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Author AllahRulz99 (1 month)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author safdar iqbal (7 days)

Author Abdul Razaq (10 days)
رَبَّنا وَلا تُحَمِّلنا ما لا طاقَةَ لَنا بِهِ ۖ وَاعفُ عَنّا وَاغفِر لَنا
وَارحَمنا ۚ أَنتَ مَولىٰنا فَانصُرنا عَلَى القَومِ الكٰفِرينَ 

Author Awan Finch (15 days)
Please remember:

When reading or studying Qur'an you cannot gather the full, real blessings
and benefits, unless you devote yourself to understanding its meaning. And
you know what your Creator is saying to you.

You must exert yourself to absorb and discover what the Qur'an has to say,
mainly for one very important, crucial reason. The Qur'an is not merely a
book of knowledge, or a collection of do's and don'ts. It does not merely
inform about Allah (SWT) and what Allah (SWT) wants of you. It also wants
to take hold of you as a person and bring you into a new living and
pervasive relationship with Allah (SWT).

Hence, it should increase and strengthen your faith (Iman), your will
(iradah), your steadfastness (sabr). It should purify you, form your
character, and mould your conduct.

It should continually inspire you and elevate you to greater and greater
heights and bring you closer to Allah (SWT).

Therefore, speed is not an important elements in reading Qur'an but
"reading & understand Qur'an is more important."

Author Inkishaque Khan (10 days)
Subhan allah aameen

Author mo. shaheed (19 days)
Reswan khan

Author Faizan 0242 (1 month)
Subhan Allah

Author safdar iqbal (7 days)

Author Awan Finch (15 days)
Qur'an is written in Arabic language & Qur'an should be recited accordingly.

This person is reciting the Hy Qur'an as if this was Punjabi Poetry.

Author Inkishaque Khan (10 days)
Subhaan alhha

Author Nass Eem (1 month)

Author Mohmand Yarzad Mansoor (8 months)
why is he saying those holy Things in Singing, HARAM !! 

Author iqbalahmad mohammed (1 month)
bohut accha bayaan hi, zaroor samaad farmaiyega....allaha ham sab ki
magfirat kare,,Aameen....Allahafiz.

Author saeed malik (4 months)
mohd saeed awaan

Author Nass Eem (1 month)

Author Minhaj Khan (2 months)
every must remember

Author Ali Syed (3 months)
Quoran is authority and there is nothing mentioned about first night in
Grave. It is all nonsense invented by so called scholars of Islam one
thousand years ago. What happens who are cremated or dumped in oceans.

Author Sikander Khan (3 months)
Allah help us, and keep us safe under your blessings.

Author mariya dudhwala (3 months)
Azam saeed tune molana ko gali di aur unpe or din pea comment di .....
tujhe allah maaf nii karega....

Author Muhammad Sarwar (3 months)
Very good bian zaroor suney

Author abdul jabbar (3 months)
abdullah jabbar

Author mohammed saeed gul (3 months)

Author mariya dudhwala (3 months)
Azam saeed tujhe allah maaf nai karega sallle tune gali di.....lukhe

Author azam saeed (4 months)
tery yaqub qari kee maa ko main qabar main dal kar choodon ga

Author Ahmed Saleem (4 months)

Author Uzzi mahmood (4 months)
ufffffffffffffffffffff bus akharat ka azab hota hai or ye baat quran me
likhi hai (ALLAH HUMMA AJIRNI MINUN NAAR ) pure quran me kahi nahi likha ke
(ALLAH HUMMA AJIRNI MINUM AZAB UL ZABAR ) agar kissi ne bhi mujhe ek bar
quran mai kahi dekha diya to mai maan longy ke khazab ka azab hota hai 

Author Ahmad 055780 (4 months)

Author mariya dudhwala (3 months)
A mola hume din ka raste par chala

Author Vicki Raj (5 months)
Thanks for the nice upload make me feel relax after listening to qari sahib

Author Malik Jamil (5 months)
Subahan Allah

Author Tanveer Hussain (5 months)

Author Abu Waseem (5 months)
mashaAllah. Allah hadayat day un logon ko jo Qur'aan parhnay ko be gana
samajhtay hayn-aameen. taassub say balatar ho kar suna jaey to yaqeenen
Qur'aan dil per achha hi athar karay ga<">

Author azam saeed (4 months)
Banda ess madarchood qari yaqoob kanjar sey poochy key tu maa choodwa reha
tha uss key sath qabar main. kutti key bachy story tellers

Author Amir Us man (5 months)

Author Kamran Batt (5 months)

Author muhammad shoaib (2 years)
Maa sha Allah Qari sahib Allah apko lambi umer atta farmaye aur hameain aur
apko maaf farmaye (Ameeeeeeeeen)

Author Mohammed Mughall (1 year)

Author azad sarfraz (1 year)
assalamoalikum war wab, jazakallah bhai bhai agr app k pass quran e paak
urdu translation k sath hy to plz upload kar dain ya mujhy mail kar
dain,mgr pm3 na ho wav (wave audio ho .shukria

Author M ADNAN MUGHAL (2 years)
kamal ka bayan tha

Author uzey iqbal (2 years)
mate u don't have a life and it looks like yr life is full of trouble n i
feel sorry for u that yr not a Muslim n yr not one of us and without quran
there would be no science u need to get yr facts right and i am sorry but i
don't think yr worthy of even my spit to talk to as u r really burning
inside and u know that Islam is the truth but (tut tut tut) yr not WORTHY
O\F A PERSON GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author hikyshah (2 years)

Author Saba Mubarik (1 year)
Ye koi tareeqa nai hy logon ko batany ka stupide mulvi

Author Angel Raja (1 year)
Oh Allah, u r most merciful , Oh GOD wo bache ki story ne muj ko shok kr
dya :'(

Author mohd farooque farooqui (1 year)
allah aap hum sub ko kaber key azab say bachaey aur nek kam karney ki
toufiq ata farmay aur burey kamo say bachay aameen

Author Jamshed Ansari (2 years)
greate byan

Author maan moon (1 year)
ABID ANJUM main maulana gufran mehmood sab ko bahut pasand karta hun

Author rehmat h. (2 years)

Author True1Prophet1Allah (1 year)
Pagan Arabs even used Allah as the names they gave themselves:Mohammad's
father ‘Abd “Allāh” ibn ‘Abd al-Muttalib'. Allah Hubal is an ancient
Arabian "moon god and son of Baal".Mohammad's grandfather against
sacrificing Mohammad's father to this Al-Uzza Pagan Diety. The
Qurash(aka:Quraish) tribe which Mohammad belonged in charge of “360 idols
worship” at “Kaaba” Shrine. Mohammad's father's name has ABDULAH so
Mohammad’s family worshiped Pagan Moon gods.PROOF Mohammad “Nothing
Related"to Abraham

Author Angel Raja (1 year)
Allah-O-Akbar :'( May Allah show us the right path , Oh God plz forgive us
, forgive us.

Author Umair Rafaqat (2 years)
qari shabe zinda bad

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