosmic Girl 14 days ago

    Chloe, please film a tutorial on this look: https://www.instagram.com/p/BTRGRPGFRav/ ! Pretty please, it's stunning!

  • Waffle Ninja
    Waffle Ninja 15 days ago

    your nose looks a lot thinner than in older videos and I was just wondering if you've had anything to it and also can you do a review on using botox on your nose? pretty please 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Alisa
    Alisa 15 days ago

    they look bulky and annoying

  • Nig BKD
    Nig BKD 15 days ago

    Girls wear too much make up these days. it sucks. I hate them all.

  • Betzy Alvarez
    Betzy Alvarez 15 days ago

    im obsessed with yooooooooooouuuuu yaaasssss

  • Ashley Ford
    Ashley Ford 15 days ago

    Does anyone know if this eyeshadow still exists or if there are good dupes? I can't find it anywhere and I love it!

  • Ravleen Kaur
    Ravleen Kaur 15 days ago

    idk about you, but does she not look like Lana Del Rey?!

  • Zsa Zsa Frasser
    Zsa Zsa Frasser 15 days ago

    i love youuuuuu😍

  • Janel Guity
    Janel Guity 15 days ago

    she kinda looks like Adele lol

  • Karen ovrid
    Karen ovrid 15 days ago

    wow this look is amazingly beautiful!!

  • Myra Fe Manos
    Myra Fe Manos 15 days ago

    ugh! you are so pretty!

  • Roxy Rox
    Roxy Rox 16 days ago

    You look sooo good without makeup

  • G-man
    G-man 16 days ago

    Are you a tranny?

  • Ashleigh J
    Ashleigh J 16 days ago

    ugh she's so pretty and likeable. adopt me and teach me your ways!

  • Anna-Maria Wiśniewska

    You are so pretty! Without or with make up! And I love this look! ❤️

  • Kay M
    Kay M 16 days ago

    The eye shadow is not available anymore. Can you suggest a dupe plz

  • Jillian Pelkey
    Jillian Pelkey 16 days ago

    Beautiful! 💛

  • Vic k
    Vic k 16 days ago

    those glasses Always remind me of the steriotypical pedophile look...

  • SandraOlufsen
    SandraOlufsen 16 days ago

    What a fun mood you were in hahah! The brushes do not look handy at all not to mention it looks like toothbrushes and hairbrushes lol :)) The finished makeup look is really pretty though you look amazing xx

  • bing's wig Crosby
    bing's wig Crosby 16 days ago

    I'm a straight man but this is still fascinating to watch

  • Olivia Reynolds
    Olivia Reynolds 16 days ago

    is her hair wet or greasy

  • Jenny Evelyn
    Jenny Evelyn 16 days ago

    Chloe.... u r soooo cool! Hahahaha.. I Love your personality so much.

  • RapAddict
    RapAddict 16 days ago

    You can use my cum as your cleanser if you want...it's organic

  • jana jay
    jana jay 17 days ago

    chloe, noone can keep my attention on youtube, i unsubsribed almost everyone, but when i see your new video im always happy, you are so real and nice. beautiful lady

  • Sajey Lovee
    Sajey Lovee 17 days ago


  • Stormaggedon Queen of all evil

    She has the exact same face as Adele. 😆

  • Andre Ramsdell
    Andre Ramsdell 17 days ago

    crazy how much i love this man, go utube "Daddy mikey - trackmeet" dude killed it x 3894354

  • Arsalan Dani
    Arsalan Dani 17 days ago

    wowww nice

  • olive you
    olive you 17 days ago

    "nah that sucks" <3

  • Shea Dorris
    Shea Dorris 17 days ago

    Love this look!

  • Lacey Dalimonte
    Lacey Dalimonte 17 days ago

    always keeping it real

  • None Ofyourbusines
    None Ofyourbusines 17 days ago

    You're crap .. give it up

  • Violet Wong
    Violet Wong 18 days ago

    You kinda look like Lana del Rey in this vid

  • Rebecca Ellis
    Rebecca Ellis 18 days ago

    Where are your glasses from!!!

  • هيـآم البادي

    Chloe can you make a video about beauty and its role in relationships

  • Ally Simply
    Ally Simply 18 days ago

    Love your hair and haircut, can you make a video on that?

  • هيـآم البادي

    I am waiting for your next video

  • Alex Mendoza
    Alex Mendoza 18 days ago

    estaba mejor maquillaje .. parece una PUTA

  • Valeria NN
    Valeria NN 18 days ago

    hahaah i love you!

  • Roselyn samir
    Roselyn samir 18 days ago

    so beautiful:-)

  • Rita Dawood
    Rita Dawood 18 days ago

    Beautiful video

  • Jose Rodrigo
    Jose Rodrigo 18 days ago

    6:48 that looks like Megan Fox in transformers... also why am I watching this I'm a dude.

