Breaking News - U.S. Threaten Military Action in Dealing with North Korea - Diplomacy Ended

Breaking News - U.S. Threaten Military Action in Dealing with North Korea - Diplomacy Ended

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson warned Friday that military action against North Korea was "on the table" if the country continued to develop its weapons program.

He said that certainly we do not want for things to get to a military conflict, but obviously if North Korea takes actions that threaten the South Korean forces or our own forces then that would be met with an appropriate response."

Mr. Tillerson’s comments in Seoul, a day before he travels to Beijing to meet Chinese leaders, explicitly rejected any return to the bargaining table in an effort to buy time by halting North Korea’s accelerating testing program, which the country’s leader, Kim Jong-un, said on New Year’s Day was in the “final stages” of preparation for the first launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile that could reach the United States.

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Author Angel Velez USMC ( ago)
the united States is not going to do anything.the loss of life will be too great for a decision of that magnitude.

Author sr166 ( ago)
Say good bye to you comments dumb fucks

Author Sebastian John Wood ( ago)
Awesome! The world's only thermonuclear evil warhead droppers (the USA), whom fucking pre-emptive strike every defenceless third-world nation are war-mongering again! Fucking great! More megadeath. Now, whom completely vaporised two CIVILIAN cities in Japan? The only evil cunts to drop the bomb. Hey shit, we wont even argue about the necessity of dropping the Nagasaki bomb on 100 000 children whom had never fought on WW2 hey, you had to do it, right? Maybe Hiroshima, another 80 000 children, you can get away with in the history books. Maybe, if youre a fucking brainwashed dog-rooting retard... I hope and pray Kim Ping-Pong gives she FUCKS just a small taste of your own medicine. Ill be cheering the cunt on. I vote Washington.

Author John Smitty ( ago)
call back the draft !
you gonna talk about it or what??

Author Mxo Ntombz ( ago)
But why does America always feel the need to involve themselves in other Nations businesses...they too have many weapons of mass destruction, what so special about them that they can make and then dictate to other countries to stop making...#bully tendencies...#bully mentallity

Author Seng Chow ( ago)

Author hllboi817 ( ago)
Notice that kim isnt provoking anyone atm, because i assume hes realizing theres someone in the white house that wont dick around and just wait for them to have more dangerous weapons

Author James Killa ( ago)
just be still

Author James Killa ( ago)
can one nation be so stupid usa

Author ignis ( ago)
Si this is how the people in the Cold War felt... S Korea and Japan are in great danger. And if China gets evolved that could end everything

Author Secret divulged ( ago)
The President needs to negotiate a deal with the Chinese if hasn't already to get rid of Kim jiszm sun moonpie and his regime then just hand the country back to China to rule.
At least then there isn't some nutcase threatening nuclear war anymore, and the people who have been enslaved to NK could have a chance for survival.Of course it's Communism still, but I'd think people would be much happier and healthier.

Author Lemon nebula ( ago)
its all talk even if they did launch a ICBM The Air force would intercept it and destroy it before it got anywhere close to its target

Author John Roche ( ago)
Weapons of mass destruction. Hmm sounds familiar. He forgets to mention the trucks with the mobile biological weapons production plant. lol Americans whew and people seriously believe these lowlife warpigs.

Author sean john ( ago)
we've been tactical bombing the crap out of China since 2012....everytime they get there quantum computer war machine up and running... (biggest in the world) we blow it back to hell....

Author laib 2017 ( ago)
lol.....ww3.....can you smell what the rock is cooking ? ?????????

Author Alfredo Luisen ( ago)
why untill now,,no war can heard,, no one, in both parties start a war...stupid video.clips!!!

Author Raymond Babcock ( ago)
Why do we allow air flights from north Korea. Why do we allow ships from north Korea use are harbors.

Author T T ( ago)
North korea are crazy i feel bad 4 the people over there we have to do something 4 the futere of this people

Author David Hynes ( ago)
Fatty Kims only friend is China that's why he thinks he can get away with anything.

Author David Hynes ( ago)
China protects the fatty kim

Author james j ( ago)
there is no oil in north korea.

Author falcon Eddy ( ago)
let's get into another war. we don't have enough vet's to take care of now. Oh I forgot that we don't take care of the one's we have now.

Author mr. honest ( ago)
this is a just another deversion,from Russia ,and wire tapping claims Wich is defamation, he's feeling scared, he feels they are closing in ,At one point ,in his life he was able to lie to bankers ,clients and so on there was no way to confirm his lies, but now it's different he is being observed and verified he's running out of lies people have cought on to his deversion tactic,and THEY know it, so what's the best way to save his ass ,start a war, this is fake ,what timing this has. ,China and every one has nukes now this ain't old school,we will see what happens next.

Author John Lee ( ago)
both commuism and democracy sucks but i hope god will bless the earth for good ending

Author Stuart Tromblay ( ago)
first off the Korean War never ended ,it's a cease fire. secound we have obligations to protect s Korea, Japan ,tiawan and others. we are not sticking our noses in other country's business.

Author marc246152 ( ago)
Someone should remind America that is been over 10 years with no end in sight, fighting a rag tag group in the middle east that only have RPG's and improvised explosives. Now you wanna piss off a mentally ill tyrant, who actually has a huge, real military? You cunts aren't the sharpest tools in the shed, are you?

Author ReptorULTRA7 ( ago)
Fatboy Kim has lost his mind. China and Russia won't tolerate this either and interfere to control the situation and stop him firing nuclear rockets, since North Korea sits next to the Chinese and Russian borders in the south. Putin does not want to have a nuclear war between US/NATO forces and North Korea raging there. Too dangerous for all parties concerned. And also bad for the environment due to nuclear contamination.

Author Greg Dubiel ( ago)
if the military does attack this time don't pull out and just finish the job this time

Author Don quixote Doflamingo ( ago)
You will suck KIMS cock my hipster the Romans say the same bullshiet thousand years ago an they fall, KIM will YOLO MURICA the end will be crispie

Author SystemKrusher ( ago)
The oppressed people in North Korea can only hope that Kim Jong-un is crazy or stupid enough to try to attack USA or Japan with nuclear ballistic missiles, so he gets his ass whooped by America and his communist regime be dismantled. This guy may trigger World War 3 for real in the worst case scenario. So be careful!

Author Grandpa the Grey ( ago)
Most the world, including China, are sick & tired of that fat little fucker threatening us with his little rockets. It's high time we show Dear Leader how real multiple warhead ballistic missiles are supposed to work...about 800 or 1000 of them. Hunt down & kill his subs, then launch a preemptive strike on every military site in N.Korea. It will take less than 30 min. to shut that asshole up for good.

Author Andrew Tipp ( ago)
all talk no bite on both ends till its too late. North Korea ain't playing . Let's act or else.

Author goinken ( ago)

Author Joyce Lau Lee See ( ago)
American soldiers will die by hundreds of thousand. Remember North Korea is a nuclear power with nothing to lose.

Author William Saltzmann ( ago)
Just more talk.

Author Chris shoop ( ago)
North Korea is fked.

Author Qaalid Haji ( ago)
He's bluffing us has never invaded a country that can fight back I will give you example when Russia went Syria and what happened they just talk and talk they can go and kill the damn ARAB people who have not a clue

Author Dangerous RC productions ( ago)
So let's get this right it's ok for America to go around the world poking its nose in everyone else's business, and have secret military hardware
But if someone else has it. It's not ok. Who sounding like a communist now hih

Author gh nm ( ago)
USA: Nobody may develop nukes an weapons of mass destruction . only us an our friends . seriously who the fuck do USA think they are . They the dictators of the world an the true axis of evil

Author Ritchie fabulous ( ago)
China is in the verge of kicking out the Yankees in the south china seas. China had built 7 huge artificial islands in the southeast Asian sea which will serve as their aircraft carrier. It's done, finish but will continue to keep expanding. For several years, all U.S can do is sit & watch the Chinese militarized the entire international sea lane. Goodbye u.s.a! 👋 Thx for transferring all your technologies & businesses to our country. Oh don't forget you owe us "TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS"😂😱😛

Author Nahbow Torome ( ago)
USA won't stop until it gets its ass kick...the US has weapon of mass destruction,so why North Korea can't have it... I never heard of North Korea invading other countries and massacred people in the millions. USA is the only country that should abandon nuclear weapon, it is the only country that used nuclear weapon on innocent people.

Author MIGUEL S ( ago)
biggest terrorist of the world is u.s Israel and Saudi Arabia

Author Stephen Bachman ( ago)
just sabre rattling.

line up your weapons and then i will shut my mouth

Author Anthony Rodrigo ( ago)

Author Anthony Rodrigo ( ago)

Author jack hunter ( ago)
to much talking...i say just send a nice small nuke just to warm the .N.Koreans up...and take china out as well....yup

Author John cash ( ago)
Fatty Kimmy needs food aid and a dietician thats why he is hurting on U.S.A.