  • Noel Sanchez
    Noel Sanchez 18 days ago

    I don't like the freckles

  • Janiss Cia
    Janiss Cia 18 days ago

    Chloe very nice makeup, please share the complete outfit. Kisses from Lima Peru
    Chloe muy lindo maquillaje, por favor comparte el outfit completo. besos desde Lima-Peru

  • Yax Maldonado
    Yax Maldonado 18 days ago

    I'm absolutely IN LOVE WITH YOU!!! you're the definition of PERFECTION. ... and yes I feel lame saying it!

  • Julie Emeid
    Julie Emeid 18 days ago

    I heard you moved to Vaughan ! no way ! Im in Kleinburg.

  • Tenae Skorupan
    Tenae Skorupan 18 days ago

    Where can I get this bandana?

  • Lauren Roberts
    Lauren Roberts 18 days ago

    you look like the chick that dies first in a horror flick

  • Bia Carvalho
    Bia Carvalho 18 days ago

    So f*king HOT!!!! Gad! So pretty at the end :3 Luv you <3

  • Kusum Love
    Kusum Love 18 days ago

    where did you buy those glasses from?

  • Carl Markham
    Carl Markham 18 days ago

    Honestly, I thought she looked better without all the makeup. A small amount can accentuate your features but this is too much.

    • Carl Markham
      Carl Markham 14 days ago

      You mentioned opinion and that's all it was. No need to get aggressive towards me because I gave an opinion.

    • Alyssa Garcia
      Alyssa Garcia 18 days ago

      Honestly, I don't think she needs your opinion to validate how much makeup she puts on HER face on HER Youtube channel about MAKEUP.

  • Anielka Rivas
    Anielka Rivas 18 days ago

    You are the most beautiful make up guru 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Brigitta Balog
    Brigitta Balog 18 days ago

    Chloe, I looove this look and the headband. May I ask where is it from? ILY girl x x

  • maddie mason
    maddie mason 18 days ago

    What brush is that she used at the end to contour with!?!? Need that in my life

  • Karin Omer
    Karin Omer 18 days ago

    Fortune teller vibes after watching this tut. Love the look so much! 🔮😍

  • sozan jalali
    sozan jalali 19 days ago

    love love love

  • John Simmons
    John Simmons 19 days ago


  • CheckmateHD
    CheckmateHD 19 days ago

    Girls actually do this?! FML, what happened to society.......

    • CheckmateHD
      CheckmateHD 18 days ago

      There's nothing wrong with it to an extent. But think about her audience, probably ranging from 12-50. I feel for the younger ones as they are watching this thinking they need to slap on a tonne of makeup to fit in. It's just sad...

    • Alyssa Garcia
      Alyssa Garcia 18 days ago

      CheckmateHD What is exactly wrong with wearing makeup? You do realize that this is HER youtube channel about MAKEUP, right?

  • 努尔买买提伊力努尔

    love u chloe

  • asaratkhandr
    asaratkhandr 19 days ago

    So many men commenting thinking we do our makeup for them. Ya'll could be shipped off to Mars and us girls would still be wearing whatever the fuck we want xD

  • Diana Quizhpi
    Diana Quizhpi 19 days ago

    Are those your lashes?

  • Sofía Ramírez Alejandre

    Thank god you have common sense and get your hair out of your face before starting the tutorial! Nothing gets on my nerves like seeing all those girls with their hair all over their faces like hello? You applying makeup to your face or to your hair?

  • Ordonity
    Ordonity 19 days ago

    *how to catfish on instagram like a true thot*

  • Tide
    Tide 19 days ago

    Tbh 600 for those brushes and it sounds like they aren't even that good

  • Lamir Beauty
    Lamir Beauty 19 days ago


  • josefin emma
    josefin emma 19 days ago

    drugstore duplicate for the eyeshadow?! too pretty!! <3

  • ec me
    ec me 19 days ago

    HAHA that last second review

  • blackxcherry22
    blackxcherry22 19 days ago

    You're like a prettier Drew Barrymore or Adele.

  • Maja Johansson
    Maja Johansson 19 days ago

    Omg it looks absolutely amazing 😍

  • Haygaz
    Haygaz 19 days ago

    Damn I ventured on the wrong part of YouTube again ...

  • Cynthia Rios
    Cynthia Rios 19 days ago

    why is there so much hate in the comments she's being her funny honest self with bomb ass makeup skills if you can't appreciate that gtfo your are embarrassing yourself hunny lol

  • Lindsey Baatz
    Lindsey Baatz 19 days ago

    Does anyone know where her glasses are from ?

  • -BeautybySeasea -
    -BeautybySeasea - 19 days ago

    Plz do a video on best drugstore primers!

  • Nola Girl
    Nola Girl 19 days ago

    Her lashes are gorgeous! Anyone who's had experience getting theirs done, do you prefer getting extensions or a lash lift/tint? Thanks y'all!

  • Martha Andrada
    Martha Andrada 19 days ago


  • Molly Mitchell
    Molly Mitchell 19 days ago


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