Author John Roche ( ago)
Stupid Americans as usual talking tough when they are 7000km away poor old south Korean civilians will get wacked by chemical nuke and biological warfare if they corner north korea.

Author Emoh Ruo ( ago)
Nuke em Donny then go get those Middle Eastern Muzzrats

Author Eat Shiit ( ago)
native americans, Aboriginal Australians, south africans,
native new zealanders, eskimo, vietnamese, iraqi people
next: north korean.
How they start a war: Propaganda.

Author Riyaz Hanis ( ago)

Author xxdangergurlxx ( ago)
Will their be a third world war then?

Author paul King ( ago)
let North and South Korea do their own talk.... and leave Asia to Asian country, exactly as Trump's campaign and leave them alone.
Think Rex, How do you feel when China passing gulf coast freely same as us did??

Author Stephen Purkess ( ago)

Author General Leonidas ( ago)
China is the biggest problem !

Author HITESH Adhikari ( ago)
brace urself and get Ur pack of popcorns coz we r about to see WW3.

Author Dario Milardovic ( ago)
today you can't do anything without RUSSIA

Author moosefactory133 ( ago)
Can't we all just get along? I know, a dumb but this is really scary.

Author Keith Sho'Roc Brown ( ago)
Looks like WWIII is coming sooner than we think due to the world is at its boiling point. Find at least 10 feet underground bunker, plenty of food, water, medical kit, survival resources and food, and MUST BRING YOUR BIBLE. Make peace with Jesus and repent. #WhatHappenedToWorldPeace #WorldPowersAreClashingAtRapidSpeed #TheSmartOnesWhoReadAndCloselyMonitorBeginEarlyToPrepared #IfYouHaventStartedBeforeTheTimeIsNowToHaveFaithInJesusAndAskHimToForgiveYouOfYourSins

Author Patrick Mahlangu ( ago)
God doesn't bless killers He blesses those who are praying for peace

Author Nayeon ( ago)
big north korea china is shitting her panties.

Author Archie ( ago)
i cant wait for america to invade north korea
america is gonna get its ass kicked . thousands of american soldiers will be coming home in body bags.
and that war will go on for 15 years, go ahead america open up a can of worms

Author Sanjay Das ( ago)
north Korea ko apne people ke suroksha ke bareme sochna chahiya

Author Alvin Gabriel ( ago)
Different faces same old nuts?

Author Hop Lam ( ago)
I deed American go to North Korea and said that to the lead.

Author Michael Griffis ( ago)
Time for the US to show off its new weapons that it has been developing over the past thirty years. Let's see what rolls out when the hanger doors open up at S4. (I pray there will not be a war.)

Author Big hairy wilfong ( ago)
Fuck north Korea

Author Malcolm Richmond ( ago)
Get shares in Gold Mines. Every-time one of those Politicians open their mouths the value of my shares goes "UP" "UP" "UP"
"How I Learned to live with the Bomb"
Oh............. OGX

Author Doris Dady ( ago)
China, Japan and South Korea must star to protect their people because they are closer , I do not think we should start a war and like they say don't start nothing won't be nothing , right now North Korea is just talking and playing with their toys

Author Vee Cheng ( ago)
Some people who commented here seem to be so dumb and uneducated. The actions the US take against NK here is because of NORTH KOREA. Want to know why? Firstly, the creation of nuclear weapons and doesn't involve in the UN peace treaty. Secondly, they not just keep for they people to worship but launch towards Japan (America Alliance). Thirdly, they goal is wanting to destroy, America and it Alliances. No one is gonna sit still and do nothing waiting for a nuclear missile to land on you head.
Some of you may think that this view is only from one perspective, Think again!.
Questions for review.
Are the South Korea people ever move as a refugee to the North Korea?
Is North Korea is an open country for everyone around the world to visit? E,g, Allow outside people to make propers document about their life, etc.
And most important allow it people to access the internet and learning about the world. Not just watching propaganda every day (freedom).

Author James Bond ( ago)
more fake newssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Author charlie cheng ( ago)
America the fool

Author Yu guoxu ( ago)
come and war again.

Author Dave Chan ( ago)

Author Abdulpete William ( ago)
you idiots can't even defeat Islam but want to take on whole world

Author OsamaBinLaggin22 ( ago)
The comment section is so cancerous holy shit. Get an education and back up your claims smh.

Author LongerLife ( ago)
No one with a sane mind is missing John Kerry as SOS today.

Author Blaze V ( ago)
hopefully all trump supporters go to war bye bye

Author Jasmine Chen ( ago)
USA can't stay still, always so eager to start war here and there, no wonder so many enemies.

Author MCS Braun ( ago)
Time to punish that devil, kim jong un. To it's handler: hands off now! ...with US impose on import tariff it enough to disrupt your economy.

Author mrwong11989 ( ago)
People of the World please abandon all your nuclear weapons once and for all because all nuclear weapons especially the theory of the atom has only caused more wars and made even more enemies and it's all those people's fault for discovering them. Also we should use nuclear energy in one way: nuclear power plants which provides too much energy to any nation that has nuclear energy

Author viva padrepio ( ago)
Formula for victory:  B-2 + 50-megaton yield = victory.  And shoot anyone who disagrees.  :-)

Author Tom Almow ( ago)
North Korea is not Libya, Iraq, Rwanda....Leave the crazy guy in his den before you create more problems for your allies.

Author Neil Shelley ( ago)
New Sheriff in town.

Author Jammin Dave ( ago)
Don't give me wrong, the idea of this new (US) regime in power is to crippled the United States, the whole cabinet as it is today is somehow, one way or other, alienated with the Russian Federation. Have you heard at any moment since the new united state regime came to power condemned Russia for the intervention or meddling in our 2016 elections? Not even once! But it does have accused and keep mentioned the previous (Obama) administration of meddling with the new (so call president) regime. Stupidity as its best. The so call president is the biggest idiot to set foot in the WH., in the history of politics in the United States.  And their main goal is to crippled the U.S.

Author Antonio vidal Martinez ( ago)
if it does happend they wont be either south of north korea nothing but two nuke nation

Author mikie likeit ( ago)
Haha a haha hahaha. War war war yes!! Fuck north Korea!

Author Justin McClure ( ago)

Author Jurgen Pagel ( ago)
Let me be very clear I AM A - US GASBAG - who talks shit all day and ABSOLUTE POSITIVLY NOTHING WILL HAPPEN from us in North Korea . The Reason why nothing will happen is that China will not let a UKRAINE SITUATION happen on their Door Step !!!!! We - the United States - always talk shit and we wont back up anything we say , further more , we will NOT in any way shape or form bring trouble to GUAM / MICRONASIA / HAWAII / SK / JAPAN or our PACIFIC FLEET !!!!!!!! Thank you .

Author Laila Sleiman ( ago)
I'm going threw the comments and everyone is bashing Americans saying that we're to fat and lasy for war like stfu and stop stereotyping people

Author Asar Sahid Manseer ( ago)
Korean civil war goes to happen.. terrorist USA kept feet in your soil.. and they go back to their country to count death non Christian Korean. best of luck America... very much bad for Koreans..

Author Héctor Serrano ( ago)
The Bible explain that United States will rule the World in union with the Religious Roman Power.How easy is to Understand that soon you will be against the wall and will have to take a stand on one or the other side,,The power of this world that will establish a religious Law(mark of the Beast) just to trying to fix the problem., but the Vatican long ago has gone too far in pretending they are above GOD.THE MARK OF THE BEAST IS A VERY STRONG STRICKLY SUNDAY LAW.EVEN VIRGIN MARY RESTED ON THE SABBATH THE DAY OF THE LORD.From the beginning the war in end times is areligious issue and Satan wants the worship and he is doin a great job, look for your self , the religious world worship in the wrong day.

Author sparty94 ( ago)
dprk is vulnerable to regime change. the parties with a stake in this should strongly consider this idea from every angle. my opinion is that china has to be on board before any pre-emptive type military action. solving this problem without war is going to be a trick, but it can be done.

Author Johnny .Bravo ( ago)
lets go!! it's time to show the world Don't FUCK WITH US!!! or we'll rip your throat out your assholes!!!

Author ricardo ellis ( ago)
fuck all you U.S.A hater , you Russian and Chinese paid troll if your country is so great why dont you have A diversity of people dying again like in the USA. oh wait is it because they're really dying to get out literally being killed

Author Joshua Bateman ( ago)

Author Chris Parkhurst ( ago)
USA troops too fat and overweight to do anything plus broke !!

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